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french revolution

'dies Zwischending aus stummer Kraft und Küssen' - this hybrid gift that's part brute force, part kiss. (Rilke, Sonnet 14)

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Gorgon anyone?

After my two fantasy-threads have died rather off,
( see http://forum.literotica.com/showthread.php?t=727298 and http://forum.literotica.com/showthread.php?t=720569)
I am looking for a new home for my gorgon Phyliss Ovida, a rather nice girl for her kind. As I have not always full time, I would like a multi-player fantasy thread where I could play as guest temporarily.
We are a straight couple - male dom and a female switch.

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no longer interested
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Hi, I'm looking for a female player interested in playing as Elizabeth Bathory or a similar character, I'm not yet set on the particulars of her mythology in the thread so we can discuss those.

As a sidenote, I'm not submissive, I see my character trying to dominate her, and maybe a big struggle for power between them.

PM if you are interested or have any questions.

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I am looking for a female RP'er who would enjoy being a curvy college professor who has an affair with a male student. Variations and kinks can be accomodated. Please PM if interested.


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I still have to older starts open. Any female writers willing to jump in?

The summoning:
Here the part of a succubus is open.

I don't know where this is heading, open for anything.
My SRP profile.

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We are seeking members for an open-ended free-form Teen Titans RP, if anyone is interested.


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Badness to the Max

Warning: I'm kind of braindead these days and I can't be relied upon right now to make good posts and to respond promtly, so this is sort of for the future right now. I would prefer to do this over ims if possible. Just pm me first.

I want to do something blood thirsty. Vampire, werewolf or something of that kind. I really have few limits, check them out in my Becky profile in my sig.

Particular Kinks: Blackmail, force, enslavement, chains, cages, blood. I love them all.
I'm sorry, but as of 11-22, my android broke completely, and there is no telling when I will get on lit again. I'm hoping to get a new android or laptop very soon, but there is no telling when. Until I do, I won't be getting on.
I've finally set up my srp profile again and I'm looking for new partners to play with.


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Spirit thread

Looking for a lady of light to play the victim of a spook. Always liked the idea of being able to molest a woman with no worry of consequence. The thread could take a turn for the lighter side. A boy friend/ possession mix so she never knows. Or darker as he posesses her, and who knows what monsters of the dark may learn of her special grounding in the ether

PM me if your interested and we can bounce some ideas around
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Servant of the Goddess

A fantasy world, where the Goddess Luridia is the embodiment of lust and sensual pleasure. Zheni is a girl who is given a vision on her 18th birthday. A vision of herself serving in Luridia's temple in the great Imperial City, far from her home. Though she is far away, she feels compelled to answer the call, little knowing that she is born to be the embodiment of the goddess on earth. She only knows that she must give pleasure freely and take nothing that is not offered her.

At dawn, the morning of her vision, she sets off on her journey, naked and full of more than human beauty. She is innocent, but definitely willing, and she is protected by a divine serendipity, so that even those who think to control or exploit her find themselves helping her along her path.

Of course, who knows what happens along the way? Anyone interested in this thread should PM me. I'm imagining something fairly episodic as she travels through the world.


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Originally Posted by Virgininneed View Post
need male for dawn of the revolution rp about the first french revolution
Roleplay Ideas
To my writing partners:
I am having computer problems and will be unable to post as regularly or as often as usual. I still want to continue my roleplays, but for the moment, I'll have to post when I can. It was unexpected and I would have given you warning.

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I am looking for a M or F to do a Warhammer 40K Roleplay with me (I am a female)

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I am looking for a f role-play. 40 male who fancy's the attractive married next door neighbor.

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I have a few rp's I would love to find a female writer for.

1. Father/ daughter incest rp. This whole rp can be discussed with the plot lines and such. Something appropriate for the lit forums.

2. I would love to redo one of my old rps. Called a firefighters tale. About a widowed firefighter who finds love with his new next door neighbor.

Pm if your interested and tell me what one you would like to do.
SRP Profile.

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Looking for one or two female writers to join me in Star Wars: The Lost Jedi:

One should play a Sith Master perhaps joined by a Sith Apprentice. PM me with ideas if you are interested.
My SRP profile.

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Looking for a female who might be interested in one of these ideas. PM me if interested

A man hires a woman to be his maid/housekeeper but will give her an additional $200,000 a year if she will also be his submissive lover.
A Man hires a woman to be his secretary/submissive lover.
A man puts an ad on Craigslist looking for a new head Mistress for his harem of sex slaves.
A woman stuck in a loveless marriage meets a man at a bar one night and they end up having an affair.
Two people bump into each other at an outdoor market. They find a mutual attraction to each other so they decide to go have coffee. During their conversation, they learn that the man is looking for a sub, and the woman is looking for a dom.
A rich man has moved to the mountains to enjoy a more quiet slower pace of life. He built a nice cabin in the woods with all the latest appliances and electronics. He grows some of his vegetables and raises chickens. After about a year he realizes he misses female companionship.

