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I'm looking to take on another story or two. If you're interested in a few ideas I have check out my Wanna Play? link in my sig. Or if you have an idea then toss it my way and we'll talk.
I'm looking for writers for these stories. If you're interested then send me a PM.

Current Stories

Six Ways To Sunday

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Looking for a male or female to fill any of the roles below... If you are interested then PM me

A rich woman is kidnapped from a convenience story by a wrongly convicted felon as they run from the cops they fall in love.
A successful business woman is kidnapped by a man who wants her for his sexual pet. He give her a drug that changes her DNA and makes her a cat-human.
A woman is kidnapped by a man who comes to look at the car she has for sale
One night a man, who's wife died a few years ago, is woken up by someone pounding on his front door. At the door he finds a naked woman, begging to be let in, she says she was kidnapped and that her kidnapper is after her. Just then, a car screeches to a halt outside. He quickly lets her in and tells her to get upstairs to his bedroom lock the door and call 911. The man who kidnapped her try to force there way in but the man is able to take care of the kidnapper without killing him, just as the police arrive. The EMTs take the woman to the hospital and the police want to give the man recognition for saving the young woman's life. The man refuses saying he doesn't want to be hounded by the press, he just wants to be left alone.

A few days later, a woman in a nice business suit arrives at the man's door. He doesn't recognize her at first but after a moment or two he realizes that it was the woman he saved. She tells him that she's eternally grateful for what he did for her and would be willing to do anything to repay him for what he did for her...
Two people bump into each other at an outdoor market. They find a mutual attraction to each other so they decide to go have coffee. During their conversation, they learn that the man is looking for a sub, and the woman is looking for a dom.
A woman pushes one of her employees over the edge. He rapes her, forces her to give everything she owns to him and he makes her his sex slave.
A rich man has moved to the mountains to enjoy a more quiet slower pace of life. He built a nice cabin in the woods with all the latest appliances and electronics. But, he grew some of his food and raised chickens. After about a year he realizes he misses female companionship. But instead of finding a girl who would be willing to give up the city life for a somewhat more rural life. He decides to kidnap a successful, strong business woman and make her his wife and the mother of his children
I play a stripper, who's only a stripper to support herself and her daughter. A kind rich man comes into her strip club one night, sees her dancing, and can tell she doesn't want to be there. So he offers her a second chance, by offering her to move in with him and be his personal assistant/submissive.
I play a woman who's on the run from the law. She breaks into a house that's for sale. The next day, the female real estate agent comes and I take her hostage for a little while. I force her to strip, then I rape her, then I tie her up and take her clothes.
I help a teenage runaway fufill his dream of being a girl.
A female Wizard from our time is caught breaking the Wizards Code so as punishment she is turned a Genie, placed in a bottle and sent out in to the world for someone to find.

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I had started this before with someone, but it seems like they have been gone almost a month with no indication that they are coming back. Would love it if someone wanted to either restart it or pick up. I can't wait to hear from you...drop me a PM if you're interested!

I used to have a thread. Perhaps again someday!

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I'm looking to start a small group thread centered around the Warcraft universe. If anyone is interested, please send me a PM.

(Literate RPers only!)


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I'm looking to start a new 1 on 1 thread with a guy., that has a slow build up. Please PM me with suggestions.

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The demon, the swordsmith and the thief

Looking for one lady to take on the female lead in this magic fantasy scenario:

Aaron the swordsmith (my character) is famed thoughout the Southern Isles for the blades he produces which can inflict fatal damage to normally-invulnerable demons. Many adventurers have tried to break into his workshop in the remote Forest of the Dawn, but none have ever returned.

There is a rumour that Aaron is using a demon stone to craft his blades, a magical item of great value. In debt up to her eyeballs to Rass, a vicious dealer in stolen magical items, your character has been given an ultimatum: agree to steal Aaron's demon stone for Rass and your debts will be cancelled. Turn the offer down, and he will set the relentless and sadistic bounty hunter Indigo on you.

Knowing the violent sexual torture Indigo's victims are always subjected to before they die, you realises that your only chance is to agree to steal the demon stone.

