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The eagle and the bear (open to 3 females, to write for each of the houses. PM me!)

House Tarron. The bear.

Lord Iolas and Lady Imra. Daughter Gweyr, son Faelyn, daughter Sheera.

The bells rang loudly, summoning the crowd from the whole city to the outer court of the temple.

"Hurry up!" Sheera called to her sister Gweyr, stomping her feet in impatience. "You always take so long to get ready!"

"Alright, alright!" Gweyr replied straightening her golden hair, turning to face her impatient sister with a bright smile on her face.

"For all the gods! What are you wearing???" Sheera gasped, covering her mouth, her eyes locked on her sister's deep cleavage, exposing almost half of her round breasts, her nipples threatening to emerge at the first wrong move.

"We can't have the initiated to get all the looks, can we?" Gweyr giggled, winking at her younger sister.

Sheera scoffed. "Come, come, or they'll start without us!" Sheera suddenly got over her pontification and took her sister by the hand, dragging her towards the exit of the Keep, where their parents and their brother awaited.

"Late as usual!" her mother Imra shook her head, a soft smile appearing on her face as she admired the boldness of her daughter's attire.

"Girls always are!" Faelyn smiled gallantly as he took his position between his sisters, both of them locking arms with him.

Lord Iolas smiled at his three children and turned to head towards the temple, his wife by his side. Gweyr, Faelyn and Sheera followed in behind, walking across the empty inner court that lead to the temple, where two senior priests dressed all in red bowed and then lead them inside. As they made their way through the temple and on to the temple porch, the crowd cheered. They were lead to their balcony to the side and took their seats, the proud family crest adorning all the banners: the crouched bear.

"I heard she's beautiful!" Sheera whispered to her brother.

"They all are! Otherwise the priests won't even look at them!" Faelyn whispered back.

Their conversation was suddenly interrupted by the sound of the silver trumpets, and everyone looked on as the high priest made his appearance in his bright red robe. He stopped at the top of the main steps and raised his hands, silencing the crowd.

"Behold the offering to the gods!" he said, with a trembling, yet decisive voice.

The drums started rolling, and Sheera rose to get a better look. Two red priests emerged from the temple holding on to the arms of what everyone knew was a young woman, her head and face covered by a white veil. She was lead down the stairs from the temple and then up again a high podium, where two more priests awaited. The anticipation in the crowd was almost unbearable when the drums stopped beating.

"Lord Iolas of Tarron!" the high priest said loudly, and bowed towards the balcony.

Iolas stood and walked to the edge.

"The gods demand their offering!" he said loudly, his face changing in slight disgust. "Or so the priests tell me…" he added gritting his teeth, with a deep rumbling voice. "So here she is! May she be acceptable to the gods!" he said and pointed at the girl.

The high priest grimaced and bowed to Lord Iolas, and then walked down the stairs and up to the podium, positioning himself in front of the veiled girl. In a swift move, he removed the light veil. The crowd gasped as they gazed at the beautiful girl before them. Her dark hair only emphasised her deep blue eyes even more, as she looked straight into the high priest's eyes.

The priest turned the balcony again and said: "Lord Iolas of Tarron, we call for your first born to unveil the offering!"

"Hasn't she been unveiled already?" Sheera asked baffled.

"That's not the unveiling he means!" Faelyn grimaced and stood at his father's nod. Faelyn walked down the main stairs from the balcony and then up again to the podium. The four priests bowed and stepped down, leaving him and the high priest with the girl.

The drums started to roll as Faelyn took his position behind the girl. She sighed as she felt the hilt of his sword poking in her back.

"I am sorry for this!" Faelyn said to the girl, the high priest frowning as he overheard.

"Do it, young lord!" the priest said to him, his voice barely making it over the sound of the drums.

Faelyn raised his hands and grabbed the edges of the girl's flimsy white dress. She shivered when she felt his hands on the delicate skin of her shoulders. He grabbed on and then in one swift move he ripped the dress away. As the dress fell to the ground leaving the stunning girl naked, the drums stopped and every one cheered loudly.

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House Tarron

"She is stunning!" Sheera gasped, covering her mouth.

"She wouldn't be there if she wasn't!" Gweyr hissed, jealous that all eyes were on the girl's enticing curves.

"You shouldn't be jealous, Gweyr, these girls will only know the pleasure of priest's fingers and tongues! If she's lucky!" her mother Imra intervened with some sadness in her voice.

"You mean they never get fucked?" Sheera blurted out as they watched the young girl being paraded on the edges of the podium.

"If they are initiated, no. Not if they want to keep their heads on their shoulders!" Imra replied, giving her younger daughter a disapproving look.

"But that is such a shame. She's so beautiful!" Sheera insisted.

"That's the meaning of sacrifice!" Iolas said flatly as he looked at the girl being paraded and cheered by the crowds.

"But... where are all the older ones?" Sheera asked. "There's only another one that I know of!"

Imra and Iolas exchanged looks, not knowing if they should enlighten their young sixteen year old daughter. Iolas nodded and then looked at the girl again.

Imra began tentatively: "Such beautiful girls... well... they can't resist the temptations of pleasure... It takes a lot of restraint to become a priestess when they turn forty years old. Most end up pregnant within the first year or two... and then, well..."

"They get their heads chopped off!" Gweyr blurted.

"NO!" Sheera shook her head.

"Yes. While being fucked by the high priest!" Gweyr added sadistically.

"Gweyr!" her mother admonished her.

"What? It's true!" Gweyr replied, looking at Sheera with a cheeky grin. "Come to think of it... maybe I shouldn't be jealous of her!"

The priest suddenly raised his hands, silencing the crowd.

"The sacrifice will now be prepared for initiation by the first born of our Lord." he shouted. "Are you ready, young lord?" he asked Faelyn.

"Yes!" Faelyn answered as the beautiful girl turned to face him, his eyes drawn by the perfection of her figure and hard nipples.

"Then take her to the sacred pool!" the priest said loudly.

Faelyn took a step forward and took the girls hand, walking her down the steps of the podium and up the main stairs of the temple.

"Where is he taking her?" Sheera inquired.

"To the sacred pool. Your brother will bathe her and then he will try to make her come. If he succeeds, she will be taken to the inner chamber and will be initiated. If he fails, the priests will use her like a whore and dump her on the steps of the temple when they're done with her!" Gweyr said.

"What??? Why??" Sheera almost shouted.

"Because if she doesn't come, the gods rejected her!" Iolas said, just as Faelyn and the girl disappeared behind the gates of the temple.
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OOC: The four houses of Menos

The idea of "The eagle and the bear" is a constant power struggle between four major houses ruling the Menos Island, the largest Island in an archipelago ruled by the King, who resides on another Island. The four houses are listed below, with Houses Tarron and Eldar as the most powerful. Here are the houses:

House of Eldar
Coat of arms: Eagle.
Residence: City of Brevis in the North of the Menos Island, carved in the mountains, with high towers on the edges of a wide plateau. The only access into the city is a drawbridge over a deep ravine.

Ruler: Lord Renn and his wife Naevys

son - Nym
son - Eldrin
daughter - Elora
daughter - Raelin
son - Bellas

House of Tarron
Coat of arms: crouching bear
Residence: City of Iria, in the middle of the Island, placed on top of a hill in the middle of a vast and thick forest that stretches from the east to the west coast. The city is surrounded by high walls, and the only ways in are through the north and south gates, with drawbridges over a crocodile invested moat surrounding the whole city.

Ruler: Lord Iolas and Lady Imra

daughter - Gweyr
son - Faelyn
daughter - Sheera

House of Qildor
Coat of arms: Roaring Tiger
Residence: Port City of Tamaris, on the south western coast, the most southern city of Menos Island.

Ruler: Lord Ruardh and Lady Imryll

daughter - Sylmae
daughter - Eloen
daughter - Ikeshia

House of Eroan
Coat of arms: The Dragon
Residence: Port city of Nendos, on the south eastern coast, further north than Tamaris.

Ruler: Lord Ralnor and Lady Shyael (deceased)

son - Elidyr
daughter - Cerdwin
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House Eldar

"Father, you sent for us?" Nym asked as he and his brother Eldrin bowed.

"Yes, come in!" Lord Renn said softly, as he gazed out his window.

The two young men stepped forward, exchanging glances and shaking their heads. They knew what was coming.

"You know why I asked for you!" Lord Renn said, still looking out his window.

