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In Dreams

You have been visiting a man in your dreams. The dreams are vivid and erotic, and you find that you are longing for them even when you are awake. When you encounter the man in real life, however, you learn that he has been courting you mystically.
Who you are is entirely up to you. He could be a magician, a creature of fantasy, or a powerful psychic.


The Character Assassin

In the United States, nothing can end a career in the public sector as abruptly as a sex scandal. Men in power are always attractive to certain kinds of women, and it seems that they can seldom resist temptation. This much is commonly known and understood.
What is not as well known is that there are those who use these truths to manipulate power. Who would suspect that these girls that are so often laughed at as brainless star-fuckers are in truth agents of a secret organization that has been slowly infiltrating the halls of power in the US since the 1970s. They leave careers in ruins behind them and then they disappear from the public eye within weeks, once the scandal has run its course.
Now, a young politician with a radical agenda is gaining attention. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, get close to him, tempt him, seduce him. Make sure you get caught. End his career.

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Female needed for "Just Sex"


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I'm looking for more romance-based roleplays. Typically I like the idea of Character A and B are sex friends, then become lovers.

My other ideas include things such as a woman who cheats on her husband/boyfriend with (your character) or a babysitter who has an affair with the father, or two ex-lovers reunites and become sex friends and falls for each other again.

It's all about two people who initially get involved for sex, but eventually fall in love love with each other (or one has always in unrequited love with the other). I'm just fascinated with that idea.

I'm also open to ideas. Please feel free to share yours <3

Please read my SRP profile and message me if you are interested.

PS. Did you notice there were two loves?

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For those who know my stories, I may (I haven't decided yet, depends on what the story suggestion is like and the quality of the work at play) be interested in creating a story on the RP arena...

...some I have read are deliciously inspiring, and as those who know me are aware, I'm always interested in creating something...spectacularly erotic...
~Ahi Hay Lilitu~


I am the pagan prince, the god of madness and lust.
Embrace your decadence...

"I'm a fear from a shadow land, I seduce you all" W.A.S.P., 'Charisma'

"I'm a sexual innuendo in this burned out paradise" GnR, 'Rocket Queen'

"I am he, the bornless one. the fallen angel watching you. Babylon, the scarlet whore, I'll infiltrate your gratitude...Be the devil's own, Lucifer's my name" Iron Maiden, 'Moonchild'

"Oh no, I can't pretend to tell you lies. The heat that's burnin' through my veins will eat your love alive. 'Cause I, I'm the devil in disguise. The will is strong, the flesh is weak, you see it in my eyes" W.A.S.P., 'Manimal'

"As heads is tails, just call me Lucifer, 'cause I'm in need of some restraint. So if you meet me, have some courtesy, have some sympathy and some taste. Use all your well-learned politesse, or I'll lay your soul to waste" Rolling Stones, 'Sympathy for the Devil'

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I havent wrote for awhile and would like to start some new threads. Im looking for some female writing partners. Im open to story lines and charecters. Send me a PM if your intrested i have a couple ideas and im open to yours.


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Seeking female for Super Slut Girl

I saw this pic and the first thing that came to me was Super Slut, a super heroine who recharges her powers via sex.

Anyone interested in saving the world?

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Looking for a scene or two, open to almost anything. Prefer older aggressive guys taking charge, into mind control, blackmail, incest, fantasy and sci fi, forced sex, humiliation, etc.

Thinking of something along the lines of a young girl sold by her family to be a sex slave.

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Sooo im looking for a few new role play partners, male or female it doesnt matter. Ill do quite a few things but like most people i have my limits. Pm me if you want to play.

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Originally Posted by OneBadMomma View Post
Hi there

I'm a local lesbian around here and I wanna try some new stuff. I haven't exactly gotten an SRP profile or anything, but I'm open to a lot of stuff. My limits seem pretty standard-issue: nothing related to bodily functions/fluids, no pain extremities, and no liberal non-con.

Now that that's out of the way, no males. I don't RP with males, and I mention it frequently. Men continue to try to contact me (repeatedly) and NONE of them get a response, so don't try. I want pussy just like you do! And no, I don't intend to 'share' at any point, or do some kind of a joint story. Any men in my stories are written by me.

Other than that, I enjoy sweet little stories that have the potential to turn a little rough. I consider myself a dom, though I can sub for the right girl that earns it Overall, I wanna make a cute story; I haven't had a plain-old vanilla love story in awhile. I'm a GREAT writer when I've got things figured out and my partner inspires me. But, if you wanna get down and dirty with a couple of paragraphs per hit, I can lick the hell out of your pussy.

PM me and we'll come up with something

Also, here are some cute girls. You don't wanna disappoint them, do you? Neither do I!
Still looking

Also have been wanting to do a story about some long-term lesbians who move in together, with an emphasis on relationship exploration and love-making as subtext.

Any lady out there wanna be my queen?
I am not going to do any stories with males at this time. Don't bother, really, you'll just be ignored

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Seeking males and females for Choose Your Own Adventure Type Role Plays

I've got a couple of role plays that are sort of hybrids between traditional role plays and Choose Your Own Adventure role plays.

Now, I'd like to delve into ones that are much more CYOA than traditionals. I will present options with consequences and/or risk levels (if it is that type of role play), and you will pretty much do the majority of the writing. So, I point you in the direction ... you tell me what you find there. You would be very much in control of your fate.

I can explain more if you PM me.

