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I have an idea for a thread and was wondering if there are any takers

I would play as an eighteen year old, large breasted neighbor of yours, who has been in the back of your mind for a long time. You'd be older (maybe 25-36 years old) and would have had me in the back of your mind for a while now, though have restrained yourself up until now because of my religious background. But sooner or later, you crack and go through great lengths to have your way with me.

That's it in a nut shell, and I need a dominant male for this. We can work it out from there, so if you're interested please PM me!

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G a n g s t e r//S q u a d

With the release of the upcoming Gangster movie starring Ryan Gosling (<3), Emma Stone, and Sean Penn, I've been looking to start up a rp based on a similar setting.

My character (female), would be stuck in a dangerous relationship with a local crime lord, whose notorious cruel ways have made even the cops wary and unwilling to deal with him.

My partner could play a cop wanting to take the gangster down or the gangster himself unless he wanted to think up another character to play.

I'm looking for someone literate and willing to put time and effort into this along with me. I value creativity, and appreciate it when my partner puts in as much as I do into the plot.

Please feel free to PM me if any of this interests you. Thanks!
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Games I'm looking to start!

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I'm looking for female writing partners. If you want a literate male writer send me a pm.

Here's a few thread ideas I started that I'm looking to get off the ground:

The Only Male Cheerleader - High School Senior transfers to a new school where he is the only male cheerleader.

Sorority Initiation - Girl has to find a geek and get him off on film to get into her sorority of choice.

An Unexpected Night of Strip Poker - College game night gets wild when everyone cancels except the girl with three pre-frosh girls looking to party

Failing Cheerleaders - Some cheerleaders are failing a teacher's class and try to convince him to let them earn some extra credit.

An Unexpected Game of Truth or Dare - College student comes home to find step-sister and her friends playing truth or dare.

A Magic Ring - A man gets a ring that magically turns women on

Co-ed Floor - In the dorm's shared bathroom, a male co-ed is caught singing in the shower by a female co-ed

An Awkward Moment - He walks in on her failing to hide her self-pleasure.

The Cast Party - Based on something that happened to me, I doubt anyone would be interested, but that was one hell of a night. The names have been changed to protect the innocent.

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Looking for a female collaborator for any of these --

1. Man in his mid-twenties helps his aunt out after her divorce by staying with her in her new house and they discover an attraction between them.

2. 28 year old man returns to his midwestern hometown after a successful run on Wall St. but less successful in love, because he could never quite get over his first love. His high school teacher with whom he had a tumultuous six month affair with before he left for college. They reunite at his ten year class reunion.

3. Devil incarnate (female) finds lovers in the big city and then takes their souls for being unworthy, she finds her match in a hyper-intelligent, Machiavellian political consultant.

4. A TV star who has always carried an "America's Sweetheart" wholesome image finds herself going through a transformation after her divorce and new hush hush but sexually adventurous relationship with a young staff writer.
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physically fit 34 year old woman looking for a male RP partner.

after an apocalypse shatters the world. there are very few survivors left in the world. being seperated from my husband, who is my one true love, i and traveling trying to find him again. in minimal clothing, similar to lara croft gear (wouldnt want to get snagged on anything ), i go searching for a safe place to camp, as the sun is going down. and maybe a hot shower.

walking into what i thought was an abandoned buliding, i meet another survivor. also fit. he says he has supplies and a working pilot light to take hot showers, and i can have them for a price.

i love and adore my husband, still wearing my wedding ring, so i turn down his offer. but after months of no human contact, he doesnt like to take no for an answer.

to let you know about myself, im not a dainty little flower. im a very dom person, but i like to be controlled by an even more dom man. rough, hard, and dirty is how i roll. cursin, name calling, and dirty talk are all amazing.

i want a man who could take me so hard, that i forget about my true love thats waiting for me....

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Still searching...

for a female writer to do a TEASE story with me. Could be a wife/ girl friend/ secretary/ student who discovers her gift of being a tease. Please PM me.

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~Face Off~

A FBI agent who is single, older and only person in his life is his best friend, the FBI wants revenge on a guy who killed is partner that he got along with, so they do what they have to, to change body type, eyes, and face his best friend knows about the guy the FBI was after, but something happens and cannot stay away from his friend so he goes to her, and is scared at first since she he was wearing the face of the killer

~The Surrogate~

So my idea for this is the guys buddy is a sweet girl and his wife cannot give him children, my idea was for him to actually have sex with the best friend since he and his wife wants her as a sergeant. But both my character and her friend they actually begin to fall in love with each other. But his wife gets in a car accident and is killed, leaving a pregnant girl. They get closer and she helps him with his loss since his wife and himself were high school sweet hearts.