"Yes, father, we know!" Nym said, looking down after they both sat in front of the large wooden desk.

"And? Have you decided?" Renn asked as he turned to them, folding his arms.

"It's not an easy decision!" Nym replied and stood, starting to pace the room. "The Qildor girls are all famously beautiful, but Lord Iolas will not take kindly to being by-passed!"

"The Tarrons never liked us anyway!" Eldrin commented.

"That's not my point! Even if Lord Iolas says no, we still have to ask, or risk conflict. Maybe not all out war, but conflict for sure!" Nym explained.

"Do YOU like the Qildor girls?" Renn asked his younger son.

"Yes, they are all beautiful! And the house of Qildor has no male descendant as yet. If one of us marries the first born Sylmae…"

"You marry her then! Marry her and rule Qildor!" Nym blurted angrily, and then sighed, calming down.

"You like the Tarron girl, don't you?" Renn asked Nym, looking kindly at him.

Nym looked up and sighed. "What if she says no? What if her father says no? I cannot risk that!"

"Yes, your pride will suffer... Then you must find out if they are at all open to that proposal, before you even ask!" Renn said smiling.

"You are sending me to visit Iria? Why would I visit the House of Tarron? On what pretext?" Nym inquired.

"The new steel! It would be courteous of us to share the new discovery with the mighty house of Tarron, would it not?" Renn grinned.

The boys looked at each other and smiled, nodding.

"You're not going, Eldrin! I'm not risking both my sons!" Renn said flatly.

"But… what about me then?" Eldrin asked.

"Your time will come, my son!"

"The Qildor girls…" Eldrin said in resignation.

"One of them. Not all of them!" his father chuckled, making Nym burst out laughing.

"What if I don't like Sylmae? I heard Eloen is the prettiest!"

"You can have your pick once your brother is wed!"

"What if the Faelyn Tarron has his choice first?" Eldrin asked nervously.

"All in good time. Eloen may be the prettiest, but the other two are just as good looking. And don't forget the Eroan girl!" his father smiled.

"Cerdwin? I heard she's quite the recluse!" Eldrin said, shaking his head, smiling with the corner of his mouth.

"She's mysterious, not a recluse. And I heard she's served by four beautiful servant girls, and they all sleep naked in her bed!" Nym grinned, amused when he saw his brother blushing.

"Prepare for your journey, Nym! And select the best sword forged with the new steel! You shall deliver it as a gift to Lord Iolas!"

"Yes, father!" Nym said and stood. He bowed, and made his exit.

"Don't worry, Eldrin, I will not force you to marry the Eroan girl. Unless you like the idea of the four servant girls!" he said with a wide smile.

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House Qildor

"Look, look, there!" Ikeshia pointed starboard, excited beyond measure. "It's a whale, it's a whale!"

Sylmae squinted in the distance, and gasped as the back of the whale appeared from the waves, it's massive tale splashing the wave.

"Yes, yes! I can see it now!" Sylmae said, giving her younger sister a pat on the back, both smiling as they looked on. "Where is Eloen?"

"Oh, you know how lazy she is! Still in her cabin, probably still sleeping!" Ikeshia said, still watching the water displaced by the massive whale.

Sylmae smiled to herself. "She's in her cabin. But she's not sleeping!" she thought to herself, with a smile in the corner of her mouth.

"I promised you a whale, didn't I?" the captain asked the girls standing proudly behind them.

"Yes you did, captain!" Sylmae smiled at him.

"Where is your sister? She's missing the whale!" the captain asked.

"Still in her cabin!" Ikeshia scoffed.

"I will send a sailor to fetch her!" the captain said and called a handsome young sailor to come to him.

Slymae smiled to herself. "He's in for a shock! Maybe I should stop this? Maybe not…" she thought to herself.

"Go to Lady Eloen's cabin and tell her the whale is here!" the captain instructed the sailor.

He nodded and made his way below deck, knocking softly on Eloen's cabin door. He heard a faint sound and thought he was asked to come in. He opened the door and stepped inside, blinded by the sun rays streaming through the port hole.

"Milady?" the sailor asked squinting.

He stepped to one side to get the sun rays out of his eyes, and dropped open his mouth when he saw the stunning Eloen splayed naked on her bed, two fingers on her pussy, rubbing slowly, and the other hand kneading her voluptuous breast.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" the sailor said as he regained his composure, looking away.

"Don't be sorry!" Eloen said, moaning as she rubbed her pussy.

"The… whales… the whales are here! The captain sent me..." the sailor said, unable to take his eyes off her delicious body.

"Come closer!" Eloen moaned. "Help me with this!" she said, looking at her breasts, as she moved from one to the other, squeezing and making her nipples hard.

The sailor moved forward as if in a trance, and sat on the edge of the bed. He extended his hand and gently cupped her left breast, caressing its soft skin, making her groan.

"Have you ever touched a lady's breasts before?" Eloen asked with a smile, moaning as he caressed and lightly squeezed her breast.

"No, milady... I've never touched a lady anywhere!" the sailor replied, entranced by her hardened nipples, running his fingers over them.

"Mmmm... do you like it?" she asked with a cheeky smile.

"It's... heavenly! And forbidden!" the sailor replied, making her gasp every time he squeezed her nipples.

"Take it in your mouth! Make me cum!" she said, to which he obeyed instantly, taking her nipple in his mouth, sucking it and flicking his tongue over it. "Ohhh fuck... yes..." she moaned rubbing her clit faster until her whole body shuddered in a powerful orgasm, covering her mouth not to scream.

She then pushed him away, and tried to gain her composure.

"Milady?" the sailor asked in confusion.

"You made me come, you silly man! Have you never seen a woman come before?" she asked as she sat up.

"N-no, milady!" he blushed.

"I did most of the work, but you certainly helped me at the end!" she smiled at him. "Speak of this and I'll have you gilded! Keep it quiet, and you may have your cock inside a lady's mouth by sun-down. Now get out and tell them I'm coming!"

"Yes, milady!" he bowed, and made his exit, flustered beyond words. "Lady Eloen is coming soon, captain!" he reported.

Sylmae smiled as she noticed how flustered he was. "Eloen, you little slut!" she smiled to herself.
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House Eroan

"The ship from Eldar is here, my lord!" the captain of the guard announced, making Lord Ralnor rise from his seat.

"Good, good. Lead the way!" he said and followed the captain out of Keep and towards the port.

He spotted the eagle on the ship's bow, his breast full of hope.

"Good evening, Lord Ralnor!" the captain of the ship bowed to him.

"Good evening! Thank the gods you made it safely, captain!"

"I trust the new weapons will be to your satisfaction, my lord!" he said and then turned to the crew, signalling them to bring the crates.

"I'm sure they will be! I've never been disappointed before! Any letters?" Ralnor asked.

"No, my lord!" the captain replied slightly confused. "I was not told there were any letters to be delivered."

Lord Ralnor's face darkened suddenly, just as his son appeared.

"The swords are here?" Elidyr asked the captain, who had a feeling he had done something wrong.

"Yes, my lord! Here they are!" the captain said and moved to the first crate, fiddling with the locks.

"Father?" Elidyr turned to Lord Ralnor.

"No letter from Eldar!" Ralnor replied frowning.

"Let me go north, father!" Elidyr said to him smiling.

"No, no. Let's see the swords!" Lord Ralnor displayed a forced smile and walked towards the open crate, taking a sword handed to him by the captain.

Elidyr took another sword from the captain, and smiled as he felt it's weight and balance in his hand.

"Magnificent!" he smiled as he swung the sword in the air along with his father.

The captain smiled proudly.

"Oh, I almost forgot! I have a special present for lady Cerdwin! I was instructed to give it to her directly!" the captain said.

"A present? From whom?" Ralnor asked.

"From lord Eldrin Eldar!" the captain replied.

Ralnor looked at Elidyr and they both smiled at each other. "That's even better than a letter!" Ralnor smiled to himself.

"Very well, you may deliver your gift. Captain, escort him to Lady Cerdwin!" Ralnor said to the captain of his guard.

The captain of eldarian ship was soon introduced into lady Cerdwin's chambers. He stepped forward to find Cerdwin lounging on her settee, her transparent gown barely covering her exquisite olive skin. Her long black hair covered one of her breasts, while the other was visible through the gown's fabric, her dark and hard nipple, making it even more enticing. What made it worse was that she was flanked by four beautiful girls, two on each side, wearing even more transparent gowns.

