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Wink My Next Door Lover

It was after my wife had gone over to San Diego with the kids to visit her parents that I got naked and had put on a bathrobe before I went to the home of our next door neighbor Barbara Loughlin, who was splashing around in the swimming pool when I got there.

When she saw me with only my robe on, Barbara looked at my house and asked, "Are they gone?", which made me slip off my robe and answer, "And they will not be back until tomorrow afternoon."

"Good.", said a smiling Barbara before she lifted her naked body out of the pool, got down on her knees and sucked my dick with my hands on the back of her head.

But as soon as I rolled Barbara and started fucking her in the ass, we heard the voice of my wife on the answering machine saying, "Hi, Honey. Made it to San Diego okay. Will see you when we get home tomorrow. Love you, too. 'Bye."

And after the phone hung up, I looked at Barbara and asked, "Now where were we?", just before she smiled, placed a gentle hand on my cheek and said, "You know, that is exactly what I want to know."

But while I was sucking her tits and fucking her pussy, both Barbara and I were unaware that we were being watched from the window of the master bedroom by her husband Eric while his cock was being sucked by my wife.
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Wink To Start With My Three Wishes

It was after my best friend Jerry and I walked out of the local Hooters restaurant that I shook my head and said, "I just don't get it, Jerry. We told those waitresses that they looked totally hot in those orange shorts and they never gave us a second look. I mean, they acted like we had the plague or something."

"Let's not worry about it, David. All we need to do now is just go home and call it a day.", said Jerry before I looked at my watch and said, "Might as well. The latest episode of Last Comic Standing is on tonight and I don't feel like missing it for anything."

But that was before we found this gold medallion laying on the ground which made me pick it up and see that it had an image of a skull in the middle of it just before Jerry looked at it as well and said, "Hey! I know what that thing is! It's that one medallion that grants three wishes to whoever holds on to it! But does it really work?"

That was before I raised the medallion and said, "Only one way to find out, Jerry. I wish for a Pontiac sedan to appear in front of us right now!"

And just like that, a new Pontiac sedan had instantly appeared from out of thin air and caused Jerry to become excited and say, "Wholly shit! It works! The little son of a bitch really works!", before he got into the car, looked at me with a smile and asked, "So, what's your second wish?"

That was when I gave the answer to that question some thought, raised the medallion and said, "I wish for my best friend to be turned into an exact duplicate of Kendra Wilkinson!"

"Excuse me?", asked a confused Jerry before he looked in the rear-view mirror and saw with shock in his eyes that he is now a clone of one of The Girls Next Door.

And when she looked at me and asked, "Are you out of your fucking mind?!", I shrugged my shoulders and said, "Well, you did ask me what my second wish was!", before she got out of the car and said, "Okay, Smartass! Hand over that medallion right now!"

But just as she was about to make a grab for it, I raised the medallion for the last time and said, "I wish for this blonde babe to get naked and fuck me!", which made her take her clothes off and finger herself before she looked at yours truly and said, "Come on, You Son Of A Bitch! Get your naked ass over here and fuck me... right now!"

And after I got naked and jerked off in front of the bitch, I moved myself over to the newly transformed Jerry and sucked on her moist snatch while my hands were on those massive mounds of hers.

Then, after I fucked her in the ass, I rolled her over and gave the same fucking to her pussy until a full tidal wave of cum gushed right out of us.

And while we were laying on the hood of that car and catching our breath, I looked around for that medallion and was unable to find it which made me say out loud, "It's gone! That little piece of golden shit is gone!", before Jerry also looked for it without any success and said, "And just as I was about to start with my three wishes!"
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Wink Just Like Old Times

When Alan Kirkwood looked at his watch and waved his hand, a taxicab stopped and its driver rolled down a window, looked at Alan with a smile and asked, "Is there someplace you want me to take you, Stud?"

And after he chuckled for a little bit, Alan placed his bags in the back seat of the cab and said, "I've got a flight to catch and I'm in a hurry. Could you take me to the airport?"

"Sure thing.", said the female cabbie with the short brunette haircut before Alan got into the cab and it was driven away from in front of his apartment building.

But halfway to the airport, Alan looked outside and saw that the cabbie had missed the highway turnoff which made him lean toward the cabbie, clear his throat and say, "Look, I don't want to give you any problems. It's just that you're going the wrong way."

