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Any women interested in soft unbirth?

Hey there,
Are there any women here interested in soft unbirth/vore?
I love the idea of being filled until I feel heavy, can hardly breath, and my belly is very big. I also like instant lactation while I'm being filled. It gets me very excited to imagine another woman entering my body(either pushed inside me through my vagina or I swallow them whole), feeling her entering me inch by inch until she's fully inside me and I can feel her weight and warmth and softness inside me(and then, another woman, perhaps the one who pushed her inside me, can come and, well, fuck my brains out, either with a strapon or with her real cock if she's a futa :-D).
I'm not interested in shrinking and age regression or digestion and that kind of stuff(I actually hate them). The fantasy usually ends after I'm filled and fucked.
And I'm not interested in unbirthing men, or in them having any part in these fantasies :-).
For a long time I thought these were my fetishes alone, but I feel certain someone here has the same interests as mine.

BTW, I've read all of oggbashan's stories. They are good, really good, but not exactly the kind that lights my fire ;-)
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Come on, people!

Really?! No one in this community of diverse appetites likes this?
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