"You have a gift for me?" she asked, her dark green eyes sparkling.

The captain swallowed hard and bowed, walking forward holding an ornate box in his hands.

"What is it?" she asked, amused at his embarrassment due to her seeming nakedness.

"I do not know, milady, I was told it was for your eyes only!" he said and bowed.

"Open it!" she asked softly.

"I don't know if I should, milady. Lord Eldrin gave me specific instructions that you alone see what's inside!"

"Are you going to refuse my request?" Cerdwin asked softly, pushing the hair over her shoulder, revealing her other breast under the transparent gown, her hard nipples pushing against the soft fabric, making the fierce captain shake.

"No, milady, of course not. As you wish!" he said and opened the box, handing it to her as he came closer.

He almost dropped the box when he saw what was inside.

"What a beautiful toy!" Cerdwin smiled ear to ear as she picked up the shiny steel dildo, slightly curved and with a flared base incrusted with green stones.

"Gods be merciful!" the captain gasped, realising he just handed an anal dildo to the lord's daughter.

"Exquisite!" Cerdwin said as she ran her fingers on the shiny steel. "And what beautiful stones…"

"Milady, I did not know…"

"Captain, please send my gratitude to lord Eldrin! I am most pleased by his gift. Tell him I shall use with great pleasure!" she said smiling, and then ran her tongue along its shaft. "It even tastes good!" she smiled.

The captain looked on stunned and confused.

"You think I don't know what this is for?" Cerdwin asked slightly amused at the captain's suspicion that she was clueless.

"I don't know what to think, milady!" the captain blushed deeply, looking down in shame.

"Take heart, captain, I am most pleased! I wish I had a fitting gift to return to lord Eldrin!" she said, scratching her head. "How long are you in port?"

"Two days, milady!" the captain replied.

"Do not depart before you see me!" she requested softly.

"Yes, milady!"
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House Qildor

The morning sun greeted lady Imryll as she stepped out on the highest terrace of the Keep, overlooking the vast expansion of water below. She always enjoyed the privacy of the sun terrace and the glorious view. She glanced into the distance, hoping she would catch a glimpse of the ship which carried her three daughters on their whale watching sail. But there was nothing to be seen on the horizon but the gentle waves of the sea. The city of Tamaris was slowly waking up, but from her high terrace she was unaware of the city, and this was the way she liked it.

"Good morning, milady!" the young voice was heard from inside her chambers.

She turned to gaze upon the young man who appeared in the doorway, a wide smile on her face while she admired his well toned torso.

"Good morning! Where have you been??" she asked as she walked towards him, unlacing her dress and letting it drop to the floor, uncovering her still impressive nakedness to his view, her nipples hard as though in greeting.

"I know you waited for me yesterday. My ship was damaged while docking by a clumsy first mate. I was too angry to see you, milady. I would have hurt you in my anger!" he said as he pulled her close, kissing her mouth deeply.

"You know I like it when you are rough with me and fuck me hard!" she smiled. "What did you do to the poor first mate?" she asked.

"I gave him a choice: pay for the damages or let me fuck his wife in the ass!" he grinned.

"Did he pay?" she smiled.

"His wife was delightful!" he grinned.

"You evil man!" she hit his chest with her fist, making him laugh. "Why did you need her ass when mine is always available to you?"

"You I fuck for pleasure. Her I fucked in anger!"

"You never fucked me in anger!" she pouted.

"You never gave me a reason to be angry with you!" he smiled.

"Should I damage your ship to make you angry?" she asked while unbuckling his belt.

"I could never be angry at you, milady!" he said as his clothes fell to the ground, revealing a truly impressive erection.

She fell on her knees, moaning as she took his hard cock in her fingers, pressing her cheek to it.

"Oh, how I missed this!" she moaned.

"Did Lord Ruardh not fuck you last night?" he asked raising an eyebrow.

"He did. He fucks me every night, you know that! But it's your cock I missed!" she smiled widely, looking up at him.

"Where is he?" he asked looking around.

"Bathing with one of his daughter's servants I think! He never misses that chance when the girls are away!" she scoffed.

"Are you jealous of him??? YOU? While holding another man's cock in your hands?" he grinned.

"He never invited me to join him and her! I invite him to watch me being fucked every time!" she defended herself.

"Why don't you ask him?"

"Hm… perhaps I should!" she said and began to run her tongue on the captain's hard cock, moaning with every stroke.
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House Eldar

The arrow shot from Bellas' bow and hit the target right in the middle, making the youngest son of Lord Renn smile from ear to ear. Even if he was only 14 years old, he already the best marksman in the family. He spent a lot of time in the armory, a close companion to the sword-master, who took him on as an unofficial apprentice. The sword-master was far more than a sword maker. He told Bellas all the time: "To forge the perfect blade, you must know how to wield it to perfection!"

Bellas took another arrow and aimed, his eyes focused on the first arrow. He breathed slowly, sharpening his focus. Just when he was ready to release, he felt a soft blow in his year and released the arrow too early, missing the first one by an inch.

"Damn!" he shouted angrily and then turned to see who disturbed him. "Mother! What are you doing here? Besides making me miss the mark!"

"Miss?" she asked amused as she looked at the two arrows. "You really want to put all men to shame??" she asked and embraced her son, making him smile.

"Milady!" the sword-master bowed as he entered the armory. "I did not know you were coming!"

"Neither did I, sword-master! Until your beautiful daughter told me where I could find my son!" she said as she caressed his curly brown hair.

"Mother, please!" Bellas pleaded, not liking when his mother treated him like a child, especially in front of other men.

The sword-master chuckled at his embarrassment. "Don't worry, young lord, even the fiercest warriors have loving mothers!"

"Yes, but I bet they don't get their hair stroked like children!" Bellas frowned.

Lady Naevys and the sword-master exchanged smiles, amused at his desire to be treated like a grown-up. She had to admit he looked more and more like a young man than a boy. He was tall and strong, and he was clearly the wisest and kindest of all the brothers.

"Your sisters asked for you! They're going for a hunt!" Naevys said smiling.

"You mean they're going for a nice girly horse ride in the forest!" Bellas grinned.

"Haha. Yes, that's right. They still need their brother to protect them!" his mother said and kissed his forehead.

"Very well!" Bellas said and made his exit.

"Was that his arrow?" lady Naevys asked pointing at the one in the middle of the bulls eye.

"Yes, milady. He is quite extraordinary. I've never seen anyone quite like him, and not only with a bow and arrows: You should see him wielding a sword!" the sword-master smiled.

"Like father, like son!" she said, walking closer to him.

"Yes!" he said clearing his throat. "Lord Renn can be truly proud!"

"He is. But is his father proud?" she asked, stroking his strong cheek.

"Milady, no!" he said as he grabbed her arm and pulled her into his private workshop, closing the door behind him. "The boy is Lord Renn's son!" he said walking to face her.

"That's right... you didn't fuck my pussy, did you?" she giggled and turned around, raising her skirt and exposing her bare ass to him. She leaned over his desk.

The sword-master grunted and walked behind her, pulling down his pants.

"Yes, fuck me! Fuck me like you did that night!" she moaned spreading her ass cheeks for him.

He grunted again and spit on her ass, pushing his hard cock in her ass holding her body down on the desk.

"This is how I fucked you, I didn't fuck your pussy. Bellas is not my son! You must stop saying he is!!" he grunted and began to move his cock inside her ass.

"I will stop if you keep fucking me like this! Ohhh..." she moaned as she got fucked hard in the ass.

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House Tarron

Lord Iolas stood, followed by lady Imra.

"The spectacle is over! So much fuss over so little!" lord Iolas scoffed and took his wife's hand, leading her back to the temple, followed closely by the girls.

"If it was so little, why were your eyes drawn to that beautiful girl?" lady Imra teased him.

"I wasn't the only one looking!" he returned the sting, and then looked back to make sure the girls did not hear that.

The girls were busy looking at the door leading to the sacred pool, guarded by four priests. They bowed as they passed by, getting a naughty wink from Gweyr as she pushed her chest forward.

"Can't we get a peek?" Sheera whispered to Gweyr.

"YOU want to get a peek?" Gweyr looked at her funny.

"What's wrong with that? It's not like we've never seen Faelyn naked.

"We may have seen him naked, but not between a naked girl's legs!" Gweyr teased, making Sheera blush intensely.

