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I was thinking of a supernatural type rp. As in the tv show supernatural. I always had a thing for Castiel the angel or Crowely the demon. Or hell even Dean or Sam, Pm me if interested
Ideas Needing A Player

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I am always looking for a new rp, have an idea send me a message

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Seeking players! M--or females

I've rp'd here a lot and I love the layout of the forum so I'm thinking of returning to my home away home the srp forums. I do know that my own posting will be somewhat random and at times infrequent so if you're looking for something really involved and time consuming THIS IS NOT FOR YOU lol. So I won't be hounding you or hunting you down for posts.

I would prefer more experienced writers but new comers are more than welcome to apply. Theses threads don't have to be short but I would love them to come to a close at some point.

When I said these ideas wouldn't be really involved know that I didn't mean lacking in detail or imagination so stay on your toes.

If you have any ideas for a short rp or just a rp in general don't hesitate to pm me.

Here's my list of dirty thoughts so far::

Show me yours? I"ll show you mine? - A new sexy neighbor just moved into your apartment building. The way the building is laid out both of you have an excellent view of the other's bedroom and a good chuck of their apartment. The thought of spying on the other person never came into either of your minds. But by chance she catches you in the act and decides looking would be bad but watches anyway. From the looks of it you know exactly what you're doing in the sac so she sets her sights on you. A naughty cat and mouse game ensues. You being the mouse she starts to watch you have your fun with different women and takes notes. She then starts leaving naughty notes on your door each one with a small package containing clues to her identity. The entire time this is going on she hadn't figured that you'd be watching her too!

This one might seem like a challenge but I think it could be done.

There's no place like home! - I just got back from my first year of college and there's a few new additions to the family. I have a new step-dad and older step-brother and I don't like either of them. Over the summer though things start to change between us. Maybe it was the fact that I was running a small escort service wit the girls in my dorm and dear ole step-dad had become our best customer and I black mailed him into spoiling me. Maybe it was because I found out my so called bro banged my mom and still has a thing for her? I hold both these secrets over them and have them grant my any wish! All the time this is going on right under my moms nose.

Well what can I say I felt like being a lil' evil bitch in this one, there's something oh so alluring about the dark side.
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My Idea and Blurt Thread.

Take a peek at my SRP profile! I dare ya!

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looking for a lady

1. He runs into his old babysitter at the beach. He's now divorced and hasn't seen her in 4 years. She's in college, and runs into him on summer vacation. She's always had a crush, but now she can't believe her luck

2. His new stepdaughter is a handful, well more than a handful, and his wife has just left for a week long business retreat. Teasing and temptation filled seduction

3. A bride to be goes to the young pastor for advice, terrified of the wedding night. He consoles her, and then trains her.

PM me if your interested and we can fill in the details. These are just general ideas to be flushed in with actual content
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Barely Legal needs writers, particularly females. The first three posts have been made by the host and included available characters IF someone wants to play them. Or, new characters can be written, of course.

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Pogue's Story Ideas

I've been away from this forum for a long time but would like to start up a thread or two if anyone is interested...

Story Ideas:

The Unwanted House Guest -
Sandy and Dan are a contented married couple, happy with their lives together when Ron arrives. Ron is Dan's old college roommate and has been friends with him for years, all the time secretly lusting after Sandy. Ron was supposed to only stay for a week, Dan and he planning several trips together just like the old days. Only now, the day Ron is supposed to arrive Dan is called out of town on business leaving Sandy to entertain him. Sandy has never really liked Ron, has always felt uncomfortable around him and now she is forced to spend a week with him. A week that will change her life if Ron has his way...

Covet Thy Neighbor's Wife... and Daughter

Rob Simmons has lived next door to the Price family for years, nearly ten years have gone by since the day they moved in, and for all this time Rob has been thinking about Mrs. Price. He was only a teenager when he watched the family move in, admiring the legs of the older woman in her jeans shorts as she carried boxes from the back of the U-Haul truck into the house. He had barely paid any attention to the young girl who seemed to dog her mother's every step, mimicking her every move. His attention had been fully captured by the attractive older woman...

Now years later, Rob still finds himself sitting at his window watching the Price house as Mrs. Price comes home, only now he definitely pays her daughter the attention she desires. The young ungainly girl having grown up into a near mirror image of her mother when she was young. Rob has felt something growing deep inside him for years, something that he has tried to repress, something that is inevitably rising to the surface now. His desire to possess these attractive women is nearly overpowering, a compulsion that he is unable and unwilling to resist, as he watches Neal Price leave for a business trip.