So he puts an ad on Craigslist, looking for a woman who would be willing to give up her life in the city to move the mountains to be his wife and the mother of his children
A young woman is given to an older man to be his wife, so the man will help the young woman's parents get out of debt.
A man kidnaps a successful business woman and trains her to be his pet woman/sex slave. He treats her like a pet. He keeps her in a cage at night, makes her walk on all fours, and forces her to eat out of pet dishes.
A successful business woman is kidnapped and her captor treats her like a baby. He makes her wear diapers, little girl clothes, feed her baby food, give her bottles and have sex with her.

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I'm looking for a female writer that would like to write either a sibling story or cousin/cousin. I don't have any specific story ideas but I'm sure we could come up with one between us. Drop me a p.m. I don't mind whether the story is a private message one or thread based.

Edit: actually I'm open to other ideas, although I'm generally not very interested in fantasy stories.

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I am back after a long absence and I am looking to jump into some roleplays again. Feel free to pm me with ideas.

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I am also back after a computer meltdown left me without access for a long time. Looking to start something along the lines of "Beware the Geeks" again.

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I'm new to the site, but I have been RPing online for a while now and have been looking to get back into forum RP, and a friend of mine sort of brought me here. I'm looking for a few RP's to join, and right now I'm a little blank on the idea front...must is sleeping, she'll wake up at some point though. I'm looking for people to write with and who have decent writing skills, and who would also enjoy good character and plot development on top of everything else. PM Me if you have any interesting ideas or want to hear some of my own, and I'm not too particular about the type of RP, so long as it's interesting.

Turn ons and things I would enjoy in the RP:

Forced Sex
Consensual Sex
Mind Games
Gay/Lesbianism(Still like RPing as straight characters as well though)

Turn Offs:
Incest of any kind
Older man/woman with younger man/woman
Anything to do with teacher/student
tentacle/monster sex
Daddy/Daughter like roleplays or anything in that area
Anything to do with step-fathers or mothers type of thing
Babysitter like scenarios

Everything else I'm more or less indifferent to, but I would prefer a good story which incorporates the elements in the roleplay with interesting and well developed characters.

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Experienced Male Writer looking for Female Partner

Bumped farther down with updates.

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mr spikey
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The Scarlett Pimpernel

Anyone interested in a French Revoltionary SRP based upon the play of The Scarlett Pimpernel.

There are three main characters:

Sir Percy Blakeney (the Scarlett Pipernel)
Marguerite St. Just (Lady Blakeney)
Citizen Chauvelin

There are many other ideas for additonal characters as well

pm me if interested

mr spikey
The wonderful thing about traveling is going to new towns and meeting new people - Ghengis Khan

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Indulgence is seeking players

Mistress of Punctuation, Grammar, Protocol, and Precision for your RP World

A pity I'm not nicer.

Threads I'm Running:

Sterling Rod's 'Twilight Zone of Sex'

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Ok, so I've been playing Batman: Arkham City and now have a sudden craving to do some kind of Gotham based roleplay involving one of if not both of the characters above, so looking for a female roleplayer to play them.
I haven't got a definitive scenario for the roleplay as of yet or who I will play. Maybe Batman, maybe The joker or some of the male comic characters. I've never really been a comic book guy so don't know all the ins and outs of the Batman world and the characters history. So, could be helpful of you know more about this than I do, but obviously not a necessity.

As normal, I like long detailed roleplay with lots of build up and detail, plots and twists with some hot, steamy flirting, teasing and sex. Away well as plenty of description of clothes and looks as helps sets the scene.

Not expecting many responses, but if you are interested at all, message me and we can discuss potential.

Thankyou and goodnight lol x

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I know I just sort of posted not too long ago about what I was interested in and everything, but this time I actually have an idea to put up. My muse decided to actually wake up, although it is in the slightly darker part of my mind it would seem.

Two, or more people are trapped in a room or secluded area. I'm thinking more of a secluded area, room seems a bit cliche and over done. Someone else, an individual, group, computer system, or otherwise outside force is not only keeping them trapped but is also giving them commands to..well, do things(what those things are can be decided between myself and whoever joins), and if they don't, something bad happens.(What "bad" exactly I'm not set on yet, I've got some ideas, but no killing or death of any of the characters in the RP less it feels necessary. Torture is fine...just no death.)

The idea is to make a good story out of it, and it is possible that the people trapped can escape or make it out. Some might even be working for the outside force trying to control things, or might get out and become the controller. I'm pretty open to where it could go.

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Hey. While I am not sure exactly what I want to play, I would be very interested in starting an srp with either a male or female, so if you would like to, send me a pm/hit me up!
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