They all walked into the empty inner court and back into the Keep. The girls returned to Gweyr's chambers, while Iolas and Imra made their way to the Tower - the highest building in Iria. Iolas spent most of his time in the Tower with its all around views of the city and the forests beyond.

"Gweyr is dangerously beautiful, isn't she?" Imra smiled as she sat on an armchair.

"Yes, I agree. She must marry, and soon, otherwise she will lose her maidenhead before she's wed." Iolas said grimly.

"You think she still has it?" Imra asked tentatively.

"Don't even think such foolishness. Of course she does!" Iolas said almost loosing his tempter.

"Of course... Do you have suitors in mind?" she asked softly.

"No, not yet. None from Menos, anyway!" he said calming down.

"What about the Eldar boys?"

"ELDAR?" he raised his voice.

"I heard Nym is quite the lad! And this tension must end, Iolas! We can't live with enemies in the north!" she said calmly. "Or are you still angry about Naevys?"

"Naevys??" he asked, turning to her. "That was a long time ago!" he said, his tone betraying his bitterness.

"The Eldar house are experienced sailors. He made it to her first. Let it go, Iolas! You have me, don't you?" she asked smiling lasciviously and stood, walking slowly to him.

"Yes, I do!" he said as he sat on his desk, smiling at her.

"I'm prettier than Naevys, aren't I?" she asked and unlaced her dress. "My breasts are bigger!" she winked at him and let her dress fall off her shoulders, leaving her glorious body naked before him.

"What are you doing? The door is open. Any of my men can walk through!" he said with slight amusement in his voice, the possibility of being caught causing a stirring in his trousers.

"So? What if they find their lady sucking their lord's cock?" she smiled mischievously and came closer, kneeling before Iolas, unlacing his trousers.

He groaned as his trousers fell to the ground, his proud cock throbbing free before her eyes. She moaned and took it in one hand, licking it from his balls to the head and back.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door and his servant called out: "Milord, are you in there?"

Imra looked up at Iolas and smiled: "Yes, he's here, come in!"

The door opened and the young servant stopped in his tracks, his eyes glued to the lady's naked body.

"I said come in. Closer!" lady Imra said as she smiled at him, making him obey almost automatically.

He drew closer, looking up at Iolas in confusion. Iolas chuckled at the young man's shock.

"What is it? Speak!" lord Iolas said and the groaned as Imra took his cock in her mouth, sucking it slowly.

"M-milord..." the servant started, struggling to look into Iolas' eyes.

"You can look at her breasts if you want, but speak!" he said.

"Don't make the boy look at my breasts if he doesn't want to!" Imra said and stood turning to face him, stroking Iolas' cock with one hand. "Do you like my breasts?" she asked him point blank.

"Yes, milady, they are most beautiful!" the young man blurted, red in the face, making Iolas and Imra chuckle.

"More beautiful than lady Naevys?" she smiled.

"I've never seen lady Naevys, milady, but no woman can be more beautiful than you, milady!" he said, blushing more.

"See? A young man with good taste!" she said and turned to Iolas. "Maybe I should suck HIS cock!" she giggled, tugging on his cock.

"What do you did come to tell me?" Iolas asked him, looking his wife in the eyes.

"A messenger from the King, milord. He's waiting in the reading room!" he said quickly.

"Hmmm... what to do... stay here with your cock in my mouth, or go see the messenger from the King?" Imra smiled and lowered her body, taking his cock back into her mouth, sucking on it with dedication.
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House Eroan

Elidyr opened to door to his sister's chambers, dying of curiosity about the gift she had received from Eldrin Eldar. As he stepped forward past the semi-transparent curtains separating her sleeping area from the rest of the chambers, he could only see two of his sister's companions lounging naked on her large bed, touching each other's luscious breasts.

"Good evening, lord Elidyr!" one of them said and moaned as the other pinched her nipple.

"Yes, yes, good it is... where is Cerdwin?" he asked impatiently.

"On the terrace, milord! Won't you join us?" she asked, moaning again as her other nipple disappeared in her companion's mouth.

"Hm... tempting... maybe later!" he said smiling and then turned to head for the terrace.

The evening was almost upon the Port City of Nendos, the sun almost gone on the other side of the city. He walked out unto the terrace, where a few torches struggled still to compete with the light of dawn. He had to adjust his eyes to the dim light, as the chambers had been much brighter. But the evening breeze could not conceal the sound of his sister's moans. As he came closer he could see her on all fours over the terrace settee, her head buried between the large breasts of one of her servants, while the other was fucking her beautiful ass with a shiny dildo.

"For all the gods! Is THAT the gift?" Elidyr asked as he came closer.

"Ohhhh... fuck... Harder, you slut, harder!" Cerdwin groaned, ignoring her brother.

"It is, isn't it?" he insisted, not believing his eyes.

"YES!" Cerdwin shouted, pushing her ass into the dildo, meeting her servant's thrusts. "And it's wonderful!"

"That insolent fool! And of course you like it! He sends you a toy to fuck your own ass, and you like it!" Elidyr gritted his teeth. "Don't you find this a little... offensive?"

"Why would I? It means he wants to fuck me!" she said, taking her servant's breast in her mouth as she was being fucked.

"Yes, in the ass! Like a whore!" he almost shouted.

"I'd rather be a whore than a boring wife!" she groaned, reaching between her legs to rub her pussy.

"FUCK! Just don't tell father. He wouldn't take it well!" he huffed and turned around, making his way back to her chambers.

"Lord Elidyr, come join us, come show us your big cock!" the two girls summoned him.

He pushed the curtain and moved forward, taking his clothes off.

"Did you girls try that toy yet?" he asked with slight irritation in his voice.

"Of course! We all did!" one of the replied and came to the edge of the bed, taking his cock between her fingers, and soon in her mouth.
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House Qildor

After lunch, the three girls were still scouting the horizon, hoping to see more whales. The sun was high, but the breeze was healthy and the ship kept a steady speed.

"They're all gone!" Ikeshia pouted, and turned to leave for her cabin. "This sun is making me dizzy!" she added and moved away.

Sylmae and Eloen watched their sister disappear below deck, and smiled at each other.

"What did you do to the poor sailor?" Sylmae asked with a smile in the corner of her mouth.

"This morning?" Eloen smiled back. "Nothing much!"

"We was flushed when he come out to announce you're coming. Did you fuck him?"

"No, I did not! I never saw his cock! He did see me naked, however!" she grinned.

"You slut! What did you make him do?"

"Make him? Oh no, dear sister, I didn't have to make him. I only asked him to take my nipple in his mouth!" she grinned, pushing her breasts forward.

"Stop it!" Sylmae scoffed, bumping her shoulder with hers. "You're such a slut!"

"Maybe I am! And tonight I will suck his cock too!" she giggled. "Hey, wanna join me?"

"What? Are you crazy?" Sylmae laughed nervously, unaware that she blushed at the thought.

"Yes, yes, you should join me! We will both suck his cock and see who makes him cum first!" she giggled.

"You must think I'm as slutty as you are!" her sister shook her head.

"If you're not, why are you blushing? I bet you're wet too!"

"Stop it!" she almost shouted, annoyed that she was almost found out. The truth was the idea made her dizzy with curiosity. She knew Eloen had done that before, but she never dared.

"Don't worry, sis! I will show you how it's done! You will have to learn before you please your future lord husband!" Eloen said and wrapped her arm around her.

"Yes, sure, that's what you're worried about! You just want to see me with a cock in my mouth!" Sylmae pouted at her sister, and then gave her a warm smile. The truth was, she wished she was like Eloen, free spirited and always ready for a sexual adventure.
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House Eldar

"Come, Bellas, come already! We're all waiting for you!" Raelin shouted at her brother. Both Elora and Raelin were already on horseback, hurrying their brother along.

"I'm coming, I'm coming!" Bellas shouted as he mounted his horse. "You already have a guard, why do you need me?" he asked pointing at the four young men of the castle's guard accompanying the girls.

"They're here to protect YOU, brother! We don't need protection!" Raelin grinned, and then spurred her horse on towards the castle gates.

The other six followed close to Raelin, Bellas groaning as he closed the queue. The two sisters took enormous pleasure from teasing Bellas, and he relished the attention, even if he never let them see it.

They rode in full speed out of the castle and into the deep forest.

"Where are we going??" Bellas shouted as he rode close to Raelin.

