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Looking for female writers

Okay here are some ideas. I may add some from past SRPs that I have enjoyed. I always open to doing variations or changing something.

PM me with interest.

All roles filled.
Anyone wanting to SRP please PM with ideas.

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Looking for Female(s) for a couple of RP ideas

First is a Coach and his player. Oddly enough, a lot of women's sports teams are being coached by males, who have a lot of contact and control over their female players. The idea is that my character, a man in his 30's, is a new coach of a small but highly successful woman's college basketball team is being constantly teased by one or more of the female players where he finally snaps, and reciprocates in force to the lust that has been building up between him and one or more of his players.

How the other players, the performance of their game and pursuit of their Division's championship, not to speak of his job, are affected by this would be interesting to see.

The Second idea is a high school girl just turned 18, is stood up by her prom date. My character, a male teacher in his 30's, comforts her. She always had a strange crush on him, which leads them down a path neither of them expected, but find hard to escape. Again, the conflict of a teacher and one of his students being in a relationship which threatens to destroy him and her, but neither want to get out of it.

If interested, PM me, or hit me up with some other ideas.
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"Breakfast at the Whitney" may sound like a romantic comedy, but let me assure you ... it's not!

Think "Running Man" meets "Death Race" meets "Deliverance". (Okay, "Deliverance" is a stretch, but it was the first rape scene movie that came to my mind.)

ISO male and female writers.

See the above link for the IC thread, which -- in the first post -- included links to the OOC and Writers Discussion threads, too.

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The story of X-COM begins in 1998, with increased reports of UFO sightings. Tales of abduction and rumors of attacks by the unknown aliens become widespread. The nations of the world come to perceive this as a threat and attempt to form their own forces to deal with this, such as Japan's Kiryu-Kai force; these forces fail miserably, the Kiryu-Kai not intercepting a single UFO in its five months of operation. On December 11, 1998, representatives from some of the most powerful nations in the world meet in Geneva, Switzerland, to discuss the issue. From this meeting was born the secret paramilitary organization Extraterrestrial Combat Unit (X-COM.)

X-COM is recruiting field operatives to battle aliens and learn more about the enemy, their species, sub-species, mutated creations and technology. Will you answer the call to be earths only defense? Seeking hardened soldiers, field medics, scientists, engineers, and anyone with 'exceptional' talents, skills, or knowledge.

OOC: X-COM: UFO Defense Force.
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I was thinking of a Edward Teaque RP he is a character from pirates of the Caribbean he is 72 and immortal, thought it would be interesting for him to have a young love interest. PM me if interested.

I'm actually thinking of a walking dead RP pm me if interested and with who you would want to play. I always loved Daryl

I am also interested in a batman rpg, need a batman for that. About time he had a steady love interest not being such a playboy. Pm me for story ideas.

And another idea to throw up here is about the mafia, the godfather (or don) depending on what you want, there is a woman that is in the mafia family, the woman is the family secret weapon. She is an assassin, and the godfather (or don) is madly in love with her. Age is up to you, but for the godfather or don id say maybe late 40's to what ever. Or can be younger I don't really care

I started thinking about a star wars rp 1 on 1. My interest would be Lord Vader, it would start from movie 2 where he has picked his side to become a Sith. But he has a best friend who has always been there for him, she is the one who rescues him from the lava pit, the one who stays with him as Lord Vader

I am looking to do either a werewolf or vampire story, which is up to you.

But the basic idea is of two best friends, the male is the werewolf or vampire and is hiding what he is afraid his friend whom he loves to death will be afraid of him. He wants to be with her physically. But knowing that he would lose control.

I am not really into Harry Potter, but there were two characters I just loved.

Remus Lupin a wizard and werewolf (but uses a potion to stop changes)


Lord Voldermort (Love bad guys)

I had an idea for each, if interested pm me.

Feel free to send me a message on

YIM - fatalmayu
AIM - Fireflydeath
MSN- fightingtifa@hotmail.com
Ideas Needing A Player

SRP Profile

I am always looking for a new rp, have an idea send me a message

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I'm looking for female characters for some non-consensual role play. I prefer threads over PM, because it's too hard to go back and look up something with a PM.