Milf Money (a retelling of the movie Can't buy me love)

Marianne McKenzie is a young wife and mother. While her husband Ken is out of town, Marianne begins driving his prized antique Mercedes Benz without him knowing. Unfortunately she is in a small accident, the car sustaining several thousands of dollars worth of damage. Marianne is frantic to get the car repaired before Ken comes home but she doesn't have the money to pay the mechanic. Seeing an opportunity, the mechanic makes a proposition. She goes out to dinner with him and he'll deduct a portion of her bill. It starts out innocent enough, slowly building up until Marianne has to decided exactly how far she's willing to go to pay off the repair bill.

While you were sleeping... M/F, Incest, sleeping/NC

Just had this idea and I'm not sure how it would play out as a thread but wanted to put it out there for anyone who might be interested. The two main characters are related, either Mother/Son, Father/Daughter, or Brother/Sister and unbeknownst to one of them, the other has been taking advantage of them while they slept, slipping them a drug so that they can have their carnal fun without being caught. One night, the drug doesn't work, perhaps they don't drink enough of the spiked beverage or they've just built up a tolerance. Either way they are semi-awake for the nightly molestation and decides to turn the tables on their loving relative. Really looking for this to be Mother/Son with the Mother being the one who starts off drugging him, but we can discuss.

Baby, it's cold outside M/F, incest

A father, widowed and alone. A daughter, newly divorced and trying to cope. A unprecedented blizzard that traps them together for days without any other form of communication. Will they discover something about themselves, about their relationship? And how will they cope with this discovery? (Looking more for a plot driven story here... the build up and the definition of their relationship to each other rather than sex....)

The Tramp Stamp or Mom's new tattoo m/F, Incest, Mind control?

Just had this thought inspired by an episode of Misfits. An attractive older woman decides on a whim to get a tattoo, perhaps she's dared by her friends or she simply wants to do something daring. She gets a tattoo, what is referred to in slang as a "tramp stamp" figuring she can hide it from everyone. As the new ink dries, she begins to notice slight changes in her attitude, her habits changing slightly. She's not the only one who notices, her son notices as well. At first confused and then excited by the subtle changes in his mother, the son begins to push the boundaries of their relationship. How far will he take it? How will she react? Will they ever figure out what is changing her?

Pictures of Lily M/F or m/F, blackmail, reluctance or NC

The photographs were just supposed to be for fun, he had promised never to show them to anyone else, so Lily was shocked and horrified to find a copy of one in her e-mail, sent from some anonymous person. She deletes it but the next day another one arrives, each day another of the embarrassing photos appear in her e-mail until finally the mysterious sender asks "what will you do to get your photos back?" What will Lily do? Who has her photos and how did he get them?

Angel is a Centerfold
M/F, blackmail, reluctance or NC to possible Consensual.

Just woke up with this song in my head and thought it would be an interesting role play. A woman who was bit wild when she was younger has kept a secret from all who know her, no one would ever suspect her of having posed for a magazine like that... until one day he finds a copy, perhaps hidden in her attic or at some flea market. She may be older but he still recognizes her in the magazine layout and wonders what she'd do to keep him from telling everyone about her youthful indiscretions.

Husband for a Day... and Night M/F, cheating

Amanda is happily married, although Henry, her husband, is away a lot of the time. She needs help around the house to complete projects that she just can't do by herself so she asks a friend (or hires a handyman) to fill in for Henry around the house. What she didn't expect was how many of Henry's "duties" her friend would be willing to take on.

(I see this as a little more romantic/story driven than most of threads... I'd like to explore the drama of the affair with all the guilt, lust, love that we could come up with...)
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A long time ago, I was writing an SRP called You Don't See What We See
I'd love to write the Aeon character again, maybe battling the MechHorde.
You would NOT be writing the Flux character, you'd be creating your own.
Read it, if its something that appeals to you, and you think your writing will go well with mine, let me know.

(note: I write with women, exclusively. Sorry boys)
(also, I understand that the language gets kinda out of control at the end there...I was still learning that voice and style...I'm much better with it now, I promise)

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Need female writer to write mother daughter roles in love triangle

This link is to the In Character Thread -- just my first post -- for "The Farmer and Her Daughter". I put out an invitation to a writer to join me several days ago and still haven't seen a post, so I am now putting it out to all of you.