"Elora found this beautiful waterfall! That's where we're going!" she replied.

"Waterfall. Great!" Bellas scoffed and kept quiet the rest of the journey.

They soon found it: a spectacular display of steamy water springing from the mountain.

"Is that warm water?" Bellas asked as he dismounted on the edge of the pool formed in front of the waterfall.

"Yes, very warm!" Elora confirmed as she dismounted with a big smile on her face.

"How did you find this place?" Bellas scratched his head, admiring the beauty of the spot.

"By accident. Last week!" Elora smiled as she began to disrobe.

"What are you doing? You're going to bathe?" Bellas asked horrified.

"Yes, why do you think we came here?" Raelin asked as she followed suit.

"You two, go on the left of the waterfall and patrol the area, and you two on the other side. Don't let anyone approach and don't even dare to be anywhere within eye sight of this place! Go!" Bellas instructed the guards, who bowed and did as told.

"Aww, little brother, are you protecting our honor?" Raelin asked as she unlaced her chemise and stepped out of it, revealing her luscious naked body.

"Someone has to!" Bellas replied, his eyes glued to his sister's body.

"We can always count on you, Bellas, Elora added as she joined her sister, stepping into the pool naked. "Come join us!" she said, turning to her brother before going deeper in the water.

"What? Me, in there?" Bellas muttered blushing.

"Unless you are shy or something!" Raelin teased.

"I'm not shy!" Bellas almost shouted and began to strip as he watched his sister swimming towards the waterfall.

He was glad that they weren't looking at him as he got naked, as a raging hard-on would have certainly embarrassed him beyond words. He scrambled into the water as quickly as he could before they could spot his erection. The girls stopped under the warm stream of water from above them. They stood under the water, turning towards the pool, the water barely covering their thighs. Bellas swam towards them, getting a full view of their perky breasts, swaying as they almost danced enjoying the warm water falling on their heads.

"Oh, this is wonderful!" Elora said, pulling her hair together under the stream, her arms above her head, unaware that Bellas could not take his eyes off her breasts.

"It is!" her sister agreed as she pulled Bellas between them when he got close, the water falling on his head. "Can you believe how warm this water is?"

"Yes..." Bellas said as the stood from under the water, gasping for air. "It's very nice!" he said as he opened his eyes, realising he was only inches away from Raelin's breasts. He quickly turned his head away, looking out into the pool.

The girls stepped out of the waterfall and both faced him, looking at him grinning.

"You ARE shy, aren't you?" Elora asked, their arms on their hips.

"NO!" he shouted. "I got in, didn't I?" he defended himself, straining to look in their eyes, and not at their breasts fully on display.

"Yes, but you're afraid to look at us!" Raelin grinned.

"I am not!" Bellas said sternly, and then looked at their breasts, blushing, his cock throbbing hard under the water. "See? I am looking!"

The girls both burst out laughing, jumping in the water and swimming away from him.

"Catch me if you can, you sea snail!" Raelin taunted him.

Bellas grunted and jumped in the water, swimming hard in her direction. It didn't take long before he caught up with her, catching her by the foot and dragging her towards him. When he caught him she stopped and turned towards him, attempting to jump over his head. Bellas caught the move and averted his head, catching her arms and dragging Raelin under the water as he rose above it. He smiled with satisfaction at her failure. He then felt her hands grabbing on to his legs as she pulled herself up and emerged from the water. Her hand slipped upwards on his leg until she grabbed hold of his cock.

"Look what I found under the water!" she grinned, holding on to his cock as she faced him.

"Fuck, Raelin... let go!" Bellas groaned, attempting to remove her hand from his cock.

She let go with one hand and grabbed it with the other hand, just as her sister caught up with them and stood next to them with a large grin on her face.

"Elora! Tell her to let go!" Bellas groaned more as he turned to his sister, this time not attempting to remove her hand.

"Yes, Raelin, let go! My turn!" Elora said as she pushed Raelin away, grabbing hold of his cock with both her hands, wrapping her fingers around it. "It's so big!" she smiled.

"Elora! What are you doing?" he groaned harder as she began to stroke him.

"He's big, isn't he?" Raelin said as she rejoined them, her hand caressing his balls.

"Have you lost your minds?" Bellas muttered, feeling dizzy in the warm water, being stroked and fondled like never before.

"Don't worry! We just want to play with it!" Raelin grinned at him.

"It's not a toy!" he grunted.

"Come, I want to see it better!" Elora said and pulled him by his cock towards the edge of the pool, until the water barely covered they knees.

"So beautiful!" Raelin smiled as she ran her fingers on his balls and up on his cock along with Elora.

"Fuck, you are crazy!" Bellas said and slowly raised his hands, caressing Elora's breasts, making her moan.

He didn't even notice when Raelin got on her knees and began to lick his cock, taking full charge of it while Elora enjoyed his hands on her breasts.

"I'm not fucking you! I'm not!" Bellas muttered.

"We wouldn't ask you to do that!" Elora smiled as she pulled his head towards her, pushing her breast in his mouth just when Raelin took his cock in her mouth.
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House Tarron

Faelyn walked alongside the young initiate, flanked by two rows of priests.

"Are you scared?" Faelyn asked the girl, whispering in her ear.

"Not really, milord, I am not afraid of being pleasured!" the girl whispered back, smiling at him, taking him by surprise with her composure.

Two large doors opened and they were ushered in the sacred bathing chamber. The round pool awaited them as the priests took their positions around the edges.

The girl stopped at the edge of the pool and then turned to Faelyn, beginning to take his clothes off slowly.

"Are YOU scared?" the girl asked him softly while undressing him.

"Me? Scared? No... I'm not keen on these characters watching us!" he replied, looking into her deep blue eyes.

"Ignore them. I am!" she smiled at him, just as he remained naked before her, his hard cock throbbing free to her delight. "Too bad I don't get to taste this!" she said and ran her fingers over his cock.

She then took him by the hand and they both walked in the pool, breathing a sigh of relief when they discovered the water was warm. They walked in the middle of the pool, where the water level was just below the chest level, her breasts still above the waterline. He looked at her as she faced him, with a soft smile on her face.

"You need to bathe me now!" she said smiling.

"Bathe you? How?" he asked, realizing how silly he must have seemed to her.

"Why don't you start with my back?" she said and turned her back to him.

He shook his head as she turned, and then took some water in both his palms and opened them over her shoulder, letting the water drip down on her olive skin. He then ran his hands on her shoulders and back before she turned to face him again, smiling, looking straight in his eyes. He ran some more water on her shoulders before turning to her breasts. He watched closely as the water droplets ran down the soft skin of her breasts, making her sigh. She moaned as his hands cupped her breasts, squeezing softly, a big smile appearing on his face.

"You've never done this before?" she asked.

"Why? Are you afraid I won't know what I'm doing?" he replied looking up in her eyes as his fingers grasped and rolled her nipples gently, making her gasp.

"I am not afraid!" she sighed, feeling a tighter grip on her nipples as she looked straight into his eyes.

"It's time!" a priest suddenly interrupted just when the doors to the oracle chamber opened on the other side of the bathing chamber.

The priests moved aside, clearing the way for them. The girl took him by the hand and walked out of the pool, flanked by the priests. Faelyn had never seen the oracle chamber, a place where only priests and initiates were allowed, apart from the person involved in the initiation.

"Now you will need to show me what you can do!" the girl said to him as they left the bathing chamber.

"What if I fail to make you come?" he asked squeezing her hand, suddenly aware of how much depended on his performance.

"If you fail, they will all fuck me, and then they'll dump me on the temple steps. So don't fail!… Besides, if you fail, I am half to blame. It takes two for this dance!" she said smiling as she walked up the steps of the centre round platform.

Four priests stepped forward from four corners and ushered her on the round bed on the centre platform. Her hands were clasped above her head into golden cuffs on the edge of the bed. Her legs were spread and clasped in the same manner, the feet clasps having chains which allowed for movement, This meant she could at least bend her knees. As soon as she was tied up the priests rejoined the rest standing around the platform, just a few feet away.

"Come, milord, kiss me, touch me… there's isn't much time!" she wooed him as her body rose from the bed, held down by her bounds.

He cleared his throat, slightly annoyed by the presence of the priests all around him, watching closely. He climbed on the bed from her side, and leaned over her, kissing her breasts softly. Her body rose to meet his mouth, pushing her breast in his mouth. He took her nipple in and sucked on it, his hand caressing her leg. He moved his hand up until he reached her pussy lips, caressing them gently, making her moan and move to meet his fingers.

