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And now i have an idea

So, i've always had this fantasy about having sex with as may girls as i can satisfy at once, which realistically is probably 4, if 2 other girls really wanna participate then 6, i do have feet and i'm sure something can be done with them

So, there's the basic plot, i was thinking maybe something crazy/magic happens and 4/6 girls just show up at my house and start arguing about who gets to do what.

Sound good to anyone? Reply/PM so we can get started or if you have any questions.

What do you (whoever's looking at this) think? Feel free to contribute to the idea as well.

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IC Thread begun. Won't be ready for writers for a couple of more hours, but you can start PMing me basic character ideas if you would like.

I saw an RP in the ORP forum that apparently didn't go anywhere, so I thought I'd like to do something similar ... but in a very different way. (Does that make any sense at all...?)

So, here's how it works:

The Story: The mountain ski resort of "Winter Creek" is cut off by damage from an earthquake and the avalanches that accompanied it. While the bridges, roads, and helipad are destroyed, "The Village" -- a shopping and dining chateau -- and most of the surrounding rental cabins are relatively unharmed.

The Situation: Until the pass is cleared and the storm that arose immediately after the quake ends, there is really no way to get anyone out. The hundred or so people -- mostly employees of The Village, but also some guests and vendors -- are trapped in the resort ... for days, maybe weeks, maybe the entire winter!

The Characters: Each writer can write one or more characters, ranging from minimum wage baristas to rich, snobby ski bums and bitches to ... what ever.

The Interactions: Remember, we are all trapped here, some in The Village, some in their rented or owned cabins, some in their frickin' cars. Which means we have to get ourselves safe and secure ... and which means that we only have so much food, so much fuel, so much coffee and booze! When things start running low, what will you be willing to do to get a little more? Aside from spend your money or trade your diamond ear rings, I mean. Take your clothes off...? Part your thighs...? Use that well-practiced tongue...? (Better question: will you even wait until things start running out before you do these things? )

(Remember, while you may believe that it is to your advantage to be the guy with the key to the liquor room or the gal who knows which pile of snow has a truck full of food hidden under it, sometimes it's more fun to be the guys and girls who have nothing but the clothes on their back ... or off their back, as the case may be.

Writer Expectations:

1. Good spelling and grammar, please.
2. Courtesy in approaching other writers with ideas for character interactions and in turning other writers down if you don't wish to write with them. (We all know what we like to write about and what kind of writers we like to write with. If another writer tells you "thanks, but no thanks", don't be offended or mad; just find someone else to write with.)
3. No god moding and all of that other RP courtesy stuff that I shouldn't have to preach about here.

The 1x1s and how they are connected: The RP thread will be the main platform from which the RP operates. But ... once two characters hook up and separate from the others, their interactions -- be it sex or what ever -- will be written in Private Threads, which will be linked to the RP Thread. (I participated in a gal's group RP once on RPG and she did this and it worked great! Her RP had more than 20 writers -- not all active all the time -- who were writing a total of MORE THAN 100 characters ... and yet the thread was a cinch to read.) I will explain more about this once I have an OOC thread up and running.

If you are interested, send me a PM with a general character idea. (I'm not going to create a Profile Sheet until I get two or three people involved.)

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Hello All!

I am new to literotica, but I have had a lot of experience in roleplaying, especially through IM and chat. I am blown away by the possibilities of this message board and the huge number of fantastic stories by imaginative writers to be found here.

I would like to start a new thread based on this idea. There are two male roles (I could play both, but another player would be good) and 3 or 4 female roles. Here it is:

Moving To The Mansion

I am an entrepreneur in my late 30s who has gained a great deal of success in the past ten years. The company that I set up has expanded rapidly into new markets, and I have hired several high flying executives to work for me. One of these executives is the second male character...

He's older than me, in his late 40s/50s, but still very ambitious. Unfortunately he got a little greedy and/or desperate for money. He took an opportunity to embezzle money from the company. Now the boss knows about it and this could mean a long spell in jail and ruin his life.