It is about a young, lonely widow and her 18 year old, raging hormone daughter, who have an isolated ranch several miles outside a tiny, quiet town; and my character, the stranger (you pick the picture) who comes looking for work as a handy man and gets caught up in a love triangle with the two women.

Now, just for full disclosure, I began a second thread with this same introduction -- names changed to protect the innocent -- because I wanted to see how far the two would deviate, beginning with the same introduction but continuing on with two different female writers.

The other one, which I'd rather you didn't look at because I don't want you to be influenced, began with the flirtatious, sexually experienced daughter, alone on the farm one afternoon, being the first of the pair of women to meet the stranger. I would like this one to begin with the mother being the first to meet him.

If you are interested, pm me. I don't have any specific plot with the exception of an obvious love triangle.

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Seeking Female: "The Man In The Basement" (A love triangle)

And I have another love triangle story I would like to try out.

A high school senior secretly moves an older, former classmate who is currently homeless into the basement of her family's home. In high school, she was infatuated with the older classmate and now, raging hormones and all, she is expecting them to become lovers.

What she isn't expecting is that either or both of her mother or older sister, who was in the same class as the "boy", discover that the "man" is living in their home ... and they are just as horny for him as the "girl" is.

Looking for a playful but dramatic storyline, with intrigue and conniving and who knows, maybe even some threesomes -- not necessarily between the relatives but involving girlfriends -- if that's what you like to write.

You get to pick the guy's pic and describe him. Beyond being a man other women would be infatuated with, the description is totally up to you. I will pick the other women, depending upon the personality you describe to me.

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Hi Guys,

I'm looking to roleplay via IM (I have both yahoo and msn). I'm very much into vanilla types/ realistic roleplays. I find idea of cheating very erotic and would like the roleplay to be themed on that. Some of the roleplays I like are:

Husband's best friend

New Neighbour

Door to door salesman


Mother-in-law/ in laws

But i' m open to other roles and like trying new roles. I know roleplaying on IM can take time, but it doesn't have to be finished in one session.

I'm 44 years old, married and from the UK.

My preference is for straight , strong dominant males.

please pm me with your roles and scenes or an opening

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I was doing this with someone else, but it didn't work out so..

I'm looking for one dominant role to play the role of the 'bad boy' and also my best friend, someone who isnt afraid to use violence or force to get what he wants, but at the same time cares deep down..
Name: Arianna (Ari)
Height: 5"4
Long curly red hair, pale skin, green eyes, 34B, slim and toned.

All of her life she had been known as 'the good girl' the one who never did anything wrong and it was true, Arianna got straight A's.. she was a virgin, which was largely due to her overprotective and very intimadating best friend... who was a complete oppisite, always getting into trouble at school, but for some reason their friendship had lasted the test of time, they had grown up together, living right next door..

Their relationship was strange to say the least, he could be so kind and so caring to her, hugging her, wrapping his arms around her, offering his jacket, but on the other hand he could be so cold to Arianna and what scared her most was his temper, he wasn't afraid to hurt her, he had raised his hand to her on quite a few occasions, but she accepted it now.. she had too.

Arianna glances around the crowded hallways as she leans against the locker, her books in her arms, today had been eventful to say the least, she was sick of high school of all the bitching and unfriendleness, why couldn't people just get along.. she would never understand.

She catches a glimpse of leather and smiles as she see's him walking down the hallway.. but a glance at his face and her smile drops he looked mad.. and worst of all she had to ride home with him. Sighing loudly she walks over "hey" she smiles as she walks next to him, biting on her lower lip nervously "so what happened?"

I need someone to fill this role.
I am also looking for new dominant males to roleplay with.. Im open to any Idea's

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Seeking writers for "33 Floors", a complex group role play

I posted "33 Floors" in the Online Role Play forum, because while it will include sex -- both consensual and non-consensual -- it is not per se an SRP.

The story takes place in and around a 33 floor public housing apartment building controlled by two rival gangs; and it is centered upon a Navy SEAL who returns home to find his family devastated by the violence inside the building.

To learn more, see the link above.

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So it's Saturday and I'm going for a night of Literotica fun times. I'm typically a submissive and I play a lot of Dom/sub RPs, I'm bisexual and I've only one hard limit being scat. I've tried supernatural, scifi, NonCon, rape, fetish, blackmail, and just about anything you can think of. If you'd like to play or if there's a particular RP you'd like to try, shoot me a PM and we can talk details.
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Looking to start a new story or two. My main interests are mother/son and aunt/nephew. I would also like to do a story about a female alien and a human male. Hope to receive some PMs from the ladies of lit.