~ Secret Affair~

A Doctor/Nurse thread for something different, the doctor having a huge crush on his favorite nurse. One day when he can no longer stand it, he has her meet him in a room not used and he shows her just what she means to him.

~Flight To Paradise~

So I have this idea where my character is going to Japan to site see alone, and while on the plane she meets someone from there who was going home, and was thinking they hit it off instantly. But he asks her to work for him, be his personal assistant. What she doesn't know is he is in congress talking for his country hence why his English is so damn good. But the reason why he has no girlfriend is because of his body, he is horribly burned and when ever he has sex he doesn't takes his close off. But my character will be the first who sees what he hides. And love him any way.

~Never Forget ~

Was thinking that there is the lead boss in a family in New York city, and he is sick to death of his wife since she refuses to sleep with him. But he has a very good friend she maybe young but was intelligent and he trusts her. Though the man is in his 40's and does not look it, but due to the age difference he is reluctant to make advances on her and wants her as his mistress and maybe mother to his children some day, since he cannot divorce his wife due to being catholic he will have a family with his young friend.

~The Warden~

My idea is for a female who had just turned eighteen who was convicted of murdering her parents. Though she truly is very innocent, my idea is for the warden of the prison actually believes the girl and wants to help find the evidence to free her. But with there private conversations he has honestly fallen in love with her. They end up having a relationship behind closed doors. But when the Warden finds out she is pregnant with his child, he works that much harder to work on her face in time before the baby is born.

~Inner Pain~

An older gentlemen was in a house fire, eighty percent of his body burned. But while at the hospital his own private nurse is always there for him. She is young, beautiful and very kind. But once he is healed enough to go home, will his nurse ever see him again?

The Final Fantasy

Looking for someone to play either Seymour from final fantasy X or Auron from X. depending on who you pick it has a different story.

The Howling

A man in his thirties born a werewolf has a best friend who means the world to him, but she has no idea what he is. He makes sure to be away from his friend because a werewolf who mates with a human kills the human. But in the legend of werewolves there spoke of a human who the werewolf even in wolf form would never hurt. A woman who could be with the werewolf in either form and does not get hurt, someone immune to being bitten or scratched.

My idea is on the night of the full red moon is that of the mating moon, so even in human form during the day the guy is very horny. And can't take any more so he goes to his friends home, and he will end up mating with her. But while he makes love to her, he can smell the smell knowing that in his wolf form he would not hurt her. So after sex he will transform into the wolf form, to see if his friend trusts him but also hoping she would Accept him no matter what he is.

My Brother The Werewolf

Her brother went to a different country and a month later came back changed, his sister did not know what was going on. But her brother tells her about what he is and needs his sisters help. He needed her to chain him up and lock him up to protect people, but he also needed a mate and the only women he trusts is his younger sister of nineteen years of age and unfortunately when she becomes pregnant things are about to get more different. While she is pregnant the wolf all the wolf wants is to protect her, so he is no threat to his sister.

Criminal Master Minds

This is based off of the t.v show Criminal Minds looking for someone to play Hotch, Derek Morgan or Rossi.

Either one will do, a very young woman of twenty one years joins the team. She has studied human behavior and for someone her age she is unique since she knows many different languages. The man she works beside will be your character, and a romance will bloom from it.

Miami Criminals

Based off of CSI Miami looking for someone to play Horatio Kane he will end up being in a relationship with a much younger woman. He will have known her since she was about five years old he has seen her mature into a beautiful young woman. He will finally ask her out, course she will most likely get kidnapped

Pm if interested in any of them
Ideas Needing A Player

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I am always looking for a new rp, have an idea send me a message

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Again Boredom has struck so looking for male co writers here are a few ideas

1. Love trumps it all (Working title)

2. Chances and Fate (Working title)

3. The Lady and the Pirate ROLE FILLED

4. Love's Fatal Inspiration ROLE FILLED

5. Haven based idea Would prefer knowledge of the show and character personalities.
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Looking for a literate male writer for a thread revolving around a young private detective and the dangerous case(s) she's hired to investigate. The story will involve elements of romance as well as non-consent.

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Looking for more rps. Im pretty flexible so if you have a role in mind we can discuss it and most likely do it. Hmu

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Hey I'm a 25 male looking for a woman for aunt rp on yahoo.

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Looking for more writers to play with. PLEASE check my threads 1st to see what I like and if you are interested in any of them..looking forward to TONS of pm's.

