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Lord Pmann
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I'd recommend not waxing your labia off. Jussayin'.
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Originally Posted by pmann View Post
I'd recommend not waxing your labia off. Jussayin'.
I'd recommend not waxing your labia TOGETHER either.
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For one, I think the wax used makes a difference, along with whether or not you trimmed the hairs. I used the stuff for sensitive skin.

Waxing can be tricky because sometimes part of the hair is still under the skin from breaking while waxing. In a way, getting it professionally done is better.
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I was terrified to get waxed! I have always shaved, but a really close girl friend went and had a brazillian and she had a great experience so I decided to give it a try.

The pain as a whole was about a 4 or 5 on a 1-10 scale, I had two or three strips that caused my breath to catch but I didn't need to scream or anything like that and the pain lasted only a few seconds. I was worried about the skin hurting afterwards so I didn't wear underwear under my yoga pants but I had zero pain after it was all said and done. It's been a month and I'm going back this coming Wednesday. The grow back has been amazing, there is no itchy sandpaper feeling! lol

I paid 40 bux including a tip, so the cost is not crazy either. I'll keep doing it if for no other reason than I like having someone else do the work.
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had a waxing once and ended up with a horror story. Wont do it again. lol

I use Magic Shave and touch up with 4 blade razor with Suave hair conditioner for shaving cream
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