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I need I some one to play with tonight. I feel like doing an incest thread. If you are interested in playing my sister or brother, cousin, aunt, uncle, etc. please let me know. I've included a couple of pictures for inspiration but if none of these work for you, I can always find another.

PM me if you want to play.




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Other ideas available too if interested.
Originally Posted by Asa View Post
Wanting to breath new life into some threads so completely rebooting them. Here are a few idea links

1. Winning the Serpents soul For this one looking for a male "outcast" or just worker in the traveling show to over time win her over becoming her lover her pet body guard whatever.

2. Learning togetherFILLED

3. We are Reborn
Lovers from the ancient past reunited when her tomb is found and the contents are sent on a world tour.

4. Assignment International
A thread based off The tv show The Unit

5. On The Run
Two lost souls running away from their pasts end up running to each other and saving each other all while doing their best not to fall in love and failing miserably

PM me for the ones you are interested in.
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Last bump.

Originally Posted by kellyz_craic View Post
This is the first time I've posted here with a well developed plot idea, so I'll all excited! Be gentle

Wanted: 1 dominant and sadistic male writer who relishes the thought of non-consent, domestic abuse and humiliation/degradation.

I've only watched the first couple of episodes so far but I've always been a Damien Lewis fan. I'd love to write with a dominant and sadistic man who's intrigued by the idea of playing an Afghanistan war veteran who has been interrogated and tortured over a period of years, to the point where he becomes a converted Muslim and a 'radicalised' Islamic terrorist prepared to return home and engineer or facilitate a planned terrorist attack on his own country. The attack has to be something big, that will cause a huge number of civilian deaths. I actually like the idea of setting this in the UK with a plan to wreak havoc at the Olympic Games. I'm also quite familiar with the city of London, though not with the new Olympic village and stadium etc.

I'd like this to be quite a slow burner. Your character will come home after years in 'captivity' (which turns out to have largely been as a cadet in a Taliban training camp, perhaps somewhere like Pakistan). He's treated as a returning hero, front page news etc. He finds that his wife has moved on with her life in the intervening years. It doesn't take him long to figure out she hasn't spent the whole time celibate. I actually think it would be a lot of fun for him to interrogate and torture her to get the name of the man (or men) she's dated. One of your character's objectives is to take control of his wife and family again and he has new and austere notions about how a wife and mother (i.e. chattel) should behave. She tries to give their marriage a shot but swiftly regrets her decision and as soon as he can see she wants out, he takes matters into his own fists and subjugates her until she's forced to act in the way he wants her to behave. She will have to give up her job and most of her friends, her social life and many other things that are central to her self esteem. Then his systematic degradation of her, particularly through verbal humiliation, will gradually destroy her self esteem and take the fight out of her.

Here's the kicker...

Because she did not remain ever faithful, as he had prayed (to Allah) and hoped, she becomes completely beneath his contempt. His original plan had been to ensure she escaped the atrocity he plans to commit, along with his children. Now though, he decides he has the perfect patsy and that he should stay alive to raise his children into Islamic warriors. He convinces people who matter (even her own family) that his wife has had a nervous break down and lost her mind, that she blames her own country, it's government and military for the years she lost with her husband. He makes it clear that she could learn a thing or two from Muslim women on how to be a dutiful wife and forces her to ape them in order to humiliate her further. She thinks he's still punishing her for what he perceives as her 'infidelity' but his purpose is more sinister. He gradually manipulates her and convinces others that she has embraced the Muslim faith, while he remains a 'good christian.'

Will she figure enough of this out and rebel in time to stop him forcing her to detonate half of London, with a convincing trail leading to her as the culprit?

It's just an idea that I had last night and it probably needs some tweaking but that's the basic gist.

Please PM me if you're interested in writing this with me. If you're willing to hammer this out in YIM that would also be helpful.

I won't be online tonight or tomorrow but after that I'll get back to people asap.



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Looking for someone to RP with who posts regularly! (i.e. more than once a week/every couple weeks)
Wanting to actually post in threads, not through email or IM


1) Two sisters. Twins. Complete opposites of each other, but identical in physical form.
One submissive.
One dominant.
Together, their powers are absolute. None dare stand in their way. But someone has to.