"Yes… yes… Your mouth feels so good…" she moaned.

"What happens after I make you come?" he asked as he rose to look at her, licking her nipple.

"You go away and then they all take turns on me!" she moaned, pushing herself on his fingers.

"They all fuck you?"

"With their fingers, mouths and tongues only!"

"But… for what purpose?" he inquired.

"They make me come so many times until I get delirious and become the oracle…"

"I see!" he scoffed, shaking his head, and repositioned himself between her legs, lowering his mouth over her pussy.

"Yes… make me come… please…" she moaned just as his tongue began its steady assault on her clit.
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House Eroan

The captain walked up the steps to Cerdwin's keep, his heart thumping in his chest imagining what kind of gift she had in mind for Eldrin. He was ushered into her spacious chamber, where she was lounging on the setee, wearing a flimsy white summer gown with a deep cleavage down to her belly button, the slightest move threatening to uncover her breasts. His mouth almost dropped open when he saw her. She was alone, which surprised him.

She stood as she saw him.

"Good morning, captain!" she smiled.

"Good morning, milady!" he bowed, blushing.

"Join me on the terrace!" she said and lead him out on the sunny terrace, a large awning providing much needed shade. Next to the edge of the terrace there was another setee, the one she used to try the toy the night before. Two of her companions were pouring lemonade in large glasses for them. His eyes were drawn to their transparent gowns which left nothing to the imagination. "Sit, please!" she invited him, as the two companions moved aside.

"Thank you, milady, I am most honoured." he said and sat down, taking the glass from one of the companions, struggling to keep his eyes off the two companions and off her breasts.

"I was most please with lord Eldrin's gift!" she began, causing a stir in the captain's trousers. "Please tell him I took great pleasure in it!"

"You... you did?" the captain muttered, sipping nervously from his glass.

"Of course! So did my companions! Didn't you?" she asked the girls.

"Yes, milady... so wonderful!" they smiled, making the captain swallow hard.

"I thought long and hard about the gift I will send back to lord Eldrin. Nothing seemed enough to match his gift!" she then looked at the two companions and signaled for them to leave them alone. They bowed and made their exit.

The captain could not help but look at them as they left, they perfect bodies making him shiver despite the heat. He then turned back to her, smiling with embarrassment.

"No reason to be shy, captain, my companions are most beautiful!" she smiled. "Can I be honest with you?"

"Of course, milady!"

"But can I trust you?"

"Milady, I am loyal to house Eldar, but I would give my life for you!" the captain said in a rush, lost in her green eyes.

She smiled from ear to ear.

"I thank you for your loyalty, captain. You will find I am most grateful for one's loyalty!" she smiled. "I have something to ask you!"

"Of course, milady, ask!"

"Lord Eldrin. Is he as wonderful as I hear?" she asked smiling.

"Milady, he is that and more!" he smiled.

"Do you think he likes me?" she asked placing her hand on his arm, squeezing with anticipation, not caring that she came across like a silly little girl.

"I can say without hesitation, milady, that he is fascinated by you! And I also know that when he learns of how much you liked his gift, he will be passionately inlove with you!" he smiled.

"Really?" she gasped and stood, in her haste allowing the dress to fall off one of her shoulders, exposing her exquisite breast. She then sat back down, and instead of covering herself, she pushed the other side of the dress off her shoulder, leaving her topless. She took the captain's hand and placed it between her breasts. "Feel how my heart is beating!" she said, holding his hand firmly.

"My heart is about to explode, milady!" the captain said, shocked by her gesture.

"Do you think he wants to marry me?" she asked, keeping his hand on her heart.

"I am sure of it!" the captain said, struggling so much to keep his eyes on hers.

She then stood in front of him and unlaced the thread around her middle, letting her dress fall to the ground, remaining completely naked in front of him.

"Milady?" he muttered.

"I want you to examine me closely, so you can tell him what I am like in detail. I would not want lord Eldrin to fall inlove with a myth!" she said and stood in front of him as he sat.

"Me?... Ex... Examine you?... How?" he muttered shocked.

"Yes, you! You said I could trust you! Run your hands on me, examine my skin, my limbs, my ass, my pussy!" she said and took his hand, placing them on her breasts.

He swallowed hard as he squeezed her breasts, in awe of their heavenly texture.

"Consider this my appreciation for your loyalty!" she smiled as he fondled her breasts.

He then ran his hands over her tummy and her legs, before she turned and placed on knee on the setee, bending down to expose her ass and pussy to him. He thought he would have a heart attack right there. The sight was so unbelievably erotic. Her ass was perfect, her pussy cleanly shaved and exquisitely delicious to look at. He ran his hands on her ass, and then reached her pussy lips, caressing them gently.

"Go on, captain, push one finger inside me. See how wet this news made me!" she moaned just as his finger made its way inside.

"Milady... you are so beautiful I think I am already dead and gone to paradise!" he muttered as his finger pushed all the way inside her making her moan.

"Ohhh... to feel lord Eldrin's cock deep inside me..." she purred, squeezing one of her breasts.

"Have you ever..." he began.

"No, I am a virgin still. Can't you tell?" she asked.

He carefully removed his finger and thought that clearly her maidenhead was still there.

"That's why I asked you to examine me and give him first hand... or rather first finger account!" she smiled as she stood and took a seat next to him, smiling as she noticed how flushed he was.

"Lord Eldrin would love you anyway, milady. Any man would!" he said.

"Perhaps. But I needed to make sure!" she smiled and then looked at the bulge in his trousers. "Oh my, poor man! What have I done to you?" she said and leaned over, placing her hand over his bulge, caressing it, making him groan.

"Don't worry about me, milady... I shall never forget about this day!" he muttered.

"Nonsense! I am not a cruel woman!" she said and then clapped her hands twice.

The two companions reappeared, approaching them with smiles on their faces.

"Which one?" Cerdwin asked.

"Milady?" the captain looked stunned.

"Which one do you want to fuck?"

"I... How can I choose, milady... they are both so beautiful..." he muttered.

"I think he wants to fuck you, mistress!" one of them giggled.

"After I'm married to his lord, and with his leave, he can fuck me then!" she smiled. "Until then, choose!"

The captain looked at them both and lingered on the one with the larger breasts, who quickly nodded and took her gown off. She approached him and knelt between his legs. She unlaced his trousers and pulled them down with his help, his cock throbbing free to their view.

"Impressive, captain!" Cerdwin smiled as she leaned forward and ran her fingers on his cock. "Aren't you a lucky girl!" she said to the chosen one, giving her breast and playful slap.

The girl smiled and immediately took his cock in her mouth. She sucked on it with dedication, caressing his balls and moaning loudly. Cerdwin called the other companion to her and spread her legs, the girl taking position on her knees between her legs. Her mouth was soon on Cerdwin's pussy, kissing, licking, teasing.

"I almost forgot to tell you about the gift..." she said, moaning. "I am sending one of my companions with you back to Brevis. Tell lord Eldrin she is to be his loyal servant, a gift from me to do with her whatever he pleases."

"A sex slave?" the captain muttered, while being sucked like never before.

"No slave. She willingly agreed! She even suggested it. I thought it was a wonderful idea! Tell lord Eldrin I wish to visit Brevis, if his father would agree!" she added, squirming under her companion's steady attack of her clit.

"Very well, milady. I shall pass on your message!" he said and pushed the girl away. "Enough, you'll make me come!" he said and stood, positioning himself behind the girl.

"Yes, captain, fuck me, fuck me hard!" she said and arched her back, exposing her pussy to him.

He wasted not time pushing his cock in her wet, welcoming pussy. The girl shrieked, clutching a pillow as he fucked her.

"He's so big... Yes, fuck me, fuck me like a whore!" she shouted.

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House Qildor

The captain was lead into Lord Ruardh's solar, who waited at his desk, his eyes glued to a letter. The captain stepped inside and stood in front of the desk.

"Milord, you asked to see me?"

"Why else would you be here?" Ruardh asked while his eyes remained on the letter.

"I am at your service!" the captain said.

"Good. I trust my wife's cunt was satisfied this morning?" he asked, not looking up.

"Lady Imryll was... satisfied, I believe..." he muttered, taken aback by the lord's directness.

"You believe? I should think you would be sure!" Ruardh said with a grin as he raised his eyes and looked at him.

