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looking for some gentlemen to write with via email. posting on lit from my phone is difficult.

i will respond at least once a day, more if you post more. i write at least a paragraph usually 3-4. i prefer writing submissive women in bdsm situations. i like nonconsent/reluctance, romance, incest (with an older brother/father/uncle/steps). i love my opposite being of the paranormal (ghosts, vampires, werewolves) variety but it's not nessecary. i usually write in moder times but it's not a must.

i don't write dominant women, i don't write mommy/aunt roles, i don't do furries or military. i don't write mecca or much of anything anime based.

if you think you might be interested drop me a pm. i'm open to ideas.

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I'm thinking about starting up some sort of High Fantasy RP. If anyone wants to help me get the ball rolling, I'd love to exchange ideas. Hit me up!

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A few ideas to arouse the mind...

Hi everyone,

I have been off Literotica for close to four years, but I have a yearning to get back to some writing. I do enjoy the give and take of writing with a female writer. I have had interesting exchanges over the years in Yahoo chat before they shut down the rooms.

Some of my ideas are rather standard, I'll admit. But I suppose they are that way because people tend to gravitate toward them. And some forbidden taboos make for added excitement.

This writer is a male on the older side. And though I very much enjoy the older man-younger woman scenario, I do not limit myself to just that small realm. For example, I sometimes do very much enjoy viewing the world from the female perspective, though I do strongly prefer that my partner writer still be female (even if she is playing a female character). Of course, one never knows whether an online persona with a female name is actually so, at least the illusion exists.

Some ideas to provide a spark to your mind or anywhere else you like to feel it. Any ladies interested in joining with me in some writing are invited to private message me any time. For story purposes, I tend to be multi para but it depends on how the story unfolds and the writing style of my partner, too. Due to my long work hours, I will do my best to respond at least once daily but cannot guarantee, so I do ask for patience. Besides, anticipation can be quite the aphrodisiac.

Standard Fare:
Older man-younger woman (all at least 18 of course)
Best friend's dad seduction (either party may be the pursuer)
Babysitter seduction (again, either party may seduce)
Professor/Teacher office hours (what extra credit can you do for that A)
Older Neighbor
Daddy/Uncle situations

Being the younger male:
Naive, nerdy but not homely male seduced/taught by older woman
Still naive, probably nerdy taught by sister, cousin or some other younger female
Frustrated older teen male falls into affair with mom/step-mom

My Female Character Ideas (prefer to play more innocent, virginal girls):
Sorority rush and initiations
Seduced by older woman
Babysitter and the daddy (daddy played by female writer interested in writing from the male perspective)

That should be enough for now. I'll work on some less staid ideas for the future.

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On hold while I decide whether to write it as a fiction story in the Non-Con page of Lit.com or not.
Story: ".22WMR" (that's a bullet, explained below)

Needed: 1 Female writer for swimsuit model-turned-criminal's mistress.

Me: The criminal.

The Story in Detail:

Three months ago, your sister washed up on a Florida beach, executed at close range. The .22WMR bullet lodged in her brain is a very uncommon round, particular for the commission of such up-close-and-personal executions.

One dedicated DEA agent -- your lover of one sort or another -- has a theory that I have this gun and that I have personally committed the 16 executions connected to this gun over the past two decades. Stories are told that if you cross me personally, I kill you personally; and it is widely known that I purchased a legendary weapon that fires .22WMR rounds at a public auction more than 2 decades ago.

The only people who ever claimed to see this weapon are my Chief Lieutenants and my lovers.

To find out who killed your sister, you decide to become the latter. You show up on my beach, saying, "I've been told you're the type of man who takes care of his women."

"Are you a woman who needs to be taken care of?" I respond.

And the answer that gets you headed toward finding that gun is, of course, "Yes."

Let the fun begin...