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im looking for a male partner to act out an RP with me.

i thought about it when i was shopping for christmas presents. im not a gamer but i think i know eough about it to make seem accurate:

watch the video first:


im thinking after a devistating shipwreck, a young lara croft, featured in the video, is looking for a place to call for help.

option 1) a hermit, still physically fit from hunting for his meals, has the only working radio on the island. he gives me an offer for the radio, despite the situation my father raised a lady, but there was no other way....

option 2) a group of soldiers looking for fortune on the island, pull several survivors as hostages until they can confirm the survivors are not a threat to the mission. as i am trying to survive, i find the treasure. i decided to go to the camp and negotiate the survivors surrender. you want the treasure, and impressed with my survival, want to add me to your team of mercenaries. i turn you down, but you dont like being said no to...

im more partial to the second, but i think either are hot

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This begs for a thread

Any ladies of lit looking for a role as the local lusty librarian


Or perhaps yoga in the park ?


PM me if your interested and we can bounce some ideas around
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Hi all you Lit Ladies

It seems a lot of my current threads have started to lag behind (real life taking its toll sometimes)

So I am looking for interesting people to write with.

My only real stipulation is that you are prepared to write some detailed longer posts at times and will accept the occasional curve ball thrown at you (and dish them out as well)

Regarding availability I generally try and reply to oldest posts first (though sometimes you do get inspired or dragged into a current post) so as to keep a cycle going.

I have a few ideas but am not fixed in my ways so am open for discussion.

Please feel free to peruse my Profile and let me know if you are interested (PM me rather as it is easier to keep track of)

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Male writer here, and a decent writer ( )

I'm looking for someone whonosnon during the day. I love to full the drill workday with some fun posting here and there. I post from my phone, so if I am not on believe that I will be checking in

I'm open to most any RP and hope I hear from someone

So if you like to use lit to keep your day from being to boring send me a PM and we can figure something out to keep us both entertained!
This ground is not the rock I thought it would be

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Male writer here looking for a lit lady

Due to all of my threads drying up im looking for a new lady of lit to role play with
I like some one who can write long detailed posts and has the time to tell a good story with me. I like any thing and every thing and have done role plays in all times and periods. I would love to get together with a lady and fleshout a good story to role play.

If any one is interested pm me

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I think it's time to get my feet wet again (at least, start with my feet, hehe) and get back into writing.

So, if you're looking for an SRP partner, send me a PM and let's get something started.


Love ya!

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Hello all i am new here and would love to find a few ladies of lit who i could have a fun time with i love to play with submissive girls and enjoy all kinds of settings from modern to fantasy i like a women who enjoys a dominating man and can write long detailed posts hope to get some pms back

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Hey there pretty ladies of lit i'm new here and just signed on but i would love to find a few females out there to role play with females only please i'm into any thing role play wise so please coem show a french girl a good time

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Looking for a guy writer most on at nights who can try post at less every other day or so.

dominating (him)
Cheating ( Both are )
spanking,squeezing nipples
I can do incest ( still new to it brother/sister,cousins)

I'm open to discuss more.pm me
I have a mind of my own


I love to Roleplay i will try to write as much as you or more so Write short or long we can make it work!!

relationship : its Complicated
But Have An online Dom so Am Not looking

To my writing partners I have not forgot about our threads Away for weekends and not getting on a lot Life getting to me lol.

I don't get on Friday,Saturday,Sunday thanks.

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Originally Posted by NotShyGuy View Post
will any of these do?


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looking for a male RP-er

to play a strong medieval warrior.


im partial to the middle scene, where i play a succubus sex demon, but any will do

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If anyone is looking for a male to RP with feel free to send me a message. I'm up for most scenarios so send your suggestions etc and I'll get back to you.

(P.S. I can spell properly )

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Back at the ranch

Hello everyone,
I'm looking for a female RP partner. The scene I have in mind is the developing affair between a ranch hand or farm manager in his 50's (me), and the farmer's (adult) daughter, horse boarder, summer intern, ranch owner's wife, etc. Time period I had in mind was early to mid century, or perhaps contemporary in the american west. I find the thought of cheating very erotic, and I crave the idea of being seduced--especially by a woman who ought to know better.

I put a high value on literacy, grammar and spelling, as well as scene and character development. It's not just about the sex. Pictures or other enhancements can add to the play and I would prefer it to take place over a longer period of time with plenty of development. I try to post at least paragraph length entries as often as I can. Usually this is 2-4 times a week, though I travel for work, and can at times be away from a computer for several days at a time--but I will give you fair warning.

Feel free to check out my other threads to have a look under the hood. Contact me if you are interested in getting something started.
Cheers, SS

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