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Looking to start a thread based off an Anime Story "Sword Art Online"

Only in this story it is based off a rival company that created a game through the same game engine for adults, a more XXX version, with the same adventuring and game stuff. The game is based off VRMMO.

This game will follow after the events of the first game, so no worrying about getting trapped in the game. I am looking for a female co writer to help me write a sexy tale of love with in a game and outside of the game. Maybe the players can live in the same building and find out about each other or maybe go to the same collage, or other scenarios. We can discuss that in PM.

Please feel free to PM me if you are interested.

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Spank Me!!
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Looking to start a tread on Incest Im new to it but i read some

The brother gets into trouble for staying out late and Father wants to spank him but sister walks in saying it was her fault she set him up on a date and father spanks her bare till she red and send her to room shes 19 still live at home brother is 20 still lives at home but almost have money to move,but brother goes in to cheak on her and find she playing with herself she tells him she liked getting spanked but she was thinking it was him doing it after that he helps her finish but goes from then go they move on wanting each other more and he soon finds something to spank her about and it gets hot for them with their father away on bussiness.

Pm if want to ty it,have to play,Id like 2males but if not one with have to play both.
I have a mind of my own


I love to Roleplay i will try to write as much as you or more so Write short or long we can make it work!!

relationship : its Complicated
But Have An online Dom so Am Not looking

To my writing partners I have not forgot about our threads Away for weekends and not getting on a lot Life getting to me lol.

I don't get on Friday,Saturday,Sunday thanks.

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succubus role play

Hey i'm looking for a female role player who would be interested in playing a succubus. in any way they want to play the role Pm me if interested

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Hello, I'm looking for a woma to do an SRP. I still have many goin on including Nevada Testing, Zombies at Eroticon and the lot, but once I get an idea in me I have to put it out. This new one is entitled ,"Its us versus them" where society breaks down due to a second civil war and I lead a group to the cascade mountains for safety and we engage other groups in trade including possible humans but we trade to free them that's how we gained a key member. I ask for a woman that is interested except I don't do rape, incest, scat, and all that. Send me a private message if you're interested.

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Just curious

Wondering if thee are any Gor fans out there that might like to get together and make a thread. This idea will likely require LOTS on npc and maybe even multiple characters per person to do it well.

Im curious about other peoples thoughts and idea's on the subject.

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Two roles up for women. One's light, fluffy fun, and the other is more detail-oriented. Feel free to give me a hoot.

IDEA ONE: I Looked At You (a.k.a. The Boss' Daughter)
Genre: Romantic comedy (?)
Hook: At the office Christmas Party of an up-and-coming advertising firm, a mid-level account exec (me), hits it off with a newly-hired random girl (you). They get along extremely well, and end up spending the remainder of the night knocking boots under the bedsheets.
Problem: Random girl is, as the title says, the daughter of the exec's boss. And the boss is a hard-ass who doesn't take kindly to office romances --much less those involving his own daughter.
Complications: The boss puts his daughter under the exec's care as his intern/trainee. This, obviously, is going to be an extremely awkward situation --for the exec at least, as his feisty young trainee is more intent on distracting him 'creatively' (winkwinknudgenudge) than actually getting on with the training. It becomes worse later on when her father privately tells the girl that he's actually grooming her to become the exec's replacement.

IDEA TWO: Break On Through
Genre: Moore-era Bond-ish Spy-Fi action
Hook: You are one of the elite operatives of The Vigil, a secret international organization created to address the more exotic crimes normal governments --for various reasons-- can't. A week ago, one of your colleagues has sent a coded message to HQ about the existence of HaDES --a computer program that would grant its user unlimited access to international banking databases. Initially designed by the now dead-as-a-doorknob Aloysius McGuffin as a contingency measure should the normal networking infrastructure collapse, HaDES could very well be used by terrorist and criminal organizations to siphon funds away from legitimate accounts to their own coffers.