Already found someone to rp this one

2) Thinking something historical would be fun.....early America....maybe blackmail? Woman blackmailed into something to save her family......or some such nonsense ;-)

3) A hunger-games twist.....The sex games.....only the one who doesn't submit wins....televised for everyone's viewing pleasure. Winner wins their freedom.....

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Looking to start some new threads. Please, don't hesitate to send me a pm!

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Originally Posted by smiley8022 View Post
Hi, smiley here (:

So I've been messing around a lot lately on chat sites. I've been playing a few romantic/kinky roles and there's one in particular that my partners enjoy, and I seem to be coming back to quite often, enough to want to make a story out of it anyhow. I don't know if anybody will take any interest in this thread proposal but if so, please do pm me with your interest!

The basic roles of the thread is that we are life-long best friends. I seem to be missing something in my life, I don't know what's keeping me down, or what's not there, but I just feel as if something in my life is wrong, and that I need to add something new to my life. After talking to you about this, I do some thinking and end up wanting a baby desperately.

I've been in too many relationships to count, none of them lasting. I'm currently single, and have nobody else to turn to, so I come seeking aid from you, for you to have sex with me, to help me make my baby.

My idea of a plot is keeping it light at first, perhaps your character has always had a crush on my own, or vise versa. Perhaps they both are attracted to one another, but don't want to ruin their relationship, so they never admitted their feelings to one another? Either way after so many times of having sex and spending even more time around one another than we already do, I plan on our two characters to fall in love.

At this point, my char. could have already fallen pregnant, or as another idea of mine came to me- my char. could have started liking yours more and more, that she started taking birth control once more, so she wouldn't become pregnant, only to keep spending time with your character.

I've never done an impregnation role, but I've always been interested. So if anybody is interested in taking up my offer, please do pm me with your interests, discussions on plot, on how you would like the story to progress, and where you would like to start it off.


-Smiley (:
Anybody? (:
I come here to write, to loose myself in the amazing stories on this site, and to enjoy myself. It's like stepping into another world when I come here, and I love that about Lit. But here lately, it just doesn't feel the same. Maybe it's my lack of threads, maybe it's my loss of friends. I don't really know, but I want to enjoy Lit again. That's the only thing I ask for.

When I come here, it's like an escape from the real world. This is who I am, who I want to be. I don't have to hide my true self, or be judged for what I enjoy doing. I like coming here, and the people make me feel plenty welcome. So I think I'll stay a while. c:

Looking for something good to read? Want to try a thread with me? Take a look through my house, my writing, and send me a line? Prefer things more private? Send me a pm

Smiley's House of Love <----- There's some good reading material here (:


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Looking for a new RP

So, I've only been working on one RP on here: The Psychologist's Adopted Daughter

But, I'm looking for another RP to do since my partner on the forum I've been on hasn't been on much recently. I don't give too much detail in my writing, not because I'm new at writing, but because I used to be journalist so I typically like things short, sweet, and to the point. I don't mind adding detail but I prefer to let the reader's imagination wander and plus I feel like it gives the other writers some room to do what they want.

If you're interested, send me a PM. Thanks!


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Looking for someone to do these scenes with me:

1) Graduation Party

It's my graduation party at a banquet hall, and the amount of booze consumed leads to a few hookups. Here are the couplings that are involved:

-- bartender/my girlfriend
-- my mother/my best friend (preferably interracial scene)
-- me/my former kindergarten teacher who has aged well (oldest age is 49)
-- my dad/my older sister (19+)
-- me/my mother

2) Wedding Day

It's my wedding day, and my mother has never been a fan of my bride. She ends up seducing me during the reception, and we sneak off into a bathroom while everyone is dancing, etc. (We can do something with the bride/her father or even involve the in-laws as well, if you want.)

Shoot me a PM!

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Also, if someone just wants to do a one-off scene (thread or IM ONLY), here are the couplings I'll do (in order of preference):

1) son/mom
2) nephew/aunt
3) brother/sister
4) cousins
5) dad/daughter
6) teacher/student (will play either, but would prefer to play student)
7) boss/employee (same as 6, but would prefer to play employee)
8) guy/friend's mom
9) HS athlete/coach's wife*
10) pro athlete/mother of kid who idolizes me*
11) dad/daughter's friend

(* = preferred interracial scene)

I'm also looking for someone to play either Rihanna or Katy Perry in a one-off celeb RP.


