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ISO Female for "One Man, Two Women, Three Times The Fun"

ISO Female Writer

My male character is madly in love with his girl friend (your first character), the only woman he's ever slept with. But wants to exorcise some sexual demons before he proposes.

He's heard stories of her sex life before him and, while they have never talked about her past, he is convinced that she both had sex with another woman and had a threesome with two men.

He is determined to have a threesome with her and another woman before he proposes, a juvenile attempt at evening the score.

The only problem...? He has no idea how he's going to go about making this happen. But, he's determined ... and it will happen!

To his rescue comes the "girl next door" (your second character) who always wanted my guy, not just for sex but for a husband as well. When she learns what he is trying to achieve, she offers herself for his third, hoping that she can stop this silly proposal long enough to convince him that she is the one woman for him.

What I want:
1. Short and long posts both; the first posts will probably be long (what with all of the introductory background) and the posts during conversations and sex will be shorter.

2. Good spelling and grammar.

3. A few posts almost every day. (Let me know when you are and are not available so we can plan lulls. I am on and off all day, most days.)

4. No hurry to the sex. I like the build up.

5. Erotic writing, not just nasty sex descriptions.

6. I pick your pics, you pick mine:
These are 5 of the models I have a series of pics for that I like for the characters. (If you're looking for a little more color in your character, I have those, too.): #1, #2, #3, #4, and #5.
I have a preference for which of these plays which part, but these preferences depend upon how you want to play each one; we can discuss that when we decide to write together.

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posted this in the Story forum also....but a RPG would be inteesting

A mind control story. I once read an online one by a guy named Black Knight called The Book.

I am really not sur which way I would like to see it. His was a man controlling women and some women controlling men all with agents hunting anyone with "the power" down.

Just a thought. Respond here if you like or just drop me a PM.
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In a bit of a "Cop Drama" Mood... Hawaii 5 0 ((New version)) Needing a male co writer to play Steve McGarrett

Story Idea thus far Rekindling in Hawaii

Other ideas milling around are here at this link. Storyline ideas
My little Hideaways

Asa's Sunset Cove
Asa's Paradise beyond the Cove
Club Lost and Found
Open to All
{A place for much loved "homeless" characters to meet and play}

Words and Images
Stories from the Cove ~Asa's private desk in the Cove~
~Temple of the Goddess~ FemDom pics and more...
Temple of the Goddess Sacred Den

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a woman signs herself into an academy for slaves to be trained as a sex slave. What will she do when she finds herself being trained by her stepbrother?

Looking for one male to post regularly.

i would like both characters to be in their late 20's to early 30's.

please pm with interest and story ideas.
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49 year old male with writing experience looking for serious female writing partner ... serious meaning posts almost every day, good spelling and grammar, flexibility in reply length -- very short to very long -- and a good, interesting story line.

Some of my ideas:

>>> "It's me or no one." A "one night" RP about a brother-sister pair on a trip to a lodge with friends. After some arguments and some "couple shuffling", they end up in a bedroom together, horny, and without partners. Will they forget the familial tie for just one night...?

>>> "The Three Little Riggs" -- My three, barely-legal, "country boys" (see note below) are rampaging through the woods and end up "in the care" of your character, a horny 30-something widow who hasn't had sex in over a year ... and hasn't had a virgin since she was one herself. (Note: "LEGAL!" As in 18+. If you have anymore questions about this point, click on the link above and there is a full explanation.)

>>> TAKEN: "The Sex Closet": At a Fraternity, a small room in between two larger rooms has been converted into a Sex Closet. The people going into it don't know who the other is; in fact -- because of the way the two larger rooms are constructed, even those in the larger rooms don't know who is being put in from the other side. There is a bed, a comfortable chair, condoms, toys ... anything you want to play with.

So ... what happens when one of the people inside realizes that the other person is his/her brother/sister/cousin...? Does he/she hide his/her own identity and go for it...?

(Deleted concept; taken.)

>>> "Misery It Ain't" -- Remember Steven King's "Misery"? Picture that ... with binding and sex but not torture. I'm the one being held; your the woman holding him, for what ever reasons you have.

>>> And there's more, but I'll stop here for now.

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Looking for any ladies and possibly gents to RP with. I'm pretty flexible as far as my RPing tastes go.


^ Check out here for the specifics.

As for scenarios, I'm more interested in sort of a one on one kind of thing possibly over an instant messaging client. Or maybe through email.

Shoot me a PM and we can talk in more detail

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ISO female for email based kissing cousins rp

"Innocence Shared" -- A simple loss of virginity story.

This RP will be conducted via email.
I have many breaks during my work day and I want to fill them
with this "short reply" role play.
(I live in a US Western State and work day shift.)

My guy, your gal, summer break after graduation. They each are virgins; they each know the other is, too. They've been friends for years and have had interests in one another, but never pursued them; too shy. Now, ready to go off to different colleges, likely not to see each other again for years, they are seizing the opportunity to shed the cloud of virginity and go forth in the world as adults.

