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Descent to the Dark Side

When a Jedi master takes a new padawan they discover a passion between them. This passion leads to emotion they cannot control and they begin a descent to the dark side of the force together. How long can they hide their relationship? How much will the dark side influence them? Will they continue working for the republic, or defect to the Sith, or be routed by the order?

I intend to play the padawan. I've been playing a little of the Old Republic game, so it would be set there. Not too much background knowledge is really required though. If you've played either of the KotOR games or the mmo at all you'll be fine. Having watched episodes I-III would probably about do it too though.
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Searching for new partners

Hi, Im looking for new partners to rp with. Im a very skilled writer and I love Fantasy, Romantic, and BDSM/Non-con. Im kicking around some new ideas and I wouldblove to fijd some new partners. I rp with either guys or girls. My hard limits are scat, anal, severe degredation, and hard drugs. I would like a creative partner who can make awesome replies . PM me to discuss.
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Looking for female SRP partner.

As the title says, I'm looking for an SRP partner for the following post. If interested, let me know and we can work out the details!

Alex Mason was standing at the prow of his light corvette. It was a smaller ship, able to be run by two people, if they were good. That was what he wanted. He was going after treasure. No one wanted to split booty more than they had to.

He had posted an advert, looking for another person to help him work the corvette. Someone had to maintain the engines and know navigation. He also wanted someone he could trust with his ship. It had cost him several mega-cred packs. He had also customized the ghost mod. So far, no one else had been able to detect his ship.

It was also a necessity to have someone who could be a backup weapons master. He was a pirate after all, so plundering along the way was a given. He needed someone handy with a blaster, as well as the turrets on the ship.

He sat on the bridge, tweaking the custom AI. He hadn't paid the port tariffs on Ravis 4, so was hoping that his cargo would get unloaded, as well as he would find his crew.

He had heard of a few smugglers and pirates in port when he docked and started unloaded, so hoped he might find one of them to help. There was a code of respect among pirates. They didn't steal from each other, but didn't go out of their way to help each other out.

He sat back and stretched his frame. He was 23 years old, young to be owning his own ship, but he had been first mate and had gotten the choice of their last prize. He had chosen the corvette he was on. He was laughed at, being 6'6" and well muscled. Everyone said that the corvette would be too small for him. It turned out that it was perfect, as he would easily recoup what he had spent to refit the corvette to his specifications.

He sighed and headed down to the loading dock, hoping to hear from anyone. He wanted to get the new meeting out of the way so that his new crew could start learning the peculiarities of the ship. He looked around the dock, his grey eyes taking in everything, seeing a few pirates he knew. He hoped that he wouldn't be working with a few of them, but one stood out. He had heard her name was Kat, but wasn't sure. He knew she was all business. He actually hoped she would be the one to apply to his advert. He just sighed and waited as the hoverbots removed the cargo. He had already accepted payment, so the only thing left was to wait for his advert to be filled.

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I know I have many threads on going but once I get an idea I try to let it snowball and see if it goes anywhere. This next one involves a military research site in Nevada where they were trying to experiment on different items that we can go over depending on the mood of my partner and I'm rather open to anything except sick stuff like scat and blood and all that, but we'll see if anyone is interested.

What the premise is, we play as different characters of a group, scientists and soldiers trying to work together for a common goal. Now this can go either a serious tone with perhaps dark intentions such as zombies take over the world and we're one of the few groups left working on a cure, or are a rather easy going with lots of sex with big breasted women and hung men. We'll see as I’m open.

What I do ask is that I’m not nitpicky on many details but I do ask for more than just one liners or a small paragraph and I know that it can be tiresome when using just a phone to tap out long lines, but we can work something out. If you have questions feel free to send a PM my way and I’ll gladly answer them and, oh, while no required, I ask if it possible to post a picture of your characters as it gives a better medium for other readers to see what our characters look like.

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Hey i got locked out of my other account cuz i forgot my password. But my other account was Punk0x0Princess. If i did a rp with you message me im gonna try to continue all of them if i can find them. K thanks

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Calling all Nerds and Geeks! Calling all Nerds and Geeks! My last partner had to bow out for personal reasons, so I'm looking for a partner to get this story started ... again

Have you ever played Halo? If yes this is good.
Have you ever read the Halo books? If this is also a yes I'm getting excited.
Have you seen Halo 4: Forward unto to Dawn? OMG you are what I'm looking for much less need.
Can you write more than 2 DETAILED paragraphs and create a whole new world with me? Okay, buddy. You're the one I'm looking for. Here's what I need from you.

So what I want to do is more of a mixture between the books and the movie. Meaning I want to be one of the Spartan academy like MasterChief. If you read the books you know that Master Chief's first name is John and him and the other 7 Spartans were taken from their homes as children (after rigorous testing) cloned (so their parent's could have their kids back) and basically trained 24/7 to be the super soldiers they are today.

I would like to do something along those lines. You do not have to be John. Probably be better if you weren't so us nerds won't be all like Master Chief would never do that.