And so it is that one night, two weeks later, your character is creeping along the rafters above Aaron's forge, trying to spy on Aaron as he gets ready to enchant another demon-killer blade for a customer.

This is the point at which the story will begin, though I have a rough idea of the opening scene from there. My idea is that the rumour is false - that Aaron is actually using a demon, bound in service to his family for generations, to enchant the blades. This demon has been promised freedom after 200 years, as well as the souls of anyone who violates Aaron's workshop (yup, that's what happened to the previous adventurers!). Your character will accidentally make a noise and attract the attention of the demon. Captivated by your <beauty, strength, sassiness in the face of death, or whatever quality you want your character to have>, Aaron will for the very first time try to balk the demon and bargain for your life.

= = = = = = = = =

I could promise to post about once every second day, so this won't be a rapid-fire role play, but each time I'd write three or four reasonably detailed paragraphs, something nice and juicy to get your teeth into.

So how about it? PM me if interested


After another 8-month absence I'm back but although I might mess about on the forums I won't be taking part in SRPs. I just freak out too often to be a reliable writing partner. Sorry.


NEW! For the Lit Halloween Competition: Brendan's Last Lay - a rollicking revengeful Halloween hump!

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ISO Female for "lust triangle" on farm

My 2 characters are husband-wife, organic farmers who need more help with the Spring work. They hire you, a sexy young female with a farming background ... and it doesn't take long for each of them to begin wanting to spend time with you ... naked, hot, and sweating.

Story will include a lot of build up before the sex, and once the sex starts, it will occur between each of my characters and your character, and -- once my characters realize the other is also sleeping with his/her new lover -- will eventually be between all three of them together.

I know what I like, so this is your character. You choose the pics for my characters.

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A few ideas to run by you...

*Waves* Hello there LT, just going to post some ideas here to see if anyone (female just to make it clear ;p) is interested.

Two RP story ideas based off the same concept, two opposites having to end up working together or die. In the process a bit or romance pops up.

The Jedi and the Sith Working title

Based during the conflict between the Republic and the Sith Empire in The Old Republic, a Jedi and a Sith are fighting it out in the dunes of Tatooine. As they fight, they are attacked by a group of thugs from a Hutt Cartel, and soon realize that they need to work together... somewhat.

Can be a story about Redemption as the Jedi tries to turn the Sith from the Dark Side, or Corruption, as the Sith tries to make the Jedi fall, or both. Always liked the idea of Grey Jedi, neither Light or Dark, a sort of Balancer for a lack of a better term.

The Bounty and the Hard Road

Based during the Wild West, or a Steam-punk driven Wild West world. A bounty hunter or Marshal is bringing in a bounty, and on their way, they run into a group of harden criminals. Either someone from the hunter/marshal's past or from the bounty's.

Either part can be chosen, I'd play the other role depending on your preference.

Another idea I have is one I am new too (and shy about).

A sweet innocent shy man, one that has always done the right thing, the acceptable thing in his life (You know, a loser ;p), finally meets someone he thinks is just as innocent as he is.

That is until she introduces him into the world of being a Submissive.

Would be new to the whole D/S world, and while I would prefer to take it slow, somehow I doubt that this something you just wade in from the kiddie side of the pool, but instead jump in from the 30 foot high diving board. But I could be wrong.

I do prefer story driven, plot filled RPs. Character development and interaction. Build the story up before the fun begins as it were. I also try to accommodate my partner to to fit her preferences and enjoyment as well. I'm a people pleaser ;p

PM if interested, or if you have any other ideas you may wish to explore.
While I may appear online, I most likely am not able to post right away, but I do promise to as soon as I can!
SRP Profile

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I'm not really on the forums as, life us busy but was wondering if anybody is up to an email srp. As emails are much easier to get to.

Would like to rp some rough type, blackmail scenes. Possible abduction slave trade things. Drop me a email

My old stories on Lit

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Originally Posted by DarkHuntress7 View Post
I might be new, but I come with some plot ideas!

