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getting over fear

i am a bi male bottom that has yet to experience a true meet with another man i have sucked a couple cocks at GH's but never met and been fucked by another man. i really want to but i cant get over the fear of actually meeting someone any ideas or suggestions? Please help really want a real cock in me
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how did you suck someone without meeting them ?
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Originally Posted by Firsttimer88 View Post
i am a bi male bottom that has yet to experience a true meet with another man i have sucked a couple cocks at GH's but never met and been fucked by another man. i really want to but i cant get over the fear of actually meeting someone any ideas or suggestions? Please help really want a real cock in me
yes i understand ,it is different sucking anonymous cocks at a glory hole as opposed to actually meeting a guy but you will find that a little apprehension is a good thing, i get a little flutter every time i meet someone and i love the feeling, perhaps try having a small drink before you meet to steady your nerves, they say alcohol brings out the true you, x
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The best way is to meet someplace public to see if you both click, with no thought of sex. I is like dating, a p,ain but the best way to do it.
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Originally Posted by docdoom View Post
how did you suck someone without meeting them ?
OP mentioned glory holes.

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I understand. I'm in the same boat...75percent bottom, very curious, and SO wanting to be taken and used!
Let me know how yours turns out.
VERY curious!!!
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I don't know if it's the best way for you, but I met my first man via the internet, after putting up an online personal ad about what I wanted. Take precautions if u go down this route, but it has the advantage it can be v. discreet if u want.
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Use condoms.

This poster makes no warranties, express or implied, concerning the accuracy, completeness, reliability or suitability of this statement, of its constituent parts, or of any supporting data. These terms are subject to change without notice.

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I'm quite nervous , hence my Timid name!

I went down the escort route , after undertaking lots of research, with a beautiful TS. She was simply amazing, a very pretty partner , and most importantly for me , non threatening.

I had an amazing time , far far better than I could of hoped for . I now love sucking cock and being fucked ...... That first experience just started it so right. Not every experience since has been a success , but the first time I felt in some kind of control, and I've never looked back!

I wish you the best of luck , and hope your first time is as good as mine was.
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my best suggestion is finding a web site that will fill in as a good middle man...start with a search for Bi male sites...Adam 4 Adam, etc
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Gay brothel. Trust me, I got my first cock from a tranny escort. They know what they are doing, and takes the awkwardness from it. U full fill ur desire, and then be ready for when u meet someone and know a little bit more
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I was in the same boat once. I was so turned on at the thought of gay sex when I was younger. A boss of mine wanted to take me to bed and asked me several times. I was terrified that word would get out that I was gay. Of course I was only 18 at the time. I experimented with men while married to my first wife. Then one night her and I were hanging out with another couple and we all started fooling around. It was me and my wife playing with the other couple playing on the same bed. Then while kissing my wife I start getting a blow job and it was from the other guy. My wife saw it and it was ok with her.

Then after we divorced I started playing with a friend. Something just changed in my head over night. I just realized that I am sexually attracted to men and I just realized that it was ok. Ever since I have had no problems with that fear. Guys aren't going to just out you especially if you tell them that privacy is a concern.
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How did you approach your friend about playing with him. I don't know how to approach anyone of my friends about this subject.
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Well the guy that I played with while married is a nice story. See we used to all four of us hang out and play cards and drink. The two of us guys wanted to get the girls to fool around. One night the other wife said, "You suck Dave's dick and we will kiss." I looked at him and expected to see that look like "yeah right." Instead he pulled his shorts down and said, "I'm game!" So I shocked the girls by getting on my knees and sucking his dick in front of them. He was horny as hell and drunk and loved it. After a bit his wife said, "Ok, ok you made your point." Dave said, "Oh god, don't stop I'm gonna cum soon." So not only did they see me suck his dick but they saw it to completion with me swallowing his load.

The night I mentioned earlier, it was supposed to be me fucking my wife and him fucking his. It ended up my wife cumming first and then the three of us left continuing. Then his wife had her orgasm and she got up. That left us guys left. He fucked me until he came and then blew me until I finished.

Now, after we divorced I met and started a gay relationship with a guy that I knew of but hadnt ever talked to. I was on a gay yahoo group and put out a message looking. I got a response from someone that said he knew me but didn't know if I knew him. The day my wife left me, I went to his house. It started off me talking about her leaving and such and ended up with us in bed together.
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As to the o.p.,: first be clear in your head what you want: relationship? An experimental bump and go? Do you even want to speak at length to the guy? For my part, oral sex could be as impersonal as the G.H. you mention or as a prelude to more. As I got older, there was more interest in knowing the man than just a quick blowjob in a car or doorway. Fucking, with a few notable exceptions in my my younger days, always felt more intimate, a lot more emotional investment. But that's my story, you might be different minded.

I would suggest the personal ad; make it a date, in a public place without the intent of sex. Takes the pressure off you a little. Gives you control. You (or he) can walk if need be. Dont hook up in the g.h.

As others have said; condoms! Use them!

I was very very fortunate as my first time was with a man who was patient and cared. A first time with a douchebag who cares only for getting himself off can get you hurt physically as well as emotionally. You also probably will not try again. Being different and attracted to the same sex can be tough enough; being used as a piece of meat will not help. If being used as a fucktoy is your fantasy, fine. Just don't do it your first time out.

No one ever forgets their first time, good or bad gay, bi or straight.

Good luck!!
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