"Oh, I know that, Alan.", said the cabbie after she looked at Alan through the rear-view mirror and before she drove the cab into an abandoned warehouse in time for the cabbie to get out of the car, open the door for Alan and ask, "Well? Are you coming or not?"

And after she stepped into what was once an office, Alan got out of the car and looked around to make sure that there was nobody else in the place before he walked into the office space to confront the cabbie for being such a dumbass bitch.

But as soon as he walked into the room, Alan was shocked to find the cabbie laying totally naked inside a blue sleeping bag before she waved and said, "Hi, Alan. Long time, no see. Huh?"

And when he remembered who the cabbie actually was and said, "Roxanne! Roxanne Halstead!", she opened the sleeping bag, fingered herself in front of Alan and said, "Just like old times. Right, Alan?"

And of course, that made Alan get naked and jerk off before he placed himself inside the same sleeping bag and allowed Roxanne to suck his cock while he was doing the same thing to her pussy.

And after he gave her a hard fucking in the ass, Alan rolled Roxanne over, drove his dick into her pussy and sucked her tits before she cried, hit her fists on his back and asked, "Why, Alan? Why did you leave me at the altar? We were supposed to be happy together!"

Then, after they got done with fucking each other's brains out, a suddenly understanding Alan placed a gentle hand on Roxanne's shoulder and said, "Sorry, Roxanne. I really didn't mean to hurt you like that. It's just that when your mom and dad took over the planning and other stuff, it was not our wedding anymore."

That made Roxanne turn towards Alan, wipe away the tears and say, "They really are so pushy. Are they?", before they smiled and shared a good laugh between them.

As for the wedding they really wanted, both Alan and Roxanne eloped and lived happily ever after ever since.
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Wink A Sex Fantasy In A Gym


When I go like on any other
Day to the gym, I would see her
Standing in front of a mirror
And looking so fucking superior
While lifting up one weight after another!

And whenever I try to tell
Her that I could ring the bell
After climbing a long rope,
She treated me like a dumbass dope
And told me to go to fucking hell!

Of course, that made me fantasize
About my dick growing twice its normal size
Before I would rip off what I was wearing,
Grab that blonde bitch and start pulling
On her hair before she could even apologize!

Then, I would pull off her shorts
And act like I was in those spectator sports
While holding on to her arms and shoving my brass
Like dick so deep into her ass
That she would let out a loud cry of sorts!

And like a pitiful crying whelp,
She would try to plead someone for help
Only to discover that nobody is coming
To her rescue instead of watching
Me fuck that skanky eater of kelp!

Then, I would smash her against a wall
And let myself have a real ball
By drilling my cock so deep
Into her pussy and acting like a real creep
By pounding each breast like a beachball!

And after that, I would choke the living
Daylights out of that bitch until she stops breathing
And I would let loose a sea of cum
Before I would stand up, let out a little hum
And turn towards a whole gym cheering!

Of course, I really am so glad
That I am not such a very bad
Guy to do that to any woman
Even if she is disrespectful to a man
In order to please my mom and dad.

And besides, I have a feeling
That I would no longer be seeing
That heartless bitch at the gym anymore
Because her employers at Emerald Shore
Productions placed her in the section of firing.

A friend told me that she was crying
While in the process of cleaning
Out her desk and wishing to apologize
To everyone she had hurt with the size
Of her ego whether or not she was exercising.

Well, it is too late for that bitch
To try to cure any type of itch
That she had caused in her lifetime
And learn that you can not stop a crime
On the soul with one single stitch!

As for the rest of my life,
I do not feel any more strife
Over people calling me nasty names
Especially if they happen to be dames
And I feel pretty good about my life.
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Wink She Had A Dragon Tattoo

One day on the beach, a shapely blonde babe in a white bikini walked towards me.

She had a dragon tattoo below her bellybutton.

After she got naked, she pulled down my trunks and sucked on my rod.

That was before I laid her on the blanket and drilled deep into her pussy until I hit paydirt.

But when I woke from my nap, I looked around the beach and saw that she was not there anymore.
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Wink Pink Panties

I knew that I was not having a ball
After several drinks when I was not all
Well in the head even when the bartender
Looked at me with a smile on her
Face and told me that it was the last call.

That was when she accidentally sprayed water
Everywhere and made the blonde take off her
Clothes which made me see without a single blink
That she was wearing panties that were pink
And that her naked body really was much hotter.

