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Make it Sexy

Most of the writers here write erotica, am I right? It may not be all you write, but it's what you submit here most of the time.

That said, I present you with a challenge. Take an ordinary, mundane thing in your life, and make it sexy. Do not title the piece because that would probably give away what you're talking about. I'm not going to limit the word count on this, but be reasonable and keep it within the posting limits.

Oh, by the way, I'm bored. If you couldn't already tell. This should be amusing and give a whole new light to doing things through the day. Hopefully, you also come away with a new skill to add to your writing.

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Every night when I leave work and shut the lights off to my office, it leaves the place dark as I'm always the last to leave. I often wonder, when I go to shut off the lights, what it would be like to once...just once....discover that she had stayed behind to surprise me. To suddenly be there, standing in the doorway, blocking me from walking out of my office, gently but firmly pushing me back inside, toward the couch, where she's been planning for sometime to have her way with me.
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It was a special night, a big family dinner. Everything was fun except for the pile of dishes left for me.

We live on a slight hill, so I have a view in my neighbors bedroom. She has two large blinds, but there's a small opening in between where I can see inside her room.

The lights turned on in her room and it grabbed my attention. I kept on washing the dishes while I watched her in her room. As much attention as I was paying to her, I was also listening to the sounds of footsteps in my house, I didn't want to get caught spying.

She moved around her room and I only caught glimpses of her between the open spot of the blinds. Each time she paced her room, I caught a glimpse of her with less and less clothes.

Finally, I saw it; she was topless. She stood briefly in front of the mirror and checked her breasts. It might have been a quick breast exam before throwing on a different outfit and leaving for a night out with her friends.

I saw her the next morning and said hi to her. She said hi back, but it was obvious that she had no idea why I was so up beat that day.
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