1. Based on Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark Hunter Series: She is a Dark Huntress new in town, brought in specifically to deal with the increased number of daimons in New Orleans. He is an arcadian (bear or wolf) who couldnt care less about helping the Dark Hunters. When the two of them meet unexpectedly however, they feel an unexplainable attraction to each other. But can a Dark Huntress and an Arcadian really be together when their loyalties have to lie elsewhere?
For those who know the Dark Hunter series, they know how steamy those books are!

2. Summoning the wrong demons: She was an experienced witch and demon hunter. She had dealt with countless hellish creatures in the name of the hunting circle she was part of, but now everything was about to change. The next demon she is to face is not only more powerful than any other, but also far more seductive. And before she knows it, she is his lover and not his killer.

3. His Goddess: She was the goddess of music and harmony, pure in all her being. Until one night a demon broke into her realm with only one intention: making her his until she bore his demon spawn.

4. Pure sacrifice: Fantasy setting! In their kingdom, every noble lady went through a rite of passage that marked her as a woman ready to be wed. And this rite of passage was about giving up her virginity to the kingdom's god. Now it was the princess' time and she was prepared to spend the night in the backchamber of the temple. But she never came back out from it, as unknown to her, her parents had promised their youngest daughter's body to the god in exchange for a son and heir to the throne. Now she was his and she enjoyed every second of it!

Of course all plots can be changed and twisted to suit my partner's fantasy as well! I dont like one-liners!
Just PM me if any of this strikes your fancy or if you have your own suggestions!
Im also craving something set in Ancient Egypt!
Maybe about a princess who finds herself as the Queen after her older brother's death. Surrounded by enemies lusting after her throne, she gives herself to one of the kingdom's strongest generals in exchange for protection and in the hopes of bearing an heir before her family's legacy is destroyed.
Come and play with me in the darkness

Likes/kinks: bareback sex, oral (give and take), big cocks, toys, mmf, experienced men, dirty talk, being seduced,

Hard limits: no hardcore S&M, watersports, humiliation, virgin men, submissive men, anal sex

Her demon or His Witch

The Demon, the Swordsmith and the Thief

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Threads Needing Players

Both the threads in my sig could use active female writers.... too many men C'mon ladies, lets show them how we do it!

Sterling Rod's 'Twilight Zone of Sex' - Sci fi, fantasy, time travel, or just taboo - anything and everything you want all in one easy to find place, with no expectations or constraints.

'Indulgence - The Penultimate Playground' - A paradise for all, the adult playground where people can lose themselves in anything their heart - or sex - desires.
Mistress of Punctuation, Grammar, Protocol, and Precision for your RP World

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Threads I'm Running:

Sterling Rod's 'Twilight Zone of Sex'

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Need mostly females but males, too, for "Hotel California" (not a horror story)

Like in the song by the same name from The Eagles, you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave.

Storyline Thread

The Hotel California sits at the end of a seldom used road off the main highway. Few people ever come here; few of those ever leave. There's something about the place that simply won't allow people to depart: cars break down, they run out of money, they become enamored with the surroundings or possibly one of the other guests or employees, and more; and no matter how they try to get back on the road to head for home or continue their vacation or get to that business meeting in the next state over ... sorry, ain't happenin'.

I have a couple of simple writer rules, which are pretty basic for role plays:

1. Spelling and grammar checks, please.

2. No god mode; check with your fellow writer(s) on limitations when collaborating.

3. There are no set post length and frequency requirements; use common sense.

4. Don't create huge changes in the story that affect other characters without first asking the host.

5. If you take the last cup of coffee in the pot, make a new one.

6. Close the door behind you! It's frickin' cold outside!

(Oh, wait ... wrong list. Oh well.)

PM me if you have some thoughts or simply want in. I am going to create a thread for us to bounce ideas off one another, too. (I think it's called a Writer Discussion threads, so we'll go with that; why reinvent the wheel, right?)

