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My love of lingerie

When I was very young, around five or six, I was playing at a friends house for the afternoon. It was the Summer in the early 1980's.

My friend was playing outside. I was inside reading a comic on the sofa, when my friends Mum had a group of two or three others Mums over. They had been out shopping for lingerie. I think it was M+S as I remember the green and gold carrier bags.

They drew the curtains and two of them began undressing.

I watched them unbutton their blouses and unzip and slip off their skirts. They would pop into the downstairs bathroom to change and then return. It was a lingerie fashion show.

I sat there for a long time, pretending to be engrossed in the comic. But secretly watching and enjoying every moment. I think they thought I was much too young to pay attention.

There were both black and white lacy Bra's, silky slips, stockings and suspender belts. And high heels too. They both looked really good. I'd seen pictures before, mostly in catalogues but this was for real. It only happened once. I sometimes saw these Mums again outside School, and couldn't help wondering what they were wearing underneath their clothes.

I think that this event was the significant factor for my love of a woman in sexy underwear to this day.

I love to see an occasional glimpse of a bra strap, a seam, or a stocking top. I love the look. And I like how they feel.

In my early teens I knew two girls both named Anna . One fancied me and the other was her best friend. They were always together. "Strip Poker" was just about the most daring thing you try and play back them. The internet didn't exist. And the rules were made up anyway.

During the school holidays one day, they both volunteered to play. Four of us in Anna's bedroom. My friend Huw dealt the cards. It was quite innocent really. But three of us slowly undressed down to our underwear. It was a beautiful sight I've never forgotten to this day. Anna (who fancied me) had B cup breasts encased in a lacy white Bra. Her pants were silky white. Her friend was slightly bigger chested. She filled her C cups. Her bra was from Benetton and was a shiny light pink colour.

It was a real thrill to be able to unbutton their blouses and undo their jeans. There was a spark in the air as we were all turned on by what was happening. Things went one button at a time as the game played out. I reached my hand inside their blouses to cup each of their breasts. They looked and felt amazing to me. In turn they would nervously lift my white T-Shirt and caress my chest. My jeans were slowly unbuttoned and the stiff zip slowly tugged down. My teenage erection was rock hard to the touch as I was nervously touched and squeezed. Obviously Anna (who liked me) was really keen to play. And we all egged us other on. No-one wanted to be teased for backing out of this sexy game. Both blouses were removed. And I had a good squeeze and cup of their bra-clad teenage breasts. Jeans were tugged down and I nervously explored the outside of their matching knickers. The game continued for an hour or so before we were disturbed by parents coming home unexpectedly.

This situation was replayed again later that Summer. I had begun to date Anna, and although inexperienced, she was passionate and willing. One weekend my parents were away. Both girls came to my house. Our spare room had a sofa bed which unfolded. It was quite late. In a darkened room myself and Anna enjoyed making the most of being able to kiss and touch without being disturbed. The other Anna felt asleep on the bed alongside us. I think this added to the naughty atmosphere. Frottage is quite important when you're a teenager and I remember coming hard in my jeans with Anna grinding on top of me. It got quite late and they both had to leave. I woke the other Anna up. She was quite sleepy. As my Anna got dressed, I reached in to kiss her friend. To my surprise she responded and for a few moments enjoyed a lovely kissing session during which she allowed me to slip my hand under her shirt and caress her breasts. Neither of them minded. And it was never sort of mentioned ever again.

I had some good dates in my teenage years where I discovered to my delight my date was wearing stockings along with a slip. The colour was rarely black though, mostly white.

Anna became my first serious girlfriend. She wore stockings and suspenders a couple of times. For her 18th birthday my Mum helped me buy underwear for her (it was her suggestion) . It was a silky camisole, bra and french knickers. All of her family were with her when I gave her the present. It was a grown up moment when they realised I had bought lingerie from a French company for her birthday. Her Mother and Grandmother were shocked I know, but quickly changed the subject. I knew that she had often borrowed a camisole from her Mother from time to time. I used to love seeing her silky bra cups down the camisole top. And I used to love feeling them both together.

I worked in a menswear shop at the time. I had some smart clothes for my age. That night I took Anna out for food and drinks. She wore her strawberry blonde hair up, and a blue floral patterned dress. I think it was Laura Ashley. I wore a suit, shirt, ties and my best shoes. We returned to her parents house quite late. They had a large lounge, and we knew we would not be disturbed. She had a lot of brothers and sisters and this was sort of an unwritten family rule.

