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Showertime Fun

I find it more difficult to cum while jacking off standing up than laying down, especially in the shower, but my favorite activity while I'm standing there naked with hot water running all over my body is to take the removable showerhead, and while it's in a gentle setting, I'll spread my ass cheeks apart and point one of the streams directly onto my asshole, shooting at it like a target. That mild, sweet tickle feels so fucking good massaging my tight little hole. Mmmm... Always following, and even better, is when I move that stream onto my balls. I wave the wand back and forth finding just the right spot, and when I hit it, I get an exhilarating tingle that gets me smiling wide with my eyes rolling back in my head, and my whole body shudders in ecstasy. I do it from the front to the back every time, always looking for that perfect spot. I like to imagine a beautiful woman or man, holding me from behind, soaping up my ass and sliding a finger or two inside of me while cupping my balls and *stroking my raging cock, tongue in my ear, sucking on my lobes and whispering all the dirty things about us cumming that I love to hear into my ear.

*You really have to be careful with the soap. When it gets into your urethra it will burn really bad on your next pee.

So... who enjoys what in the shower?
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