I'm thinking the following or variations of the following:
  • The overall plot from her point of view is they become lovers, she starts learning bits of his business, she gets in too deep, and all along, she is falling in love or lust with him, despite thinking that he is responsible for her sister's death. (Why she would fall for him will be uncovered.)
  • The overall plot from his point of view is that they become lovers, he is always suspicious of new people, he will test her often and with greater consequences, and every time she passed a test, he lets her farther and farther into his circle ... and closer to the gun, assuming that it exists.
  • She will remain in contact with her DEA agent lover, but she must be careful because if she gets caught with him, someone will die. The deeper into my circle she gets the less she can get out to see him, until she reaches the point where she is practically all on her own.
  • She begins to realize that she can help the DEA break smaller cases, too, supplying them with tips of things that she hears. But, is the risk of being caught worth it?
  • Anything else...?
About me:
  • I like long and short posts both.
  • I post almost every day at least twice, more if we are exchanging one and two liner sex or conversation replies.
  • I live on the US West Coast GMT-7. I would like to find someone who could role play this particular SRP mostly in the evenings, that way we are both online at the same time and can trade multiple short replies in a short amount of time. I think this role play is better suited to a combination of long posts once or twice a day, 5-7 days per week; and a rapid exchange of 10-30 short posts evenings, 2-4 times per week.
  • I am anal about spelling and grammar checks, so if you're using a cell phone and can't be bothered with punctuation, don't bother with this.

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Good Day

After a long hiatus from the forums, I am back and would love to write a thread or two on the forums. Please have a look at my profile (in my signature) if you are interested and drop me a PM. I would love to discuss possible story angles.

Will appreciate
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Hey, I'm seeking a male writer to partner with me for a story that I've been dying to make.

Very brief premise: At a beach, or beach-themed, party, you would actively seek me out, a young, innocent and busty woman.


I would play as a young, sheltered woman who is currently at her final year of high school. All is well for me, at least for the most part; I have a close circle of friends, I'm doing absolutely fantastically at school, my parents are incredibly well-off financially so I'm just a little bit spoiled and I have a sweet, caring boyfriend. The downside to my life would be that my parents would be overly religious Mormons and have tried their hardest to pass on their values to me. Additionally, I would be embarrassed of my body - not that I would be unattractive or anything. I would be a slim blonde with bright blue eyes who just just so happens to have a pair of enormous breasts. I would be insecure about this and try my hardest to hide them by wearing as loose clothing as possible, but try as I may nothing really seems to work out for me. Sexually, I would be incredibly innocent, not having done anything more than kiss my boyfriend on the cheek a few times (with my religious background and all, I would be waiting for marriage!)

You: I was thinking that the male writer here could play as one of the following example. Each are unique in their own way, but what they have in common is the fact that I'd love for the male writer in question to play a sleazy, lewd, arrogant man.
  • You'd play as Rick West, a scummy, older (I'm thinking 22-28 years old) high school dropout who happened to stumble onto my Facebook profile (either by complete chance or through a mutual friend). When this happened, I had a profile picture of me doing the laundry - my breasts here forming a crazy curve to what should have been a loose fitting shirt. Lustful and deceptive, you create a fake profile, trying to appear as some high achieving student and eventually invite my friends and I to a party. While I would be looking for this fictional character that you made up, you would 'bump' into me and work your magic.
  • You'd play as my boyfriend's childhood friend, (name to be decided) who now attends a public high school, instead of my private school. We would have met a few times in real life and you would have been crazy infatuated. I wouldn't like you, straight off the bat, mainly because you wouldn't be shy and comment on me a lot, despite being best friends with my boyfriend. Of course, you were never truly 'serious' about getting between my legs until you and my boyfriend got into a huge fight about something. You plot revenge against him, until you figure that you could hit two birds with one stone - hosting a party and inviting my boyfriend and I to 'patch things up', your ulterior motive involves stealing me from my boyfriend, and humiliating me, right under my boyfriend's nose.
  • You'd play as my father's boss (around 40-55 years old) who has seen me during a few company picnics and what have you. After my dad shows you a recent picture of me, you decide maliciously to host your next company outing at a beach, knowing that my dad would surely bring me along. You would approach me here, figuring that since you control my father's fate at the company anyway, that you have nothing to lose to pursue me with your dirty, lustful mind.

These aren't set in stone and we can easily switch a few aspects if you'd like. We can definitely work in a few kinks of yours, if you want - like maybe having you play as a lustful cousin or uncle (if you're into incest).

My kinks (in case that you're wanting to know ;P )
  1. Sleazy, arrogant male characters (in case you didn't know!)
  2. Humiliation
  3. Public Display
  4. Age Difference
  5. Cheating

Anyway, PM me if you're interested so that we can discuss this a bit more. Thanks for reading!!

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And girl like Indian jones is exploring a temple then gets kidnapped by someone or something

A virgin girl meets a vampire...
Sexy Girl For RolePlay

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Exclamation Looking for someone who would like to chloroform, abduct and molest me...

Hi everybody!

I'm Tanja, a girl in her mid-twenties from Frankfurt am Main, Germany. I joined Literotica last year and started a role playing story about my favorite fetish Chloroform-abductions and BDSM in general.