That made me take my clothes off as well
And let her see that my dick began to swell
Before she got herself up on the bar
And allowed me to shove my attached car
Into her tunnel like a bat out of hell.

And while I was sucking on each tit
And enjoying the pleasure because of it,
I looked at the blonde bartender and
Saw that she was enjoying the sex so grand
Even if it came from a guy not worth shit.

The next morning, I was still on the bar
Next to her and realized that I went too far
With all of that binge drinking I had
Done the night before and felt so bad
That I snuck out of there and drove home in my car.

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Wink On A Long Limo Ride

Mark and Hilary decided to celebrate Valentine's Day by going on a long limo ride.

But while they were riding around in that car, the couple noticed that there was nothing to do.

That was before Hilary got out of her pink dress and allowed Mark to touch her all over.

And while they were fucking each other silly, the naked couple had not noticed that the limo driver was watching and having a little trouble with the car.

That was before the limo stopped at their home and Mark and Hilary got out of the car just in time to see the driver speed away.

"I wonder what got into him?", asked a confused Hilary before Mark let out a hearty laugh and answered, "I have a feeling it was like a scene from that movie entitled 'Young Lady Chatterly'."

"Oh, that poor guy!", said Hilary before they laughed.
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What else could he have done? He knew he was an idiot. She'd arrived on his doorstep last night and asked if she could stay. She'd arrived with nothing but the clothes on her back and her purse. How the fuck was he supposed to refuse her with the tears staining her face. Her clothing was still soaked from the storm an hour before.

He'd cut off the friendship when she had decided to live with Andrew. How many times had he warned her about the kind of men she was attracted to. They were always fakers. They just used her before tossing her out into the street. She'd never shown him any interest, though he'd made it clear how he felt. You're not my type, she had said.

He was a hard man, but he wasn't without compassion. He'd told her to come in and get some clothes from his room and gave her a room for the night. He'd decide what to do about her in the morning.

The steam rose in wisps from his coffee cup as he read the paper. She came out wearing his heavy flannel jack shirt, socks, and the watch he had given her on her birthday just over three years ago. It seemed she never took it off.

"Morning, Robert. Do you mind if I have a coffee?"

"Help yourself. Have some breakfast too. I have to go to the office pretty soon."

She poured herself a coffee and sat beside him. The scent of her filled his heart and broke it.

"Anything interesting in the paper?"

He folded the paper and set it aside. He turned sideways on the stool and glared at her.

"That's it? Small talk? You show up here after all this time and just expect that I'll be your friend again? What the hell's wrong with you?"

He went to the small, pine table in front of the patio doors and retrieved his briefcase. She followed him.

Her hand touched his shoulder. "Please, Robert... and I don't want to be your friend."

He pursed his lips and closed his eyes. She was so close.

"I have to go. Why are you still wearing the watch I gave you?" He strode toward the door to the carport.

"The watch makes me feel close to you. Even when you'd written me off, it made me feel close to you. It's like a tether."

That was disturbing. She'd said she didn't want to be his friend and now she was saying the watch was a tether? He'd never figure out this woman.

"Great. I'm glad it suited you." He put his hand on the doorknob and turned to look at her. She was sitting on the edge of the table with her head in her hand.

"I was so stupid. While you loved me, I let other men use me."

"Fabulous. I guess I'm your cuckold."

She shook her head. "No. Not that. I took you for granted, yes, but it was never my intention to hurt you."

"But here you are. Taking me for granted again. You just said you don't need me to be your friend. You need to be gone when I get home."

She shook her head. "You've misunderstood me. I'm here hoping."


"I know who you are now. I was talking to Brenda. She told me what you are. I want that, and I want that from you. Andrew didn't throw me out. I left. I left to come here."

Robert set his briefcase down put his shoulder against the wall and crossed his arms.

"And just what did Brenda tell you?"

"She said you told her that, even though you and I had never been together, you had never cared as much about any woman. She said you'd never wanted to...."

"To what?"

"I want to know. I have to know if it could be real for us. I'm done fucking around with guys. I want this replaced." She pointed to her watch.

She stood, unbuttoned the shirt, and let it fall to the floor. The swell of her breasts and hips made his heart skip. She walked slowly toward him. Her hips swayed seductively. Her hands reached out but came together in front of her, wrists together.

"Why should I trust you, Cynthia."

"Because I haven't taken the watch off since you gave it to me."

He took her hand and moved the watch slightly. Pale white skin in the middle of summer.

"You need to take it off."