However, there is just one last chance for him, and the price is high. His boss has met his lovely wife and his pretty daughters. The missing money could be written off, the charges dropped, his debts cleared. All he has to do is move his family into his boss' mansion, and his girls have to be available for his every whim...

For the girls I would like
The Wife - of the disgraced executive, still very attractive in her mid 40s
Their daughters (two or three of them) - between 18-22

If anybody is interested, please pm me.

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Looking for a male or female to fill any of the roles below... If you are interested then PM me

A rich woman is kidnapped from a convenience story by a wrongly convicted felon as they run from the cops they fall in love.
A successful business woman is kidnapped by a man who wants her for his sexual pet. He give her a drug that changes her DNA and makes her a cat-human.
A woman is kidnapped by a man who comes to look at the car she has for sale
One night a man, who's wife died a few years ago, is woken up by someone pounding on his front door. At the door he finds a naked woman, begging to be let in, she says she was kidnapped and that her kidnapper is after her. Just then, a car screeches to a halt outside. He quickly lets her in and tells her to get upstairs to his bedroom lock the door and call 911. The man who kidnapped her try to force there way in but the man is able to take care of the kidnapper without killing him, just as the police arrive. The EMTs take the woman to the hospital and the police want to give the man recognition for saving the young woman's life. The man refuses saying he doesn't want to be hounded by the press, he just wants to be left alone.

A few days later, a woman in a nice business suit arrives at the man's door. He doesn't recognize her at first but after a moment or two he realizes that it was the woman he saved. She tells him that she's eternally grateful for what he did for her and would be willing to do anything to repay him for what he did for her...
Two people bump into each other at an outdoor market. They find a mutual attraction to each other so they decide to go have coffee. During their conversation, they learn that the man is looking for a sub, and the woman is looking for a dom.
A rich man has moved to the mountains to enjoy a more quiet slower pace of life. He built a nice cabin in the woods with all the latest appliances and electronics. But, he grew some of his food and raised chickens. After about a year he realizes he misses female companionship. But instead of finding a girl who would be willing to give up the city life for a somewhat more rural life. He decides to kidnap a successful, strong business woman and make her his wife and the mother of his children
I play a stripper, who's only a stripper to support herself and her daughter. A kind rich man comes into her strip club one night, sees her dancing, and can tell she doesn't want to be there. So he offers her a second chance, by offering her to move in with him and be his personal assistant/submissive.
I play a woman who's on the run from the law. She breaks into a house that's for sale. The next day, the female real estate agent comes and I take her hostage for a little while. I force her to strip, then I rape her, then I tie her up and take her clothes.
I help a teenage runaway fufill his dream of being a girl.

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Bumps to the Interest Checks for all of my RPs:
"Evening the Score" -- One man, two women, three times the fun. Need: 1 Female writer for both female parts.

A simple, loving story of two naive teens reluctant to go off to college still virgins.

"Avalanche" -- A ski resort is trapped after an earthquake and devastating avalanches. How will those trapped in the Lodge and surrounding rental cabins interact...? IC Thread is begun; check it out.

Links to IC Threads in need of Characters:
"It's me or no one." -- Bro-Sis Incest.

"The Three Little Riggs" -- Three legal teenage brothers get schooled by their older widow neighbor.


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Looking for a scene or two, open to almost anything. Prefer older aggressive guys taking charge, into mind control, blackmail, incest, fantasy and sci fi, forced sex, humiliation, etc.

Thinking of something along the lines of a young girl sold by her family to be a sex slave.

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Looking to itch a fantasy scratch... XD

--Moved Here--

Under Negotiations.

Unfortunately, things are pretty busy at work.
I'll try to post as often as I can,
but please understand if there are a few delays.

SRP Profile * RPs

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Caged and Enslaved

I'm not making any promises about how long I could keep this up, but I would love to play a woman who's captured and caged and made a sex slave somehow.

I'm not on often anymore, but I do try to do my best these days. I will make every effort.
I'm sorry, but as of 11-22, my android broke completely, and there is no telling when I will get on lit again. I'm hoping to get a new android or laptop very soon, but there is no telling when. Until I do, I won't be getting on.
I've finally set up my srp profile again and I'm looking for new partners to play with.