Unfortunately, my writing partner left some time later and did not continue the work. I've been away from the Forum for quite some time, but now I'm back and want to try out a new story!

So, if there's anybody interested in helping me out and take part in a new sexual role play, just let me know and send me a private message, please. We can discuss the details then by messaging before starting the story. I'm pretty much open for all kinds of story ideas that include my fetish which is me being chloroformed, abducted, sexually molested and used in all sorts of ways... The story should include lots of BDSM play and bondage as well. If you want to know what I'm talking about, just check out my old role play story. The link to it is given in my signature.

Here is some further personal data about me for your information.

Personal info:
- Tanja, mid-twenties, Caucasian (good-looking with a beautiful, alluring face);
- Brunette (curly, shoulder-length hair), brown eyes, soft (slightly tanned) skin;
- 1,71m, 65kg (gained some weight...), voluptuous body, large 36DD breasts (all natural), curvy hips, nice ass, trimmed pubic hair, tight pussy.

Following are some pictures I found on the internet which somehow fit my general outward appearance (I'm surely no supermodel look-alike, but I'm quite pretty with nice, big and bouncy assets...). Even my avatar picture resembles me.

Update 12.04.2013: I've got a male writing partner by now and I'm currently just looking for a female co-author. We might want to try a role playing story with three participants. That would be me (the sexy female victim), some kind of a dominant male bad guy (the male writing partner who I've got already) and another female (the female co-author who's still missing). She should be kind of dominant as well. In the role playing story she would be teaming up with the bad guy in abducting and molesting me. If some dominatrix-like gal is interested in this, just send a private message to me, please.

Update 13.04.2013: Below is a rough draft of two possible story lines which have just popped into my mind. They need to be modified and detailed, of course. It's just a brainstorming start.

1. Bank robbery:
- I'm Tanja, a busty, young bank manager of a banking branch in a small town;
- I get chloroformed and abducted on my way home late at night by two robbers (the bad guy, and our still needed female co-author);
- I am brought to some kind of hideout or even my own flat and the robbers try to get the keys for the bank and the code for the safe from me;
- In trying to get me to tell them the codes, they sexually molest and torture me. They should try some force-/painful methods, some tickling for laughs and the lustful method in which they bring me close to orgasm but then deny it so that I am soon begging for my climax. Lots of BDSM and Bondage toys should be used as well;
- After they got the information, they should leave me bound and gagged (and sedated, of course) and go to rob the bank. Later on they could get back to me and have a little bit of their own fun on my expense for celebration (meaning the guy would really "do"/rape me and the female robber could maybe force me to "service" her) before they take off.

2. Medical environment:
- I could be Tanja, a busty young woman, visiting the hospital for a regular medical check up;
- The doctor who I visit could be some kind of a mad scientist who secretly works on a formulae to enhance breast growth. For this he needs busty young women to experiment on. His assistant would be our still missing female co-author;
- During the check up, he could use some "unusual" methods for the examination. Maybe he even knocks me out with an anesthetic and he and his evil nurse have their way with me while I'm unconscious. I'm released after this, going home and not knowing what really happened;
- The next day I get abducted by the two while being at my own house. They drive to me with their ambulance, get into my house pretending to need to talk about my check up and chloroform me. Then I'm placed on a gurney, taken out of the house and into the ambulance so that no one gets suspicious;
- They take me to the secret medical lab of them and there they do their wicked, lustful sexual experiments on me;
- Because they need to get me out of the way after they're done with me. For this, they sell the kidnapped girls like me into white slavery. So, I could end up in some Arabian harem of a very rich sheik or a luxurious Chinese brothel for the upper class.

Update 14.04.2013: As per now, I've found a female co-author for the story.
Tanja ... has been naughty and needs to be subdued & punished!
I'm not online all the time or every day, so please have patience with me answering your posts and private messages.
Please check my Sexual Role Playing Profile and have a look at both of my sexual role playing stories:
Busty secretary with chloroform fetish kidnapped & Busty Tanja's Chloroform Adventures - The Feagra Files.

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New to this

Hello, late twenties male, looking for some entertainment with RP. I have never really done anything like this before, but would love to try it out. Have read some story threads on here and loved them. Interested in fantasy, succubus/demon hunter, secretary/boss, boss (female)/worker, co-workers, chance encounters, student/teacher, nurse/patient just some off the top of my head, but would be open to more ideas. I am not into incest,animals outside of fantasy, skat, blood, homosexuality not dissing it but its not for me, or rape.

