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Lou's is a little hole-in-the-wall by the side of the road in the middle of nowhere. They do a good business at lunch and dinner, but after nine the kitchen closes, and the local working people mostly go home to their TVs and their beds. The bar stays open til one, and what business there is from then on is mostly the same half dozen local drunks, and the occasional trucker.

Jenni waited tables at dinner, but this night, Lou asked her to cover the bar. His wife was sick and he was needed at home. It was an extra four hours, but he gave her a hundred dollars out of the register to make sure she said yes.

"Besides," he said. "A pretty girl like you ought to get the boys tipping pretty good."

He was right about her looks. Jenni always said that guys tended to tip according to cup size, and she was a double D, with a tight little body and a long blonde ponytail. She wore a little black miniskirt and a low cut white tanktop that seemed to keep her male customers happy. The women might have bitched, but they were seldom the ones leaving the tips.

She knew she wasn't really being given a choice, but at least he was making it worth her while, and she sighed and nodded. A few minutes after nine, the cook locked up the kitchen and hit the road. Jenni was alone, except for the two old men at the end of the bar.

((Jenni could be talked into a tip-to-strip arrangement pretty easily. From there, who knows what she might do, if the money was right? Or there could be a robbery that turns into a rape, or maybe one of the old-timers slips something in her drink when she goes to the restroom ... or maybe you have another idea .. PM me))

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looking for male writer

Deleted. Repost later.

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Let's try this again.

I'm looking for a male author to co-write with me on the following idea:

Emily is a 19 year old college student who is halfway through her senior year. She is also a virgin. She'd been to afraid of sex in the past. She'd never had a very serious boyfriend, and she didn't think it was right to just hook up with any random guys. The only men in her life had been her father, and her best friend and next door neighbor (your character).

Your character is quite the opposite of Emily. He was a huge ladies man in high school, and college had only further secured that label. He wasn't an ass about it or anything; he was just a nice guy who enjoyed sex. And it came rather easy to him thanks to his good looks.

Emily falls for a new guy in one of her classes, but he too is experienced, and Emily gets nervous around him. She wants to impress him but doesn't want to make a fool of herself, so she asks her best friend for help. After some convincing he agrees to show her the ropes and to give her some sex ed. (haha sounds so lame :P)

He'd never thought of Emily as more than a friend, but when he curiosity peeks and he's forced to take her places he himself has never been, he can't help but see her in a new light.

Role filled. You can read this story here.

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IM roleplay

Hi Guys,

I'm looking to roleplay via IM (I have both yahoo and msn). I'm very much into vanilla types/ realistic roleplays. The roleplays I usually play are housewife/ neighbour/ builder/ door to door salesmen or boss/ secretary or chance meeting . But i' m open to other roles and like trying new roles. I find the idea of cheating also very erotic. I know roleplaying on IM can take time, but it doesn't have to be finished in one session.

I'm 42 years old, married and from the UK.

My preference is for straight , strong dominant males.

please pm me with your roles and scenes or an opening

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Someone please?

I really want to play the homeless girl out on the streets, to be taken in by some man to be his pet/sex slave. She's helpless, can't do anything to save herself.

I want someone to see a girl, masturbating in front of her laptop, and come in and take over her life.
I'm sorry, but as of 11-22, my android broke completely, and there is no telling when I will get on lit again. I'm hoping to get a new android or laptop very soon, but there is no telling when. Until I do, I won't be getting on.
I've finally set up my srp profile again and I'm looking for new partners to play with.


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I am looking to join or start a srp. I am open to both male and female partners. I envoy fantasy and sci ci themes the most but will do others. I don't have any specific ideas at the moment so just drop me a pm if you need a male char.

Also I am looking for a few more chars for my orp "To Boldly Go".

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ISO Male and Females. "The Lust Bug" (Hybrid 1x1/Group RP)

ISO both male and female writers.

The Story:
A virus is causing people to become uncontrollably horny, their minds and bodies bent on procreating at any cost!