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One of my partners are away, and I seem to have let my other threads die, unfortunately. Looking for new threads, new inspirations, new partners. Pm me with new ideas, please! If you prefer not to pm, then send me your ideas in my Smiley's House of Love thread, you'll find the link in my signature. Thanks (:
I come here to write, to loose myself in the amazing stories on this site, and to enjoy myself. It's like stepping into another world when I come here, and I love that about Lit. But here lately, it just doesn't feel the same. Maybe it's my lack of threads, maybe it's my loss of friends. I don't really know, but I want to enjoy Lit again. That's the only thing I ask for.

When I come here, it's like an escape from the real world. This is who I am, who I want to be. I don't have to hide my true self, or be judged for what I enjoy doing. I like coming here, and the people make me feel plenty welcome. So I think I'll stay a while. c:

Looking for something good to read? Want to try a thread with me? Take a look through my house, my writing, and send me a line? Prefer things more private? Send me a pm

Smiley's House of Love <----- There's some good reading material here (:


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Is anyone into some hardcore bdsm rp? I'm sub looking for a master to rp with me. I want to get tortured in a rp.
I'm sorry, but as of 11-22, my android broke completely, and there is no telling when I will get on lit again. I'm hoping to get a new android or laptop very soon, but there is no telling when. Until I do, I won't be getting on.
I've finally set up my srp profile again and I'm looking for new partners to play with.


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A few of my threads have dried up and a few of my co-writers disappeared.

I am hoping to get into some new stories. Please read my SRP profile linked at the bottom. I prefer an incest based SRP (mainly brother/sister) but am open to any idea presented. Just PM me.
Anyone wanting to SRP please PM with ideas.

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Looking for zoophilia RPs. MxF or MxM, I can be canine or human, whatever you'd like. I can do top or bottom. Can also do rape scenes. Just let me know what YOU want and I'll be more than happy to cater to your needs.
Toss me an email at kaldaka28@yahoo.com for quick responses.

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repost for "Fatal Attraction"

A female profiler and detective tracking down a serial killer :updated 1-21-12: taken by SweetLady1013 (thank you hun)

Female victims who fall to the killer, finding a fatal flaw in their hopes for a memorable one nighters

A bartender, who comes under suspicion and makes themselves look guilty when they try to run:Updated 1-22-12, taken by wildxfire (thanks Dude)

A male killer who has grown weary of easy prey and now sets his eyes on greater challenges, written by myself


This will be a dark and gritty tale in which I hope for as much emotional description as there is the physical action, a tale where the writers might have to dig deep to put themselves in the characters mind and setting.

I'll write the killer, and will post to this "ad" as the other roles are taken, then create an OOC once I think we're ready to begin.

Please PM me with your ideas, thoughts and questions, I look forward to exploring this with several literate writers

Thank You

Still looking for one or more female victims so we can start this

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Looking for female for a girl on girl roleplay, please pm me.

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ISO Females and Males both for "Are you free tonight?"

Don't like GROUP ROLE PLAYS...?
Don't worry, this really isn't one! (Read below.)

If you are not a fan of group role plays, don't fret: although this role play is open to many players, it will be written primarily as a bunch of connected 1x1 "Rendezvous Threads" (explained further below). The main Storyline Thread ties all of the 1x1s together.


The Storyline (IC) Thread

ISO a Female Writer (a must to get started) and Males both for "Are you free tonight?"

Taken from the movie "Deception", the role play follows a no names, no commitments sex club for busy, well-to-do people who want the intimacy, not the intricacy, of sexual relationships.

Members are little more than a speed dial number on a cell phone. Feeling horny? Dial a number and ask, "Are you free tonight?" The answer could be "yes" or it could be "no"; you won't know until you try.

The role play begins with my male character just having been added to the Membership. Next up? He needs to either call or be called by a female Member.

Once you are in the Club, you will be given a cell phone with a list of speed dial numbers. After that ... have fun.

Meetings between Members will be written in individual threads called "Rendezvous Threads", with all of them being tied back to the main Storyline thread. (A full explanation will be found in the first few postings of the Storyline thread, as soon as it's going.)

