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whats a good number of guys for a sissy boy gangbangg

Cause it would be fun
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All of them?
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don't do more than 2-3 your first time; if you don't have it together the rest will just get bored.
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Originally Posted by sforli View Post
don't do more than 2-3 your first time; if you don't have it together the rest will just get bored.
Agreed. And if they get bored they could get mean in a bad way.
Love horny PM's. Let's have some online fun.

"Wow said the judge to the hooker with a nudge,
I'm gonna find you all your pleasure,
But with the pervs and the kinks and the queer rinky dinks,
Are you sure you only do it for the treasure?"

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Keep it tight if everyone's a stranger. If you have one or two friends / acquaintances in the group, you could probably go up to five. If everyone is friends, seven would be max. Much less likely, but it has happened...
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Foursome Boy-Bang...

This is how it happened for me. Yes, I did feel like I was being used like a cheap whore. Yes, I did feel a little scarily helpless and out of control. But yes, it was one of the greatest experiences of my life. During our vacation at a villa in Crete I was group-fucked by four guys in the open air on the patio by the shimmering pool. During the week before I'd kinda had sex with each of them individually, so I knew a little of what to expect, but never together. It starts out as a friendly farewell Bar-B-Q party, in T-shirts and shorts, then - lubricated by ouzo, it begins to get a little frisky. I make a pretense of playful struggle as they ease my T-shirt up over my head, then one of them holds me as another pulls my shorts down and off. Then it gets crazy. I'm self-conscious, but it's good to be the centre of their prurient attention too, so I'm careful to stand with my hands at my sides so they all get the opportunity to see me fully naked, then they sit me on the nearest lounger and l'm faced by a row of stiff cocks eager for my attention, and I start sucking. A couple of them are jacking each other off, and there's even a little blow-job sideshow event. But once each cock is nicely moist with saliva I'm eased around into doggy-position, and my tight little bum-hole receives the attention it deserves. Soon there's slurping and slapping and spurting jism and I'm kinda numb to whoever it is in my mouth, or who it is pumping up my ass, but I'm dizzy and spunk-drunk on it. A couple of guys even come around for sloppy seconds, which I'm too whacked out to resist, even if I'd felt inclined to, and afterwards I just lie there naked and cum-messy in the sun, feeling sated and content...
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Originally Posted by Palamino19 View Post
All of them?
totally <3 this
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