I'm thinking of a mission where the two Spartans are working together. We have a mission that goes horribly wrong and we're in a predicament. It's fight, sleep, fight, sleep and somewhere in this madness where we know we're basically just fighting to prolong death (we're vastly outnumbered, outgunned, and the Convenant hasn't glassed the planet, because we're trying to get to that artifact first, but it's more a suicide mission than anything) they'll be hopefully be sex.

anywho we're it and I need you.

I'm looking for details. If you can't write a scene in detail with more than 10 lines you need to go find another broad to srp with. I need at the very least 2 paragraphs and even then I'm looking you up and down funny.

I'm looking for creativity and someone who can move this along.

I'm looking for someone who has played the games and understands the way the Spartans would act. Read the book and know they are the soldier of the soldier. Honor, integrity, and they always get the job done or die trying.

Stoicness, grave determination, and I'm thinking no AI off ship. Once on the planet for whatever reason we could not take our AI.

I created an opening thread if anyone wants to know the scenario I'm talking about.

Halo: A Spartan Story

Please pm me if you are interested. Thank you.
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Hey i need some more role play partners. Pm me if you want to start one up. Men and women welcome

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Filled. Thanks.

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SRP idea

So I got an idea for an SRP and I decided to post it here before taking off with it. Here it is:

Due to the economic state of the country, colleges in the US have found a new way to make up the funding deficits they now face. Every Sorority and Fraternity house is now an on-campus brothel. "Going Greek" is no longer a costly, superficial, social move, but now a viable option for students who want to make money or help their school. There are very few rules but the main one is that once you're in, you're in until you graduate(this also means that people seeking higher degrees and must stay longer also serve longer terms in the houses). This would be an open RP with hopefully 10-20 regular writers(in the roles of the prostitutes) and unlimited spots for customers or side characters. Regular writers would also be allowed to write as customers for other regulars but not as their own customers(then no one would EVER interact). If anyone's interested, I'll post more detailed info in the RP itself.
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SRP Profile: http://forum.literotica.com/showpost...&postcount=479

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Male writer getting back to the forums after a long long vacation from them. Looking for a story driven thread to join or start with someone. Want it to be about more than the fucking. PM me

My interest are pretty broad. Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Super Heroes, Just modern life.

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looking for a fellow kim possible fan

Hello there if any one is interested i would love to get a role play started featuring a possible Ron Stoppable/ Shego role play i am open to any and all ideas as long as it contains these two pairings. If any one is interested please reply to me or send me a PM.

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I am if you still are please PM me

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Happy holidays

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Some ideas for SRPs that I’d like to start.

1 “My daughter the prostitute”
Family guy goes to whore house and discovers his daughter working there. After the initial shock and arguing, they admit their mutual lust for each other and fuck like rabbits. Then dad visits daughter weekly. Requires one lady to join.

2 “Mom and daughter prostitute team”
Had this idea from a real life event from long ago. A friend was having lunch at a café and over heard what appeared to be a mom and daughter prostitute team comparing notes about their last “John”. Requires two ladies to join.

3 “Daughter swap”
Two swinging families swap daughters for the weekend. Requires another guy and two ladies.

4 Guy starts dating single mom, and finds that mom and daughter swing, and share. Requires two ladies.

I’ll add other ideas later.
Please PM if you are interested in any (or have other ideas).

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Still looking for a female writer for Solara and Claudia in "The Book of Eli: A Radical Departure". The previous link explains it all, but I want to say that my first couple of posts in the IC thread establish the very basic personalities and interactions of the women but after that, their development is yours, of course.

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Greetings all,

I'm interested in starting up more stories. What I'm looking for is some interested partners to write something engaging and entertaining for us both. I love creative character designs, in-depth stories with character development and of course some great sex scenes. I’m also very interested in description. I’m not expecting novels mind you, but a few paragraphs can do wonders! Even with that little you can do amazing things, and that is what I am searching for. Male, female, whatever…I’ve played all sorts of characters of varying genders and had a blast. I’m looking for anyone who finds what I’ve stated above even somewhat interesting. I’ll gladly play in either PM or thread, though due to time constraints I can’t do IM’s or anything of the sort.

Here are a few things that I really enjoy:

Creative and well thought out characters, both male and female.
Settings include fantasy, sci-fi and modern. Modern with some kind of twist, be it fantasy, supernatural, sci-fi, or what have you.
Sexual Encounters – A good blend of story and sexual encounters is what I am looking for. No need to rush to either.

Here’s the list of the things I hate:
Submissive – I’m sure its high on the list of a lot of people, but not here. Male or female submissiveness is just boring so go find it somewhere else.
Incest/scat/watersports – Do I really have to say anything about these?
Other people writing how my character reacts – Not too much to be said about that. Just don't do it. Play your character, I play mine. That's the point, right?
I'm definitely not looking for a typical two people hook up for some lame, mundane reason and start knocking boots right away. Chances are if the storyline would make a good porno, I'm going to pass with extreme prejudice.