As far as I go, I'm five nine medium build, love to run and enjoy sports, I am in the military but details not really going to go into, I am married and see lit only as a source of entertainment to live out fantasies that can't really be done in real life.

Like I said I am new, but I do love to write, so I won't post just three or four line responses, I usually can get on almost everyday sometimes there may be a break of a couple days. I'm open for suggestions and would love to hear new ideas.

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I've gone from fieldwork to working with interns all day every day. Which is undoubtedly where this itch to write about it comes from.

I want to do a take on Secretary. Classic film. If you haven't seen it...consider it a prerequisite or homework assignment. An enjoyable one.

I'm looking for a leading man to play a parallel character to the original Mr. Grey. I'm not looking for 50 Shades of Grey. The twist in this sense which differs from Secretary, is that my role won't be that of a secretary. But rather of an intern.

Even when interns are paid. They're demeaned. Humiliated. Used. Ordered around. They work long hours and get very little in return. They're taken advantage of and taken for granted, with the people they intern for usually knowing full well the conditions they're subjecting these poor interns to. Its rather sadistic. And most are unpaid.

I coordinate. I do not have interns. But the poor girls I see working with who are now my former colleagues...its an interesting dynamic. One much more drastic than just that of a secretary. Secretaries are at times assumed to know very little, whereas an internship is an opportunity to get the much needed experience these people are going to need if they expect to ever be able to cut it in the field.

The leading man doesn't need to be a lawyer as with the original film. Just one of the minor details that can be worked out.

If you're interested, shoot me a message. I'm looking to have some discussion back and forth before jumping in with someone.
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ISO female(s) for multiple character role play

I would prefer 1 or more female writers who can RP at the same time I am online for this one, so that we can exchange lots of short to midlength replies. I am on the US West Coast and RP evenings (7-11pm) and off and on all day Sunday, Monday, and often Tuesdays.

If you don't fit the above description, this role play will take for ever...

Your roles:
  • Madam.
  • Teenage whore(s).
  • Female customer(s).
My roles:
  • The Madam's Boss or Right Hand Man, depending upon whether you want to be controlled or control.
  • Teenage gigolos.
  • Male customers.
Story: Essentially, it's a story about barely 18 year old whores/gigolos and the people they serve ...or service. The story will be about more than just sex: it will be about the lives of those involved, including both the highs and the lows.

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Looking for female roleplayer

Walking out of the changing room and blithely past the 'no alcoholic beverages in pool area' I only stop when i reach the towel rack to tip the remaining third of a beer into my mouth. I'm wearing a tight euro style pair of shorts---think Daniel Craig in 007. I pull two rolled up towels out and leave the empty bottle in exchange. I stepped out onto the roof deck 48 storeys up and survey the lights of the city before turning my eyes to the dimly illuminated pool and hot tub. I'm congratulating myself at a night well done and a party properly thrown when i see a few of the remaining wedding guests- the die-hards that had yet to disappear to their rooms for the night-- were still lingering in the hot tub. Their faces were shadowy and lit from beneath, but they were still vaguely recognizable as people who had made a point of coming up to me during the reception and congratulating me on such a fantastic night. They were also recognizable as being slightly tipsy. The music had been excellent, the food had been top shelf and the ceremony had been flawless. And with any luck Brad and Jessica were in their suite a floor or two below my feet fucking each other senseless. Somewhat jealous of them, i recalled the number of times she'd had her ankles locked behind my back. 'She could be a nasty creature when she was in a mood.' I would miss that. Smiling i knew that i had ample opportunity for other entertainment and that our time together had long since passed. As i settled into the steaming, bubbling water of the tub that might have held 10 or 15 on a good night, i scanned the faces smiling all around but trying not to interrupt the flow of quiet sleepy conversation and then put my head back against the padded edge. I shut my eyes and tried to relax, letting the heat seep into my bones.

This could be the first scene. Or it could be a couple of entries in. Let me know the sort of role you'd be interested in playing...a lonely widower staying at the hotel? One of the wedding guests? Perhaps the bride herself having second thoughts? Hope to hear from you soon.

Some info about me: I find the thought of cheating very erotic, love the danger of being caught and I crave the idea of being seduced--especially by a woman who ought to know better. I like to explore various roles with individuals rather than set out looking for something specific. I've been known to cover a broad reach of territory.

