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Toothless Blowjob

Has anyone here ever gotten a blowjob, from a man or a woman, that has had all of their teeth removed and wore dentures? The blower is healthy, they just don't have any teeth. How did it compare to a blowjob from someone with teeth? Better, worse or just the same? Has anyone else ever wondered about this?
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Rofl........funniest thread of the day
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Yikes, I shudder to think what sort of a person would give such a BJ. People usually lose their teeth for a reason, like fighting, drugs, bad oral care, violence etc. I wouldn't want anybody with that sort of stuff going on getting anywhere near me.
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Ugh. A dark moment in my life I had all but forgotten until today! It wouldn't have been so bad except she kept saying, "Blow it on my gums, sonny!" I guess it's back to therapy for me.
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