Here are some scenarios I have considered (and understand that by "girl" I mean legal teenager):
  • Small town girl/woman gets abandoned in the city and must make hard decisions, some sexual, some not.
  • The opposite: big town girl/woman in rural setting.
  • Girl/woman with latent magical powers coming of age.
  • "Super Slut", a super heroine whose powers are recharged via sex; based upon this pic.
  • Girl/woman on vacation is truly horny ... the definition of horny being will fuck anyone ... unfortunately, the only men around are taboo to her, from relatives to friends' lovers & fathers.
  • Girl/woman gets caught up in a crime spree and must survive which ever way she can.
  • Girl/woman entering politics has a dark past and must try to hide it ... or continue it to keep the "big mouths" happy and closed.

These are just some of the ideas. If you have one of your own and would like to experiment with it in CYOA style, PM me.

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I want to do a lezzy story. Anyone interested pm me

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An Affair

It has been a while since I've done any writing on here, but have been wanting to come back. I'm looking for a female to play as a married man's secret lover. I would love to brainstorm some ideas of who the characters are and how they meet. I'm pretty open, whether it be someone close to the family or someone that he meets through work or at some social setting.

I can usually post once a day and like to write 2-3 paragraphs. PM me if you are interested.


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Looking for female co-writers for the following threads:

A Different Kind of Studying
Gabriel the High Angel
The Angel of Asia

Please PM interest. My writing style is described in the first post of my Sanctuary. The link is in my signature.

Freedom is never won. It is exercised. Freedom is who you are.

The great man is he who does not lose his child's heart.

Your dreams are not just a thought, they are a blue print of your success.

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So i want to do a thread where this guy is on the cheer squad and everyone thinks he's gay so all the girls change in front of him and he ends up having sex with the cheer captain (me) to prove just how straight he really is. If your at all interested message me

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I'm contemplating a sibling thread.

A young woman's older brother has noticed how terrible she's done at picking out boyfriends ever since high school- lazy, worthless guys that he feels simply don't deserve her. His protective nature over her causes him to lash out one day after trying to soothe her after yet another break up, taking her by surprise by suddenly slapping then kissing her and telling her that she needs someone who can put better direction in her life. (Or however my cowriter sees this to fit.) After a bit of an argument and some more confusing interactions, she finally agrees, and begs him to help her- to be the person she needs in her life.

In other words, big bro becomes her Dominant.
It's a fledgling idea, so I'd like to hear some input from guys interested in that brother to help give this a little "oomph".


Musings of the Fox
Updated Dec. 3

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Hello all. I'm looking for some light and entertaining SRP. I rather not write 10 paragraphs post, but I do like details and back story. "m not saying get right to the bed scene with first post, but I prefer not to write 5 pages before we get some heat-session. I'm open to any suggestion and plot. I do have some no-no: incest, rape, heavy BSDM, and beastily ( ). PM me if you're interested

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loooking for more writers to play with..check out my threads to see what I like and to see if any interest you. also PM me any ideas you may havve to play..all i ask is that you can post at least once daily to keep a good mood going.

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Two ideas: "Humans as Pets" and "Kill or Be Killed"


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anyone up for an SRP today? I've nothing to do until the turkey's done, lol

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Deleted. Filled.

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Originally Posted by GrayOldFart View Post
If anyone is interested, I have a multitude of ideas above looking for partners ... and I am online today. Getting interrupted occasionally by those damn pesky relatives, but I'm here.
Yeah, but I don't like you.

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Looking for a female roleplaying partner to write with. My number of active threads has shrunk to one and I'm looking to expand it once more. I'm typically not as prolific a writer as some of the others on here, but I can still write posts of decent length and detail. While I'm not the kind of writer who can type pages upon pages of text (as much as I'd like to be sometimes), I am definitely not a one-liner and will do my best to write posts of a decent length.

Also, if you like the ideas below, but would like to change some details feel free. I'm not fixated on the details so much and like to leave freedom for interpretation on your own part.

Stories that I am interested in roleplaying:
-I am the prey / summoner of a succubus (or some other demoness), in a fantasy or modern setting. This could involve me inheriting some artifact that the succubus is bound to, or perhaps a summoning ritual gone wrong (or right), etc.

-Hot girl/geeky guy. The girl is hot and popular but is in danger of failing her classes. When she tries to offer the guy money to tutor her, he rejects her because he's been the butt of jokes from her friends for a while. So she offers sex instead, teasing and seducing him until he agrees.

-Something involving Poison Ivy, Catwoman, or Harley Quinn from the Batman series. While finding a partner who could write two or even all three would be a godsend, I know that that's probably too much to hope for. A single or multiple partners would both work here.

-If you have an idea that's not posted above, send it anyway. If it's fantasy or science-fiction related, or just generally geeky, or involves femme fatales of any kind, I'll probably be intrigued at the very least.

PM me if anyone is interested or has a new idea or would like to discuss changing around some of the details. Good grammar and spelling is a big plus!

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A few more thread ideas I need a male cowriter for.

1 Haven based idea Troubles.... Desire

2 Love and Darkness

3 Passions... ElementalROLE FILLED

4 Biker idea
My little Hideaways

Asa's Sunset Cove
Asa's Paradise beyond the Cove
Club Lost and Found
Open to All
{A place for much loved "homeless" characters to meet and play}

Words and Images
Stories from the Cove ~Asa's private desk in the Cove~
~Temple of the Goddess~ FemDom pics and more...
Temple of the Goddess Sacred Den

I'm a Woman I like Men if that's not Lady Like well I guess I am not a lady... at Least I am honest about it
~Quote from Movie Tombstone~
Gone but never forgotten... ever

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Looking for female writers to do SRPs with. Pretty open to ideas, so send PMs with any ideas you are interested in!

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Thinking about starting a new Some Like It Rough tyread but I need a new male partner. My character is a fiesty switch but eill be playing a sub and she needs a new master. So im looking for a dominant male with some knowledge of BDSM. Pm if intrested.
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