This is an email Role Play, only. I want to write it during the many breaks I get during my rather boring job. Short posts will be common once we establish all of the background stuff.

PM me your email address if interested. If you wish to see my writing style, there are posts above in this "Seeking" forum with links to my currently running role plays.

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ISO of males and females for interconnected 1x1s

Bumped to the next page with some updates and changes.

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I am looking to add another thread to my plate. I am not set on any specifics other than I really want something with a plot and very developed characters. I am open to most of the specifics, please look at my previous threads to see if we might be a good match.

wee one
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Looking for a woman to play either a younger sister or an older sister (the latter seems less common so could be fun) for a brother and sister roleplay. Haven't decided on an exact scenario so hoping to find someone to bounce ideas off of and come up with ideas and storyline together. Preferably not a cliche one sibling catches the other mastubating and then they have sex. Also would like a lot of plot, drama, detail, description and of course hot steamy flirting, teasing and sex. Message me if it sounds like something fun you'd like to be a part of.

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Romantic non-con, loving S&M. Passion and kink. Strong characters, meaningful plots and intense sex scenes. Anyone up for something like that? As a man, I prefer you not be, but beyond that, I am open to anything from epic fantasy to dark science fiction to dreary realism.

A sample idea: http://forum.literotica.com/showthre...8#post38383998

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Looking for a literate female author to collaborate with on a thread. Basic idea is the woman seduces the man away from his current relationship. Two approaches to the idea occurred to me.

Option 1
She is the mother of a teenage daughter and takes a shine to the daughter's boyfriend. Her motives could run the gamut. Perhaps it is merely lust/dissatisfaction. Perhaps it is revenge to show the daughter that being older doesn't mean the mother can't attract a man. Perhaps the mother thinks she is looking out for her daughter by "testing out" the boyfriend first.

Option 2
Essentially the reverse, with the daughter seducing the mother's husband. Can be the daughter's father or step-father, depending on co-author's preference. Likewise, motive could vary.

My preference is for a female author with an eye for detail who favors multi-paragraph posts. Please PM with questions or interest.
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I want to get back into writing fantasy stories, SRPs or even just an ORP. If you have any ideas or want to hash an idea out, please send me a PM!!


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Hi, I'm new and I hope I'm presenting this correctly.

This link is to a role play that I actually posted in the online forum because, while it will include mature themes, it is not strictly speaking a sexual role play.

It is about a poor knight becoming a Viscount and having to build up his lands from virtually nothing. Check it out. Looking first for a female writer, but also interested in male writers, too.

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Looking for a partner that will take role of a job applicant for the ad described below:

Small but well-respected dairy farm is looking for a Floor Manager (M or F) to help stabalize it's productions due to an increased demand.

- Age: Between 19 and 26
- Managing experience not requiered but helpful.
- People and animal skills mandatory.
- Life-long contract with high payment
- On site habitation

Send your CV and introduction to the following adress:

Since this RP will contain kinks that are fairly uncommon, it's best that you either PM me or contact me on YIM (adress is listed in my profile).

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I'm thinking of creating an rp which revolves around aliens abducting a girl to join their harem of willing sex slaves and brainwash her with their advanced technology and their alien abilities. Would any female writer be game for that? PM me to discuss details and share ideas.

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"Let's Get Busy" (ISO female)

Role filled. Thanks

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Fatal Attraction

A female profiler and detective tracking down a serial killer :updated 1-21-12: taken by SweetLady1013 (thank you hun)

Female victims who fall to the killer, finding a fatal flaw in their hopes for a memorable one nighters
A bartender, who comes under suspicion and makes themselves look guilty when they try to run:Updated 1-22-12, taken by wildxfire (thanks Dude)

A male killer who has grown weary of easy prey and now sets his eyes on greater challenges, written by myself


This will be a dark and gritty tale in which I hope for as much emotional description as there is the physical action, a tale where the writers might have to dig deep to put themselves in the characters mind and setting.

I'll write the killer, and will post to this "ad" as the other roles are taken, then create an OOC once I think we're ready to begin.

Please PM me with your ideas, thoughts and questions, I look forward to exploring this with several literate writers

Thank You

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Let's try this again.

First off, I'd like to say - I'm looking for a male who has a good sense of the English language, isn't going to pick or control my character, and maybe knows at least as much as I do about the Batman mythos. I'm still kind of new to the series, but I'm heavily into it.

Okay, working my courage up to post this again, hoping no one thinks I'm too silly or weird...

I am desperately craving a Batman roleplay. Not just any though. I have about a million plots, but all of them concern one of my original characters with a very particular villain.

And no, it's not Joker.

