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Immunity December 2012

This is the final immunity thread of the 2012 contest, so numbers need to be chosen if you wish to participate. Please read the rules at the bottom and post your choice!

Winning numbers are found at the top of the page (the biggest ones) at Mersey World.

Dec. 5, 2012: UK National Lotto 1769

3 - 4 - 14 - 31 - 48 - 49 - 45

Winners are: Cinner, CallMeBambi & YoursSINSerely

Cinner: Illustrated Stories, Cap level 2

Dec. 12, 2012: UK National Lotto 1771

9 - 15 - 18 - 33 - 38 - 44 - 16

Winners are: SoulChildSecret, Odax, javawarrior, Strangebuddy, DonnyKerabatsos & LOAnnie.

javawarrior, Poetry with Audio, Cap 1

Dec. 19, 2012: UK National Lotto 1773

4 - 26 - 33 - 41 - 48 - 49 - 19

Winners are: CallMeBambi, SusanJillParker, RedMonkeyButt, Strangebuddy & YoursSINSerely.

Dec. 26, 2012: UK National Lotto 1775

3 - 11 - 17 - 39 - 47 - 49 - 34

Winners are: Cinner, Angelica1612 & YoursSINSerely.


01: LucyH
03: Cinner
04: CallMeBambi
05: RedHairedandFriendly
07: Lady_Eryka
08: ripeandproper
09: SoulChildSecret
09: Odax
12: BuckyDuckman
13: MikeyLoves269
16: LOAnnie
18: javawarrior
22: elphaba69
23: Neonurotic
24: Zrnko_Pisku
26: SusanJillParker
26: RedMonkeyButt
27: olivemarie
28: aberforth27
30: VampGirl1991
32: Boxlicker101
33: Strangebuddy
37: theravenfox
42: HottieKatie
43: Noira
44: DonnyKerabatsos
47: Angellica1612
49: YoursSINSerely


You do not have to participate in the immunity, and if you do, you don't have to accept the immunity. Pick a number between 1 and 49, then post your guess here. You can pick a number that someone else has picked, so don't worry if someone already has your number.

The number you choose will, by default, be added to the roll-over list and remain registered for you indefinitely or until you choose a different one. If you are missed by the moderator for some reason, your roll-over immunity is still qualified if you request it in an immunity thread (like this one), even in future immunity threads. You may change your roll-over at any time simply by posting a request for it. In order to make sure your roll-over applies despite moderator error, you must post the request for it in an official immunity thread.

Remember - You are responsible for your own immunities. You will not be notified that you have won and you must use your winning immunity in that week or lose it.

Winning An Immunity

If you've won an immunity, the first thing to do is make a post in this thread (and only this thread) that you've won an immunity and which category and cap level you will use it for. This is the only way you will earn the immunity. If you neglect to pick the cap level, it will be assumed you are referring to the lowest cap level available for the category you chose.

You have until 7:30 PM GMT on the following Wednesday to claim your immunity here. After that time, you have lost the immunity.

Do not edit the post after 7:30 PM GMT on Wednesday. If you do so, your immunity will be invalidated. This post is the only way we have to verify the immunity and the category and cap level you choose. Once an immunity is claimed, it cannot be erased and replaced with a submission.

An Immunity Rule Refresher:

Immunities are won based on the weekly Wednesday Lottery available here: http://lottery.merseyworld.com/

Entrants can select a single number between 1 and 49. The selected number must be posted by the entrant prior to 7:30 PM GMT on Wednesday for the number to be consider for that day's draw. That is 7:30 PM in London on Wednesday. For the timezone illiterate: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedform.html

Good luck![/quote]
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I'd like to cap Illustrated Stories - Level II with the immunity from 5 December 2012. Thanks.

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It looks like my number came up! I'll use my immunity for Poetry with Audio. Thanks!
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