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The Captain's payoff

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Amelia woke with a start!

Her father, drunk off his ass, burst through her bedroom door, yelling and sneering. He was in a foul mood, he was always in a foul mood...

One would think that being a blacksmith would mean one would handle themselves with dignity. But not Amelia's father. He was quite literally the village drunk. He always was since his wife, Amelia's mother, had passed no more than 5 years ago. A time when Amelia wasn't sure what death was, but now, she knew because the same day she lost her mother, she had quite literally lost her father too.

"What is it?" Amelia asked, alarmed as she pulled up the blanket of her bed toward her chest. Her father never bothered her unless he wanted to bed fed.

"Get yer useless ass up. NOW!" He bellowed at her. The way he talked to her, Amelia quickly got up out of bed as he left her room and stumbled back out toward the front room.

Dressing rather quickly, Amelia followed her father out and was quickly grabbed by her father, who dragged her with a bruising grip to her arm. She asked him over and over where they were going, but he never answered. Instead he slapped Amelia across the face, telling her to be quiet.

She was at a lost to know what was happening until they reached the docks where all the ships that came in were settled at. He dragged her toward one of the rather bigger ships and yelled out that he was here to pay the captain his prize.
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Andrew Sinclare

The Red Horseis a 28 gun pirate frigate commanded by Andrew Sinclare. The ship was captured while at dock in Leogane. During the coarse of a moonless night. Andrew and a force of 50 pirate raiders entered the town through a back gate made there way to the harbor. Silently killedc the guard watch and slipped the ship out of the harbor. By next morning they were well out to sea and nothing was going to stop them or catch them.

Over the next month the Red Horse raided Spanish and French outposts and ships. taking cargos of gold and silver, sack of coffee, bales of cotton, and of coarse sweet smelling tabacco The ship had settled in a little backwater anchorage to let the heat cool down. And as sailors and seaman tend to do, they gamble and drink. Tell tall tales of great monsters, beautiful women and long lost treasures found.

One of these hot balmy nights one of the crew was tell a yarn about how much he had seen his captain drink. The story story grew and grew. Till a local blacksmith called him a lier. That is when the trouble started. The sailor did not beleive the local blacksmith was calling him out. Tropico Fisk was stunned.

"Arrrree you for reeeeal blacksmith?" Tropico studdered out. The warm rum was awash in his body and he was in no pain. "you think you can out drink the Captain?"

The blacksmith staggered to his feet. "I bet my daughter I can out drink your Captain!"
Andrew Sinclare had been sitting two tables away, and stood up."I'll take that bet blacksmith!"

Over the next two hours they sat and pounded down drink after drink. Finally and after Andrew was telling a tale of a raid he had made on Maracabo. The blacksmith's head hit the table and was asleep. They let him sleep for a couple hours then woke him up. Stuck a blade in his crotch and told him to get his daughter that the Captain owner her now. And if he was not back in an hour they were going to find him and cut his cock off!

Needless to say in less then an hour the blacksmith returned with his daughter in tow. He half dragged her up the gangway and released her only when he was in front of the Captain.

"Here she is, shees yours now, shes yer useless ass now!"
He smiles, he looks, he ran his fingers through her hair, she was beauty, not of our time, but the past.

A pirate life, that's what I want, oh to be on the sea, and hear the cannons roar!

You know you have it good. When the best ass on the beach is only half as good as what you have at home!

Once I sat by the sea, lived on a river, saw the main line of commerce, dwelling in a valley far from home.

To all my cowriters-storm moving a lot slower then I thought it would
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