This colleague has managed to steal the sole copy of HaDES (after conveniently erasing all records on how to recreate it), and has requested for extraction from the small Mediterranean island he's in.

You, as per Vigil norms, are the sole member of the extraction team.

Problem: Obviously, other organizations are supposedly hunting for your colleague and HaDES as well. Truth is, only one of them is interested in getting a hold of HaDES --or to be precise, their interest in the program is scaring the other orgs away.

The bad news: that organization is The Bleeker Institute, the self-styled "College of Crime" whose modus --for the past few decades, at least-- is to train operatives whose skills are on par with the Vigil elite and hire their 'graduates' out to the highest bidders. With HaDES in their clutches, the B.I. could very well fund an army even better than The Vigil's, and perhaps step-up their nefarious plans away from mere mercenary actions to more outright evil ones. The one on your case is the Instructor, Sarah Vandal and her Dragon, a mysterious assassin known as Mal.

Complications: The identities of Vigil agents are known only to The Chairman. So when the person who appears at the extraction point (me) is a movie-grade amnesiac *snickers* with swiss-cheesed memory neither of you can confirm that he is the Vigil agent. All he remembers is that he was in a fight, he won, and he has stuff in his pockets: standard-issue Vigil weapons (a handgun and knife), a cred stick with a hundred thousand dollars, and a piece of paper in his pocket with a mysterious message (that possibly hides where HaDES is hidden) and the extraction point's location. Unfortunately, the B.I. has initiated a comms blackout over the entire island --you can make calls and internet connections to anywhere within the island, but cannot get nothing in or out. Unable to confirm your contact's identity, with Miss Vandal and Mal closing in, you're forced to make the call on your own --trust the man, help him recover HaDES, and get both your hides out of there and safely into Vigil territory.

SRP Profile. Please read before considering RPing with me.
List-thingy: Ideas and Ongoing Stories

Niuríoi eríApoix iertho noither en niuríthoi.
What falls upon The Land falls upon the land.

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Through Passion, I gain strength

I am seeking a dominant woman with an interest or at least passing knowledge in Star Wars to be a Jedi Master. The specific setting isnít as important to me as it is to be set in a period where there is an active Jedi Council and Order.

I wish to play either a Jedi apprentice or knight whose master recently died and is being assigned to a new one. My previous master was fairly liberal in my training and allowed me to find the force in my own way. While this allowed me to develop certain skills quite effectively, it has left me quite deficient in other areas such as light sabre combat and general discipline.

Over time a romance develops between student and master, albeit one heavily influenced by that dynamic. The characters would be forced to hide the relationship from the council since romance is forbidden to the Jedi. Over time the pair would realize how much stronger they seem to make each other and come to doubt the councilís wisdom. Whether they stay with the council, are forced out, or flee of their own accord the pair would find themselves lured to the dark side of the force, learning to harness the strength their passion brings them. Will the dark side of the force free them or corrupt them?

The relationship can be as focused on a relationship of dominance and submission as you like, but keep in mind in a very direct way you would be my master. The role play can take on as dark of a nature as you would like, as I am comfortable with some fairly intense play, but donít feel obligated to take things in a certain direction. Clearly, this would be something fairly story focused, but there is a reason this is posted in the SRP section. I am not comfortable with incest, bathroom play, or anything not allowed on Lit. I donít have a problem playing opposite an alien master as long as it isnít too far from human. Zabrak or Miraluka would be good examples of species Iíd be comfortable with, while Bith and Gungan would be examples of ones I would not be alright with. Iíd like to post every day, but usually itís more like four or five times a week.

