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Deleting Stories

Does anyone know how to delete a story off Literotica? I've tried contacting the webmaster, but haven't had any responses.

John Evans
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Copy Pasta time! This is mainly for editing stories, but also covers deleting them at the end.
  • Take note of the url of your story/chapter. That's the address appearing in the address bar of your browser when you view the first page of your story. You really only need the last part after the /s/ that represents your title.
  • Start a new submission.
  • Use the same title as the original ( or as much as will fit ) plus something such as *EDIT*
  • Fill in the same category, then fill description and keywords with placeholders, as they don't matter. ( Unless one of these things are what you're editing )
  • If editing the story text, paste/upload the new text in the "story text" section. You need to upload the whole story, not just the edited sections. If editing anything else, copy the "notes" section detailed below in order to fill this section.
  • In the "notes" section, say what you are editing. If story text, then put that. If title, then put the requested NEW title here. You can fill in edited descriptions/keywords/category above, but you'll still want to list any such changes here. It's a good idea to list the url that I mentioned in step 1. This is unique to every story/chapter, and can help eliminate the potential for human error. As mentioned above, if you are editing something other than the story text, copy what you put in the notes section to the "story text" as well. This is simply because there must be something in that section for you to submit.
  • Click "Review", then "Submit"

Edits are subject to the same wait time as a new story. Laurel has said that edit requests have low priority, but I have also seen edits go up in bulk in far less time than a story usually requires to post, though. So, it could be shorter, or it could be longer than the normal wait for a story to post.

Edits will not appear on the public side immediately. Wait at least 24 hours after the "edited" submission vanishes from your private author list before worrying that your changes haven't been applied. Changes may not all appear at the same time, either. Page 1 may change, while page 2 will remain the same until an hour or so later. Be patient as the system catches up.

If you edit the story in this manner ( as opposed to deleting and re-submitting ) you'll retain your votes, views, comments, etc. The only thing that will be changed is what you say that you want changed. It will not appear on the New List again.

If you wish to delete a story, use much the same method, except put something such as *DELETE* in the title, and say that you want to delete the story in question in the "notes" section.

If you wish to delete all of your stories, an entire series, etc., then use the normal delete process, but explain in the "notes" section that you want to do a mass delete, and what type.

Convoluted, but it does work. It gets a little easier as you get used to it.

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Originally Posted by JohnEvans View Post
Does anyone know how to delete a story off Literotica? I've tried contacting the webmaster, but haven't had any responses.

John Evans
Laurel and Manu rarely/never open the "contact us" email addresses. Your best bet is contacting Laurel on editing issues, Manu on tech issues via PM [Private Message].
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In order to delete an entire story, do you have to delete each chapter individually?
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This was sent to me from laurel recently when I asked her the same thing:

First, I want to let you know that you have every right to remove your stories from the site at any time for any reason.

Second, if you feel comfortable doing so, I'd appreciate knowing the reason(s) for your decision. We strive to improve Literotica ever day, and your comments can help us mend things that might need mending.

Be aware that we do not store site submission data - including votes, comments, and the text itself. Once it is deleted from our servers, we cannot restore it.

For security purposes and to make sure you (as the author) are the one making the removal request, you must follow this procedure: log into your account and create a story titled "REMOVE". In the body of the story, put the names of the submissions you wish removed along with (optionally) the reason for their removal. If you want all of your work removed, you can put that rather than listing every submission.

Story removals are usually done within 4-7 days.
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Thank you for sharing. That certainly makes the process easier.
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