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Alleged forced migrant labor trafficking investigated in California forests

And they say slavery is over. Bullshit.


Thousands of miles from home, stained with toxic chemicals and threatened with guns, workers say they couldn't leave even if they wanted to. The migrant workers, all from Mexico, were in a foreign country and they say their passports had been confiscated by company supervisors.

That's part of a story told to federal investigators from the Department of Labor (DOL) and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) by a group of migrant workers employed by a forestry company called Pure Forest.

News10 began investigating Idaho-based Pure Forest, which is in the business of tree planting and tree thinning for Sierra Pacific Industries throughout Northern California, after workers alleged they were forced to endure horrendous conditions while working in the Sierra under temporary work visas.

The Department of Justice calls it forced labor trafficking. It's another side of human trafficking, a more hidden side, said U.S. Attorney Benjamin Wagner. The victims are often out of sight, held captive in family homes, restaurants, or remote work sites like the forests that cover the Sierra Nevada. Although Pure Forest denies the allegations against them, federal agents have served search warrants at multiple locations in California and Idaho and arrested one of their employees...
I fear nothing on four legs, and damned sure nothing on two. So don't even bother threatening me with violence; there's no way you can deliver. Unless you want to bore me to death.

So spare me your threats, dumbass. You ain't gonna deliver nobody's country ass whuppin'. You ain't gonna confront me in a dark alley. If you see me, the only thing you're going to do is mumble in anger and stomp off in a huff.

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