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I have a couple of story ideas that I'd like to play through one-on-one.

Stolen Discovery

It's the world of tomorrow and you are a brilliant young scientist. Smart, attractive, working on the cutting edge, you've somehow always managed to be in the right place at the right time. You've eschewed big corporate backing so you've been working out of a rather down market lab funded on whatever grants and contributions you could pull together; you wanted to own the results of your research and not have them immediately forked over to some huge conglomerate to be sold at the highest price possible.

Never much time for social activities, you've been focused on your work. In fact, you're on to a discovery of quite exceptional importance. You've found a way to detection events that haven't yet happened. The impact of your discovery could change the world but could be easily abused if it fell into the wrong hands. So you've been working in secret. Still, the time of your announcement is soon and the world will be so much better for it...

He's another scientist, also smart but where you had good fortune he had nothing but poor choices and worse luck. Also working out of the same down market facility, he actually works for some organised crime syndicate. His speciality? Discovering new ways to subvert the truth. It's not hacking, it's more about controlling people's perception of reality, a complex mixture of sensory "ghosts", subsonic suggestions and other bio-technical "magic". He's been making good progress but the further he gets the less he wants to hand over his results to the people who pay his bills. He needs a way out...

... and then he learns about your discovery. Between his developments and your discovery, he could be free. Whenever anyone found him, he could hide in plain sight. And he'd know that they were about to find him with your discovery. He'd be safe, in perpetuity. Except that you'd know he'd stolen your work. He doesn't have it in him to kill you, or arrange for that to happen, but he does think of another way. People disappear all the time in this city, and you'd be just another one on the list...

A story of abduction, captivity and non-consent, with perhaps an added twist that his sensory-twisting discovery doesn't work on you. My initial interest is playing across from a character who has lost their "power" but still has reason to strive to get it back, but I also wonder if this story has a possible road to redemption in it...

The Hunter's Hunter

You escaped just in time. Something is after you and you in particular. Why? You couldn't say. All you know is that you avoided its clutches and have managed to stay one step ahead. But you're tiring and lost and you know it, or its agents, are still after you. Perhaps you could stop and face that which hunts you? Your knowledge of its handiwork makes you think not, though. So you keep running 'til you can't run, then hiding 'til you can again. No matter, the distance between you and your hunter shortens.

At last, you're forced to stop and fight. Perhaps a doomed gesture, but you can't run any further and now the agents of your hunter are upon you. But you're saved just when all seemed lost. Grateful, but still in danger, you look to your saviour to help you further. But your saviour is no saint and may only be a step or two above that which hunted you in the first place.

Do you turn back to the road and try to keep running? Do you stop, give up, and wait for your end? Or do you turn to this dark saviour for help, knowing that he will exact a price for his assistance?

Probably something that could as easily sit in the ORP forum, except that I expect it to have more sex than that. Potential for this to be dark fantasy, near future or science fiction, depending on the specific characters. I imagine the hunter to be some monster, demon, dark force or otherwise outside the usual experience of characters in the world. I expect the "saviour" to be a hunter of this sort of darkness but very much a dark knight. This could easily contain supernatural elements. My initial interest is in providing a choice between dark and darker and playing with the consequences of that.

In either case, looking for a woman to play the other starring role. I like attention to detail, decent grammar and spelling, and at least a couple of paragraphs per post, or more if the fancy takes you. I like to think I'm not a total fascist when it comes to quality, but good writing makes you hot in my books, the better the hotter.