Here are a couple of ideas, if you are interested then PM me and we'll talk...

A man kidnaps a woman and keeps her in a small cell of a room. He says noting to her and feeds her nothing but chicken soup. The woman craves human contact of some kind and because of the lack of communication she eventual breaks and becomes the man's willing sex slave.
A Man kidnaps the woman who stole his business out from under him.
A real estate agent is raped while showing a house to what she thinks is a potential buyer
A woman is kidnapped by a man who comes to look at the car she has for sale
A man catches a rich young woman shoplifting. He blackmails her into becoming his slave.

If none of these ideas catch you eye, then PM me with your own ideas and maybe we can work something out.

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For one reason or another my current threads are on pause at the moment and I'm looking for some new ones. Feel free to PM me with ideas. Posts are preferably a few paragraphs in length and story is important. I have ideas of my own, so if anyone is interested feel free to contact me.

Either way happy writing.

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I would like to propose a story idea. It is roughly based on a series of books I recently read, called the Vampire academy. If you are interested, drop me a PM. You can fit into this story from any angle that you like.


Elizabeth Farly was on duty. Her posture was straight, her form clad in comfortable yet formal black slacks with a crisp white button up shirt and a black jacket that concealed her silver stake at her side. Her short cropped hair were black as night, just reaching below her ears, hiding the marks she had tattooed at the back of her neck. They were marks of victory, marks of battles she had lost and won against the Strigoi. It was a sign of respect and if there was an attack, you would want Liz at your side.

Her blackberry eyes followed every move Trace made, surreptitiously. He was her ward that she was assigned to protect, a member of the royal court, which made him important … and a prone target to a Strigoi attack. He was a few years older than Liz, which was an odd pairing as the guardians normally paired their wards to be of the same age more or less and the same sex. Liz, was however the best, and although Trace didn’t quite appreciate the fact that his safety was in the hands of a 19 year old teenage girl, she was determined to prove her worth.

Dominic, her guardian partner, moved from his position, wordlessly switching places with Liz. He was now on personal detail, keeping an eye on Trace, while Liz was to spread out further and check the perimeter. She was thankful for the reprieve to stretch her legs and catch a breath of fresh air. If she had to stare at Trace for another minute she might not be able to stop her mind from wandering … imagining things she should not be thinking about.

Liz stepped out onto the balcony, the crisp air revitalising her senses. She automatically circled around the outside, checking doors, serving staff, windows. Her mind kept wandering back to Trace. He barely registered her presence, nevermind acknowledging her existence at all, which was how it should be.

Damnit Liz, focus. He is out of your league. What are you thinking?

Liz was a Dhampir, a half-human, half-vampire hybrid. She had no fangs or aversion to sunlight, but she was naturally darker, leaner and stronger. Her race was regarded as inferior to the pure vampire bloodlines, of which Trace was one. The pure vampires were normally fairer, taller, weaker - but could wield the power of an element in which they normally specialised in one, alone.

The strigoi were once pure vampires that took the life of a human, dhampir or a vampire to destroy their souls, effectively killing all signs of humanity. They were evil, heartless and were born killers. Pure vampires normally became one by killing someone while feeding and it was normally very deliberate.

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Space Cowboy Chapter 6/Space Raiders

Still looking for a lady to explore the stars with. See 2/13/12 for details.
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I'm looking for players both male and female for a group thread: the final year of high school. It's the senior year and hormones are on overdrive. Everyone knows that there's not much time together left. Long-term crushes have to be acted on now, platonic friendships that have existed since grade school are suddenly turning into something more passionate... it's all to play for. PM me if you're interested.

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If there were a Ben and Jerrys ice cream flavor for most Literotica Roleplayers it would be "everything but the kitchen sink". My flavor would be more like "old fashioned Vanilla". Haha... If you catch my drift and are looking for a roleplay partner who is not into taboo and sci-fi story lines then send me a private message. I have several ideas ready to go but am also open to coming up with something new!
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I'm looking to RP with a male writer. I prefer to play submissive roles, but if you have any other ideas you'd love to try, I'm all ears. PM me if you're interested; just make sure that you're able to write lengthy posts. Thanks!

