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It's alive

So I rarely have dreams, and when I do, they don't ever make any sense. Just a jumbled mash of subconscious shit thrown together with whatever I saw on TV the day prior or something like that. I have other nightmares, but those are really relevant.

But last night's dream involved characters from a horror story I'm working on (non erotic off the site, hope that's relevant enough here). This shit was vivid. I still don't remember all the details thanks to the dream witch, but what I do made it seem like my creations had come to life.

I guess it was a mini nightmare or something. I was sorta writing kinda late, too, working on a particularly freaky part of the story. Its hard to explain cuz of the story length, but it involved the ghost (or really a manifestation) of a mother, who was brutally murdered and stuffed in the attic. Her youngest child winds up missing.

Anyway, the scene was where the "ghost" had kidnapped this random eight yr old girl, and the protagonist had found them in the attic. I made the thing (Mom, we'll call her) look pretty freaky, but all you see at first is from the back of her as it sits and rocks in an old rocking chair. Mom's arm is around the frightened little girl, petting her hair. Mom's theme is sort of "maternal vengeance" in a way.

Protagonist has to sneak forward and try to save the little girl. It was a tense session of writing. One of those moments you describe in writing where your heartbeat is pounding in your ears and violins are wailing around you. The protagonists cover is eventually blown, and mom's wrath ensues.

You don't have to understand that whole scene. There's a lot going on in that story. But I dreamed that scene. I don't ever dream like that, but I dreamed that scene. I can remember sneaking, though I don't recall a little girl, and Mom was rocking in her chair. The bitch's face is creepy ass hell, and I got close to her, and her head snapped around and saw me. Then all I can really remember is Mom's jawless face coming for me in someone's attic and this crazy yowling sound she made.

So, uh, yeah. Should I be creeped out? Does anyone else's characters follow you in your dreams? And if they do, has it ever affected your approach to the piece you are writing? Mine sorta helped me I suppose, but in a way that gives me a weird vibe whenever I write about "mom."
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Many of my characters and story plots come out of my dreams--or while I'm in the state between dreaming and being fully awake.
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I've had both experiences. Some of my story ideas come from dreams and some are finalized in the period between wakefulness and getting into a deep sleep, when I'm thinking the story over in my head. However, your dream seems to have been a complete copy of what you wrote. That's unusual. You should FAWC it.

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Lately I've been dreaming of characters in one of my back burnered stories. Sometimes I dream of characters in current stories as I write, the dreams however rarely have anything to do with the story, usually mundane real life shit. For example, the female lead in a story I just finished harped at me incessantly one night to mow the lawn.
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I've dreamed about characters in some of my stories before I even had the idea to write them. I've got one I'm working on about a Nekomimi (Catgirl) named Nikki, but I'm feeling pretty selfish about her, because I dreamed her first, and I don't know if I wanna share her with all the readers or not. So, as a sort of compromise, I'm working on a Fox-girl instead to share.
My dreams are usually pretty disjointed too, though I do remember one, the only nightmare I've had since I was eleven that scared me (not acting tough, I'm telling the truth). In it, my four-year old, Ariana, (three at that time) had been infected, and was going through the process of turning into a zombie. She was feverish, pale, sweating, shivering as the virus overheated her body until her organs began failing, and she fell into a coma. From there, the virus progressed more rapidly, until all life functions ceased. From there, it was only a matter of a few minutes before her eyes opened, no longer a clear, dark gray-blue, but pale, glacial blue, faded. I was crying when I woke up...

I know it's a little off subject, unless you look at the title of the post, then it's pretty apt...
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