I put a high value on literacy, grammar and spelling, as well as scene and character development. It's not just about the sex. Pictures or other enhancements can add to the play and I would prefer it to take place over a longer period of time with plenty of development. I try to post at least paragraph length entries as often as I can. Usually this is 2-4 times a week, though I travel for work, and can at times be away from a computer for several days at a time--but I will give you fair warning. I also certainly enjoy playing in realtime, and I've been known to use Yahoo to that end.

Feel free to check out my other threads to have a look under the hood. Contact me if you are interested in getting something started.
Cheers, SS

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Ok, so short and sweet: I'd like to write a few more stories here. I'm open to most ideas, and really am simply seeking someone to get my creative juices flowing. Feel free to leaf through my SRP profile and the other links in my sig for some examples of writing. I would enjoy something with a cyberpunk/steampunk feel to it, post-apocalyptic settings are fun as well, and I'm not opposed to doing something entirely out of the box.

My availability for posting is generally at night/early AM hours, but I will be able to post regularly throughout the week and into the weekend as well.

My PM box is always open and if requested we can discuss ideas and other such things via messenger (I have most of the popular ones).
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A Sapphic Theme

Hi all

I am hoping to return to lit and start writing again.

I have various old ideas in my Scrap Book thread that I am happy to consider as well as some new ones, which I will post in the next day or so when I have given these new ideas some thought.

I also had a 'Miranda the Courtesan' character which had some very interesting story lines - open to males as well. Essentially my character is a high class escort who ful fills fantasies for cash...

Again I will link the old stories later this weekend.

If you have a story idea please pm me. My inbox is open - pms such as "Hiya sexy wanna chat' will get deleted instantly.

If you want me to mke the effort to reply, make it worth my while!


May 18th I am out of the UK for a few days and should be back around the 25th May Miranda

Thanks, Miranda

My SRP Profile

My Scrap Book; Miranda's role play thoughts and other notes!

My story efforts so far! Please vote and leave me feedback, it might inspire me to start writing again

Oh, and one minor point. Since being a member I have had quite a few one liner PMs asking if we can chat. Please tell me about yourself, sell your self to me!

And, men, whilst I am not a man hater please do not pester me if you just want to get off. sorry but that is not my style.


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Originally Posted by Ambrosia_64 View Post
I am back after a lengthy absence. I have a few ideas kicking around in my head, but here's one I'd really like to play:

My character is a petite, pretty nurse serving on the war front. (If the time period is medieval, she's a novice in a nearby nunnery tending the wounded. If it's WWII, Red Cross or some such.)

Compassionate and merciful, she tends to your character despite the strong suspicion he is an enemy soldier. Unbeknownst to the clinic/nunnery/what have you, your country's army is planning a surprise attack on the surrounding village to cripple the war effort.

Your character is sick of war, and while he at first means to escape in the chaos (deserting the army post that nearly killed him), he finds he cannot leave the caring woman behind and takes her with him. This could happen in a heroic sense-the attack takes them all by surprise, he hides or flees with her to escape the gunfire.

It's very open for your input. Contact me for a romantic story!
A shameless bump. If you prefer a...deliciously naughty character instead-I would love to play an rp I tried a while ago-my character is an infamous bandit leader known as Six Gun Sal in the old west. Her and a small group of her lackeys are causing quite a stir, tying up sheriffs and bankers and robbing 'em blind or setting prisoners free.

Your character could have done some research, learned her identity as Lisabeth Green, a rich plantation owner's daughter with a passion for illicit activities.

You hunt her down and are hauling her in for "justice" when either a) an attack of some kind forces the two of you to team up to survive, or b)you begin to fall for the petite, wicked beauty and her charms, and start to dread the idea of a rope around her pretty neck.

Likewise, if treated mostly fairly, Lisabeth will find herself interested in your character.

Think Red Dead Redemption, or any of the old Clint Eastwood movies. I look forward to hearing from you!

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I'm looking for a literate, thoughtful co writer to do a story set in a DC ish universe-superheroes are real and very much a part of world affairs and the like.

I intend to spell out a dark and gritty world where the golden age of superheroes is all but a long forgotten memory-villains rule the day, and while there are still a few heroes working to keep their small, local cities safe, the majority of the world is a dark, dangerous place, and most masks aren't metahumans at all, and therefore-vulnerable.

Here and there a new hero steps up to the plate and tries to improve the conditions of their community, and they suffer terrible consequences for their trouble. It's a brave few who dare to operate, and they operate mainly in shadow.

