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I need a coauthor. The important thing to me is the story, and it has to be good. I expect my lady writing partner to collaborate with me on a scene before we start writing so that we both agree on what should come of the scene. I expect detailed, usually longer, posts, and my coauthor should accurately provide vision from a female perspective.

My story may have long segments with no or little sex, and it may have 100+ posts of nothing but sex. You and I will decide that together.

The story I am thinking about now will be similar to the vampire novels that took over a few years, but it will be hotter, harder, and more well-written. I want to do a book about incubi and succubi. i see war, sex, love, and violence proliferating the story.

Please PM me if you are interested. I am looking for someone with the same fire for good words as me. I need someone who I can motivate and can motivate me. If my story interests you, and I sound like someone you would enjoy writing with, drop me a note so we can discuss the story.

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Originally Posted by heartofcourage View Post
Iíve had these ideas floating around in my head for a while and just thought Iíd toss them out there to see if there was any interest:

Assassins: TAKEN

State of Grace: Grace is a typical twenty something girl who lives in the largest city of the country. The only problem is that she has a secret past life in which sheís moonlighted as a masked vigilante. After an accident takes her out of the game, sheís surprised to learn that there is another group out there working under the same circumstances, except that theyíre really superheroes with powers. Without training or guidance they are a ineffectual and stand to unravel all the work she did to make the streets a safer place.

Outlander: Rebecca is the heiress to a strange legacy. Sheís an Outlander, a mythical being that has the ability to bend time and the elements. Her father was the last of his kind, one that had captured the heart of a beautiful princess. The only problem is that Rebecca lives in the heart of modern day Chicago and has no idea of her legacy. Strange things have been happening latelyÖand there is a darkness out there trying to possess her.

Time of Your Life: A new show is on the air, a combination of Big Brother and American Idol. Micki has the musical chops to win but not the personality to gain the votes. There is a guy in the house that canít sing but has the personality to win. Perhaps itís time they both partner upÖ

If any of these interest you, let me know. I would prefer someone who can post on a regular basis with lots of imagination. Iím also looking for someone that can post multiple paragraphs. Male or Female doesnít really matter to me. Iím pretty open when it comes to things! Hope to hear from people soon!


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Originally Posted by Markanthh View Post
Looking for the crying girl in the window for my first ever SRP!
Still looking for detailed woman writer to amuse this fantasy and help with a make as you go story!

I'm also looking at starting an SRP based on secret sex portals from another world. This would be fantasy-like, but set in today's world. PM me if interested and would like to start this up with me!

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In the mood for a sci-fi thread.
In the fringe of known space, a kind of high-tech barbarism is the norm, where strength is power and the only law is what you can get and what you can keep. This is a realm where women are seldom any better than prisoners or slaves, and the most powerful warlords hoard the most beautiful.
This is not Ana's world. She was raised in the decadent civilization at the center of the known universe, bred for beauty and trained to be a pleasure slave from birth. The Company invests heavily in training each of these girls to perfection, and when they are sold, it is for a small fortune.
Ana was recently sold for a vast sum, and was on the way to her owner's private moon when the ship ran into turbulence. A nearby star had exploded, and the force of the blast knocked the ship out of warp and scrambled the computers at the same moment that debris rained down. Ana was loaded into an escape shuttle that launched moments before the main ship exploded, pushing the shuttle deep into the fringe and damaging the communication-link to The Company.
She is alone, adrift in the lawless fringe in an escape shuttle that is broadcasting a distress signal to any who might pick it up...

Looking for whoever finds her shuttle. This could go in almost any direction, but I'm open to all sorts of ideas.
Some thoughts:
A monstrous warlord who will keep her and use her.
A down-on-his-heels scavenger who will attempt to make his fortune by selling her.
A heroic sort who will try to return her to where she belongs.
Aliens, tentacle monsters, etc are all possibilities as well.

or this
Right now, I'm thinking of a different-world type scene, where either an ordinary modern girl is transported to a different world (fantasy or interplanetary) where sex is very casual. Or the reverse, a girl who comes from a place where sex is a pretty ordinary ice-breaker finds herself in the modern world.
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My new story idea is a man that finds a letter under a park bench addressed to "stranger". He opens and reads a very sexual exciting letter. That night he composes his own letter and leaves it for whoever left him the first letter.

Soon it is a sex-letter exchange. I need a girl to play the other letter leaver. It may be nice to have a wife as well, and maybe a husband for the other letter writer.
PM me if interested.

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I have a few ideas in the link under my sig.
If anyone is interested, please pm me!