"I do not know lady Imryll as well as you milord, but when I left she had a big smile on her face..." he replied with a slight grin.

"Good. I trust you are not sharing this with anyone? I wouldn't the good people of Tamaris thinking their lady is a whore!"

"I would not say she is a whore, milord! Besides you I am the only one she..."

"Fucks on the side?" he finished the sentence.

"Yes. Exactly."

"And that doesn't make her a whore?" Ruardh asked, looking him straight in the eye.

"I do not think it does!" the captain answered without hesitation.

"You are too coy! She fully expects you to fuck her like a whore! She told me so!" he said with a grin. "Anyway, this is not why I asked for you! I am sending you north to Brevis. I have a message for Lord Renn. You are to deliver it directly to his hand!"

"Yes, milord. Should I wait for a reply?"

"Yes. He will let you know!"

"May I ask what it is?"

"Yes, why not. I am inviting his son to visit us here, in Tamaris. Who knows, maybe he will like one of my girls!"

"A marriage with an Eldar would be very good for House Qildor. I will do my best to make it happen, milord. Lord Renn has three sons, does he not?"

"Yes, but I did not specify in the letter which one he should send. Here's the letter. I will let him decide who to send? You are to guarantee his safety and allow any guards to escort his son here!" he said and handed him the letter.

"I shall leave on the morrow!" the captain said and picked up the letter.

"No, leave as soon as possible! I hear talk of many marriage arrangements being made on the island. The heirs of all the houses are of marrying age or close. There is no time to lose!"

"Yes, milord... What about House Tarron. Lord Iolas has a son, does he not?"

"Faelyn. Yes. I have already sent a messenger to invite him as well. I have three daughters!" he said smiling.

"Very wise, milord. With your leave, I shall depart with the first tide!"

"Yes. Go with the gods!"

The captain bowed and made his exit.

Back on the ship, the three girls finished their dinner and emerged back on deck, taking in the cool evening air, still scouting the waves for any sign of the wales. Ikeshia had her eyes glued to waterline, moving from port to starboard and back, hoping for a sighting. Sylmae and Eloen were thoroughly amused by her keen interest and undying hope of seeing another whale before complete darkness. Sylmae left Eloen alone and moved to the ship's pulpit, watching the last rays of the sun setting right in front of her. When she returned, she only found Ikeshia resting her head on her hands as she looked out at sea with a disappointing look on her face.

"You'll get another chance tomorrow!" Sylmae comforted her, caressing her hair.

"We're going home tomorrow!" she pouted.

"Only in the evening! We'll have a whole day to find whales. And the captain knows where to look!" she smiled. "I think it's time for bed! Even Eloen is away, I think!" she said and looked around, not seeing her anywhere.

"Yes, she went to bed some time ago..." Ikeshia confirmed, still looking out at sea.

"Well, you should do the same!"

"Not yet. Later..." she said, unwilling to budge.

"Very well! Good night!" Sylmae said and kissed her forehead before retiring to the cabin she shared with Eloen.

She opened the door and stepped inside, gasping as she found Eloen and the sailor from that morning naked in the cabin. Eloen was seated on the bed and was running her fingers on the sailor's cock, who moaned and groaned.

"Eloen!!" Sylmae gasped. "What are you doing?"

"An evening snack!" Eloen smiled. "Come sit next to me!"

"I will do no such thing!" Sylmae said blushing, and crossed her arms.

"Don't be such a princess. Sit!" Eloen said as she jumped at her sister, grabbing her by her arm and dragging her to sit next to her.

Sylmae almost shouted as she was forcibly sat down, inches away from the sailor's throbbing cock, which Eloen immediately grabbed again, stroking it slowly.

"Look how beautiful it is!" she said to her sister, running her fingers on the whole length.

Sylmae sighed as she looked at her sister shaking her head. She then turned her gaze on the sailor's cock, not daring to look up at him. Eloen took Sylmae's hand and gently placed it on his cock.

"Go on, try it!" she urged her.

"No, I can't!" Sylmae said and withdrew her hand, moving her head left to right.

"Yes, you can!" Eloen said undeterred, grabbing her hand again and placing it back on his cock. "Stop being such a fucking princess!"

"I'm not a princess!" Sylmae whined, but kept her hand on his cock.

"Run your fingers on it! Feel how soft the skin is!" Eloen urged her.

Sylmae felt her cheeks were on fire as she imitated her sister's moves, running her fingers gently over the entire length of his cock. She swallowed hard, her pupils dilated and felt butterflies in her stomach. And this had nothing to do with sea sickness. She had never had sea sickness.

"Isn't the skin wonderfully soft?" Eloen asked.

"Yes... it's lovely..." she agreed as she stroked him softly.

"Watch this!" Eloen said and took his cock back into her hand, and then pressed her lips on it, kissing it softly, and then looking at her sister with a grin on her face.

"Eloen!!" Sylmae gasped.

Eloen grinned and then ran her tongue from the balls to the head.

"Mmmm... delicious!" she giggled. "You try!"

"Certainly not!" Sylmae scoffed and crossed her arms.


"Oh, shut up!" Sylmae said pushed Eloen away, grabbing his cock and pulling him towards her. She licked his balls one by one before running her tongue up and down his whole length, making the sailor groan.

"Niiice! Suck it! Suck his cock!" Eloen cheered.

This time she did not resist. She opened her mouth and took his cock inside, moving her tongue on it like an expert. The sailor groaned even deeper.

"You like that?" Eloen asked him as she stood.

"It's heavenly!" the sailor responded as he pulled Eloen's naked body towards him, and kissed her, his hand squeezing her breast.

After while, Eloen took over from Sylmae and sucked on his cock. Sylmae watched for a few moments and then she stood and took her dress off, moving in to kiss the sailor, and gasping when he grabbed her breasts and squeezed it.

"Aren't you a lucky sailor?" she said as he was twisting her nipple between his fingers, making her moan.

"I am very lucky, milady. I think your sister is tired. Why don't you take over and suck my cock?"

"Mmmm... I like a determined man!" Sylmae smiled and sat on the edge of the bed, taking over from Eloen.

This exchange took some time before the sailor announced that his orgasm was imminent.

"Come on her breasts! She's never had that!" Eloen said to him as she stroked his cock.

That was the last straw for the sailor, who came hard, shooting his load all over Sylmae's full breasts, making her laugh with delight and surprise. After they took turns to clean his cock with their mouths, they sent him away with a big smile on his face, under the threat of losing his head if he told anyone of what had happened. He readily agreed to keep his mouth shut forever.
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House Eldar

Elora and Raelin rode in front of them, Bellas following behind, and then the four guards. The girls kept looking at each other and giggled, looking back at Bellas from time to time, making him blush intensely. He could hardly notice their antics, as his mind was still at the waterfall, where the girls had taken turns sucking his cock until they made him come on their breasts. It took him awhile to realize that the girls kept giggling about it.

"This is no laughing matter... he thought. This should be kept secret...

They soon reached Brevis and were ushered quickly to join the family for dinner. Their parents and Eldrin were already sitting around the table.

"Where's Nym?" Elora asked as she took her seat.

"On his way to Iria!" her mother, lady Naevys, replied. "Sit and eat! You're late again!"

"Iria?? What is he doing there?" Raelin wondered.

"Lord Iolas has two girls!" Elora answered.

"Only one of marrying age: Gweyr! I am told she is very beautiful!" their mother added.

"I'm sure Nym will fall madly inlove with her!" Raelin giggled.

"Enough of this!" Lord Renn interrupted. "There is no talk of any match-making yet. I will not have you spread rumors all over Brevis!"

Everyone fell silent and began to eat the food placed before them.

"Where have you three been?" he finally asked them, breaking the silence.

The three looked at each other and Bellas blushed brightly.

"We found a waterfall not far from the castle. Warm water from the mountain!" Elora replied. "A wonderful place for bathing!"

"Really? You should take me there as well!" lady Naevys smiled.

"Why was I not invited?" Eldrin asked raising his eyebrows.

"We had Bellas and four guards!" Raelin replied.

"Maybe I wanted to bathe as well? Did you not think about that? You didn't take Bellas just to protect you, did you?" Eldrin asked with a serious face.

The two girls looked at each other, while Bellas buried his face in a cup in an attempt to hide his shame.

"No... not exactly..." Raelin muttered. "We didn't know you would want to come..."

