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I want to do a Star Trek (DS9 era) SRP...

I'm looking for a male writer to join me and then perhaps, later on, we can more people.... I'm not sure, give me some ideas!

Let's have fun

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Looking for a female for these ideas.. if you are interested then PM me...

Everyday she rides the train, the same one he does, everyday she stands in the exact same place and every day he puts his hands on her. Feeling up her young firm breasts, wide hips and dampening panties underneath that tempting plaid skirt.. She never says a word, never screams or protests. Simply holds her tongue from moaning and leans against his strong form... Day after day of this is driving him crazy, each time they go their separate ways at the same station. He knows she's a virgin, that she seems like a good girl at first glance.. That they're at least ten years apart.. But his urges become too much, one day after they exit the train he takes her hand and leads her away, she doesn't fight or protest.. He knows she want's it too.
Mom and daughter are on a road trip. Mom goes into gas station. 'Bad' guy steals the SUV, where the daughter is asleep in the backseat. Neither the Carjacker or the girl know about the other until she wakes up. It could be a sweet story where they hit it off and she wanted to run away anyway, or he could hold her against her will.

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A New Life Style

This story will take place in the home of Dr. Jonathin Smith. His wife passed away a few years earlier and instead of giving his daughter the guideance and discipline she needed in her fromative years, he lavished her with gifts. She is now spoiled, obnoxious and very misbehaved.
However he has just received a registered letter from the exclusive college she is attending as a freshman. Opening it the letter reads,
Dear Doctor Smith,
It is with a sadden heart that I have to send you this news, but your daughter has skipped many classes and her GPA has fallen below a 1.0. Please make arrangements to have her belongings picked up as she is no longer a member of this fine institution.
With Regrets,
Dean Higgins
If there is a female writer that would like to play the part of a spoiled and misbehaved daughter, please PM. She is in for a total lifestyle that she has never encountered before.
Thank you,

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One on one RP on yahoo

hi this is Matt 32 m ...would love to do one on one RP with a female..

Am pretty open to most ideas except toilet/scat stuff..

my yahoo im is mattkr80@yahoo.com

Hope to hear from you soon


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My Dad is 6'1 and he is taller by at least a hand. I don't know how tall he really is but he towers over my 5'3". His skin is a nice sun darkened brown and he has the softest shoulder length wavy hair. People says he looks like that one guy who played in the newest Conan movie, um... Jason Momoa, yeah that's the guy. I can see it in nearly everything but the eyes. His are the deep blue of the ocean. Everyone I know says he hot and I can't disagree. He's delicious but he's Jenna's brother. Jenna is my best friend and is very protective of her brother, plus he has a girlfriend and I have a boyfriend. But that doesn't mean I can't look.

I'm looking for a guy to play the part of my best friend's brother. Jenna's brother is in his mid-to-late 20's, maybe even early 30's. Who pretty much looks like Jason Momoa but with deep ocean blue eyes.

Student and stunt double
5'3 petite muscular body with the sway of hips that match her full breasts.
Long dark brown hard that falls to the small of her back in gentle waves. And bright hazel eyes with thick lashes.

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I do have a rather strange idea and was wondering if any woman would be willing to try this with me.

I would love to do a thread WITHOUT a setting, without any preconception of what would or could happen and see where it takes us.

This thread should break the boundaries of imagination, it could be Sci-Fi, Fantasy, historical, psychedelic... I really don't know and think that exactly THIS would be the fun part.

So, any woman interested?
My SRP profile.

Wanna talk, chat or just insult me: Send my an PM
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Looking for some male writers for some semi-detailed rps. nothing novel length, but someone who posts 3 to 4 paragraphs. i'm open to ideas, but i mostly get into romantic threads the most. i love situations that go from awkward and possibly non consensual to consensual. If you have any ideas to toss at me or wanna thread/brainstorm, shoot me a pm.

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Wanted Board: A posting

Seeking: One female writer (with potential openings for another couple)

For: Co-writer role(s) in a sexual Rp (No working title as of yet)

Female Applicant
-Must be comfortable in portraying a 2nd degree (Highly varied from normal humans. More along the lines of half/half) furry. Any species other then domestic cats, dogs, and rabbits. Reptiles and birds acceptable.

-Must be comfortable in writing multi-paragraph posts, except in direct sexual encounters, where posts may or may not reach said length.

-Must be able to exist in a non-dominating role

-Can not demand a character wear high heels. I have a problem with them


-Males must be willing to portray humans, and females may portray 1st or 2nd degree furries, of any species (no restrictions, even to cats, dogs, or rabbits)

-Must be comfortable in writing multi-paragraph posts, except in direct sexual encounters.