Once they spot someone who they find attractive, they will do just about anything they have to do to have intercourse with the person. The virus is spread by touch, so if the infected person touches the "target" of their lust, the "target" becomes lustful, too ... but not necessarily for the person who infected them! (This should create some interesting IC thread writing!!)
A Hybrid RP:
While the replies that connect everyone together will be posted in the IC Thread, the actual collaborating on sexual scenes will be done in 1x1 threads which are linked to the IC thread.

Why do it this way?
1. The IC thread allows writers to introduce their characters and make them available to other writers. Writers can pick and choose between other writers:
a. You can pick someone currently online if you are anxious to write right away.

b. You can base your choice upon another writer's style.

c. Or maybe you just like the pic a writer posted for their character.
2. And the individual threads allow writers to collaborate with their current partner without having to play leap frog with all of the other writers who are writing their own conversational or sexual scenes. Make sense?
Don't worry, I will explain how to create and link the 1x1s in a way that makes sense in an upcoming BUMP!
Please Be Polite!
1. Do not push your character on another writer's character. Before your character "approaches" another writer's character, PM the writer and ask if they want to collaborate. If the writer says yes, determine a general direction you want to take the scene ... or, if you both agree, be spontaneous. But, the bottom line is, collaborate!

2. If you don't want to collaborate with a writer who had approached you, be polite. Refuse with a smile on your face -- or at least a in your refusal -- and a logical explanation ... or lie out your ass and say you're too busy or already writing or whatever ... but keep it polite. Try not to hurt another writer's feelings. On the flip side of the coin, if another writer tells you "no thanks", accept it!

3. A good way to prevent awkward situations is to put an OOC comment in your introductory reply, either at the bottom or the top, explaining the direction you wish to go with your character; how firm you are on spelling and grammar; whether you like to write romantic erotica or nasty porn; and such forth. If we know what you want, we can give it to you ... or walk away. Also, if you are an established writer, feel free to put a link in your introductory reply to an example of your favorite style of writing. (I am new here so I don't have any examples, but since I'm starting the IC thread, you will see examples very soon!)

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Skilled male looking for threads! Don't let my virgin status fool you, I know what I'm doing I've participated in a few threads already, but I just can't get enough! I need more threads, just don't know where to find them. Don't be shy, don't be afraid to write me, don't be afraid that I will disappoint, because I will do everything in my power to please you!

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IntChk: "Liars, Cheats, and other Fun People"

Bumped below

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IntChk: "Keeping it in The Family" (ISO of female to write three sisters)

My last story idea, I promise.

ISO Female Writer for roles of 3 sisters.

What happens when three sisters, two of whom are twins, all fall in love -- or lust, it's all good -- for the same man? Fun, and mayhem.

No major plot beyond my character's goal of achieving some sexual fantasies he's had since puberty:
1. To have more than one lover at a time.
2. To have one of his girlfriend's sisters, particularly a twin.
3. And to have a threesome. (It would never have occurred to him to try for a foursome, but it will now, of course. Will he get lucky ... winning the lottery type lucky? I guess that depends on how well I write!)
I think this would be easier to write with just one female writer writing all three sisters, but I could go with 2 if we were all going to be able to stick with the story and keep it moving along. (I hate starting a group and having someone bail.)

What I like to see in my writing partners:
1. At least 1 post almost everyday. (I generally post nearly every day, several times, but if you aren't that available, so be it.)

2. Good writing. Please do a spell check and review your grammar. I'm not looking for perfection; you won't get it from me, so how can I expect it. But if you're not at least going to do a spelling and grammar check before you post, we're really not suited for one another.

3. Mostly story, not sex. I don't rush to the sex scenes.

4. Erotica, not porn. I don't write what most people would call nasty. If what my character is doing is meant to be nasty, like a dirty role play, that's one thing, but I don't write a typical love making as something out of Hustler, with all kinds of references to fluids splashing about and such. That's just not enjoyable to me.

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Originally Posted by WordlessSoul View Post
UPDATED 1/3/2012


Don't let the name fool you, I have plenty of words to express. I have been lurking the forums for a few years, mainly lurking on Literotica.com more and so I decided to take the plunge and start writing on here. I am working on a few stories of my own to get published on the main site.