"I will, but only if you'll consider replacing it."

The scent of her was filling him again.

"I'll consider it. It will take some time before I'll feel I can trust you, but I'll consider it if you'll agree to earn it. I require a hundred percent honesty and fidelity."

"Yes, Sir. I'll try to be worthy. I know you're hard but tender. I've seen you with other women in public. I'd love the opportunity to earn your collar."

He removed the watch, turned her abruptly and pressed her up against the wall.
Excuse me.
Does this belong to you, miss?

Keep calm, girl; there's no need to be nervous.
Now, hand me the paddle.
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Wink A New Set Of Lovers

Tom was at the home of his best friend Michael admiring the collection of erotic statues.

That was before he watched the female part of 'The Lovers' come to life and move herself away from the male.

And when she saw a confused Tom staring at her, the living woman of bronze walked over and kissed him on the lips before she helped him get undressed and laid him down on the floor.

But while he was fucking her pussy with his hands on her tits, Tom felt something happening to him and let out a scream of terror.

That was before Michael walked into the room to check on Tom and found a bronze likeness of his best friend on the floor with the female lover and the male lover left alone.

"Sorry, Tom. I guess I should've told you sooner.", said Michael with regret in his soft voice.

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Wink What I Found In The Bedroom

She was naked
And bound in a rope of red.

She looked out of the corner
Of her eye and begged me to fuck her.

That was when I got naked
And on the bed.
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Wink Coming From The Basement

Woody was puting the clean dishes away when he suddenly heard a scream of terror coming from the basement.

And when he went to check, he was shocked to see the Gates of Hell opened slightly in front of him.

But when he stepped into that hellmouth, he saw that every demon was busy torturing the living shit out of innocent souls including his wife Rachel, who was being raped by two monster demons.

And just as he was about to rescue his beloved wife, Woody was stopped by a trio of female demons who had shreded the clothes off of his body and stared at him before two of those demons grabbed his arms and the third slowly licked her lips.

But when she chomped her fangs down on his exposed dick, Woody screamed so loud that it forced him to wake up in his bed and next to Rachel.
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Wink The Kraken In A Night Club

A large tank was delivered to the local strip club as a favor to the owner and installed before the opening act of the night.

It had a cover and warning banner over it and nobody in the club was able to see what was inside that tank.

But that was before a brunette named Delilah came out to do her striptease act.

Her performance on that stage was so hot that nobody noticed a set of huge tentacles rising out of the tank.

That was before they grabbed a scared Delilah, ripped off her hot pink top and panties and dragged her off the stage and to the tank just in time for a crytozoological creature known as the Kraken to drill its monster dick into her pussy and to force everyone to get out fast.

You see, the Kraken likes to play its food before devouring it.
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Wink On The Night Of The Full Moon

It was under a full moon
That I walked home after an afternoon
Work shift at the local comic book store
Where I was able to do every chore
And make sure new comics arrive soon.

But before I reached my destination,
I saw a woman sitting in a lotus position
And noticed that she was also naked
Which made me offer to her a warm bed
As part of my helping the needy mission.

But just as I was about to do that,
She gave me a smile of the Cheshire Cat,
Got up and ripped the clothes off of me
Just in time for that crazy babe to see
That my rod had grown as big as a baseball bat.

That was before she shoved me down to the ground
And make her tongue go slowly around
Her lips before she was able to do the trick
Of using her wide mouth to suck my dick
And hitting my hips with a single pound.

And after she sat on my lap and made it
Go in and out while I sucked on each tit,
I took one more look at the full moon and
Allowed a skeptic like myself to understand
The type of aphrodisiac that was attached to it.

Then, after we allowed ourselves to cum,
I suddenly heard her let out a soft hum
Which made me look at the babe and discover
That she was this blonde coworker named Heather,
Who I was supposed to think of as only a chum.

That was when I gave myself time to quickly dress
And carry Heather away from the scene of that mess
Before we had reached my place and I laid her naked
Body carefully on the sofa before going to bed
With hopes that the next day would not be filled with more distress.

The next morning while having some coffee in my hut,
Heather and I both agreed to keep our mouths shut
About what happened to us on the night
Of the full moon and make sure that a slight
Word is said even if we do find ourselves in a rut.
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Wink It Was On A Saturday


It was on a Saturday that I woke up and carefully got out of bed without waking my blonde partner.

But when I slipped on my jeans and looked in the mirror, I almost died!