If you have any questions or are interested, please PM me.
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looking for more writers to play with..look at my threads to see what I like..pm me then if you want to play any with me

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Do you like Greek Myths? Roman Myths? Any myths? Well if you awenswered yes to any of those join Myths or Just Messed Up Facts?
Here is the link:
Sexy Girl For RolePlay

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Looking to start new RP - please PM with ideas

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Hey all! I've been reading around for a while and enjoying all the stories I've seen...so some good thought I figure I should see if anyone's interested in trying an RP with me as well

I'm a bit of a submissive girl with an exhibitionist streak and I'm really interested in trying out some sort of a non-con / blackmail / humiliation scenario... I'm not so much interested in all the "formal" master / slave stuff but rather a scenario where I would play a "good girl" who ends up in a situation where she's not in control and is forced to do all kinds of nasty things...

I wouldn't submit willingly and will fight back if I'm given the chance, but of course I will be helpless and lose the fight.

I don't know if my rambling really makes any sense >.< but if anyone is interested, please let me know!

Just a couple of scenario ideas, feel free to modify them as you wish, or I'm totally open for any other suggestions as well:

1. Schoolgirl Blackmailed - My character is a prize student in a top high school. The sort of girl who's way out of anyone's league, gets perfect grades and would never be seen act out of order. Until an anonymous blackmailer shows her he/she/they have nude pictures of her she took as a joke once... and the only way to stop those pictures from spreading all over the internet is to perform all the tasks the blackmailer gives her! The tasks constantly force her to humiliate herself and slowly turn her into a plaything for the whole school...

2. Special Forces - My character is an ambitious young recruit in a very special task force for the army / police / etc. The force has never recruited women in its glorious history and one joining them is not looked at well! Her trainer is convinced that she will quit if he makes her life very unpleasant during the training. Her being a real looker, her "special treatment" ends up being more and more blatantly sexual. My character doesn't complain because she doesn't want to quit, forcing the trainer to come up with more and more devious changes to her training...

3. Obstacle Course - Something a bit different! My character is a cat burglar breaking into a mansion of a mad scientist / wizard / alien race / something else appropriate for the theme... but little does she know the mansion is protected by machines / monsters that are going to attack her in ways she never imagined... can she handle the obstacles and get her reward?

These are just some ideas I quickly came up with - all other suggestions are more than welcome!

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I normally not into incest but what the hell I have had this idea for a long time.

So you would play a guy older then his sister maybe about 29 or so, she would be nineteen and he has been wanting his sister for a long time. But was thinking since she lives on her own she has a nice apartment to herself but her brother comes by needing a place to stay and she lets him. But he wants a family and the only woman he truly cares for is his sister so he plans to take her virginity.

And who knows where it ends up

PM if interested.
Ideas Needing A Player

SRP Profile

I am always looking for a new rp, have an idea send me a message

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Originally Posted by sexymistress View Post
Looking to restart a thread. It is open to a literate, dominate male only please. I need a role player who enjoys writing a story as much as they do the sex in it, and who is okay with taking a feisty, loud-mouth, and angry girl and turning her into the proper submissive girl through training (some of which I have ideas about if you would like to discuss them) and punishment.

The basic premise of the story is that a young woman has just been sold at an auction to the highest bidder, as a way to pay off a debt the family incurred to the darker parts of society. The man who bought her runs his own BDSM club and is constantly trying to find new novelties for his customers. However, given her limited knowledge, he has to have her properly trained before letting her go through the club.

I would like if you could PM me so that we can talk about likes and dislikes, the way the thread will go roughly, and things like that. Thank you very much in advance!


PS. This is the link to the introduction post to give you a better idea of what may happen and a quick summary of my chracter.
I am just bumping this one up if I am allowed to?

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I am still hoping to play on a romance with this, but if that's not your cup of tea or it becomes filled:

I am looking to join a few more stories to flesh out my current roster.

I like to portray independent women of fire and fury; innocent, submissive ladies still discovering their femininity; slightly sadistic, bisexual or lesbian nymphomaniacs who pair themselves with like minded men or women and prey on ladies together.

Most of my characters range from nineteen to twenty four.

