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My Favorite Massage (All LGBT-A Welcome)

We all love to be pampered with a wonderful massage. My question to you is what makes it special, unique, perfect?

As would be expected I love the usual back and shoulder massage but what really makes it special to me is those thumbs just above my bunns working outward. Kinda not quite the back and not quite the bunns. That 'Perfect' area. Followed by softly caressing my cheeks and then doing it again.

I am so curious to hear what you have to say about your favorite massage : )
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I love a gentle massage to my lower back... The tailbone is such an errogenous zone for me.
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Once she grasps my hips firmly - aaaah yes
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I don't like to receive massages, but I'll give them and they're pretty good. They were tailored to turn women on for sex.
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I love when the masseuse grazes her fingernails up and down my back and chest and thighs, before finally ending the teasing...mmm...
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