"Why don't you take your brother there tomorrow?" Naevys asked Raelin.

"Certainly, if you wish!" Raelin turned to Eldrin. "Ask Bellas how lovely it is!"

"Yes, it's very nice!" Bellas said without being asked, pretending to be very interested in the food.

"Good. You'll take me tomorrow!" Eldrin agreed.

The dinner discussions ended there. Lord Renn retired to his solar, followed by lady Naevys. They sat in the two big chairs by the fireplace.

"You think Nym will like the girl?" she asked him.

"I've seen her once at the King's Ball. She was only 16, and every eye in the room turned to her... I'm not concerned that Nym won't like her. I'm concerned with her not liking him!"

"What? Every girl in Brevis is inlove with Nym. Don't be silly!"

"It's not just the girl!"


"Yes, Gweyr. It's her father. Do I have to remind you..."

"No, you don't! Everyone knows of your rivalry! You fought over me and you won!" she smiled with satisfaction.

"Yes!" he smiled back. "I'm just afraid that my son will pay for that with his dignity!"

"He won't dare to humiliate our son! I think he still loves me!" she grinned.

"Let's hope so!" Renn said as he turned to watch the flames.
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House Tarron

As Faelyn walked out of the temple, his face was bright red, and his erection was almost painful. The thought of all those men praying on the poor girl made him sick to his stomach, and definitely helped to turn him off. On his way back to the keep, he saw a rider approaching, the Eagle of House Eldar prominently displayed on his tunic. Intrigued, Faelyn walked faster to intercept the rider before he entered the keep, where two guards blocked his way.

"I am Nym of house Eldar. I am here to see lord Iolas on behalf of my father, Lord Renn!" the rider said to the guards as he dismounted.

"Nym?" Faelyn asked as he approached him. "Do you remember me?"

Nym looked at him and squinted.

"Faelyn?" he asked, a wide smile appearing on his face. "A long time has passed!"

"Yes! Too long!" Faelyn smiled back, shaking his hand. "I still remember when my father and I visited Brevis. You and your brother stood so proud next to your lord father!" he grinned.

"I remember that!"

"You wish to see my father? Come!" he said, the guards moving out of the way. "He is most likely all alone in his solar!"

"Thank you! It is good to see you!" Nym said, following Faelyn towards Iolas' solar. "You look a little tired!"

"I had an initiate to hand over to the priests today!" he grinned in response.

"What? And I missed that?"

"Yes, quite the spectacle!" he scoffed.

"And? Did you do it?"

"Of course! What do you take me for?"

"Is she pretty?" Nym asked with a smile in the corner of his mouth.

"Too beautiful for those beasts!" he answered with sadness on his face. "Here we are!" he said and opened the door to the solar. "Father, here is Nym of House Eldar to see you!"

Iolas stood and looked at Nym, a broad smile slowly appearing on his face.

"You look just like your mother!" he said warmly. "Welcome to Iria! Please, sit! You too, Faelyn! You must be hungry!"

"Perhaps later, milord. I have a gift for you from my father, Lord Renn!" Nym said and handed him a sword wrapped in a soft purple cloth.

"A gift?" he smiled and took the sword, unwrapping it slowly after placing it on his desk. "Magnificent!" he grinned as he released the shiny blade from the scabbard.

"It is our newest steel! Flexible and light, but cuts like a razor blade!" Nym explained.

Lord Iolas admired the blade, looking down its length from the hilt.

"A most remarkable sword!" he concluded. "I shall wear it proudly. I can't wait to try it out!" he said and returned it in its scabbard.

"I am glad you are pleased, milord!" Nym smiled.

"You could have not come all this way just for this! There must be something else!" Iolas said, looking straight into Nym's eyes.

"There is, milord!" he said, clearing his throat. "My father asks if... if you have made any marriage arrangements for your daughter Gweyr!" he said, blushing slightly, to the amusement of Iolas and Faelyn.

"Not yet. Not that there have not been suitors!" he smiled. "Faelyn, go tell your sister she has a visitor!" he grinned. "Girls need time to prepare for such... encounters!"

"You are most kind, milord!"

"You look so much like your mother!" Iolas smiled warmly just as Faelyn made his exit. "Come, you need to eat before you meet my daughter! I won't have you look at her with hungry eyes!" he said and laughed, leading him towards the kitchens.

"Thank you, milord!" Nym said with much relief in his voice.

"You should know that I have an agreement with my children. I will not force any of them to marry. They have the right to say yes or no to any arrangement!"

"I understand. We have the same arrangement!" Nym smiled.

"Good!" lord Iolas said and sat him down at the kitchen table, instructing the cook to feed him like a king. "I will send Faelyn to take you to Gweyr when she's done! Until then take your time and eat!" he said, tapping him on the shoulder before he left him.
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House Eroan

"Father, you sent for me?" Elidyr asked as he stepped into his father's chambers. He found him resting in his big chair by the window, overlooking the harbour.

"Yes, I did! You heard about your sister's endeavors with the Eldar boy!" his father said with a deep voice.

"Yes. She sent him one of his companions as a gift! Very bold!"

"He will appreciate it and he will fall for Cerdwin. There is no doubt. Your sister has her mother's charms and more!"

"She does!" Elidyr admitted as he sat opposite his father.

"What about you, my son? Have you thought about going to visit Tamaris?"

"Yes, I thought about it. A family alliance with House Qildor would not have much strategic advantage! If Cerdwin marries into the Eldar House, I should aim for Tarron!" Elidyr said with a serious face.

"Gweyr is the only Tarron of marrying age! And I am told she refused several suitors. House Qildor has two of marrying age to choose from! Besides, how do you know the Qildor girls aren't prettier?" Ralnor asked.

"I don't..." Elidyr said, looking out the window aimlessly.

"Precisely. You've been at sea for too long, Elidyr! It's time to find a suitable wife!"

"Tamaris, then?" he asked his father, waiting for his confirmation.

"Yes. Leave as soon as possible! I will send Lord Ruardh a letter!"

"I will! Thank you, father!" Elidyr said and stood, leaving after he had his father's permission to withdraw.

He made his way quickly to Cerdwin's tower, finding his sister bathing with one of her companions. The other two were sitting on the edge of the tub, smiling ear to ear as Elidyr entered.

"Another bath??" Elidyr grinned as he sat on the edge next to one of the girls.

"It's been so hot today..." Cerdwin sighed as she leaned with her back on her servant girl, her head resting between the girl's ample breasts.

"I'm leaving for Tamaris tomorrow!" Elidyr said while dipping his fingers in the warm water, smiling when the girl behind him embraced him tenderly from behind.

"Mmm... you're going to court the Qildor girls?" Cerdwin asked.

"Well I'm not just going for the architecture!" he grinned.

"I heard the middle one is quite the catch!" Cerdwin winked at him.

"Eloen. How would you know?"

"Oh, I know far more than you think, dear brother!" she smiled.

"I'm sure you have spies all over the place, no doubt held in confidence and loyalty by the charms of these lovely ladies! And yours, of course!... I'm sure Eldrin Eldar will appreciate your talents!"

"Why so sure he will want me?" she giggled.

"Are you joking? A man who sends you a gift like that wants you! And when he gets your gift he will want you even more! If he doesn't settle for your servant girl!" he said and splashed water into her face.

"You're mean!" she shrieked and splashed back, making him laugh hysterically.

"You made me wet!" he said as he stood, looking down at his soaked shirt.

"Awww... that's terrible!" the servant girl said standing up behind him. "Let me help you with that!" she said and moved in front of him, unlacing his shirt and pulling it up over his head. She did not stop there. She unlaced his trousers as well and pulled them down, his cock throbbing free.

"You will scare the Qildor girls with that thing!" Cerdwin giggled. "Come closer and put your feet in the water!"

Elidyr smiled and walked into the pool to Cerdwin's left and sat down. The servant girl who undressed him got naked and walked into the tub herself, positioning herself between his legs.

"You will scare Eldrin with your lewdness and your servant girls!" he grinned just as the servant girl began to lick his cock.

"Do you really think he will be scared of me and my friends?"

"One cock for five women? I would be!"

"He doesn't have to fuck all of us every day! He can take turns!" she smiled, watching her servant girl taking Elidyr's cock into her mouth.

The girl began to suck his cock with deep and long strokes, moaning seductively while Cerdwin watched with a smile on her face, her companion gently massaging her breasts.
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