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Nasty Degrading men... - Older or black or large men.

I'm feeling very horny tonight. I like nasty men, one's who degrade me, embrass me, threaten to blackmail me. I like slaps, spanks, hair pulling, pinching. I want to be pushed down and forced while your telling me "Im only doing this for you... I wouldn't usually fuck you, your too ugly to be fucked" That sort of degradation gets me shit hot. Telling me how hot others are while fucking me. Twist my mind enough for me to be your plaything, It's easily done when I'm stoned most nights. I want to be your slave. I want you to spit on me while I''m at your feet.*

I don't do webcam until you've twisted my mind enough to be yours.
I do requests of pictures for donations without my mind being twisted towards a man. I want to be so degraded, I want you to tell me a type of porn I should watch while I masturbate (Something degrading, but no kids!) I want to orgasm to your voice. I want you to insult me and put me down, make me feel like nothing but your plaything. Get me to that and I'll follow your orders. Ill wear what you say, Do what you say... I want to be moulded to be your ugly plaything. Desperate for your attention, make me beg...*

If after 5 minutes I think we're suited... (Do what I need from the start) I'll send a photo. However turn me enough and scare me enough and it gets sent earlier...

Things I like:
Forced orgasms
Choosing the porn I masturbate too
Being given Orders
Wax play (Nipples)*

Things I hate
Wax play (Pussy)

Men who turn me on :-*
Different race than me (I'm white - British)
Larger men. The bigger the better in size not cock size*
Unattractive men
Hairy men

Kik - Chelseamilly
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Try the BDSM Personals.
"No kind of sensation is keener and more active than that of pain; its impressions are unmistakable. " ~Donatien Alphonse François
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