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A story with different sentences...

So many times in stories, a writer will get comfortable with the way that she/he writes, and their way of writing may bother a reader. I was just in a creative writing class, and one of the exercises that we had to do was to write a story at least 400 words long where none of the sentences started with the same word.

That's the challenge, try to write a sexy short story where none of the sentences start with the same word, go!

And use this as inspiration.
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Dan's Angel

Amie's nipples were the prettiest Dan had ever seen. Big pink nipples surrounded by puffy pink areola were a bit of a weakness for him, anyway. “Cotton candy pink but so much sweeter to the tongue,” he thought as his tongue wrapped around her left nipple. Dan's attention to her tits made Amie moan. Every time he nibbled she held his head and pulled him closer. “Fuck baby, that feels so good,” she whispered as she looked down at his head in her hands. Glistening sweat beads had begun to form on his bald head. Her fingernails scratched at his neck, gently, encouraging him to continue. It didn't take long for the scent of Amie's wetness to waft to Dan's nose. Just the scent of her made his cock grow stiff. Kissing down her chest to her tummy, Dan worked his way down to her pretty panties. Lacy white panties with a soaking wet crotch greeted him. Most men would have pulled them off, or at least aside, but not Dan. No, he knew that sucking Amie's swollen clit through the crotch of those beautiful lacy panties was the right place to start. Opening her pouty lips by using his nose, he inhaled her first. Pussy scent, wetness, warmth wrapped around his senses as he buried his nose in her satin-covered mound. “Quit teasing, please,” Amie begged. Running his tongue in tight circles around her swollen bud, Dan ignored her pleas. Slow, sensual foreplay was usually a part of their lovemaking, but it had been missing from their sexual escapades lately. Time and other commitments had conspired against them. Until right this moment, Dan had not realized how much he missed the foreplay, the teasing, the slow burn that made him rock hard and Amie soaking wet. Very aware of his power over her right now, Dan continued, letting his tongue dip under the elastic of her panties every few licks, enjoying her thrusting, moaning, pleading. When he noticed her holding her breath, Dan stopped licking Amie's clit and slid two big thick fingers under her panties and into her sopping wet opening. Expecting her instant orgasm but not the intensity, Dan had to use his other hand on Amie's thigh to keep her from sliding away from him. Yelling Dan's name, between exclamations of “oh FUCK YES BABY”, Amie had the most intense orgasm she had felt in weeks; an orgasm that started deep inside her and traveled up her spine to her brain, down her legs to her toes. Zapped of all energy for the moment, Amie reached for Dan, wanting him to hold her until she could summon the strength to give him his reward for a job well done.
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Interesting she thought as she looked over his prone body. Testing the ties she flicked the flog across his bare chest. Not hard enough to cause permeant pain of course. Smiling she watched as he ached in shock. Guess it was a bit of a surprise since he couldn't see it coming. Laughing as she moved her tongue over his whipped flesh she kissed each nipple in turn.

He moaned and squirmed closer to her. Silently begging for more as he raised his back off the table. Obliging she licked her tongue over his chest as she flogged his thigh. Whimpering as his dick swelled with each hard thrashing he said "More" in a breathless sigh that made her cream.

the flogger's handle made it's way into her cunt. Fucking the flogger with abandon breathing heavily into his ear and licked the lobe. Jerking up and with his lips parted she shoved the handle past his teeth and down his throat. "Suck it clean" was all she said.

Gaging on the handle he bobbed his head licking and sucking her fresh juice off the handle. Oh my god he thought as she straddled his throbbing cock. In and out he felt himself go. breeching her tender flesh that was so tight and wet. Hot lava fresh from a volcano couldn't have been hotter then her cunt. the sting of the whip fell hard a crossed his chest as he cried out and bucked his hips fucking her harder.

Riding him. Clinching him. Blood filled her walls. nerves screaming there release. Cumming as she fell limp across the man she dominated. Sticky his jizz filled her deeply and he relaxed. "Thank you" was all he said.
I impale myself upon the dagger of life and pour myself out freely so that I may enjoy life in all its glory.
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