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Gay/bi breeding?

I had an older male lover back when I was around thirty years old, and he was around fifty-six or so. I had bisexual encounters with a couple of men before I met him, but he was really special to me in a lot of ways. At our first meeting, we talked for at least an hour before we did anything sexual, just getting to know each other and get an idea for what we wanted. After it became clear that we were going to become intimate very soon, we spent some time hugging, then kissing. Looking deeply into my eyes, he said, "I want to be upfront with you about something... I want to only be with you, and I want to breed you." I was a little shocked, I guess, because I didn't know what he was talking about, for one thing. I guess he saw my confusion and he said, "When I fuck you, I'm going to cum in your ass, I will breed you, and you will be mine."

So, that was how I became initiated to "breeding". He was a passionate, emotional lover and the act of "breeding" me seemed to be something he took seriously and that made it hotter for me in a way. He loved to look into my eyes when he came inside me, and the feeling of warmth as he came always made me feel special. We had several good years together before he had to move to another state to be with family. It was an intense, loving time together that I will never forget. Has anyone else had experiences like this?
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Not yet but I would love to have one. Fucking from loving desire opens the deepest primal doors and makes sex that much better. I don't think gets any hotter than when it is between two men.
Like my profile says, married and very bi-curious. Having a great time exploring my gay side! Men always seem to make me extremely horny......I can't deny it.....I am just constantly hard about it! I masturbate daily to gay porn and my online interactions with men. I am amazed at how hot it can be. I have run into a few guys that have really pushed my buttons and taken my gay fantasies much much further than when I started this amazing erotic journey.
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I given and received...when I has a summer of fun with a bi-married cpl. can't say it was as thrilling, just something we did...I much preferred pulling out and covering or getting covered...seeing the cock shoot a rope of cum is hot

I would think, with the increase of HIV, this wouldn't be a great idea. I know all the precautions... then again I haven't had M/M sex in over 20+ yrs....unless you count oral..
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