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Looking for Co-Author and Editor for Science-Fantasy ChYOA

I have this story idea which I want to develop.

In basic there is a woman who lives alone with a few cats in her own home. One night a set of hyper tech drones sneak up on her in bed and transport her INTO the internet.

You see, it seems that the internet is not really a network of computers, the computers are just running magical spells that tap into other dimensions which we all play in. These people are chosen to be explorers investigating these dimensions and trying to find a way to bring the things that are in these dimensions HERE, so that we can do things like mine gold and gems in the world of Minecraft for making jewelry on earth, or keep dragons as pets from the world of Pokimon. First though she has to figure out how to survive inside the dark and labyrinthine corners of the web...

Anyone interested in exploring this with me?
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This story sounds interesting, but you would probably do better to put it on the CHYOA board of the site I gave you the link to in your other thread. I wouldn't mind adding to this story, but few writers on CHYOA still check this section of the board. I'll think up some ideas for this story to bounce off of you.
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Have you ever read a "sudden game interface" or "videogame plot" story? That kind of set-up sounds like it would be very well suited to both your concept and a CYOA story. Literota sucks as a place to create CYOA stories though.
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