As my profile says, I am pretty much open for co-writing stories with male writers. I am a female and prefer the male/female aspect of a story. I have nothing against lesbian stories or the such, reading them mainly but not writing them since I have no experience with another woman.

I'm into anything really; hardcore bdsm, incest (anything but mother/son, for some reason I can't get into that), vanilla, forced, coerced, blackmail, drugs and alcohol (being drunk and on drugs), forced drugs and drinking, light bdsm. These are what I like and don't have to be what I need.

So, send me a private message and we can go from there. My posting times vary so much but I should be able to get in a post at least once a day (within a 24 hour period).

My profile is linked to the picture in my signature. Please refer to that for a deeper insight as to what I like. I am still looking and as of 1/3/2012 I only have 3 stories going but would love at least 1-2 more. Thank you!

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*role Filled*

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IC Thread posted. Don't let the length scare you; I always introduce new characters with a long post, but once I begin collaborating, my posts get shorter.

I named some of the families living on the block and gave some examples of people of different genders, marital status, and "fidelity status", just to give you some characters to play if you wanted. There are still lots of possibilities.

Take a look and keep in mind that these people are all connected by their addresses, yes -- they all live on the same block -- but they will all eventually be connected, directly or indirectly, to one another through their relationships, whether sexual or not; they all know each other, live near or with one another, have sex with one another or talk or play cards or what ever with one another.

This isn't meant to be a random assortment of unrelated 1x1s; these people are or will be connected to one another ... eventually.

Originally Posted by Lustful_Male View Post
ISO 1 or 2 females to write multiple characters; and later, once we are up and running, 1 or 2 more females and 1 or 2 males, also.

The six homes that occupy the 1600 block of Maple street are home to some of most questionable people ever to inhabit the suburbs. Liars, cheats, perverts, sex addicts, and more ...

... and they are all within line of sight of Tom Peterson's telescopes, binoculars, and digital cameras. Tom, who just turned 18, has spent the last 6 years watching his neighbors do all of their weird stuff. Now he's tired of watching; he wants to participate.

Looking for females (first, with males added later) who likes to mix their erotica with some twisted comedy. Characters will include parents, kids (legal age of course), neighbors, house keepers, nannies, pool boys, gas meter checkers, and anyone else.

I need at least one female writer to begin, then another, and then possibly a third and a male writer as well, to really get the story line running.

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Coming down from the Mountain

Looking for 3 intelligent and imaginative writers to join me, 1 male and 2 female to give it balance if possible, must be literate and able to post at the same pace the rest do in order not to make the story lag or... die.

Basic plot idea as as so...

A small community has isolated themselves high in the mountains, away from "modern" civilization and all it's troubles, where for the last 103 years they have lived together peacefully, with out trouble, with out aging, with out drama, for the most part life is good, productive and fulfilling to the inhabitants...

That is until an innocent and lost stranger wanders into the community, with news of the world around them and fascinating stories, stories which begin to pique the interest of the young and stir trouble that comes with curiousity... and the peaceful life begins to change, for better, or for worse...

PM me with your ideas, lets have some fun first, then sex with it, OK?

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I have had a few of my thread co-authors disappear on threads that barely got off the ground, so I'd like to see if anyone would like to reboot them.

First, a daddy-daughter incest thread. Daughter was cute but chubby, so always a bit jealous and resentful of her slender, sexy mother. Daughter has since grown into her figure as a teenager, so now mother is jealous of the attention the daughter has started to receive. Daughter is out to prove she has surpassed hzer mother and now subconsciously recognized that the ultimate proof would be seducing her father.

Second, a futanari thread. Original concept was my co-author, but we put a lot of brainstorming into the backstory. Essentially a normal female finds herself kidnapped by the futanari for use as a pleasure toy, but comes to enjoy it and ultimately to become one herself. Features body modification, pregnancy, and non-consensual encounters.

Third, I haven't done a Dom/sub thread in a while, so perhaps something in that vein. No "Taming of the Shrew", though. I find a pernicious rebellious streak to get tiresome. I did one that strictly emphasized power exchange as an expression of love between the partners, so perhaps something more like that.