Current ideas:

1) My character is a gambling kind of gal, who lives on the thrill of hiking up the stakes. That said, with enough practice, she's become a natural to poker, blackjack and the likes. However, one day she meets her match.

2) My character is a first year student at a university and finds herself being invited to a party by her boyfriend. Once there, she bumps into one of his friends. Through certain circumstances (to be decided) they become a bit intimate.
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Looking for a male or female RPer to join in a RP. Will open this to more than one player if there is interest.

Summary: A young college student in need of some extra cash posts a "Situation Wanted" ad. The ad reads: Young and eager woman in search of a position that pays well. Lots of experience and willing to learn new things." Naively thinking that she was posting an ad in a local paper, little does she know that she actually placed it in an adult magazine.

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(Reposting this idea to see if I get any more hits towards it...)

Looking for someone to play a male role in a few ideas I have... I ask that you be comfortable with role playing and writing and the English language.

(For anyone who wants to know, I'm ganking some ideas from Fallout, but only so that people who don't know about the game could participate... however, if you do know Fallout, that's excellent!) The world is no longer rich and green and fruitful, made a wasteland because of nuclear war. Most everything has died, including a huge amount of the human population. Some humans have survived in fallout shelters, others were able to survive in deep caves or fortified areas. Some that were caught outside lived... most died. And some were turned into a nightmare.
They are still human, but because of their outward appearance - an effect of very heavy radiation - most people now call them ghouls or zombies. Most ghouls go feral - they turn into the mindless flesh-eaters of horror cinema. But some retain their humanity, their personality.
I have two ideas for this. One is that my character has been hired as a ghoul hunter. She is naive and has no idea that there are ghouls who are not feral. So anytime she sees a ghoul, she shoots them - it's what she's paid to do, and she's been told that if she doesn't kill them, they could potentially infect her. A band of ghouls manage to kidnap her, but not to harm her, simply to show her that they aren't monsters. (Or she becomes partner with a ghoul that perhaps dresses in such a way that it's hard to tell that is a ghoul?)
The second idea is that, since the huge nuclear war that caused the world-wide fallout, there has been a greater traffic in slaves. There are many people in the wastelands who make money as 'slavers' - catching people with special equipment to keep them in line and then selling them. All known slavers are human, but there's a group of ghouls that make a profit enslaving humans. My character would of course end up as a slave sold to a ghoul and we'd go from there.

Also, since Mass Effect 3 is so close to coming out, while I don't have any ideas, I'd adore playing a female Commander Shepard with Wrex, Grunt, Joker, Zaeed, Legion, Mordin, Garrus, Kaiden, or Jacob. Or an interesting original character of yours, if you've got one. (As you can see, I love Krogan!)

Just some ideas. Doubt I'll get a lot of interest since they're based on something rather than original ideas, but thought I'd try anyway. :)
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Originally Posted by SweetAsSuga View Post
Looking for a male or female RPer to join in a RP. Will open this to more than one player if there is interest.

Summary: A young college student in need of some extra cash posts a "Situation Wanted" ad. The ad reads: Young and eager woman in search of a position that pays well. Lots of experience and willing to learn new things." Naively thinking that she was posting an ad in a local paper, little does she know that she actually placed it in an adult magazine.
I'm wondering where you'd like this to go so that the RP is enjoyable for you. What are some scenes that might be the best inspiration for you?

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IM roleplay

Hi Guys,

I'm looking to roleplay via IM (I have both yahoo and msn). I'm very much into vanilla types/ realistic roleplays. The roleplays I usually play are housewife/ neighbour/ builder/ door to door salesmen or boss/ secretary or chance meeting . But i' m open to other roles and like trying new roles. I find the idea of cheating also very erotic. I know roleplaying on IM can take time, but it doesn't have to be finished in one session. I also like using pictures to enhance the roleplay.

I'm 44 years old, married and from the UK.

My preference is for straight , strong dominant males.

please pm me with your roles and scenes or an opening

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Roleplay on yahoo/other IM

hi this is Matt, 32 yrs old from Chicago, currently in London...looking for sexual role play on yahoo or another im. Love to play some taboo/cheating/neighbor/co worker kinda roles...i guess modern realistic roles...

