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Originally Posted by Missingout View Post
Everyone knew early except for me.
Was I in denial about being bi-curious?
I think that is a question that only you can answer. There are different levels of denial, plus not having the stimulus to spark those feelings and thoughts. The messages that there is something wrong with us are everywhere. Getting past those is more work for some.
For me, I've always felt I wasn't like the other girls around me. It was presexual for me and my Mom put it off as a tomboy phase that I didn't, to her dissappointment, grow out of.
Looking back on my life, the signs are obvious. But then denial was kicking in during my preteen years due to those damn messages. How my denial worked was if I didn't ask the question then I didn't have to see the answer.
I probably have 'uh-oh', 'ah-ah' and all kinds of other moments, but it was a process.
Well, to be honest, still is.
Those damn messages!

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Tasting her sweet nectar
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I think one day very recently I was watching a porno with Peter North in it. He has a beautiful cock. I just sort of related to the girl I guess. It may have been that video, or some time around then, that I started fantasizing about dicks, sucking a huge one, and taking a huge cumshot.
So, I don't know. I'm definitely only bi-curious. I don't really find guys attractive, or check them out. I love girls and still fantasize about them, but from time to time I wish I knew what it was like to suck a dick, get it hard and let him shoot on me or in my mouth.
So. Yeah.
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Past year or three I have been extremely curious about sucking. I am 50 and am finding that is mostly what I fantasize about. I am soon going to make it a reality but I am extremely nervous about it.
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i was 15 or 16, when I really first thought about it. I used to think that girls left the messages in men's bathroom walls. I was naive. I answered one and it was soon after that I realized it was another boy answering me.

We talked on the phone, but I never acted on it.

I was 21 when I let a guy suck me off, it was the next day that I jerked one off and two weeks later I sucked my fist cock.

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I was probably 16 or 17 when I knew what I was feeling. I remember having curiosity that I would explore with friends when I was much younger but I doubt it was anything I was capable of deciding was a "preference". It just takes a more mature level of understanding your sexuality before you can identify your true desires.

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I was probably 8 or 9 when I played with my cousins at family functions. Some older, both male and female. We would play doctor or house. As we got older the girls would compare breast size and the boys would show us their cocks. We would fondle one another. When I first masturbated it was with a girl cousin. We both fingered ourselves while watching each other. As time went on we satisfied each other and these memories are still very satisfying.
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About two weeks ago. I've been fantasizing about men constantly since then, especially a hot bi orgy.
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First when I was 13 at boarding school. This lad always went to bed with his pj top open, and had such a smooth, almost milky white chest. I could not stop masturbating whenever I thought of him, still do !

Sadly I was well past 40 when I first had gay sex. All those wasted years !
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Originally Posted by richfun View Post
First when I was 13 at boarding school. This lad always went to bed with his pj top open, and had such a smooth, almost milky white chest. I could not stop masturbating whenever I thought of him, still do !

Sadly I was well past 40 when I first had gay sex. All those wasted years !
I was about two years older when I first started fooling around with another guy - 15. Lasted for about a year.

However, it's only been in the last six months or so that I've thought of myself as bi-sexual.

Feel free to PM me anytime!

Laugh, Love, Live
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I've always known that girls (when I was a child and adolescent) and women (also daydreamed about them as a child and adolescent) are what I'm romantically/sexually attracted to, and (though I've studied sexuality and sexual orientation a great deal), I don't understand how a person can go half or most of their life not knowing that they are gay/lesbian, or want either sex. I've known what my sexual orientation is since age 4 or 5, but I didn't learn of the term lesbian until a year or few years later.
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I think a lot of girls do know they are attracted to women, but don't know what to do about it-- of course, that's a smaller problem in the Internet age than it was in my day.

And it's so easy to fall into the heteronorm if you have it in potentia.
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Back at school, had a crush on a friend. I think going to university was very important though, meant I was able to meet lie minded women and actually have relationships, rather than just random fleeting encounters.

X x
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Early teens reading Penthouse Forum

During my teen years I used to buy Penthouse Forum, the letters were my masturbating fantasies. The letters that depicted a guy having man to man sex for the first time made me stroke my cock faster and harder. Stories to sex outdoors to bi sexual threesomes also peaked my libido. Sadky to say I never followed through on my dreams and fantasies until my later years. I found out that It was very enjoyable as long as with the right guys and girls. Trying to include my girlfriend in my fantasies, we have talked about it but she thinks that it was only talk. She actually got really hot when she did ask me my deepest and darkest fantasy and I told her watching her suck another man's cock as I watched and I wanted her to watch as I sucked another cock as she watched. One day soon hopefully....
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Not knowing that I was "gay" or "bi" when I was younger, but used to have suck sessions with a friend after sitting and looking at "Playboys" when we were younger and wanking off to them. (one day he sucked me off, and then it became a normal thing to do)

I guess about the time I got into high school, when I realized that I was possibly gay, but since I liked girls as well, ended up being technically bi. (and that was also when I had threesomes with my suck buddy and a female friend, the summer of 1980)

Now to this day, I am not "attracted" to men, but I still love cock...and therefore like to watch movies with transsexuals in them.
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Reminder, folks - discussion of sexual activity where one or more partners is under the age of 18 is not permitted on Literotica. Let's keep it above-board please. Discuss thoughts, not actions - how you felt, not what you did.
This is LIT-erotica where the size of your polysyllable matters. --VelvetDarkness
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Originally Posted by StacyTG View Post
I played with friend of mine in high school. He was absolutely beautiful. It never went past handjobs, but I remember one night I was working him. He was on his back. I had his cock in my hand, and was rubbing my clit against his leg. Alternately, I'd look at him, his beautiful face, and his throbbing cock in my hand. I remember when he was in the throes of passion, I had a compelling desire to finish him with my mouth, just...go for it...I never did. I guess I was scared of what his reaction would have been, but damn, if I could live that particular night over again....