As a general rundown, I tend to post at length and with what (I hope) considerable detail. Consequently, I prefer co-authors with similar verbosity. I recommend you check out my previous threads to get an idea as to my style.

If you are a female author with such wordy tendencies and an interest in any of these ideas (or something of your own that you'd like to pursue with me, please PM.

Likes & Dislikes: SRP Profile
updated May 2016

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The threads i am in seem to have slowed, so it seems i am in the market for a couple more to add to my roster.
I haven't come up with anything solid. I am looking for a possible paranormal romance thread, and a bdsm thread. I do have some vague ideas on the bdsm one, but nothing solid.
My preferences are listed in my srp profile which can be found in my sig. Also you may peruse my threads link for examples of my writing. I will say that the better writer my partner is, the better my writing tends to be. I can post at the very least once or twice a week when i get busy, but will most likely post daily or several times daily if the story pulls me in.
Hope to hear from you soon!
Because Illiana is no longer my sub I am taking down her sig. ~Tina

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I am interested in doing an Underworld thread in which I get to drill the fuck out of Kate Beckonsale's character Selene. So if anyone is interested in doing a thread in that universe please let me know, and I can come up with some plot for it and a reason for me to meet and fuck a death-dealer.
Insert something witty here.

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... ... ...

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My thread called Saving Dead Dog is a Dungeons and Dragons style (old school, like 1980s old school) free form game. We don't roll dice, or write up character sheets, but we are working in the spirit of the games I played in twenty years ago. If the image below is familiar to you, maybe you would enjoy our thread. If nothing else, come for the hot tubs! We have lost a few players along the way and are looking to get going again. We could especially use a few good men, though ladies are always welcomed as well. Press the image below to be whisked away to an old fashioned dungeon crawl, with the traditional imperiled village, the tavern and of course plenty of dark corridors to explore, full of traps and nasty creatures. Beasts, Battle Axes and Breasts. What's not to like?

I AM BACK! I have limited access, but I exist.

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Looking for some to have a X-men rp with me. What I am looking for some one to RP Sabertooth, I think he is the sexiest and the hottest of the two brothers.
A new story in works. Very Nervous incomplete!

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IntChk: "I want your Daughter" (ISO female for 2 roles)

Would you sacrifice your daughter's honor to secure the promotion of a life time?

Well ... okay ... would you at least do it in a role play...?

Your older character is a beautiful, erotic 35 year old mother of a cute, shy 18 year old ... and your boss -- who you are servicing already -- is about to offer you the promotion of a life time ... if you arrange for him to sleep with your daughter.

Looking for 1 female to write both roles. Good spelling and grammar; I'm not expecting perfection (cuz you won't get it from me either) but I do beg of you to at least check and correct before you post. Posts will generally be at least as long as this Interest Check, although -- when involved in sex or conversation -- shorter posts are allowed if they are appropriate to give the other character an opportunity to react to something.

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I am looking for perhaps two or three people familiar with World of Warcraft for a small group thread. Premise is certainly open for discussion, but I was thinking along the lines of a young Blood Elf that is forced to party with a few Alliance members (dungeon-type setting) in order to survive.

If interested and/or available, feel free to send me a PM

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I know we will survive

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As I haven't tried one yet, I would love to do a fantasy based thread with lots of action sequences. If you have an idea or would like to collaborate on one together, please let me know. Thanks.

My SRP profile and writing samples are below.

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I just put up an Interest Check for "Shop 'Til You Drop" in the Online Role Playing forum. I put it there because it's less of a sexually based role play that we normally see here in the SRP forum, but it will still have sex scenes in it.

It is about a shopping mall on long term lock down and about how the people inside interact. I think it could be fun. Please, check it out.

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need male for dawn of the revolution rp about the first french revolution
Roleplay Ideas
To my writing partners:
I am having computer problems and will be unable to post as regularly or as often as usual. I still want to continue my roleplays, but for the moment, I'll have to post when I can. It was unexpected and I would have given you warning.
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