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Currently pregnant and have never been more sexually aroused. Anyone else experience this?
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Almost nine months here and have been insatiable from the first week of finding out. My sex drive is naturally high but since expecting its off the charts--drives me crazy sometimes! On the plus side though being so extra sensitive has lead to some of the best sex of my life. :]
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Would love to see some pics of the baby bump feel free to pm me if you don't want to post them here. Maybe I can help with some of that pent up frustration
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I have a fetish for pregnant women as well. Would love it if we could gaze upon your beautiful pregnant bodies.
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Are you ladies beginning to lactate? Do your partners enjoy it?
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It's a very arousing idea, that being pregnant arouses you. A fantasy of mine involves my partner getting, um, quite large and curvy from her pregnancy.

So I suppose your pregnancy arouses me, too, Princess.

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My sex drive went way up the first trimester of each of my three pregnancies. As my sex drive declined later on I still wanted his attention to me in that way.
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I love pregnant women.
Pregnant by me, turns me on because I feel ownership and dominance. Taking a woman I've already planted my seed in and pleasing her even more.

Pregnant by another man, turns me on because I feel like I'm invading and dominating what another man thinks is his.

Yes yes, all very male-dominant language but that's all part of the fantasy.
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