-Same issue with high heels.

Basic synopsis:

In the not so distant future, the world is not particularly different then it is today. Sure, computers have gotten better, energy is cleaner, people are living longer and healthier lives, new enviormental preserves have opened up the wonders of nature in the world, and there are a few new fancy toys to play with, but all in all few big changes have happened. The same nations that where then are still here now, people still have the same prejudices, and there aren't any flying cars or food pills, or even a cure for cancer.

There was one big thing that happened though; The Beast Flu.

It wasen't much different from most pandemics. It started out growing in the slums of India and Africa, catching the poorest and least healthy. After a few days of strange cunvulsions, delerium, and a ravnious hunger, victeams died in their sleep, bloodless. Of course, poor and few as they where, word diden't spread, and before people relized what was going on, it was everywhere.

The only major abnormality about it, though, was something people never expected to see. Despite it occuring all over the world, the flu only ever seemed to affect female humans; no animal or man ever showed up possessing it. However, it was virulent, and even with the nations of the world working around the clock to find a cure, feminity was dropping in droves. It was virulent, hardyy, and 100% lethal. The remaining women locked up in specially sealed chambers by order of the United Nations, hope seemed all but lost, when suddenly a solution was stumbled upon.

It was found that, the reason that the virus never affected men or animals, was because of two codes hidden on the Y chromosone and nearly all the animal kingdom, barring the great apes. Although previously labeled as "nonsence" DNA, it was discovered that it, indeed, coded for an immunity to the infection. Of course, unable to seperate it from the Y chromosome (and indeed prefering not to live in a world full of hermaphroites), the men did what they needed to do; they cross-spliced animal genetics into the extracted eggs of the remaining women, producing an amazing new genetic code that would, when fertilized, form a creature immune to the ravanges of virus.

These gave rise to the furries; a new, uniquely female creature with breeding potential of both humans and their parent species. Gifted with a quirk of outstanding fertility, the creatures (when they reached maturity), turned out large litters of children, repedativly. Though studies are still being done on why, it seems all males are born pure human, and all females furries. As such, the dynamic of humanity changed for good.

Though, was if for the best? Despite the new fertility and immunity to the virus, the splicing had the unfortunate side effect of blunting the furries life span and intellgence. Due to genetic incompadability, low leves of mental redardation where almost omnipresent (Average IQ was about 80.2), with a life span of about 50 years even with the best medical care (though, oddly enough, old age diden't set in any earlier then it did for humans, so they never died old). As such, alongside inate desires from their animal species, they where deemed ill-suited and inefficant for proffesional life in all but the rarest cases (with specieal papers, perments, and tests). Insteed, they where raised in the native habitats of their parent species, trained in basic domestic duties, and later transfered to "Pet stores" to be sold to the men of the world, who where now swamped with a huge duty of running a society just as complex as the one before the flu, only with about 2/3s as many workers. It was a good relationship, both sides supporting one another, and it wasen't uncommon for a man to care for his new servents, showing them a tender, child worthy respect.

My character would be one such man; a bit poor, new out of the university but with a kind character and decent work ethic. Thanks to earning a surprise scholarship, he managed to scrape together enough cash for his first furry even before his first day on the jobs (He has had postions accepted, though, and will start). As such, he visits the Great Pet Store; the best place their is, with simulated biomes of the furries native enviroments for their comfort, to find his girl. What will he take? Can she adapt to the new, great world?

Only time will tell.
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Truth is Silver, but Lies are Golden

What Lies Beneath Her Lies

Hiding Behind Technology

Hey guys, Smiley here. I'm looking to re-start these old, dead threads. I really liked writing all three of these original ideas, just had no good, willing partner to write them with. They either ditched me, gave up on the thread, or simply disappeared. So who's looking to change that?

You can find the original threads above, just send a pm my way if you're interested with the Story Title as your subject, and then you can either discuss ideas/plot/your char with me, or give me a sample of your starting post? Thanks! (:
I come here to write, to loose myself in the amazing stories on this site, and to enjoy myself. It's like stepping into another world when I come here, and I love that about Lit. But here lately, it just doesn't feel the same. Maybe it's my lack of threads, maybe it's my loss of friends. I don't really know, but I want to enjoy Lit again. That's the only thing I ask for.

When I come here, it's like an escape from the real world. This is who I am, who I want to be. I don't have to hide my true self, or be judged for what I enjoy doing. I like coming here, and the people make me feel plenty welcome. So I think I'll stay a while. c:

Looking for something good to read? Want to try a thread with me? Take a look through my house, my writing, and send me a line? Prefer things more private? Send me a pm

Smiley's House of Love <----- There's some good reading material here (:


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Space Cowboy Chapter 6/Space Raiders

position taken

Space Cowboy Chapter 6/Space Raiders


The bar was crowded tonight. Rex sat in his private booth near the rear door. Halo is droning on about a party she had been at the night before. Rex looked at the door as a large brutish guy comes struting in and takes a seat at the bar. Rex had seen him around before. He could be trouble if he got too drunk.