Instead of seeing myself as a man, I saw myself somehow changed into a woman!

That was before my partner placed her hands on my chest and planted a small kiss on my back.

"Excellent. The formula I slipped into your Pepsi last night is a success.", she said to me while she was pulling my jeans down.

And after she smiled and said, "Now, let us do some rug munching.", she got down on her knees and sucked my pussy with her finger in my ass.

And the totally weird part of this whole experience is that I really was enjoying it and do not want it to end for any reason at all.
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Wink Lust

I no longer have myself to trust
Because I am unable to resist the lust
Of wanting to let myself fuck
Every woman like I was a truck
Going into every tunnel that I thrust!

It really is such a terrible disease
That I have because I have to please
The wanton desires of each woman
Even beyond the best I possibly can
And yet am unable to stop myself with ease!

I even had no choice but to put an end
To the relationship I had with my girlfriend
Because of what I had done behind her
Back and it involved that sister
Of hers who came with some bonding time to spend!

You see, I went over to her house
And moved around while being quiet like a mouse
Because I wanted to look for a water spout
And allow myself to get my ass out
Of there before I become a total louse!

But that was before I heard the sound of water
Coming from the bathroom which made me remember
That if those two were to find me on the double
In that house, I would have been in such trouble
And had no choice but to explain myself to her!

Still, I felt like facing certain doom
By letting myself peek inside that bathroom
And watch my girlfriend's own sister
Wrap a towel around herself after
Taking a shower and walk across the room!

And when she looked at herself in
The mirror and slipped off the towel, the sin
Known as lust had take control of me
Once again because she was able to see
Me standing behind her in only my skin!

And after she turned around,
I grabbed her and threw her to the ground
Before I had surrendered to the itch
And shoved my dick into that poor bitch
While making sure she was unable to make a sound!

You see, I used that towel as a gag
And covered the mouth of that helpless hag
While I kept on sucking on each tit
And banging her pussy like there was no end of it
Before I finally stopped and she was like a potato bag!

I know that some of you are unable to see
The type of disease that continues to plague me
But if you are a woman who wants to date
Me out of pity, please do not let yourself hate
Me when I beg you to stay the fucking hell away from me!
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Wink Pretend You're My Lover


I was having a drink and watching some baseball at the local Hooters before this one babe with the short blonde hair sat next to me and whispered in my ear, "Help me out. Pretend you're my lover."

And when I saw this nasty looking guy come into the bar, I kissed that damsel in distress on the lips before I let my hand go inbetween her legs in order to penetrate her pussy.

That was before I saw that guy leaving the bar just in time for me to pull out my hand only to have the blonde whisper in my ear, "Let's go fuck each other in the restroom."

Then, after we went into the restroom and she allowed me to drill my rod into her butt, we looked out of a window and saw a UFO beam the thug into it and zoom back into Outer Space.
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Wink Being Naked In A Ballroom

My fantasy does involve a blue dress
And a woman who does not look like a mess
While she lets herself wear such a gown
And even though she does not wear a crown,
She is the one beauty queen who I want to carress.

It starts with me being naked in a ballroom
Full of people who look at me without any gloom
In their eyes before this brunette babe comes over
And licks those lips while slipping off her
Dress and let it drop to the floor of the room.

And after she sits down and starts to lick
On my attached rod, I let myself do this trick
Of picking her up and sucking on her moist pussy
Before I show everyone that I am not a sissy
By flipping her over and going inside her ass with my dick.

And while I let myself suck on each tit
And bang her pussy until there is nothing left of it,
I would see the crowd get themselves up from each seat
And give us such wonderous applause without skipping a beat
Nor letting themselves have time to give a shit.
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Wink The Latest Obsession

After she stepped inside a subway station, she looked over her shoulder with fear in her eyes.

She became the latest obsession of a stalker who was following her.

When she walked into the ladies restroom, she sighed because she thought she was safe.

But that was before that stalker had wrapped a scarf over her eyes and shoved her down on the floor in order to pull her panties off and bang her in the ass.

After he was done humping the poor girl, the stalker grabbed his scarf and walked out of the restroom with his victim still crying on the floor.

But when he stepped out of the subway station, another man walked up to the stalker and accused him of raping his baby sister before he pulled out a meat cleaver and hacked the stalker into a bloody mess with it.

Then, he called the cops.
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Wink From Out Of A Comic Book

After my shower, I sat on my bed and started reading the latest issue of DC Super Stars.