Or I'm open to other ideas too. See my SRP profile linked in my signature to get a feel for some of the things I like (and don't). Drop me a PM if you're interested, or just fancy a chat.
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Still looking for male Co writers

Originally Posted by Asa View Post
In a bit of a "Cop Drama" Mood... Hawaii 5 0 ((New version)) Needing a male co writer to play Steve McGarrett

Story Idea thus far Rekindling in Hawaii

Other ideas milling around are here at this link. Storyline ideas
My little Hideaways

Asa's Sunset Cove
Asa's Paradise beyond the Cove
Club Lost and Found
Open to All
{A place for much loved "homeless" characters to meet and play}

Words and Images
Stories from the Cove ~Asa's private desk in the Cove~
~Temple of the Goddess~ FemDom pics and more...
Temple of the Goddess Sacred Den

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This is to be a reboot of the thread I just linked. I think my char will be basically the same. Yours is up to you. The basic premise should still be that you char. has some form of power. The elements idea she used was great. My char is an emotional vampire basically. A genetic mutation I think. Hes found that he can create illusions to help protect himself and gain food.

He runs into her on a rampage of some sort and decides to follow. Eventually they come face to face, go from there. I'm looking for someone who can minimum para, and multipara most of it. If interested pm me an initial post. If i like it we can get rolling. unless you liked where initial thread is and just want to continue it. However, if its a total reboot, its more yours. no specifics required for race, or anything like that. Just gotta like somewhat cynical white boys.
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My Earth Day Story. My first ever solo story. Please vote and comment. http://www.literotica.com/s/a-forest...waited-renewal

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PM me if you're a female writer interested in playing Samantha...

When I first got my driver's license, I was so excited. It was my passport to an actual social life.

Most families around where I grew up were poor so very few of the guys at my school had a car. I inherited my dad's old Camaro. Bright yellow, black leather interior. As loud as it was unsafe.

Samantha was the slutty blond cheerleader who rumor had it blew the whole football team once before a homecoming game. She wore low cut tops, short skirts - often with no underwear. The jealous old bags that taught at my school routinely sent her home for dress code violations. A totally trashy slut. The perfect girl to blow my first non-masturbatory load into.

A girl like Samantha, you don't even really need to ask out. If she wants to fuck you any conversation that leads up to that is just a useless ceremony. That bitch would have probably said yes if all I asked was "wanna fuck?"

I had her head in my lap sucking my cock within 10 minutes of picking her up at her house.

Being new at driving and awesome roadhead, I could barely maneuver the deserted back roads while she polished my knob. I decided to pull onto one of those dirt roads you sometimes see that disappear into thick overgrowth as though they'd been forgotten about for a couple decades.

I grab the back of her head and push down as hard as I can. A slut she may be, but she'd never had a cock this far down her throat.

Scribe's Retreat on Literotica
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I might be new, but I come with some plot ideas!

1. Based on Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark Hunter Series: She is a Dark Huntress new in town, brought in specifically to deal with the increased number of daimons in New Orleans. He is an arcadian (bear or wolf) who couldnt care less about helping the Dark Hunters. When the two of them meet unexpectedly however, they feel an unexplainable attraction to each other. But can a Dark Huntress and an Arcadian really be together when their loyalties have to lie elsewhere?
For those who know the Dark Hunter series, they know how steamy those books are!

2. Summoning the wrong demons: She was an experienced witch and demon hunter. She had dealt with countless hellish creatures in the name of the hunting circle she was part of, but now everything was about to change. The next demon she is to face is not only more powerful than any other, but also far more seductive. And before she knows it, she is his lover and not his killer.

3. His Goddess: She was the goddess of music and harmony, pure in all her being. Until one night a demon broke into her realm with only one intention: making her his until she bore his demon spawn.

4. Pure sacrifice: Fantasy setting! In their kingdom, every noble lady went through a rite of passage that marked her as a woman ready to be wed. And this rite of passage was about giving up her virginity to the kingdom's god. Now it was the princess' time and she was prepared to spend the night in the backchamber of the temple. But she never came back out from it, as unknown to her, her parents had promised their youngest daughter's body to the god in exchange for a son and heir to the throne. Now she was his and she enjoyed every second of it!

Of course all plots can be changed and twisted to suit my partner's fantasy as well! I dont like one-liners!
Just PM me if any of this strikes your fancy or if you have your own suggestions!

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Limo Driver fun

I was kind of inspired after looking for some pictures for a thread post and I found a interesting idea.

Plot: Daddy's little princess was totally distressed because like her boyfriend is like a total jerk. Talking to slutty girls at the prom, and ending up getting trashed so he was useless. She wanted get fucked by someone on her prom night. The limo driver just happened to be there.