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Originally Posted by Faux_Pas View Post
I have a few ideas in the link under my sig.
If anyone is interested, please pm me!
It would be better if the link worked hun...
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Originally Posted by Virgininneed View Post
would love to do a buffy the vampire slayer roleplay focusing on the relationship between angel and buffy. pm if interested
Roleplay Ideas
To my writing partners:
I am having computer problems and will be unable to post as regularly or as often as usual. I still want to continue my roleplays, but for the moment, I'll have to post when I can. It was unexpected and I would have given you warning.

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I'm looking for a female to help me start a new role play, I am really into mother/son incest, brother/sister, father/daughter, I'm also into nerd related role plays, I'm open to most anything, there are only a few things I'm not into, (i.e. bodily excretions, some rape scenarios are fine, others are not, feel free to ask, I'm ok with a little blood, pm me and we can discuss more, I am looking forward to hearing from someone
just a man looking for role plays, I'm a nice guy who likes having fun.

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looking for threads to join or more partners to write with..check out my threads to see what i like to play..hope to get tons of PMs in inbox

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UK guy seeking to partners for longer, more involved roleplays. Prefer historic settings but also into mythical, a little Sci fi, or modern.

The story & character is as important as the sex..
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Hey everyone! I've been away from the board for awhile, but I'm back and ready to get into some new threads. Looking to write with men or women. PM me if you have any ideas you wanna write out.

Also looking for someone to join me in the re-start of a previous thread...

Whatever Lola Wants
Lola Connelly is a thief. Not just any thief, but one of the very best. Coming from a long line of thieves, Lola has a lot to prove. Looking for a man or woman to write either another thief, a detective, or anything else you can come up with. Looking for someone who is articulate and can write decent sized posts. This will be a long-term RP and will focus as much on character development and plot as it will on sex. PM me if you're interested.
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I am a roleplayer - no more no less

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Sisters slumber party

Ok so I am pretty new to this but I am a pretty decent writer I think and very descriptive. I have a few ideas I wanna play with. Im kinda on a brother/ sister incest kick lately, not sure why but that's where in going with this. This might be bitting off more than I can chew but I have absolutely nothing to do for the next 3 days lol. Ok I will need minimally 2 but preferably 3-4 female actor/writers. The basic plot is the sister is having a sleep over with her friends when brother gets invited in. It starts as a innocent teasing game as they try and embarrass him and attempt to get him to let the paint his fingernails or put braids in his hair. But things go a little different as it evolves into a game of truth or dare and sisters friends start undressing brother. At first sister is reluctant to get to involved but eventually her arousal at the situation takes over and she becomes part of a sex party fucking her own brother in front if her friends. There's a lot if freedom to get inventive and have a good time. Please let me know if your interested.

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I know Im new so probably not too many people would be interested. I am a female, and I have always been big on lycans no I don't want to be one because I can't find myself clomping around. It has been a fantasy of mine to just have hot steamy, very powerful and dominant sex with one. Then him enslaving me, and using my mortal body how he seems fit.

Any takers on this idea? im me

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Hey all, back from a bit of absence whilst ill and stuff and looking for some rps. I haven't got any specific ideas set in stone more a few themes to form a plot from. I don't mind rp'ing with male or female. Below is a list of the few themes i have floating round in my head i'd love to try:

- Pirates
- Fantasy creatures
- Vore (if you don't know what it is ask but its unlikely it'd be your thing if you don't already know about it)

Only thing i will say with any of the themes listed above or any you may come up with if i like the idea of i am very often a submissive character being the one in control does not go well unless i am really in the mood. In addition feel free to be as dark and twisted as your mind can think of the more dark and twisted the better
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I am looking for 2 males to do an MMF thread. Would include male on male. If your interested please PM me.

lil' miss

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i am looking for a dominant male to play the role of a white stud !

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I've been getting off to Literotica stories for years. Finally taking the plunge and seeking some sexual roleplay! Equally open to male and female partners. I want to hear some of your ideas. Guess that means I'm seeking inspiration? Everything is fair game except kids, rape, animals, sci fi, and vampire/werewolf type stuff. Send me a pm if interested.

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I'm looking for some descriptive writers out there that enjoy a good story along with an ample amount of sexiness. Iím interested in creative characters and concepts, simple but engaging storylines, and above all sex. Iím also very interested in description. Iím not expecting novels mind you, but a few paragraphs can do wonders! Even with that little you can do amazing things, and that is what I am searching for. Male, female, whateverÖIíve played all sorts of characters of varying genders and had a blast. Iím looking for anyone who finds what Iíve stated above even somewhat interesting. Iíll gladly play in either PM or thread, though due to time constraints I canít do IMís or anything of the sort.
Here are a few things that I really enjoy:
Creative and well thought out characters, both male and female.
Settings include fantasy, sci-fi and maybe modern. Modern with some fantasy or sci-fi flavor even.
Sexual Encounters Ė Story ideas are all well a good, but they should lead to the fun parts sooner than later.
Hereís the list of the things I hate:
Submissive Ė Iím sure its high on the list of a lot of people, but not here. Male or female submissiveness is just boring so go find it somewhere else.
Incest/scat/watersports Ė Do I really have to say anything about these?
So PM me away and tell me what you think. I got a few ideas rolling around in my head, but if you have any ideas please let me know and we can work on something together. Iím sure we can hammer out something mutually enjoyable to us both!