And when I got a good look at this sexy costumed babe known as the Huntress, I heard someone coming in through a window.

That made me put the book down and step out of the bedroom to see the costume of the Huntress on the living room floor.

Then, I walked into the bathroom and saw Helena Wayne taking a shower.

That made me slip off my robe and join Helena in that shower.

And after I laid my hands on her chest, she turned around and stared at me before she allowed my Batmobile to go deep inside her Batcave.

But just as we were about to surrender ourselves to the embrace of passion, the phone rang and I found myself in bed with the comic book in my hand.
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Wink To A Private Demostration

I was at this sex toy trade show looking at some of the stuff that the vendors had to offer.

That was before this one guy told me about the Belladonna Love Doll and invited me to a private demostration of that product.

And after I said 'okay' to that idea, we went into his hotel room where he took the deflated doll out of the box, blew her up and laid her down on the bed.

Then, after he left me alone with the doll, I got naked and into bed with her.

And when I got done with fucking all three holes, I plopped down next to that doll and fell asleep.

But when I woke up, I saw that the doll was gone along with my clothes and wallet!

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Wink The Smoking Nun

I saw her smoking
In the garden where I was working.

"Is something bothering you, Sister?",
I asked after I walked up to her.

That made her toss aside
The cigarette and show what she was unable to hide.

After she got naked,
She shoved me down on a rose bed.

And after fucking ourselves dry,
She started to cry.
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Wink A UFO In The Woods

I was walking through the woods when I saw this huge saucer appear from out of nowhere.

And while it was pulling me towards an opening, I guess I blacked out.

When I opened my eyes, I found myself naked and on an examination table.

That was before this strange human like babe walked into the room, got undressed and allowed me to bang her gong slowly.

And while I was sucking on her breasts, I looked around the room and saw this huge group of little grey guys staring at us.

But before the climax, I blacked out again and woke up in my bedroom.

At first, I planned on calling some of my best buds and tell them what happened to me.

But that was before I realized that there was no way in Hell that those guys would believe me.

So, I decided to stay totally silent.
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Wink To Have X-Ray Vision

If I ever do wish to have X-ray vision,
I would use it for a personal mission
Of seeing through the clothes of women
I was unable to fuck because I had been
Unwilling to ask them for permission.

Even Pamela Anderson would never
Hide those large breasts when I stare at her
T-shirt and get such a hard cock
That I want to rock
Any woman with... including her.
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Wink That Promise I Just Made

Yes, I promised to keep an eye on my friend's pet while he was out of town.

But I had no way of knowing what kind of pet he actually had until yesterday afternoon.

I went over to his place to see if that pet needed to be fed or whatever.

But when I went into the backyard, I was shocked to see a tiger in the form of a female human leaning against a tree.

That was before she looked at me with a smile, pounced on me and shred my clothes off.

Then, after she sucked my dick and made me fuck her pussy, that weretiger got her ass off of me and ran over to the other side of the yard.

At first, I thought about calling my friend and telling him about what I saw.

But that was before I remembered that promise I just made.
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Wink My Newfound Beach Buddy


I saw her step out of the water and walk towards me. She was a redhead wearing a white bikini with pink spots on it. And when she asked me, "Would you rub some Hawaiian Tropic on my back?", I just nodded my head. That was before she laid herself down on my beach towel and untied her bikini top. And when I started rubbing the suntan lotion on her back, she had this look on her face like she was enjoying it.

That was when I slipped off my trunks and pulled those bikini bottoms off of the redhead. And before she was about to ask about what was going on, I grabbed her by the belly and started humping her ass. And when she lifted herself up and allowed me to grab her tits and blow my hot breath on her neck, I saw that she was enjoying it. That was before she pushed me away from her and began sucking on my dick. And while I was doing the same thing to her pussy, I looked around and made sure that we really were alone.

Then, I turned myself around, grabbed the redhead by the legs and shoved my attached semi deep into her soaking wet tunnel. And while I was sucking on her tits, she dug those fingernails of hers into my back which of course hurt like a son of a bitch. And after we had finally shot cum right out of ourselves, I cleared my throat and said, "I'm Peter. And I really am sorry to had done that to you." "It's okay. I understand. Oh, and before I forget, my name is Nancy.", that was what my newfound beach buddy said before we fell asleep. And yes, she gave me her phone number in case I want to go out with her sometime.
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