I like historical stories akin to Arthur tales, as well as pirates, sci fi space adventures, and a mix of supernatural, bump in the night underworld settings in our modern day life. (See World of Darkness for just what kind of setting I mean)

As for my kinks; I enjoy fiery couplings, rough, dominating sex, non con, light bondage, seductive men and women, stockings, vanilla loving husbands and just about anything one would toss at me. If there's to be a romance, I like it to be actual romance, not an empty headed woman suddenly in love with another for no reason.

I do not enjoy humiliation, excessive abuse (cutting up my pretty lady characters is shameful!), blackmail (non con should be...well, -non consensual-), incest, anything to do with body waste, or the complete and utter subjugation of my characters. I also do not like submissive male characters, though I do not at all mind a lady on top, trust me.

I also do not really care for female on male oral sex. I'll suffer through it, but an rp based on nothing but it is going to turn me off in a hurry. I'll play it out best I can in order to get to the good stuff, but that's it.

Other hard limits pertain to writing styles-I should be able to understand what your character is doing while he is doing it. You do not control my character. Please be descriptive and detailed so I can better immerse myself in our roleplay. Please take the time to read my posts-I'm writing them for you, after all. ; D

If you think we'd mesh well, pm me so we can begin writing something adventurous, suspenseful, or sexy! I have lots of ideas and would love to hear yours as well. Thank you!

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After a very long absence from this lovely place, I have finally returned to actively roleplay again. Feel free to check out some of my past threads to see what Im into and if you feel inspired, then just drop me a message. Im looking forward to some new exciting and arousing stories.

Here are a few basic plot ideas. Details can be discussed later.

1. Butler x Lady: A young lady from the countryside is sent to London to stay with her aunt in order for her to finally find a good husband. Bored by the pretentious balls, the girl quickly befriends the staff of the house and particularly the butler. They become friends and he visits her every evening with the excuse of bringing her tea so that they can talk. At first its just meaningless and innocent stuff, but the lady soon starts sharing more delicate thoughts with him. Naive about sex, she often muses about what pleasure feels like and what it would be like to be with a man. The experienced butler knows, but hesitates about laying a hand on his mistress' niece. Eventually however temptation becomes too much and he begins teaching his very receptive and eager student about the joys of carnal pleasure.

2. Captain x Wife's sister: Set in regency times, a young captain (or any other position really) returns home after a long absence just to find his wife gone. Instead, her younger sister now inhabits the mansion, taking care of it. The man finds that his wife, unhappy with her marriage, has decided to leave for a while to sort out her thoughts and emotions, leaving her younger sibling in charge of the household. The young girl appears an innocent angel, but it soon becomes obvious that she would gladly take care of more than just her sister's house. She begins a game of seduction that her brother in law simply cannot resist. Of course the two end up as lovers, even though they have to keep it a secret from the staff and uphold an image of perfect innocence.

3. Egyptian Prince x Nomad girl: He is the crown prince of Egypt, destined to become Pharaoh one day. From birth he had been engaged to one of his cousins, a cold and distant girl, who refuses to even look at him. Feeling caged by the strict rules of his rank, the young prince often drinks and takes different women to his bed to rid himself of his anger and dissatisfaction. One day he rides out into the desert, completely drunk and is luckily taken in by a traveling nomad family. There he lays eyes on one of the girls and is instantly spellbound. While he could have any woman he wants, this one proves to be proud and completely unimpressed by his rank, even though she does feel the same instant attraction he does. Unable to just let her go, he bargains with her family for her and they agree, sending the girl with the prince despite her protests. Grudgingly the girl accepts her new fate and finally allows the prince to take her. Instead of feeling used like a whore however, she quickly learns to enjoy his visits and becomes the prince's first permanent lover. Their relation however is not kindly looked upon by the rest of the court, since they all fear that their next Pharaoh will favour a simple nomad girl over all nobles and more importantly his wife. Not that evil tongues can stop the raging passion between the two lovers.

