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How to make a disposable Dildo/Anal Plug

The other day I was experimenting with ways of making disposable dildos and anal plugs. I wanted them to be super cheap inexpensive and incredibly discrete.

I discovered a great solution. All you need are 3-6 plastic bags from the super market and a condom. Basically you take the plastic bags and flatten them out. Fold one a few times into the basic shape then wrap it a few times with the other bags.

Wrapping them tightly but not to tight allowed them to have some flexibility and give. Also because the bags are pretty thin you can control the length and girth but how many times you fold the plastic bags.

Then wrap your creation in a condom. It should slide on nice and neat. It helps keep the form together and if you have a lubricated condom then you don't need much additional lube. (Depending where you're putting it)

You can also take one of the bags and roll it into a thin long strip an coil it around the crafted dildo to ad some ribs.

Make sure you keep on extra bag for disposal and that's it. Very discrete and very inexpensive.
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...the question just has to be asked... have you tried just shoving the grapefruit in? There is always another on the tree...

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