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Originally Posted by PrincessErin View Post
I just received a very pleasant email from the owner of this site asking me to post my stories on this site.
I haven't seen anyone else talk about this so just wondering if anyone else received this email and how legit this company really is?
I currently have my stories on Amazon but that's about it.


I've gotten requests like this, but not from this website, I don't think.

This is apparently a new service. I see that Dakota Trace is one of their authors and Dakota Trace is the pen name for someone who posts to Lit. So, maybe you'll get a response on this website.

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This web site has expired and no longer exists.
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OK, I give up.
What's with the re-post of a 'dead' thread from the grave ?
If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Handley Page

"Incident at Cemetery Junction"
"Pest Control"
"Mavis's Car Trip"
"Norman-the-dragon "
"Stacy & the Angel "
" Earth Tremor on Stage ? "
" Charlie's Story "
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I was on there for awhile but tech issues killed it. To bad, the woman who ran it was very nice.
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