Brossy the bar tender walzed over to the guy and inquired to what he would have.

"TANIUM AlE, no bottle, mug!" he grunted.

Rex gave Halo a knowing look. "He just ordered Tamiun Ale, they don't serve Tamiun Ale here, theres going to be problems."

Halo looked over at the big man. "Just another loud mouth, He'll be all right."

Rex watched as Brossy told the man he did not have what he wanted.

THe man started to reach over to grab Brossy, but Brossy can up with a blaster just as the man's hand brushed Brossy's waist coat.

"What .....I ment was I would like a Tamiun Ale, but will take what you have on tap!"

Halo looked back at Rex"See I told you"
Rex Lionheart.
Ship name:Star Dreamer
Height: 6'2'"
Weight: 195
Hair:Sandy in a longish Military style.
Nationality:Anglo-American/Moon, third generation 'Moonie"(born on Terren moon)
Back round: Five years in miliatary flying scouts. 3 years back won a the the interplanitary race from Earth to Neptune with three second place finishes previosly. Talks about engines and drives and tech chat to anyone who will listen. Drinks some, but not to excess, no nose candy or vein runners, that is simply too 20th Century for him. Loves all women, anything female catches his eye, though he prefers humans as bed mates. Has an alian side kick. She is a NEON a race that glows when excited. Her name is Halo. Her hue is blue.

A new Space Cowboy story ready to start, looking for a lady to jion the crew and fly amoung the stars.
Looking for a crew member.(edited)
Above is the start up scene.
PM if interested.
He smiles, he looks, he ran his fingers through her hair, she was beauty, not of our time, but the past.

A pirate life, that's what I want, oh to be on the sea, and hear the cannons roar!

You know you have it good. When the best ass on the beach is only half as good as what you have at home!

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Kidnap and forced sex story.

Father/mother travel with daughter pull in for gas or get hijacked daugher in the back sleeping and is inadvertantly kidnapped when the car is taken.
She then gets used and abused by the hijackers.

Looking for a guy to play multiple characters or a few guys.

Interested, pm me prefer more than a one line response to posts.

Thanks Beth

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Or how about any space type story? I feel like playing an alien on the run from a bounty hunter... yummy

Originally Posted by WordlessSoul View Post
I want to do a Star Trek (DS9 era) SRP...

I'm looking for a male writer to join me and then perhaps, later on, we can more people.... I'm not sure, give me some ideas!

Let's have fun

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Looking for one male

Hi Though I've been a long time reader and I do write other places in other styles, I've never written anything erotic and would love to give it a try.

I'm looking for one male writer to join me in a story about a woman who texts the wrong number and the man how receives it. Send me a pm if you're interested

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I decided to put this up, I just finished mass effect 3 and have a ton of ideas. What id love to do is a mass effect rp. My character maybe an original or the female Shepard would depend on the character you would take, pm me if interested. Feel free to be any guy from mass effect 1 Thur 3.

Id LOVE to do one with the illusive man, because I have a made up woman for him.

PM if interested.
Ideas Needing A Player

SRP Profile

I am always looking for a new rp, have an idea send me a message

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I posted a new SEEKING idea, "A One Horse Town", in the ORP section, but as it will sometimes feature sex scenes and other graphic plots, I thought I would solicit writers here as well.

"A One Horse Town" is about a small Wyoming town in the 1880s that, because of new access to it, is about to become a boom town.

I will initially play two characters, a wealthy land owner and the Sheriff. I am looking for ALL types of characters.

Currently we have a couple of gun slingers -- current and former -- a farmer's daughter, a bartender, a sheriff, and a wanna-be deputy.

I am looking for ... well, everyone else.

I would like writers to be willing to play long term and short term players over time, with some of the latter being less developed, expendable characters. (People die!) We may even need a new Sheriff after a while; they tended to die as well.

Please go to the link above if you would like to leave a comment, ask a question, or simply join up after taking a look at the IC thread.

