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Literotica guidelines for submission: violence

Besides the basic prohibitions against underage sex and bestiality, the following are applied as regards violence. The issues of "forced" (through cooperation or pre arrangement) or actually forced sex are mentioned.

While we do accept submissions with graphic violence, we don't accept "snuff" - i.e. death & extreme torture with the aim of sexual titillation. We generally do not accept submissions of nonconsensual sex in which the "victim" gets absolutely no sort of thrill or enjoyment from the acts, or is seriously physically harmed/abused.

Basically, we allow ravishment, painplay, most BDSM situations as well as situations one finds in horror movies. What we don't publish is stuff like castration and amputation written for sexual arousal (though we do allow a character to be castrated or have a limb amputated if the plot calls for it) and stuff like erotic cannibalism and "snuff" (graphic depictions of murder meant for sexual titillation).
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