I don't do toilet stuff - no offence but thats just not sexual to me

pm me or add me mattkr80@yahoo.com


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A new role idea. . .

Looking for a male, or someone wanting to play a male, for a creative role with some submission/domination.

Big progress has been made by a large political organization focused on promoting “traditional” values about the place of women in society—specifically, they should be submissive to men, should dress in flattering clothing, and should give any property they hold to their husbands or fathers. Eventually, the organization hopes to make women once again the property of men, but this is an eventual goal. Immediately, they're most concerned with women no longer having the right to vote or to run for political office.

I'm open to other ideas with this setup, but I picture your character running this large organization, and I would play the part of a young, unpaid intern working as one of your personal assistants. Working for this organization, I'd already believe a lot of their views, but would probably be taught new things about obedience and pleasing men through this internship

PM me if you're interested in talking more about this.

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So I've taken a short break from the threads and now I'm back and looking for some new roleplay partners.

Hi my names Hannah I'm twenty years old, I'll give you my basic apperance and measurments.. as I like my character to be close to me. I'm 5"2, 32B, slim, long dark brown hair and big blue eyes.

I'm submissive and tend to be in my roles, though I have to say I can be a brat... and I do like to be reluctant sometimes.

I'm probably looking for someone who tends to be a little rough.. doesn't mind doing it in roleplay's or giving out punishments. I'm pretty much open for anything.

I don't have a problem with incest..

Roles that I like..

Are brother/sister daddy/daughter... dominant/submissive...

I've been thinking about a couple of idea's.. i'll give a brief explanation below..

I was thinking you would play my brother... set back in ancient rome or ancient greece.. you would be the king and I would be your sister... back then I don't think that brother/sister relationships were illegal but I am not entirely sure.. I was thinking perhaps my puriety would come into question.. and you decide to take action.

Or I would play the role of a young girl, you would be stalking me.. there are so many ways I could see this one playing out.. kidnap, you sneaking into my room in the middle of the night, force... caught and learning to love.

I also have a few threads open.. or drop me a pm with your idea or if you are interested in any of mine.


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looking for threads to join. check my threads to see what i like. hoping to get alot of invites to rolplay im 26 5'5 130# shoulder length black hair 35C chest pm me with ideas plese

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All about the booty, and stuff

So. I'm a girl who'd like to speak to other girls into ass and anal-focused role plays. I know you're out there because you PM me in Lit chat all the time. Let's do it somewhere without the lag.

I'm quite open as far as scenarios go, and I have a few I typically like to indulge in, but I'd like to truly collaborate, so be sure to bring some of your own ideas as well. I can be a bit picky so only contact me if you consider yourself a serious writer and appreciate all things ass. I also tend to like to work off of personal experience, and I usually play as myself with not much embellishment unless it's something fantastical. It would be nice if you were on the same page with that, as well.

No men. All else say hi


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I'm thinking of doing an Angel and Demon RP. Make it seem as though there was a war going on, until my character would be captured by the demons. It'd be have to talked out to work a few kinks out. Pm if your interested.

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looking for threads to join. i like stuff like father in law/daughter in law and uncle/ niece. also like teacher student and boss secretary as well as non consent and blackmai. please check my threads to see ideas ive alreay played. pm me if you wish to play with me.

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I'm a submissive, creative girl, and I have a lot of ideas I'd like to try out. Here's one, but I'm open to ideas from others as well!

In New Mexico and Arizona, there are bikers and there are Bikers. The bikers ride motorcycles, have parties, drink a lot, etc, but go home to normal lives. The Bikers, on the other hand, are real outlaws, and live totally detached from what most people would consider "normal." They're tough gangs who would never have a normal marriage or kids, because women are just bitches, there to obey and provide some entertainment, and nothing more.

I'm a naive girl who has always been obsessed with bikers, not recognizing the difference between the two kinds. At 19, I sneak into a biker bar to see what it's like, and a Biker decides to make me a part of that outlaw biker world. . . but I'm going to have to give up a lot to become part of it.

PM me if you're interested!
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