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Hi guys! I've been tempted to write up a cheating spouse thread, or something of the like. Maybe add in some blackmail? Let me know if you're interested.
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LA Mansion
Role Reversal

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Will Lord Spiro grant you your freedom?

Looking for a writer for a female submissive character enslaved in Spiro Manor. Very open ended setting and story arch. Interested in a creative writer willing to think outside the box (and dungeon).

Character: Lord Niccolo Spiro
Age: 36
Height/Build: 5'9, toned abdomen, large biceps, define pectorals, spectular gluteus maximus
Hair: Dark Brown

Interested writers, please PM with a summary of how your damsel became enslaved by the most powerful man in the state.

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I'm looking for women writers who are willing to play the part of "Kim" as described below. I started the thread here: http://forum.literotica.com/showthread.php?t=823438

Please PM me if interested. I would like to know what your take is on your character and how you would like to roleplay/write her into the story.

5í2Ē 115 lbs.
Short, light brown hair
B-cup, petite, Irish/Portuguese/Italian heritage
18 years old
Shy, introverted, skittish, has submissive & masochistic tendencies and definitely has a healthy sex drive.

Background: She joined the Navy a few weeks after graduating from high school, mostly because she didnít have the money for college, grades for a scholarship, parents who were around or even a place to live anymore. Kim lived with an old Aunt who made it very clear that Kim needed to find her own place immediately after she graduated from high school.

The operation went well. She spent a week in the Veteranís Hospital recuperating from the surgery that took out the painful but otherwise benign tumor that cracked her hip bone a couple of days into Navy boot camp.

As luck would have it, her former high school sweetheart heard she was back in town and visited her at the hospital. With no where else to go, Kim found herself getting married shortly after her 18th birthday to a guy who cheated on her at every given opportunity,

She discovered her husbandís cheating ways a few months into their marriage Ė roughly the same time her absentee father contacted her to make amends for neglecting her as a child. She moved in with her father (and his crazy girlfriend), but only with the understanding that she would only stay there until she got a job and found her own place.

It took about a month for her to recuperate and find a decent job, and about another month to find a small apartment near her new workplace. Her new job and apartment was about an hour away from her father's home, but that seemed to suit everyone fine at the time.

She met Robert, the older guy who lived next door, at the party held at her father's house to celebrate her getting a new job, a new apartment and a new life.

6í1Ē, 206 lbs.
Average build, short blond hair
39 years old

Robert made enough money to support himself comfortably and owned the house next door to Kimís fatherís house.

Robert was never into relationships; it wasnít a mere choice to never get married or even have a real girlfriend. No, it was more ingrained into his DNA that ďwomen were for fucking, and not much else.Ē

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Looking for a female partner to roleplay with. I am struggling to find a stable partner. Part of my problem is that I am not into all of the taboo and fantasy type story lines. So no force, rape, incest, blackmail, transformations, historical, Sci-fi, etc. I am really more into first encounter type story lines etc. Fun flirty type things with some seduction mixed in. I do have a bunch of story line ideas or can come up with something new as well. So if you are looking for something a little more traditional in nature then I am probably your guy!
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Looking for two female writers (or on playing two roles).

My character is an 18 year old having just graduation from High School, his parents were heavily into Motor-Cycle CLub culture , his father being VP of the local chapter of Nationwide Bike clubl Club, his mother was a sweetbutt before becoming an old lady, six months early his parents were killed by a drunk driver.

His older brother had been in the Marines for four years before joining the Florida chapter of his father's Motor Cycle Club, now at 28 Daniel has risen to secretary of that chapter and has his own old lady.

My character is heading down to Florida for the summer vacation before decided either to go to Unversity (he has academic and altletic scholarships on offer) joining the Marines or even prospecting for Daniel's Chapter.

When my character gets to the Miami, the club have major business going down so Daniel sets him up with a sweetbutt , to do with as he wishes and also tells his old lady to be open to anything my character may want.

A few days after my character gets to Florida the club are ambushed and wiped out in a drug deal gone wrong, not fully trusting the meeting Daniel told the one person in the world that he absolutely trusted(my character) that there was a million dollars of club money under the floorboards of Daniels house and if anything went wrong he was to take the money and Daniels old lady (and the sweetbutt) and run

The story will start with my character arrived at the club house in Florida , I'll play Daniel as an NPC ...looking for more than a line a time ...there will be sex and lots of it but also a run and hide story pm me if interested
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