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Hi Lancashire here

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I'm from Birmingham...but it doesn't count. Alabama.sigh.

Although I have probably see about as much of British TV as some natives.

Benny Hill
Are you being Served
Dr.Who (about four doctors worth)
Black Adder
The young ones
red dwarf
Who's line is it anyway
Monty python

And my favorite. "I'm Old Greg!"


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South wales here hellooo butty
Send me a pm you might like it!!

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Hi there

New here. I'm from Manchester.

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And another Brit ......from Shropshire

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guiltly...southwest london.

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cambridgeshire here

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East Surrey for me...

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Hello you lovely luscious lady.very horny fit piece of dark meat from the midlands
Dark meat

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I was referring to you sexy she wants more
Dark meat

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im from cambridgeshire

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Originally Posted by Soah View Post
I didn't expect quite as many other people from Yorkshire too, haha.
+1 for the White Rose massive!

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Originally Posted by bad_dave View Post
+1 for the White Rose massive!
Yorkshire too here, we'll I was born and raised there, now in Warwickshire, but the accent remains.

Just posted a waking up in the UK thread in the personals if anyone wants to take a look.
Open minded and very hard to offend, so please don't be afraid to ask or make suggestions. Yahoo and Kik are always good, or drop me a pm on here.

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Derbyshire here. Home of the millstone and Arkwright. Spent a year getting over one particular millstone. Now it's all gravy, baby.

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I'm from Yorkshire, Leeds area

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yorkshire, though stuck in London

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From Yorkshire but now in Dorset

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*waves* Yorkshire here too
Always happy to receive PMs

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Breaking the yorkshire theme...

From the sunny midlands here.

Hello all

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UK, although not from Yorkshire I'm afraid :P
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In Anticipation
Still waiting!
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Still here, still London!
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Are there any erotica-writing "workshops" in the West Midlands? I mean, similar to "creative writing groups" that meet up weekly or monthly?

I'd like to do some research into female sexuality for my writing. I mean basically, I'm wondering if any women would be willing to be interviewed about their sexuality.

I'd like to find out about their sexual fantasies, what kinds of sexual acts they enjoy, etc. I'm not looking for anything beyond that. Just would like to gather data. I'm not looking for any kind of personal relationship. Nothing physically sexual.

So just wondering if there are any such groups that meet up on a regular basis? Just curious.
HERE (click link) is the best example of the style of erotica I'm aiming to write.

Would be grateful for feedback/development on my story ideas: "Niyoga", "Tidying Up", "Nymphomaniac Office Bully", "Flower".

They are all "vanilla" stories, with the female protagonists being from India.

I don't expect I'm ever going to find the time to develop the ideas into fully written stories, so I'd be grateful if anyone would like to do that (i.e. develop the ideas into fully-written stories).

Most of the female protagonists in my stories are based on women I've been attracted to in real life... female friends, female acquaintances, female colleagues, etc.

If I could get them to read my stories, and if they felt GENUINELY flattered, or even sexually aroused, then I've succeeded as a writer.

Do visit my blog, folks... (Actually, I haven't updated my blog in a loooooooong time... and it's almost certainly going to a long time yet before I get round to doing so)...
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