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Objects of Desire

Iím sorry to inundate you with my pedantic ramblings, so if youíve had enough, just lay this one aside and get back to it later. However, since youíre such an expert in the art of masturbation [even if you do not consider yourself an expert, you are light years ahead of me!] what do you use as sexual stimulus, what are your objects of desire.

To be fair to you, I canít use your body or your breasts or mental images that involve you in my sex act. This pulls you into a sexual affair where you donít belong, where you donít want to be. But I can still learn from you. You can still provide the spark, as long as it is not a personal aspect of you.

So what do you use? Pictures of men. Videos. Porn. Stories of romance and intrigue. What objects of desire do you use to get excited? What do you think about in your imagination and in your mindís eye that gets your juices flowing? What as the exact thought and mental image that entered your mind when you reached your last orgasm? Care to share?

Safe Limits
1. Talking about sex on a voice recording (e.g. the last time you reached an orgasm and how did it make you feel).
2. Writing about your sexual fantasies, acts of sex, what thoughts turn you on
3. Writing about your mood for sex (e.g. are you hot and horny, or not). Perhaps as an informational/educational piece.
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