As far as "knowing", I know it sounds old and tired, but I really have known, or at least suspected most of my life. I knew I wasn't like other boys, and I actually preferred to be around the girls. I think my mom knew, too, or at least suspected, but she never made me feel uncomfortable or ashamed about it.
You are so beautiful thank you for shareing
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thinking back there might have been some signs when I was in high school. I used to hang out with a kid who had a pool. A few times we went skinny dipping and I used to look at him, small but built, blonde and very good looking. I looked at his penis and ass, not sure how I kept my hard on at bay. Nothing ever happened between the 2 of us.

If was after I got divorced, late 30's, I ran across some gay porn and instead of being disgusted I was aroused. That led to several cock sucking sessions.

I'm one of those guys who would never want to do anything more than fondle and suck a cock. No kissing, no hugging another man for me. But sucking a cock I can do.

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[ cut by moderator to keep in line with the rules]
He was my first experience getting fucked and was so gentle with me that, after the initial penatration, it felt so very wonderful. At this point I thought I was gay until a few months later when a much older woman took a liking to me and we had many fun nights, mornings, and afternoons. When I was in the Navy a lot of the guys I knew were most likely bi. Though we did not talk about it, there was a lot of MM going on. It was like being back in the scouts. I think this is where I knew I was bi. Ever since I have lived this kind of life, though my biside is kept known to only those who understand. I would like that part to be out of the closet, however, it is simply not possible and continue with all the other parts of my life.
If little girls are made of sugar and spice, why do they taste like tuna?

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Originally Posted by Etoile View Post
Reminder, folks - discussion of sexual activity where one or more partners is under the age of 18 is not permitted on Literotica. Let's keep it above-board please. Discuss thoughts, not actions - how you felt, not what you did.
**Ahem**. ^^ Dude, fix yo shit, please. ^^

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I'm thinking at 12 years old. I saw an effeminate man at a bus stop and gazed at him for hours. He wore a halter top, showing off his belly and hips. Tight jeans and heels on his shoes.

Thats when I knew something was up with my sexuality yet I did manage to live a long time ignoring these obvious signs.
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Nice stories. Keep them coming.
Originally Posted by ???
Is it wrong to want to rufie you, fist you, and then post your fisted ass as my avatar? I have no sense of right and wrong, and thought I'd ask.
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I was always curious but never really acted on it other than a few kisses with a girl while in college. After failed marriages and a few short term relationships, I decided to follow this curiosity of mine. I had always thought that a female's body was so much more beautiful than a guys, but I guess I was afraid of going against the norm and I did what was expected of me. Especially since my family is religious and being different just isnt right. A friend of mine who is gay and has known since she was about 5 yrs old, was willing to let me "experiment" with her to figure this out. A year and half later, the "experiment" is still going strong and I have never been happier.
I believe that a day without laughter is a day not lived. I try to laugh and enjoy life as much possible. I try to surround myself with people who can laugh at themselves and aren't afraid to be silly. It is almost a given that I will do something today that is completely stupid but damn hilarious!!!

Within 4 months this year, I lost two people very dear to me. I still try each day to find something to smile about.

No, I will not send you a naked picture of myself and no I will not fuck you just because you sent me a pm!!! Since that is out of the way, can we please have a fun, smart, interesting conversation?

A few stories I have written. I highly suggest that you read the other stories on the Erotic Fantascenes thread, several talented writers on that thread!!!

Some audio by me. I may add more.
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It was a few years ago, so I'd say about thirty-seven, thirty-eight. Now I'm bi-curious.
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I started very early without really knowing what I was doing. I used to watch my Mom gettnig dressed in the mornings when I was young, around 5 or 6. That went on for years until I was 8 when I decided to try her panties and bra on. It was innocent curiousity that "made" me do it. I was hooked from that point onward.

My dresssing in my Mom's stuff went on until 11 when a nieghbor caught me dressed, spying me through my bedroom window. I'm not going to bore you with the details, but that's when I started wearing his wife's things and learned much more about sex. I've been very bi ever since.
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When I was a teenager a friend of mine who was always doing wild crazy things took a picture of himself in a photo booth holding his erect cock. All the other boys thought it was a great laugh, I thought his penis was beautiful. I thought about it for days, playing with it, sucking it.
The first time I saw a porn film there was a scene with a pretty lady enthusiastically sucking a penis. I thought that it must be great to get sucked like that but part of me was thinking that it must be fantastic to suck that cock.
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