I'm a creative writer, who loves historical settings, seduction, bareback sex and experienced male lovers, who know what they want. My ideas and plots can be found HERE.

Some of my past works to give an idea of how I write:


Heart of Lothian

The Homecoming

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I'm looking for female writing partners. If you want a literate male writer send me a pm.

Here's a few thread ideas I started that I'm looking to get off the ground:

The Only Male Cheerleader - High School Senior transfers to a new school where he is the only male cheerleader.

Sorority Initiation - Girl has to find a geek and get him off on film to get into her sorority of choice.

An Unexpected Night of Strip Poker - College game night gets wild when everyone cancels except the girl with three pre-frosh girls looking to party

Failing Cheerleaders - Some cheerleaders are failing a teacher's class and try to convince him to let them earn some extra credit.

An Unexpected Game of Truth or Dare - College student comes home to find sister and her friends playing truth or dare.

A Magic Ring - A man gets a ring that magically turns women on

Co-ed Floor - In the dorm's shared bathroom, a male co-ed is caught singing in the shower by a female co-ed

An Awkward Moment - He walks in on her failing to hide her self-pleasure.

The Cast Party - Based on something that happened to me, I doubt anyone is interested, but that was one hell of a night. The names have been changed to protect the innocent.

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ok here are my ideas. PM me with which one you want. here we go:

Fantasy of Katherine:
katherine was your average girl. she wasnt anything to anyone outside her room. but she wrote for a site and her stories were amazing. she wrote BDSM manly and one night her story came true. it started with a window breaking.

choose a character from one of these or Demon, Halfling (combination of 2), and anything else that i approve.

basic incest story about 18 year old daughter coming home drunk with Coke and Weed in her purse.
Sexy Girl For RolePlay

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So i kind of want to do a rp where this girl is living with a guy or two and she has been steeling from them when they werent home. One day she gets caught by both of them and they fuck her as a punishment

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seeking to start a few more threads

Hello all i am hopping to get a few more threads started and am in need of female role players to get these off the ground if you like any or all please PM me i am an experienced writer and know how to make long detailed role plays our stories can be hot and heavy or slow and sweet or both and i am into any thing.

the circle of intrigue: a girl form a noble family has dreams of greatness. She refuses to settle for her family's fame and wants to rise above even them

She wants to be queen

Her grandma has trained her in the art of seduction and politics and she is as conniving and sly as she is beautiful and seductive and she has been obsessed with the handsome prince since she saw him she finally gets a chance when she invited to the castle for the summer on a scholarship to attend the top lady classes.

Basically you play a seductive mastermind whose only goal is to become queen and be with her prince by any means necessary and the prince can have a darker controlling sexual side she finds out about

Stepping out of the shadow:
This one is a bit different i play a OC character who is a side kick to a female super hero. We have been best friends since we were kids and we both decided to become super hero's together. She turns into a big bitch who thinks she is perfect and constantly treats him like shit plus he is a side kick who gets no respect finally sick of it he decided to be a villain and pursue a relationship with his old friends arch nemeses a beautiful villianess IE you

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I had another idea its a mafia one kinda like the sopranos or hell can be a character from there.

Was thinking that there is the lead boss in a family in New York city, and he is sick to death of his wife since she refuses to sleep with him. But he has a very good friend she maybe young but was intelligent and he trusts her. Though the man is in his 40's and does not look it, but due to the age difference he is reluctant to make advances on her and wants her as his mistress and maybe mother to his children some day, since he cannot divorce his wife due to being catholic he will have a family with his young friend.

PM if interested.
Ideas Needing A Player

SRP Profile

I am always looking for a new rp, have an idea send me a message

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My SRP profile

My Sitting Room - where I keep all of my inspiration and ideas.

Current Threads
Worlds Collide
The Caged Bird
Through the Fog
The Bunhead and the Bad Boy

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Hi, anyone interested in an Elder Scrolls RP?