First off, I'd like to say that, in the very unlikely event that someone is interested in doing this role play with me... this would absolutely, in no shape, form, or fashion, be based on the movies. Because the villain I'm talking about has only appeared in one Batman movie, and it... was... horrendous. Most people assume, when I say I like this villain, that I'm talking about the movie version - I am not.

I am talking about the intelligent, the handsome, the dapper, and the oh-so-fiendish, Oswald Cobblepot, aka The Penguin.

As I said, I have many ideas, and here are just are few that have passed through my brain lately -

I'd love to play a new villain who's just shown up in Gotham who's basing herself around birds as well (thus getting Ozzy all in a jealous flutter). There would definitely be some power struggle there, though neither one of them would have to end up the forever-submissive... what I mean to say is, some days maybe she wins out and is dominant, other days he does.

Another idea is my character is a detective who's working undercover for him. Could go a lot of ways - he could find out and "punish" her, or she could simply fall head over heels for him and wind up as an informant for him.

And yet another idea would require us to change a little bit about him. This is my favorite idea at the moment, I'd really love to do something with it. As much as I dislike the 2004 "The Batman" animated series, I actually really like what they did with The Penguin in it because it makes for way too many good ideas. (You don't need to have seen the series, I'm just going to explain it a bit so my idea makes more sense.)

They made him younger - I'd say between 20 - 26 - and made him as obnoxious of a little shit as they could, with an ego the weight of the sun, thinking he's God's greatest gift. In this incarnation, his family had lost all of their fortune, and the only way he was getting it back was through thieving, but he tried to retain some semblance of grandeur. Not only that, but at one point in the past, the Pennyworths had worked for the Cobblepots. So, what I'm suggesting is taking an Oswald like this (fresh, young, egotistical, rude, snobby, etc; despite being poor trying to retain some semblance of dignity, thinking he's suave but actually terribly uncouth and clumsy around women) and, for some reason or another, putting him in a position where he'd have access to a Pennyworth (my character - maybe a niece or maybe we can even say Alfred adopted a young woman who's grown up alongside Bruce), who's forced to be his maid and do anything - anything - his perverted little mind can think up. I'm seeing it as starting as small things at first, wearing the short little maid outfit, lots of touching and groping on his part, making her treat him like he's a king, with it either escalating into straight out sexual demands or she herself starts to notice his "excitement" and just starts taking care of it for him because she's oddly attracted to the little bastard. I would want it to eventually end up a little mushy-romantic (I know, I know... but I'm a girl, I can't help it!), with him maybe letting her out of the maid role but her not wanting to go. Could even work in a day where he has to be her maid? ;)

Phew, that got long winded... I apologize.
My little profile. I apologize if my posting drops at any time - I'm going through some hard times right now which sometimes makes it hard for me to post every day.

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Some rp ideas- Looking for guys

Head master -student


Caging, becoming a pet/slave to someone.

Anything fantasy ((Really into that right now... odd b/c I use to not like it. Anyway!))

Alien/ demon ((Wait, does that fall in the fantasy role?? Hmm *shrug*))

I have a few more, but I think for now. That's fine. If you have any questions, just PM me.
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Been thinking about starting up a superhero type story. One or maybe two females wanted for the story depending on how I wanna go with it. Super tight leather outfits and lots of action and sex, sounds like a good story to me

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UPDATE: On further thought i have come up with a much more flushed out idea for my vampire thread. Ok so i need a female to play a vampire who finds her mate ina human man. Upon meeting him by chance in triggers her bodies ability and need breed. However she cant simply have sex and take his seed. Instead she must have the bond of love for the mating to take place. She also must get her immune system to ignore his Dna by intaking small bits of blood.

The idea is a romantic story driven thread, with sex and violence. I need someone not only able to write out plot but able to commit to doing a longer style thread. Too many times lately ive gotten into threada with people who post once then vanish.

Pst if you are interested.
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Prison Role Play: Sex, no sex ... it's all good. Come look.

Deleted. Change of plans

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ISO female(s) for desperate parolee/ambitious Officer RP

ISO female writer(s) for paroled women who will either do anything willingly or reluctantly to get ahead in their post-prison lives.

My Probation Officer is an ambitious man who isn't getting anywhere by following the rules. So, it's time to go outside them. He uses the women ... for whatever.

We will collaborate on where we want your character(s) to go, but there will be sexual and non-sexual scenes, consensual and non-consensual, scenes, legal and illegal activities, same sex scenes (with either another woman or myself writing the second female character), and more.

Looking for writers who will post a couple of paragraphs almost every day, but are also flexible enough to trade one and two liners at times, too.

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So, i'm bored and horny and really wanna cyber/rp cause i haven't in forever, i prefer one on one so anyone can pm me, but if any two or more girls wanna do something i wouldn't object
I'm down for just about any kink or fetish and any story line so don't be shy, lets get hot and sexy up in this forum, lol. I'm a 21 m, hope to hear from you soon.
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