Looking for: One female to play her. Please be able to post in some detail (no small posts, see my current threads for examples I'm looking for). PM if interested!

(Inspired by Not so Innocent

PS - Hopefully i don't get yelled at for posting videos.

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"How much for your sister?" needs a female writer for an incest role.

When a 20-something bro-sis pair are trapped on an isolated, tropical island, their Host demands that they perform a sex show for the pleasure of he and his Mistress. What will they do...? (That's a rhetorical question, of course; we know what they're going to do, don't we?)

PM me with your interest and a link to a sex scene you have written. If you want to see my own writing, just search for my I'd. (I would give you links, but I'm currently on my phone. I will provide links from my computer tonight when I get home.)

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Still looking for any females interested in writing a super hero story. Doesn't have to be current super heroes can create your own. Have multiple ideas for a story pm if your interested.

Also looking for any girls who would be interested in writing a post apocalyptic story or zombie story pm me so we can discuss the story.

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ISO Female: "Green Horn"

ISO Female: "Green Horn"

My character is a wealthy city slicker who buys and moves to a cabin in the woods with the intent of living a primitive life: no electricity, no phone, no indoor plumbing.

Your character is the sexy young girl from a neighboring farm who takes a shine to my character, because he's attractive, because he's unknown, because he's forbidden -- in the eyes of her father -- and, once she learns so, because he rich and can get her the hell out of the woods!

PM me if you want to know more.

You get to pick my character's picture, and you get to select the girl from one of these: #1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7.

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Hello everyone in lit world. I have been absent for some time, and looking to get into some roles. I can reply every other day. pm if interested and have a look at my idea thread.

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The barbaric horde seemed to come out of nowhere. What had been a mostly empty wilderness on the frontier suddenly opened up and thousands burst forth, catching the kingdom entirely unprepared. Castles were torn town, cities sacked and the few who escaped spread tales of merciless killers and horrifying savagery. By the time an army was mustered to confront the threat, the soldiers were terrified, and then the barbarians led them on a months long chase into the wilderness. Half the army was lost to sickness and desertion before they ever fought the enemy. The rest were so demoralized that the invaders crushed them in what was more a massacre than a battle.

For five years, they have ravaged the countryside, turning a once prosperous land into a wilderness. Thousands have been slaughtered, and those who survived have been dragged to the camps to serve as slaves for as long as they can manage to please the conquerors. Few know that the chief of this horde had a sister who was captured and sold into slavery in the kingdom years before. Even fewer know that he sent messengers to obtain her release through peaceful means, and that his messengers were thrown in prisons.

His sister died from abuse suffered at the hands of a cruel master, and the chief summoned all the tribes from the wilderness to punish the civilized kingdom responsible. The tribes came for plunder and revenge, for all had suffered at the hands of the city-dwellers. They have wiped the kingdom off the face of the earth, so that only the capital remains, surrounded, starving, with no army to speak of and no hope.

The barbarians sent the message to the king that the city would be spared, if the princess and heir was married to the chief . . .

Anyone interested in the role of the princess, let me know.

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Giving this old post a cut and paste to see if there's any newer interest.

Originally Posted by Toulon View Post
Relatively new player of the forum but not new to adult roleplaying and figured I'd take a stab at seeing if I could get an idea or two of the ground. I'm a male who mostly plays male characters and averages a post length of between a two paragraph minimum and extending to indefinite multi-para depending on the preference of my partner. Mainly looking for female players that might like to try out some threads based on popular properties or even a couple of original fantasy/sci-fi/superhero ideas. So let's run down a few of these here, and hopefully an interested lady or two will send a PM my way so we can hammer out further details.

Original Ideas:

One idea I had in mind was a superhero incest story with siblings who either already have or will begin to share an intimate relationship that they need to keep hidden from others. When it comes to the characters, I was thinking along the lines of superpowered opposites such as fire and ice powers, respectively. Also, there's another option for them which could also work as a thread without the incest factor, and will be described next.

