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Love Returns

It had been two years since Tanisha saw her lover after he got deployed into the marines. Now she was waiting for him to arrive it was cold that day, and the wind blew but still you couldn't see through the fog. As she stood there in her flaired black jeans, black converse shoes. Her coat coming down to her knees the white fabric hugging her in shape body as her black and white scarf fluttered in the wind. As she pulled her black hat with the purple cat ears over her head shivering as she stood waiting for John.

He was supose to be here at five it was now six thirty.Looking at her watch as she shivered again placing her arms across her stomache. Smoking on her ciggarette as she realazied that she was suppose to stop smoking it was her last, and she only lit up because she was nervous had something happen? Throwing the smoke on the grown she stepped on it grinding it on the blacktop with her converse shoe. Spraying her mint mouthwash in her mouth she turned to lean in the window placing it in her purse, and taking out a piece of gum popping it in her mouth. Turning to look she sighed.

Moving her camoflauged purse to the passenger seat she left the door open as she left her right foot dangle out of the car as she placed the seat all the way back listening to her radio as she waited for someone anyone at this point in time. Nervously taking her hands and running through her medium length straight black hair, blinking her baby blue eyes as she closed them just waiting it had seemed like forever, but it had only been hours. He has to come this is the day she had on her calender.
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