I have a character in mind that I intend to RP with across multiple threads. A Dunmer Telvanni Mage, Veloth Akhnoor, who was very young during the Red Year (The explosion of the Vvardenfell Volcano) and the subsequent Argonian invasion and the loss of Morrowind.

Now nearly two hundred an fifty years old (just months before the dragon crisis starts), he is setting sail for winterhold to hone his craft even further and to seek out clues about the Staff of Magnus, which he believes holds the power to reclaim his ancestral land from the filthy lizards.

He is sexually dominant, but is not necessarily looking to dominate.

Message me if you are interested in any of these characters or have ideas for one on your own:

1) Young dunmer mage at Winterhold, who would be his peer/ sidekick in mischief and mystery. Then after he becomes the archmagister she would become his pupil. Then his sexual plaything, and eventually his right hand/queen.

2) The female form of Boethiah whom my character worships. He is her champion and is reclaiming the lands with the blessings of the three good Daedra; Azura, Boethiah and Mephala.

There is always some form of sexual undertones when she manifests in his dreams to give him omens, commands, or information. Especially due to her sensual form and revealing clothes. As Veloth gains her favor by spreading her worship, and acting similar to her the undertones might go beyond that.

She is the only female character Veloth might seem very slightly sexuallly submissive to.

3) Thalmor Judicator mage who leads an attack on me to stamp out "heretics". Could be very sadistic, or very rigid and pious. Either way, she is arrogant and that prideful and that pride is going to be broken.

4) Forsworn teenager (18) whom Veloth spares and takes on as his servant girl/errand girl and teaches how to read and write, etc. along with other things.

5) Daughter of the archmagister of Redoran House, whom he might have a frenemy/relationship with. Mutual enemies and struggles might bring them together and might share a fling but nothing more.

6) Champion of Molag Bal, king of rape and domination who would be transformed into a maiden and raped and dominated, shaming both him and his former master.

- I will add more characters with time.

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I have an idea for a SRP storyline revolving around an arranged marriage between an overweight, over-sized older gentlemen and a slimmer younger female. PM if you are interested in speaking about the specifics about this.

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I am still looking for a maiden that fits the shoe.

Cinderella RP (Idea fulfilled by lonelycollegegirl)

1. On another note, I've been showing some interest in a super hero-styled game, and I don't mean DC and Marvel (I've had my fair share of both). I rather the game be original. Something that goes along the lines of forbidden love between a supervillain and superheroine. Between their two conflicting leagues of righteousness and evil, who will be pulled to the side of good or evil?

2. Okay, I lied. I may be interested in a love game between Gambit and Rogue, or a love triangle of conflict between Gambit, Rogue, and Iceman.

3. My Fair Lady: No, I don't mean the musical, but I'm a fan of Victorian era Rp, and the idea of a gentleman trying to make an unruly woman into a prim and proper lady, is interesting to me. Only because it may not turn out the way he was expecting, and the girl winds up revealing to him that he's not as proper as he likes to believe. To add more drama, is if he has a fiancee, and if he finds himself caught between this scandalous woman and her.

4. Bonnie & Clyde. 1930s theme where a woman about to be wed to a controlling son of a banker, meets her would-be true love when the bank she was making a deposit in experiences a heist. She is taken as a hostage and later let go by her captor. Finding the life of a rogue to be better than the strict life her future husband had laid out for her, she decides to leave her old life behind to dabble with her new love in crime. This RP can have a happy or tragic ending. We can decide. (Idea fulfilled by heartofcourage)

5. Medieval Fantasy. Two warriors from opposing nations become locked in combat on the battlefield. They fight fiercely with every intention to destroy one another when an accident has them plunging into a chasm. Separated from the world and nations they once knew and served, the two warriors must look past their animosity in order to work together to survive their new ordeal. I expect this one to lead to a romance. I love it when a potential relationship starts off rough and gradually eases inward.

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