There will be no Cast of Characters. This is an anonymous sex club! Of course, the writers themselves know what ever they have read about the Members, but -- for the spirit of the story -- writers should not "give" there Members knowledge of other Members they have not already met. Does that make sense?

I will keep a list of speed dial numbers with the Member's gender available for all to see; it will represent the phone they are carrying with them, that they are making their calls from.

When your Member arrives at his/her rendezvous, the writers will exchange very basic profiles so that the writers know a little about the other Member. Writers will only tell their Member's rendezvous partner what he/she would see or learn during the rendezvous; no background, no history ... just here and now.


No, it's isn't just about sex. Writers are encouraged to collaborate on story lines. Perhaps:
1. Your Member falls in love and wants more than just nameless sex, but the other Member doesn't feel the same way.

2. Your Member becomes obsessed with another member, but the member won't see you anymore.

3. Your Member learns the true identity of another Member and blackmails him/her.

4. Your female Member comes up pregnant and knows -- or at least thinks -- she knows which of the male Members knocked her up. What are you going to do about it?

5. And of course there might be many more ideas ... or maybe you just want to have sex with as many beautiful, anonymous people as you can ... and that works, too!

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man needed for role as a Vampire Master in my "My Vampire Master" rp. http://forum.literotica.com/showthre...8#post39836788

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One night my character, Orla, a small time burglar, finds herself walking towards a large mansion after her car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. Rather than ring the bell she decides to break in and steal as much as she can before phoning one of her friends. However she gets caught in the act by the multi-millionaire who owns the mansion, who in a huge coincidence is someone she went to college with. Unknown to her however he was secretly in love with her all through college, completely obsessed with her but, as one of the more popular girls she always ignored him. Now he takes the opportunity of turning the tables a little.

He threatens to call the police but bargains with her that if she stays the night as his guest he won't. Orla thinks this is odd but, with her past record, anything that keeps her out of trouble is worthwhile so she agrees. The next day however, he has more ideas to put to her, slowly using her greed and his wealth to bargain for more and more time with her, starting with innocent acts such as a kiss and working his way up to her staying as his girlfriend, whore and maid. Orla doesn't like the control he's building over her but, having been down on her luck for so long, can't resist the rich way of life.

Need someone to play the multi-millionaire.

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The Blood Moon Rises

LOOKING FOR: 1 female to either their choice of either a werewolf or a human.
STORYLINE: Once every few hundred years another moon appear in the sky, next to the original one. This moon is known as the Blood Moon. A moon that's red as blood in color. When it appears in the sky, werewolves once again appear in greater numbers to serve the Lord of the Hunt, Hircine, and participate in a great hunt. The Great Hunt is an odd event that takes an untold amount of time to complete, but in the end, involves the top werewolves to hunter each other to see which of them is the better hunter, who is said to receive Hircine's blessing.
PLOT: One werewolf (my character) knows of the the hunt and has taken part in it. The Great Hunt is in it's early stages and while he waits for the final rite of the hunt to begin he spends his time, either perfecting his hunting skills in the snowy forests and mountains of the wilds as a werewolf, or relaxing at the towns and villages as a human. During this time, he meets someone who seems to feel that empty feeling in his heart.
NOTES: If you need more info, just PM me and I'll be happy to explain anything that needs clarification or more explanation, or anything else.
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A bump, with a specific plot line I would like to write with a female character in"Are You Free Tonight?"

When one of my Male Members calls a number he's called before for a "follow up fuck", he is surprised to get to the rendezvous and find the female member's 19 year old daughter there instead. The daughter has suspected that her mother was having an affair when she found the cell phone while stealing prescription drugs (which she peddles, not ingests) from her purse. She takes the call and shows up, not knowing what she's going to find. From there, it's all spontaneity; maybe they fuck, maybe they don't. Maybe they do, but not that night. It's highly against the rules for him to reveal the true nature of the phone; will he? Will the mother -- played by either the same writer a third one -- learn what's going on? Let's find out.

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Looking for a literate female partner in an extortion thread where the lead female character is the blackmailer and the male lead is the victim. (I've done several the other way around and want to try something different.)

