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First sexual experience -was it memorably awkward or magical?

Think back to your first sexual experience. Was it a magical experience or awkward one?

Mine was kind of awkward, I just got into it with me high school girlfriend. I wore a condom as I should , just as i finished, two of my friends came by to hang out and were banging on the front door and ringing the bell. I had to dress quick and run down , I never even took off the condom. Way to ruin the moment guys!

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Awkward. He scuttled off the second he saw blood and went back to playing video games. I don't necessarily regret the experience, as the likelihood of people's first times being always magical and perfect is exceptionally slim.
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Magical! It was my first experience and my first blowjob! As far as I'm concerned, it was the best so far....

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Memorable but not magical... hurt like hell at first. He didn't last long which was a good thing. There was quite a lot of blood... not a very romantic image.

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Magical. My first experience was a blow-job also. It took me a long time to get into it, but it was a frantic face-fuck at the end. I think I shot eight times-- I remember counting the number of squirts. It was like all those teen-age years of jerking off while fantasizing about girls had finally culminated in the mouth of an older man, a totally taboo and unexpected situation. It was magical, and I started fucking women shortly after that, but I don't remember ever cumming so much in one orgasm after that first experience.

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Awkward? Magical? Neither.
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It was very memorable ... still vividly remember it ... a bit awkward before we got down to it ... but extremely pleasurable after that. Wouldn't really say magical, but then magical doesn't really come in to play too much with teenage boys experimenting. Fortunately we both were 18 ( ) so I can write about it here on lit.

It was just me and my best friend experimenting while we were out camping. I offered to pretend to be his girlfriend and give him oral sex if he'd return the favor. I enjoyed both the giving and receiving ends of things ... which is probably why I ended up being bi ... or maybe it was just in my DNA from the get go. Anyway, definitely memorable ... awkward when I first asked him if he wanted to do it ... terrifying as he took an eternity (probably only 10 seconds) to respond to me ... but extremely satisfying after we got going at it.

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These types of threads always lead to under age (18) sexual discussions, which is against the forum guidelines. Closing it now before that happens.
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