In recent years a particularly dark villain has been eliminating female superheroes-he tapes their rapes and broadcasts to millions of jaded viewers. He is the personification of evil, and what's more-absolutely nothing is known about him, other than the fact he is metahuman.

I would like to play either a spirited, determined but naive woman only recently taking on a hero identity in your city-a young woman getting in over her head in a hurry, and too green to realize it. This option would be sweet, compassionate-and not the most suited for this line of work, but the only one willing to step up to do it.

Or, I would like to play a more capable, angry character taking the law into her own hands in an attempt to dole out the justice the city so desperately needs. I'm leaning towards this option, and already have a character in mind-her moniker is The Protagonist, termed Red Riding Hood by the papers-and in her daytime life she is a straight cop feeling bitter about corruption.

I would like you to play a more experienced, more jaded mask who sees either character as a liability to your cause. You don't want her operating in your town, dammit, you've got enough problems.

As the story moves though, I think she'd grow on him-she's young, beautiful, believes in truth and justice and all the things you used to proudly defend. The idea of her getting hurt or worse-falling prey to the mysterious masked rapist-becomes one of your worst nightmares.

If this sounds interesting to you, shoot me a message! Original characters only please~

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I would like to do a noncon-story between brother and elder sister. Sister should not be the nymphomanic-supermodel, but more nerdy and/or feisty and in the age range of 20+ to 44. Ask me for details.
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Back on the search

Hi everyone,

After the unfortunate demise of several roleplays which have coincided, I once again return to the forums in order to advertise myself and my ideas to those who are interested.

First things first. I am only interested in online roleplay (via Yahoo! messenger, for example) with others who are based in the UK. I realise this restricts my chances, but I much prefer the fast pace and personal touch that online roleplay provides. Please, please don't reply if you are from outside the UK - you will be wasting your own time more than mine (I'm very familiar with the "delete" option!).

OK, for those still interested, I'll continue. I am a 26 year old, PhD-educated girl from London. My area of "expertise" is mainly relationship based roleplay, often with a slightly kinky twist. What I am looking for is an articulate and intelligent partner, capable of adapting their writing to the agreed role. I consider myself to be an able partner for anyone who fits that description.

You'll probably be after a few ideas to spark your interest, so here is what I've been thinking about of late:
  • The development of a relationship between a white male and a british indian female, either students or young professionals, and an examination of how cultural differences influence this
  • The story of a "cult" set up by a group of teenage girls, exploring how they recruit others, use their members and how their new found power affects them and their relationships. Lots of potential for kinky stuff here.
  • The relationship between an early 20s male and his younger sister's obnoxious, self centred friend who, for some reason, he can't get out of his mind. What would he do to be with her? Perhaps more interestingly, what would she have him do?

If any of the above sound interesting to you and you'd like more detail, or you have an alternative idea yourself, then please get in touch. I prefer IM, purely because I'll be prompted as to when I have a new response.

Finally, I must emphasise that what I'm searching for is a long-term, slowly developing storyline. Character development, atmosphere and a connection between parties (that goes for both the characters and us, the writers) are all essential to me.

Thanks for reading and I hope to hear from many of you soon.

Best wishes,


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Hello all!

I'm a 19 year old female college student looking to start writing with people again... I have a few threads in the works at the moment but I want to write with more regularity, so here I am!

I'm looking for something different from what I've done a lot of in the past (i.e., cliche scenarios such as secretary/boss, teacher/student, Dad/daughter's best friend). I also find myself extremely curious about playing with another woman. I'm not a lesbian, maybe not even bi-sexual, but I am interested in starting to explore my curiosities about ladies... everyone has had their fair share of girl crushes, right? I want to express mine...

Anyway, if anyone is interested, please PM me. I only write with people who can maintain good grammar, minimal spelling errors, and long, detailed posts. (5+ paragraphs not necessary, but I won't play with anyone who gives me one-liners).

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To listen to the siren's song; is to fall under her spell

Greetings to my fellow roleplayers here on Literotica,

I am here to display some of my ideas for roleplays in hopes of finding some willing partners. You may call me Siren.

Red - Thread is either closed or someone has filled the slot.

Green - Thread is still open and a writer is needed for the part

Simple But Complicated - (Sherlock Holmes movieverse inspired)

Visiting a cousin in the Southern U.S., John drags Sherlock with him to keep him out of trouble but the eccentric investigator soon finds something to occupy his mind or should I say 'someone'. Ever since the death of Miss Adler, he has been looking for something lately.