The following names are all suggestions, so don't feel locked in.
Samantha is a 30-something executive at a mid-sized company. She got where she is by being better than everyone else at her job for the last several years. It meant a lot of long hours and hard work, but she's proud of her accomplishments.

However, a recent addition to the staff is really pissing her off. Maegan joined the company a little over the year ago and recently became a junior executive. It took Samantha nearly 5 years to accomplish that, but Samantha didn't have the same advantages. Maegan's dad is a big shot who is golfing buddies with a guy on the company's board of directors. Maegan also came fresh out of Harvard's MBA; great academics, but her only work experience is working for her daddy's company. Consequently, Samantha resents that Maegan seems to get handed everything on a silver platter.

Maegan also irks Samantha on a personal level. Maegan is a tall, slender blonde who actually did some runway modeling before going to college. Her legs are ridiculously long and she's got a pair of adorably perky breasts that she only occasionally wears a bra for.

Samantha is certainly a pretty woman, but at 5'3", she doesn’t attract the same whistles as the leggy cheerleader types. Samantha also developed serious curves at an early age and she's been a bit self-conscious ever since. In her experience, men (and even other women) downrate her ability and intelligence in proportion to her cup size, so Samantha has long hidden her bosom with minimizer bras and distracting ruffles so that she gets taken seriously. Seeing Maegan flounce around in her tailored suits irks Samantha to no end. The situation is further compounded by Samantha being pregnant with her first child. With her belly bulging and her breasts swelling enough to give her walk a bit of a waddle, standing next to Maegan makes Samantha feel as attractive as a Butterball turkey.

To top it off, Maegan is part of a power couple. Timothy is another child of privilege and influence. His Ivy League credentials landed him at one of the biggest finance firms in the state. Now a partner, he pulls down a seven figure income. He's also handsome, with piercing blue eyes and a rugged physique. He's also on the short list for the state Senate. And if Maegan's whispered bragging to the secretarial pool can be trusted, he's even a tremendously good fuck.

Samantha did less well in the marriage lottery. Paul's real estate firm folded, so he's teaching high school algebra as a fallback. Paul is a decent looking guy, but his hair is thinning and he's starting to get a bit of a spare tire. His sexual skill is at best pleasant, but little more. To make matters worse, his interest in Samantha has waned during the pregnancy to virtually zero. Samantha is beginning to wonder if he's having an affair.

Into this turbulent stew of resentment and jealousy tumbles a bit of leverage. Samantha has by chance discovered that over the past year, Maegan has been making mistakes on paperwork filed with the SEC. The mistakes are technically meaningless and extremely unlikely to get noticed by anyone. But were it brought to the SEC, there'd undoubtedly be an official inquiry to determine if the misrepresentation was intentional fraud. That would generate a huge scandal within the company and Maegan would almost assuredly get fired over it.

Still, Samantha doesn't see much upside to such a plan. An SEC inquiry would no doubt disrupt company life for months, so Samantha's work life would get unpleasant, too. While it might be embarrassing for Maegan, she could always go back to daddy's company. Besides, when her husband becomes a candidate for senate, Maegan will be moving to the state capitol anyway.

However, that probably won't happen if there's a scandal. Political parties like squeaky clean candidates, and a wife under SEC investigation says otherwise. So while the scandal might be a temporary setback for Maegan, it might permanently derail her husband's political aspirations. And just to what lengths might an ambitious politician go to save his and his wife's future?

This gets Samantha to thinking what would be personally gratifying. Her current situation has left her horny and unfulfilled at home, so a hunky stud between her thighs would be just the thing; why not kill two birds with one stone by cuckolding Maegan in the process?


Such is the general setup. If you are a female author fond of detailed RP who might be interested in playing Samantha, drop me a PM.

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Exclamation Son Usurps Father, Claims Mother

I'm looking for a woman to play the mother in an incest story.

Jealous of his father, James wants to seduce his mother and take control of her.

Let's have some fun with this.

When Oedipus discovered he was fucking his mom, he gouged out his eyes.

I would've just fucked her harder.
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