If you are still reading and interested, send me a PM and see if we are comparable and can find something we can both enjoy. For more information give my Profile a read.

Current mood:

I'm currently in a modern sort of mood. Something dark and gritty with a fun twist. Something akin to Urban fantasy, modern day spellcasters using Ipads for spellbooks, Techno-Demons possessing victims through social media sites, and anything else dark and fantastic.

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Looking for female rps

I'm looking for any female rps interested in sci-fi or fantasy settings. I'm interested in playing either freshly designed universes or any that already exist.

Mostly fluent in the following settings:

Star Wars
Star Trek
Battlestar Galactica
Dues Ex

Lord of the Rings
Percy Jackson
Dungeons and Dragons
Game of Thrones
Cassandra Clare Book Series
Ann Bishop Book Series

I live in the GMT+10/11 time zone and will be posting most frequently during the evenings 19:00 Local to 23:00.

Writing profile is in the sig

Writing Profile

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I have a female role that needs to be filled in "No Way To Spend Christmas". The story is about a delivery driver -- me -- and a female traveler -- you -- who gets trapped in the snowy mountains over Christmas. (I actually saw this idea weeks ago while reading Literotica, but the role play died. I thought it was a neat idea, and I am a delivery driver, so I thought it was only appropriate for me to resurrect it.)

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looking for new role play

Hello i am a new role player who is interested in starting.more threads and getting more role plays started im.really into any thing and im looking for female role platers who like long detailed post and epic stories i am a open to.any suggestions.or ideas and if any one is interested please pm me

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Phew, after a few days of being sore and sick as a dog, I'm back!

And despite all that, I just had to pull myself up and out to FINALLY go see The Hobbit (wanted to go see it on opening night, wah!) last night. Oh... my god...

Alright, so. Now I desperately wanted to do a The Hobbit roleplay. I would really like to play an OC next to Thorin, Bilbo, or Azog (don't judge!), Fili and/or Kili (potentially Gandalf - come on, I betcha master Merlin-like wizard guys are the best in bed!). I've got lots of ideas and would love to either play a (all female) human, elf, dwarf (a cute female one, think the ones from Dragon Age - no beards!), or a hobbit.

We can work out and discuss ideas through PM, but otherwise I'm just looking for a (perhaps quick?) sexy romp with some of the characters I thought were sexy, because I'm a silly fangirl like that. :)

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I am seeking a literate writer to play opposite my lady pirate captain. I'd like to play with the idea of a flirty frenemy type relationship, the two known to each other, rivals.

Elise Summers is a competent, fiery woman who inherited her ship and crew from her father, and sailed with him from a very young age. One of the few (possibly only at the point and time of the story) female pirate captains, she runs a tight ship with a firm, yet respectful hand. She does less village raiding and instead chooses to attack military ships and Spanish galleons laden with gold.

Basic literacy is a must-I take the extra effort to be easily understood, I'd like you to as well.

If you're interested, please pm me!

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So I have this idea where my character is going to Japan to site see alone, and while on the plane she meets someone from there who was going home, and was thinking they hit it off instantly. But he asks her to work for him, be his personal assistant. What she doesn't know is he is in congress talking for his country hence why his English is so damn good. But the reason why he has no girlfriend is because of his body, he is horribly burned and when ever he has sex he doesn't takes his close off. But my character will be the first who sees what he hides. And love him any way.

PM if interested.
Ideas Needing A Player

SRP Profile

I am always looking for a new rp, have an idea send me a message

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Looking to restart a thread. It is open to a literate, dominate male only please. I need a role player who enjoys writing a story as much as they do the sex in it, and who is okay with taking a feisty, loud-mouth, and angry girl and turning her into the proper submissive girl through training (some of which I have ideas about if you would like to discuss them) and punishment.

The basic premise of the story is that a young woman has just been sold at an auction to the highest bidder, as a way to pay off a debt the family incurred to the darker parts of society. The man who bought her runs his own BDSM club and is constantly trying to find new novelties for his customers. However, given her limited knowledge, he has to have her properly trained before letting her go through the club.

I would like if you could PM me so that we can talk about likes and dislikes, the way the thread will go roughly, and things like that. Thank you very much in advance!


PS. This is the link to the introduction post to give you a better idea of what may happen and a quick summary of my chracter.

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looking to do an story about a simple geeky girl who is taken and abused. She becomes some ones person sex toy.

another idea I have is a lesbian romance story, more an older woman sees my character and seduces her.

the last idea is the my character is a computer techie and goes to a famous model,actress,singer, desinger, who sees me and he fact I am out side of her normal dating circle and she seduces me and begins to take me out and make me over as well as punishes me..think a lesbian version of Fifty shades of grey

PM me if your interested

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I'm looking for a male to play a magician whose acts with a female start off timid, then slowly progress into more adult themes.

Please PM with ideas
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