Katrina Maxwell is a woman on the run from being wrongfully charged with the murder of her fiancee, she has gone into hiding as a maid for a Dr. Adam Watson. While there she notices a very strange man who seems to watch her when she isn't looking.

Sherlock's natural talent for sticking his nose into situations puts him smack dab in the middle of Katrina's problem. Things get worse when someone tries to kill her. Will he protect her or turn her in before hearing her story?

Unseen - Mild Bondage/Blindfold - Player found

She thought no one ever really saw her, that she faded into the background where no one ever saw the real woman underneath, that the desires she held deep in her heart would never be fulfilled. Someone has seen her and taken pains to bring her here. Kidnapped away to a mansion in the outskirts of Boston, Mia awakens with a blindfold over her seagreen eyes and her wrist chained to something. Why does he want her? Is that fear in her heart or anticipation?

Jade Fire - Avengers movie-based

Jade thought that hiding in plain sight was the only way she could avoid ending up another lab experiment for S.H.I.E.L.D. As a powerful mutant, she could be caged for just existing. Today she worked as Nick Fury's assistant, taking care of all those little details of his life he would rather not think about. Most of the time it felt like she was his babysitter but the man was too busy saving the world to take care of the little stuff.

For the most part no one had ever really given her much though except one person, Hawkeye. Clint Barton was extraordinarily perceptive. Maybe it was a side effect of moniker that he noticed just about everything about her. It didn't help that she was attracted to him.

Nothing is Free - werewolf role play

Desideria went for a jog through the woods one night to clear her head after the killer day at work. While running through the trees, a robber attacks her with the intent of kidnapping her to ransom to her father who was a television studio exec.

Talon, an alpha werewolf, was patrolling the area for a dangerous rogue that had been seen in the area when he spied the little human female in trouble. In a moment of pure impulsiveness, Talon saves her life but his help comes with a price.

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Returning to writing Seeking male and females

Miranda the Courtesan Theme

Hi all

Firstly thank you for taking time to read my post.

Haring had a bit of a break for work and family reasons, I am hoping to return.

A year or so ago, I had a character of a Hi-Class Courtesan based in London. Her specialty was making 'fantasies' come true.

As such I have several male and female co-writers who had a specific fantasy to act out..

Some examples are listed below,

A female student wanting her first bi sexual experience
A Dom who wants to be taken by a Domme
A handy man being seduced by his client/employer
A wealthy man seducing his daughter's best friend

I would love to restrt this character, and looking for co-writers to do so.

My escort character's 'web site' can be found in my scrapbook thread

Please be able to write several detailed paragraphs. My Grammar whilst better than average is not perfect, - I prefer if your grammar skills are of a similar standard.

May 18th I am out of the UK for a few days and should be back around the 25th May Miranda

Thanks, Miranda

My SRP Profile

My Scrap Book; Miranda's role play thoughts and other notes!

My story efforts so far! Please vote and leave me feedback, it might inspire me to start writing again

Oh, and one minor point. Since being a member I have had quite a few one liner PMs asking if we can chat. Please tell me about yourself, sell your self to me!

And, men, whilst I am not a man hater please do not pester me if you just want to get off. sorry but that is not my style.

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Looking for a female roleplaying partner to write with (especially those comfortable writing multiple characters). I'm typically not as prolific a writer as some of the others on here, but I can still write posts of decent length and detail. While I'm not the kind of writer who can type pages upon pages of text (as much as I'd like to be sometimes), I am definitely not a one-liner and will do my best to write posts of a decent length.

Also, if you like the ideas below, but would like to change some details feel free. I'm not fixated on the details so much and would like to leave freedom for interpretation on your own part.

I'm juggling two ideas at the moment.

The first is Batman thread. I'm looking for a writing partner who can play Gotham's femme fatales: Catwoman, Poison Ivy, and Harley Quinn. The three realize that Batman's weakness is sex and use that to manipulate and take control of him, at which point they're free to wreak havoc. This thread could go quite a few different directions and different characters could be brought in at a later point as well.

The second is a succubus thread. I would play a demon hunter who hunts and captures a high-ranking succubus, only to be caught off guard when she teleports both of us to the hell dimension. The tables get turned and I become the hunted, eventually being caught by the succubus and taken back to her home, where I am introduced to the other succubi who call that mansion home. This thread could also go several directions. The demon hunter tries to escape again, the succubi could turn out to be not so bad compared to the other demons and they work together, or something else completely.

If either of the ideas above catch your interest, feel free to send a PM and we can discuss details. Good spelling and grammar is always a plus!

