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I Didn't Mean to Turn You On

One trope I really like in real life is I Didn't Mean to Turn You On: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.ph...eanToTurnYouOn Basically, when one person turns on the other without intending to. Has this sort of thing happened to anyone in real life, on either side?

Once in college, a friend of mine told me how her favorite beach back home was Black's Beach. When I asked her, "Isn't that a nudist beach?" She replied, "Yeah, that's what makes it fun." She didn't get further into it, but damn if that didn't make her the star of my fantasies for months.

Another time, a friend confessed how she once gave a blowjob on a mostly empty airplane. Same result. I fantasized about that a lot. Eventually even turned it into a story.

So how about you guys? Ever unintentionally turned someone else on or been turned on yourself?
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I've/ turned on by several things that were not intended.

Great song btw.
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Yes, my friend's cocky and dominant attitude when he talks about his wife definitely turn me on.
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Originally Posted by MatthewVett View Post
So how about you guys? Ever unintentionally turned someone else on or been turned on yourself?
Yes. I missed signals from a lot of girls when I was in my teens because I wasn't accustomed to thinking of myself as physically attractive (ahhh, for the days when I thought being too skinny was my problem ), and was blindsided especially by one particular girl who told me straight up that she really loved my ass and wanted me to be her first. It's a pity the attraction wasn't mutual.

Another longtime friend was into me physically for a long span that I was unaware of; when I finally became aware it was awkward for a while because I wasn't sure I felt the same and at any rate we were both in relationships, but when we finally slept together (after she was married, unfortunately) I found new appreciation for her as a gorgeous and passionate woman. In a nicely symmetrical bit of irony, these days it's she who turns me on pretty much effortlessly.
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