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Having played dozens of older men who set their carnal attentions on innocent maidens, I am in the mood for a change of pace. I would like to play a more inexperienced young man with a more experienced woman.

The exact scenario details we can work out together. If you're in the mood for incest, perhaps a mother/son, aunt/nephew, sister/brother, etc. For a slight variation, perhaps you are the mother seducing your daughter's boyfriend. Or we can go more traditional, such as with pool boy/gardener/delivery guy/whatever with the hot housewife. Or perhaps some other scenario of your own devising?

I like the idea of a the male character having some reluctance, thereby letting the woman be more assertive. Whether we leave this as only a minor power imbalance or shift the tables towards D/s will depend on your preferences.

Anywise, that's the general idea. If you might be interested in developing this idea further, please PM. I am looking for a literate female author who prefers detailed posts. I welcome both former writing partners as well as the unfamiliar. I look forward to hearing from you.

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Perhaps I should have put this here. I've started a thread seeking interest.. this is what it says.

I have a two characters that I use elsewhere, where explicit scenes are not permitted. I'd like to explore the more explicit side of these stories. Anyone willing to try their hand.

Character one: Opal, tall, short dark hair, generally bubbly has left her long standing boyfriend and moved to a different city. She left him, because his anger issues were bordering on abuse. He's controlling, and quick to anger. I'm looking for someone to play this boyfriend. The scene I have in mind is not... happy go lucky, but rather (and something Im not used to playing) dark and violent.

He finds out where she is, and sneaks into her hotel room. When she's in the shower he gets in and starts molesting her with the shower head. They've always had a rather explosive sexual relationship, and though she's determined its over, its very hard for her to resist the urges of this escapade one more time. He's angry, and I expect he'd be rather rough. He's not in love with her, he just can't stand being left behind. He's determined to make her his, or punish her trying.

Character two: Jennifer. Small town gal, at a small town party. She knows most of the people there. Just your typical out of hand house party. But a newcomer to the party, friends of one of the guests decide to up the ante and slip her some 'roofies'. I haven't thought much on this character, so if you have ideas on why.. or have motives, I'm all for it. I want to explore what happens when she has sex without really knowing she did.

So Im asking for 'not very nice characters' to explore these options. PM me if interested.

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Seeking a female writer for "Trio" (a gang land love triangle rp)

Looking for a female writer to write multiple parts. (See bottom for more on characters.)

"Trio" is a not-so-simple love triangle between a female character and my two characters.

"Trio" is the nickname of a ruthless gang leader who controls every facet of life within the Tristan Tower, a 35 story public housing structure. With an inner circle of a dozen trusted Lieutenants running more than 500 gang members, within and without the building; as well as thousands of men, women, and children either loyal to him for what he does for them or scared to death of what he could do to them, Trio runs the Tristan with an iron fist. And then, of course, there are the cops, social workers, and business men who are connected to him in one way or another.

Carl "Shooter" Dean is a former SEAL and sniper whose family has been devastated by Trio's power. He has vowed to take down the gang leader, who once was a buddy and friend of his in high school.

But, Carl can't do it alone. Trio is a hard man to find, making him an even harder man to kill; he lives within a four floor "castle" inside the Tristan, and without knowing exactly where he will be at anyone particular time, getting to him is nearly impossible without an insider.

And that's where your character -- Carl's long-ago heart throb -- comes into the story. Your character is Trio's current love interest, his "queen of the castle", and the only person on the inside that Carl knows and can trust -- or hopes he can.

Will the Queen of the Tristan help Carl? She is sympathetic toward the people whose lives Trio controls. But she also lives a life of comfort and wealth, with everything she could possibly ever want ... except control over her life, which of course is Trio's.

This role play will have sex, obviously, but it will also have lots of story as well.

Characters I anticipate writing myself:
  • Shooter and Trio, of course.
  • Trio's right hand man, who is practically a body guard to your main character, shadowing her almost every where she goes. He has a "hard one" for her but knows that to touch her -- or to allow anything to happen to her -- would mean his life.
  • The local cop who is in Trio's pocket.
  • Other short term or infrequent characters, both male and female, that are required.
Characters I anticipate you writing:
  • Trio's girl friend.
  • One or both of Carl's sisters. (One is on the outside, willing to help; while the other is an addict and whore, run by Trio.
  • Other short term or infrequent characters, both male and female, that are required.
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