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Deep Blue Sea

A young scientist only eighteen years old has spent a good year in a place in the middle of no where. She was introduced to the facility when she graduated when she was only fifteen years old, she was known as an animal wrangler she was very good with animals. The sharks in the facility are highly intelligent and do not fear the girl since she has a past with them. What she doesn't know is her boss who is the lead scientist isn't exactly human.

He is the oldest living being in human history an immortal who has the ability to take the shape of any animal, even a shark. He is in love with the young girl since she has no friends but him, and the animals. He takes the form a lot as a bird to keep an eye on her, she "Adopted" the bird. But what is going to happen when she finds out what he is, to fear or to love him for who he is?" The shifter is 4000 years old but looks about 30's - 40's.

Lie To Me

Cal Lightman is the kind of man you really do not want to lie about, he is British but can throw on an American accent very easily. He was highly intelligent and a real pain in the ass sometimes. But when he bumps into a young girl his world changes, he has once said everyone lies at least three times in a ten minute conversation, this girl is young and works at a coffee shop that he really loves. And she feels comfortable around Cal.

But she never lies to him and he finds that curious, so even though she had never really studied human behavior he wants to make her his protege. Because she has a very natural ability to read people easily. Since he has a sixteen year old daughter and now divorced he tries not to fall in love with the girl. But he does, but someone from her past is out to kill her. How far would she go to protect the man she honestly cares for?

PM if interested in either.
Ideas Needing A Player

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I am always looking for a new rp, have an idea send me a message

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When Mordor and Sauron fell and King Aragorn took the throne, peace settled across Middle-Earth and brought peace to all. The Uruk-Hai and the monsters of Sauron fled to the furthest reaches and the deepest caverns. Many of the immortal Elves left the lands of the Dominion of man, but not all, and the races of mortal elves spread once more through even the darkest forests. The dwarves retook Moria with the help of men and elves alike, and sealed the reaches that their brothers had dug too deep into. Man rules middle-earth now, and the King Aragorn of Gondor is now nearly 137 years old, in the middle of his life and in his prime. Beside him stands his dear wife, the half-elf Arwen, and around him stand four strong sons of age, and two young sons not yet old enough to don armor.
Aragorn for Men, Legolas for Elves, Gimli for Dwarves, and Hobbits for themselves, all allied and at peace.
But a darkness has been building. Not in Mordor, for Mordor has become a land of lush greenery and life. But on the northern sea, past the reach of Men or any others. Rumor has it that a dark new continent has risen from the sea, and only one explorer has been able to map its shape without dying at the hands of mysterious fortunes and beasts, but has only searched the southern shore well before returning in such madness that he threw himself off Gondor's tall precipice, screaming for mercy.
And now, King Aragorn calls for the brave and the intrepid to band together and search and tame this new continent, to make it safe so that no threats may build there in secrecy. That was a month before the White City was attacked by creatures so foul that none dared tell of their shape. Word of this has reached all the way to the Shire, into Lothlorien, and into Moria. Gondor is under threat by something not even the legendary Fellowship of the Ring faced those fifty years ago, something even the Dark Lord Sauron would cringe in fear from.
Isengard has risen at the hands of new wizards and great minds, and has offered its help to any willing to answer the King's call to arms and to exploration to tame the Dark Continent that is quickly gaining fear and reputation, a place the King calls Delnirth for its founder after he died falling fom the White City's top.
Yay, Lord of the Rings! I've had this idea brewing in my head since I finished the movies. I'm still working on the books, so excuse me if any of my info is a touch off. I'm looking for someone with original characters, their main character being human or elf preferably. This will have a bit of romance, but not overpoweringly so, my main goal is for bonds of brotherhood and nationalism. I'll guide the main adventure, but we're going to have plenty of fun. Normal rules apply about godmodding and the like. And some of the original LOTR characters will certainly be included.
Looking for: One person, gender does not matter. This is meant to be more adventure than sex, but there will be some. PM me!
~Kieran Soares

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I have a role play idea, and it is this:
My character had sex with a minor unknowingly because of her very mature appearance. (This will not be role played). He is convicted of raping a minor, but even though he's innocent, he's convicted of it, so he could choose prison time, registering as a sex offender, or going to a new form of therapy. He was told it was "soft therapy" but it's actually psychological and sexual torture.

I'm into ballbusting in my role plays, and am looking for someone who will role play a male and female "Instructor" (The ones performing the sexual assault and genital-torture).
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