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Dragon's Offering (closed)


The dragon woke and stretched, sinuous muscles rippling under black-scaled hide, velvet-black wings sweeping wide to span the cavern he called home. Then he snapped its wings shut with a sound like canvas and made his way to the cavern entrance, claws rattling softly on the stone floor. It had to be time... unless he had miscounted the days, though he had never been wrong before...

He was rewarded by the sight of the full moon hanging overhead, casting its eerie radiance upon the valley below. An eager grin crossed his saurian face, revealing shining teeth like daggers. It was time... and if the villagers below had any sense, they would have prepared for this night as well. The lottery would be drawn, the girl selected, and his offering would be being prepared and led out to the altar even now.

A tremor ran through his powerful body, and his loins burned with unmistakable heat. How he loved these nights so...

Voices drifted up from the village below -- some angry, others demanding, a few shrill in their fear and grief. Not all the villagers approved of the ritual -- the offering of one of their maiden daughters every full moon in return for their townsfolk and livestock being left unmolested by their draconian overlord. But with their village too poor and remote to interest a potential dragonslaying knight, they had no choice. The ritual would continue until the end of the town... or until the dragon grew bored with the game and concluded the bargain. Whichever came first.

But for now... for now he enjoyed it very much indeed. Nights spent in pleasure and softness, bringing a reluctant maiden to indulge in decadent passion for a span of days... it made his blood burn in anticipation just to think of it.

Torches lit the area around the altar below, and the dragon could see the townsfolk making ready to tie their offering in place. Perfect. Time to make his grand entrance.

He leaped from the cavern, wings spread to catch the wind, circling overhead like a bird of prey seeking a kill. He was going to enjoy this very much indeed.
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