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While I've never kept a journal going, I do keep track of trips in my pickup. It started when we had a rent house. Actually a house we were trying to sell but the market was bad and for a few years we rented.

I kept track of my mileage to and from, along with a note of why I went (mow the lawn, shovel snow, unclog drains etc etc. The accountant told me to keep if for everything I did in my truck and to highlight the times I went to the house.

The house is long gone but I still keep a record of where I went, why, and the gas mileage. I also keep track of tire rotations, oil changes and all that stuff.

I've expanded it to include a record of long journeys such as weekend trips. I have a complete record of what rest stops are good, bad, indifferent, fast food stops along the road, restaurants and motels where we stayed, what we did etc.

While I was doing farmers market, I used it to record trips there, what sold and what didn't as well as notes about my cost, my selling prices and ultimately what my profits where.

So I guess you would call that a travel journal combined with a vehicle logbook. All this goes back many years and I've got a stack of notebooks in a box in the closet. They cover my current vehicle as well as the old one I had when all this started.
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I have kept paper journals and notebooks. I shredded them last year, but they're mostly transcribed and ZIPped away. I have kept online travel journals; they're packed away now, too. I have kept audio journals, stacks of cassette tapes; I should wipe those. I keep digital story-idea and to-do and random-thought lists. But I no longer record most of my activities. I feel no need.

Audio journaling: For years, my best friend was a small reporter's cassette recorder, then a mini-cassette recorder, now a small digital audio recorder. Besides recording sounds like the noises of a rail switch yard at night, I've found the device invaluable for capturing ideas, songs, to-do's, while I'm moving: walking, biking, driving. Momentum generates words.
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My journal

I have kept a journal since middle school. The ones I writer these days are very different from the ones I wrote then, as you can imagine. The one's then were about traumatic events (child abuse, rape, and similar). Now I keep two journals. One is for sexual fantasies. The other is for life's blessings and the people with whom I share my life (and pets). Over the years, I have found journaling to be a very valuable tool and practice.
Brightest of Blessings,
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Cool Journal/Diary

From what I can read here, keeping a journal evolved from the diary of younger years.
It's a purely feminine cultural phenomenon.
I've never known a boy to keep a diary and the men say it's more like a notebook.
My life has always been so hectic and unpretictable that I could never have kept a diary.
Even now that I don't work anymore.
Many years ago, I had a thick file full of ideas. Some I wrote, most never saw the light of day.
A few years back, I perused it... then dumped it. I'm not the same person I was.
Now, I write story outlines in Word, then get back to work on my novels.
I know most are just for fun. I like to play with words.
But a few will be submitted here soon.
An Angel... Really!
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I kept a dream diary in my last year of high school and a couple of years at university. I also wrote a lot of stream of consciousness poetry, which served the same purpose as a diary. Back then, I also wrote, wrote, wrote letters. I still have all of the letters I received in reply, long ago, but no longer have my half of the conversation. That was in the seventies, before computers, before photo copiers. I didn't even have a typewriter. Long, long hand written letters. I wonder how what the girls thought of me, those girls I wrote to way back then. We kept writing, until we didn't.

It's a time capsule. My children will find them all when I die. Fuck, Dad, was that really you? We never knew.

I expect I'm the exception to the rule stated in the previous post, that it's almost entirely a feminine phenomenon, as I am a man - then just a boy. Perhaps it's my anima rearing her head.

Now, it's all in my head, and spills out into what I write on Literotica.

My stories: https://www.literotica.com/stories/m...ge=submissions
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Perhaps some of your writings are worth sharing. They sound unusually interesting....
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I've kept journals on and off all my life, but only in the last four years or so have I been more diligent about it. It's part of my spiritual practice, to record my thoughts and observations, sort out cosmological ideas, and my own code of ethics. I have a separate journal for story ideas, mostly character sketches, situational ideas that I don't want to forget. I find it useful for getting to know a character, their motivations, and how they interact with others. When I get an idea it kicks around in my head for awhile but I never truly 'know' a character until I start writing, then he/she takes on his/her own personality.
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