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Looking for someone to do an SRP with I will do anything, I do like to bite and I like vampire romance so if anyone out there would love to SRP with me let me know! I prefer to do SRP with men but Women will work as well I will just have to play the male lol Im actually in the mood to do and Vampire romance SRP! :3

If you are interested just shoot me a message :3

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Falling in love A demons tale

Hey guys here is a rough idea of a thread id like to do on a demon falling in love or something along the lines

Setting: Current day New York City
Needed: One male fill the role and who can play a few NPC characters when nessary.
Plot: In modern day times demons have dialed it down but are still up to the same tricks. Damon (Just giving him a name its not necessarily permanent) was head of a local mob in Alice's neighborhood Alice had bee warned by her parents to stay away from him. Damon was different than most Mob he was also a demon unknown to most in his group. It was known around town that Damon was a cold blooded killer and didn't take no shit from anyone.
One day while on a job robing a local jewelers. He came across Alice the girl who had foolishly stepped in to save a few lives. Damon is unable to pull the trigger he leaves. Over the next few weeks he becomes more and more obsessed with why he wasn't able to pull the trigger on the girl.

That's about it for my idea I'm going to post a char. Description of Alice. Its open to anyone. Just pm me if your interested

Name: Alice Lacrux
Age: 19 or 20
Height: 5'7
Weight: About 120
Breasts: about a 42D
Eye: Lavender
Hair: Back length black
Personality: Feisty and a fighter but has a heart of gold.
Occupation: Japanese Cafe waitress
Where has everyone gone..

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Hi Everyone!

I'm looking for a guy to start a role-play with. The scenario I have in mind involves a girl whose family was murdered by the mafia when she was only nine years old. Ten years later she returns to the Big City to sneak her way get her vengeance.

I imagine she would start by getting a job at one of the mob's many "legitimate" fronts (strip club, porn studio, brothel, underground gambling hall, etc) and work/seduce her way deeper into the organization until she finds the man who killed her family.

The "thrill" of the story would be my character forcing herself to submit to sex acts she finds despicable all in the name of completing her mission, so my partner should be sexually aggressive and adventurous. Also, I strongly prefer partners who write paragraph style posts rather than man single-sentence posts.

If you're interested, please PM me! Thanks!!
Please do not PM me asking to RP via instant message. I am only interested in story threads.
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Seeking female for young flirt

My 30-40 year old male character is the neighbor of our 18-22 year old, represented by this porn model's pics, of which I have dozens. (You get to choose the pic(s) for my character, obviously.)

My character has money, and your character needs it; cell bills, wardrobe, gas for beach trips, iPods, tuition, what ever. She has no job and her parents -- with whom she still lives -- won't give her any because she won't get a job.

So, she turns to my character. Oh, it's just flirtation at first. Skimpy bikinis out back and coffee at a local shop with no bra underneath a thin top; but it gets more erotic as they begin to understand one another, with her masturbating for him, maybe having sex with another girl her age and giving him the video, and ultimately having sex with him.

What will she do for him? And what will she expect in return?

Let's find out.

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Would love for an experienced female writer to join in my 'twincest' story, Closer Than Twins- http://forum.literotica.com/showthread.php?t=801890

I'm back after a long time away, and trying to get back up to pace. Let me know if you would like to write anything, please! I'm mostly into realistic stories, but can definitely branch out.
"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace."- J. Hendrix

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I have this idea swimming around in my head of a woman who is either stalked by a stranger/former boyfriend/co-worker/aquaintence and is in a car accident and sustains severe injuries, which leaves her suffering from amnesia. The stalker uses this opportunity to steal her away from the hospital and create a fantasy life for them. She will eventually begin to remember and I would like the story to turn into a thriller as her memories begin to return.

If you're interested please send a PM, but before you do I want a literate writer, who pays attention to detail and writes at least three paragraphs for a post. I would also like to dicuss the potential darker side of this storyline and leave the male character to your ideas and development.

BTW... I'm not a fast writer, so there will be a week/week-ish between my replies.

"I want to see all sides of you...it's nice to see that your creative side is as pretty as you are."

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Any girls in the mood for starting a True Blood roleplay. I don't have any exact plot points or who I'd be playing. I've never done a vampire roleplay before either so would be kind of fun. I'm looking for the girl to play Sookie or Jessica or both.

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Hello everyone! My name is Caylee and I am possibly looking for new roleplay partners .

I am 41 years old, and my main interest lies in mother/son. I enjoy detail and creativity, affection and romance opposed to pure lust. The build up, setting, and scenario are key points for me. While not completely opposed to the more drawn out style of message boards, I much prefer instant messaging and ability to retain detail and style, while still responding in a timely manner to keep flow. I have Yahoo Instant Messenger for that reason . If I find a partner I click with, I generally keep them around for quite a spell and do connected scenes that end up being a rather detailed relationship.

If anyone is interested you can private message me here or contact me on yahoo instant messenger. My tag is Cayleebug2011@yahoo.com

Hopefully I get to chat with some new folks and meet some people I click with .

Take care!

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My Preferences

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