Which is the idea of a play on the Superman/Lex Luthor types. In other words, having a hero (or heroine) with incredible powers and a nemesis that's more the evil genius or mad scientist type. Again, this can be its own story, where the mad scientist character could find the super powered ones weakness and bend them to their will; or it could relate to the above idea, only with them being siblings where there was a rivalry due to jealousy of one being gifted with powers while the other had to rely on their smarts and odd inventions.

A sorcerer and apprentice type of story, either taking place in the present or in the past times. Fairly basic idea with a lot of room for growth. It can either be a partnership which has been going on for a good while now, or a recent development where both student and teacher are getting used to another. Could either be a situation where the apprentice was assigned to him/her for learning by a higher order or simply sought this sorcerer/sorceress out as a last hope for learning how to harness their skills. Can play either the master or apprentice in this roleplay.

Fan based suggestions:

One of the few possible group thread ideas I wanted to throw out there is one based around the villains of Gotham City. It could take place in a scenario where a recent break out from Arkham has caused chaos in the streets, or perhaps the forging of an alliance for mutual gain. Or maybe showing each of the baddies doing their own plotting and backstabbing and us playing out how their respective acts of villainy cause them to interact with another. If anyone's interested in this, then I could start a separate OOC for recruiting later.

I'm a sucker for certain DBZ type of pairings. Exploring how things went for Gohan/Videl's relationship after the Maijin Buu arc being a big one. Along with a variety of scene ideas for Bulma or Android 18, from more canon pairings (Vegeta/Bulma during different points in the series or going into how 18 and Krillin ended up together following the Cell Games) to more alternative possibilities (Goku/Bulma, 17/18, Trunks/18, etc).

Another anime/manga series I'd like to take a shot at is the Naruto universe. The two main ideas I'd like to base a thread around would either involve Naruto/Hinata following after the series and Jiraiya/Tsunade, either during a point within the series or sometime during their younger years. I'm also open to exploring other possible romances. In particular, the possible outcomes of Sakura with either Naruto or Sasuke following the war.

For any possible furry/Sonic fans out there, I'm pretty open to either doing a group or one-on-one thread based around the various characters from that universe. It would take up a lot of room to really go over everything, so just send a PM my way with any interest or preferences. I'm definitely down to playing either Sonic, Knuckles or Shadow.

A Spider-Man thread. Spidey/MJ or Spidey/Black Cat preferred, and it can either take place within an established universe where they already familiar or one where they're barely getting introduced to each other.

There's a lot of other suggestions I could throw out there, but I'll leave it at this and see if there's even any interest in the ones listed above.
Also wanting to throw out there that I'm very interested in doing an Elder Scrolls/Skyrim related thread with any female players out there. In particular, I'd love to play with an Aela The Huntress or similar OC, with the thread taking place anywhere between my characters first meeting with the Companions up to when he's named the new Harbinger. But I'm open to playing with any other characters or plotline within the game.

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Rod Sterling's 'The Twilight Zone of Sex'

New thread, needs players, please come give us a look-see!

Rod Sterling's 'The Twilight Zone of Sex'
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Sterling Rod's 'Twilight Zone of Sex'

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Looking for a literate female author to play the aggressor in an extortion thread. Doesn't necessarily have to be a true dominant, but should not be submissive.

She is mid 20s-30s (your preference) and a junior executive. She has found a hidden bit information about a male co-worker that, if made public, could cost him seriously. For example, if you prefer a younger man, he is a college intern and revealing this information could prevent him from graduating in May. If he's your age (or older), he's a fellow (or senior) executive in the running for a significant promotion in a few months and this information could compromise that.

She decides to extort him for sexual favors. (You can decide her motivation for why extortion instead of flirting with a guy in a bar. For example, she's turned on by the power. She hates his wife/girlfriend and is using him as revenge. She's pregnant and in the mood, but her husband has lost interest. Whatever. ) Various naughtiness ensues.

