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Story time (closed)

This thread is a link to SOME of my previous stories / games on the literotica SRP forums. These are stories that showcase my SRP style as well as link to stories that may or may not be dead, but are worth saving in my opinion.
(last updated 8-23-2011)

My original introduction post when I joined the Lit forums
Meet Rhev

My Solo writing

My currently active games
-I no longer RP on the forums here. RL got too busy to maintain any sort of real schedule.

My old / non active games
The Wetnurse - Another great story with Snuggle Bunz, the co-author of 'right under your nose'. BDSM, Master/slave, Lactation, and Victorian America, what a combo! The game is currently on perma-hold and probably done with as SB deals with real life issues.

Groundhog Day - This closed thread is one that my co-writer thought up. She thought it would be fun for a very horny woman to be stuck in time, much like the movie of the same name.

Right Under Your Nose - This was a really great story. It was a western set in Kansas just before the civil war. We screwed up one tiny thing and the characters had cartridge based weapons even though it would have been a few years before they came into popular use. Despite this fact it takes pages before the two characters have sex. But the concept is interesting a young (though legal!) woman dresses up like a teenage boy and runs away to find her deadbeat dad. Along the way she bumps into a gruff cowboy who takes her under his wing. I regret that this story never finished, because the co-author and I had a really good grip on where it would go and how it would end. But she lost interest in the story and then vanished from existence.

Galactic Horizons (chapter 3) - This is the third chapter in an ongoing science fiction roleplay between Queenclaire and myself. The game started with the title "Life on the Space Ray" but I decided to change it in chapter 3 so that the characters could leave the ship "the Space Ray." By broadining the scope of the story I'm hoping to keep it alive for a good long time. I've also created a wiki just for this game.
Galactic Horizon's Wiki

Life on the space ray: Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 - I thought about going back and renaming these threads into "Galactic Horizon" chapters 1 and 2 to match the current third chapter of this story as well as the wikipedia. But I figured that it wasn't worth the effort. Pretty good reads in my opinion.

The Hallowed Halls of Hell - A fun game, but one that got bogged down with four big problems. 1. too many players going in too many different directions. 2. game system rules that the "GM" who played Satan set up really tended to stifle creative writing / play instead of encourage it. 3. the "GM" didn't pay enough attention to the plot lines that didn't personally involve him, thus several players were just interacting with each other and had no direction or really idea what to do. 4. the "GM" was too focused on ERPing with one player, which only exacerbated the third problem. I found this to be a great thread for many reasons. It taught me what NOT to do in an ERP game, and what to avoid as a GM of those games. However it was a great example of how to have fun playing not just an 'evil' character but probably the most brutally evil character I've ever played.

Gladiator - A great game that I played in. I made one mistake in it that I didn't learn when a story was losing momentum. I should have ended the story shortly after the bath / sex scene. Maybe made it episodic in chapters like I did with Space Ray. But then again I don't know if there was much to tell of a story between the two slaves. Either way it was a lot of fun to write, and my co-writer turned it into a story that she's since posted.

House of Tomorrow
- A great idea. I can't recall why it died out. I liked the premise more than the actual play. I suppose that's why you need to find quality writers when you play.

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