If you would be interested in playing the female role in this scenario, please PM and we can work out the details.
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In the times before man, there was balance between the primal forces of Dark and Light. In the day, Light held sway and walked idly over the world frolicking in the sun. Then, as night fell, the Dark came out to play. Like yin and yang, neither could exist without the other. Like day and night, they simply existed. There was no other why. And they existed in balance.

Then mankind came. The first men and women were little more than the animals that Light and Dark already knew. They paid them little heed. But mankind grew and as he grew he found ways of pushing back the darkness of night. Fire illuminated and extended the reach of Light. Still, the balance wasn't really upset, just nudged. Thousands of years passed and mankind spread further. Then the industrial revolution, the discovery of electricity, and suddenly light was everywhere. Balance: upset.

Primal energies just exist, but to think of them as some uniform force would be a gross simplification. Aspects of The Dark woke to the imbalance and began to push back against the encroaching light. Through subversion, sabotage, and deadlier strategies, The Dark started an invisible crusade against the imbalance brought on by humanity. Advances were lost and humans died. Still no one really noticed.

Well, not actually no one. A few, a mad few, recognised the danger and began to investigate. Some researched, some fought, and some proclaimed the dangers to all who would listen. Few would listen, and most of those ignored the warnings as insanity, even impossibility. Then those who spoke out publicly started to disappear or die. The Dark found them and silenced them as it would any resistance to its inevitable march towards balance.

So the resistance went underground. Disorganised, unfocused and ultimately outmatched by a force beyond real comprehension, they fought and, for the most part, lost.

All the while, The Light just sat by. Their nature is to find balance also and that The Dark sought to bring about the natural balance of things was ordinary, expected, inevitable. But, just like their counterparts, The Light was not a uniform force, undifferentiated. Some aspects of Light took interest in the struggle of humans against The Dark. Their curiosity piqued, they descended, then intervened.

Dark and Light do not struggle with each other. They are opposite, opposing, but naturally balancing. As one pushes, the other recedes, and vice versa. But, through humans, their natural opposition can be channelled.

To those still fighting, those who should be fighting, and those who simply attracted interest, The Light offered a pact, a binding of energies. Each pact was different but the effects were similar. Subservience to an aspect of Light conferred the ability to fight the Dark on equal terms, primal power against primal power. But the price was steep for aspects of Light, even curious ones, are fickle beings and their attention brief if their interest is not sustained. Descended, temporarily corporeal, they amused themselves with pleasures of the flesh, games with human minds and bodies. To continue to fight, even just to survive, one must serve The Light body and soul. Great power at great cost. To falter in service, to lose the interest of their primal guardian, is also to lose that power. And The Dark knows your name.


You - a human in need. Perhaps you're one of the last of the resistance. Perhaps you're simply sensitive to the doom approaching. Perhaps you're just in the wrong place at the right time. The Dark has noticed you, however, and your doom is approaching with alacrity. What will you do to survive?

Me - one of the Light, descended from curiosity, need or some other purpose to "rescue" you. But to say it is Light does not also mean it is kind or angelic. In many ways, just a different demon, but with an interest in your survival more than your destruction. You wish to fight? Survive? Protect others? All you need to do is serve.

I anticipate fighting, fleeing, discovery of dark truths, moments of terror, and moments of valour. I anticipate a D/s relationship between The Light and your character. From there, the fickle attentions of The Light are likely to call on greater and more perverse pleasures to keep its attention. And, of course, if there can be servants of Light, why not servants of Dark too...

I envisaged this as a one-on-one thread and, by default, that's what I'd go for. However, it's possible this could work with more.

PM with questions or interest, please.

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ISO female writer for "slutty" bar maid to my naive 40 year old divorcee

I am a 40-something man who recently divorced his high school sweet heart. Our sex life was vanilla, and not even flavorful vanilla; in other words, we rarely did it.

Now, I am looking for someone to spin my top ... but I have NO idea of what I'm doing, nor what I'm getting myself into when I simply open up to a slutty bar tender -- you -- about my fantasies of having a rich sex life ... which, basically, means ANY sex.

Come teach me a few things...!

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ISO female (and others, male and female) as cult worshipers

Deleted for now. Going a different direction. Sorry.

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