We were both yearning for the touch of each other. Anna took control and made me keep my hands by my side as long as I could. She unbutton her dress down the side and stepped out it. She was wearing my favourite silky bra, her new camisole, and the French knickers. She brushed herself up against me tightly, and slowly began to undress me. This was sheer torture almost. First she slipped my jacket and threw it onto a chair. Then she slowly eased my tied from around my neck. With each touch I could feel her rub against my body. Then it was my sleeves, undoing each button. She knelt at my feet and unlaced my shoes. All the time I was transfixed by her bra-clad breasts straining against the silk of the camisole top. The thin spaghetti strap contrasting with the shine of the thicker bra strap. One shoe off, then another. She kissed me, thrusting her mouth against mine as she reached for my belt. I could feel the slight towards she made pulling me towards her to pop the belt buckle. I knew she could feel my erection as she popped the button of my suit trousers and tugged down the zip. I was down to my T-Shirt and boxer shorts. We were still both virgins at the time, and we both knew that this was really pushing it. Although we did not make love that night, it was still hugely enjoyable - and wearing such great underwear was most definitely a factor. We pleasured each other orally that night for the first time and the fact that I can remember how powerful my climaxes were over thirty years later tells you how much fun it was.

But it wasn't until later on when I had the confidence to ask my girlfriends at the time if they would wear stockings for me. Some were shocked to be asked, others delighted in it.

I love the slow reveal that lingerie often provides. Probably because they remind me all of all these experiences in my life.

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I briefly dated a girl called Lisa. She always used to wear skirts when we went out. And always light blue tights or pale grey stockings. She was busty and curvy with lovely legs. We would often end up in a passionate clinch. Her shapely legs would turn many heads.

I met a girl called Emma through a mutual friend. She was seeing his brother but he used to mess her around a lot. I used to take her out for a drink every now and then - as I had my own car. Emma was quite busty and looked fabulous when dressed up for a night out. Her boyfriend was away in the USA studying. She was a bit insecure at the time. Before the internet keeping in touch long distance was quite hard. I was seeing Emma's best friend. Her name was Anna Ford, just like the newsreader. Anna was tall thin blonde and had really long legs, just like a supermodel. She was very flat chested, but her legs were amazing. Her older sister had given her some black lace holdups for her birthday. She was lovely.

One day Anna told me that she'd had to stand guard at the Photo-Me booth in the main Post Office. Emma was sending some sexy snaps over to her boyfriend in the USA. She was worried he'd forget about her. They were slightly teasing, nothing explicit.

I used to drive both of them around as they both lived in a rural village, away from pubs or clubs.

Anna had a holiday job so I used to hang about with Emma during the daytime. She used to talk about her boyfriend a lot. One day she asked me if I would take some pictures of her. She wanted to pose in her underwear and show her boyfriend what he was missing. I'll admit that I was quite shocked at the time but also quite excited. I played it very grown up and cool as if it was no big deal. But secretly I was hoping I'd see her in her underwear. Of the two of them, Emma did definitely dress a lot more sexily. Emma was also quite confident and we often made jokes about sex together.

One balmy Summer night, I took Emma to a country pub. She'd really had enough of her boyfriend by then. He'd stopped writing to her and they had argued on the phone the last time they spoke. She was annoyed, frustrated and tired of being messed around. She looked gorgeous with a short bob haircut, tight body top, with a black bra underneath (I think it was a Wonderbra - she had a black pencil skirt and what I thought were black tights and high heels. But I did catch a glimpse of thigh as she sat on the bench next to me. As I drove her home through the country lanes, she suddenly asked me to stop the car. I pulled over onto a verge and she demanded to be kissed. It was pretty a pretty intense moment as we kissed. The car began rolling forward as I had forgotten to apply the handbrake.

It was strange as I was dating her best friend. We agreed that this was a one-off and shouldn't be repeated. But we did kiss again when I dropped her off at home.

The next day her Dad dropped her off at my house shortly before lunchtime. She was wearing a tight white blouse, short skirt and nude tights. We sat watching TV on the sofa, close together. It wasn't long before she asked me for a shoulder massage. It was lovely and thrilling to be so close to her again. She was really pretty and always smelt amazing. She lay face down and I did my best at rubbing her shoulder blades. I could feel her bra straps through her blouse. Her skirt rode up and her legs looked golden. Her blouse was untucked and I kissed her lower back. This made her moan like crazy and she obviously enjoyed it. I pushed up her blouse and kissed all over her back. This memory is so clear to me. She asked me to close the front curtains as we had a brig front window. One of my best memories as a teenager. She sat up and asked if it would be OK if she took her blouse off. By this point I was hardly going to disagree. She unbuttoned her blouse revealing a silky gold-ish Bra. She asked if I like it and said it was her Gossard Ultrabra. Again, she was beautiful and this was easily one of the most erotic moments for me. Her skirt was hiked up slightly. It was a sexy sight I've never forgotten.

As I've written above, I've always found lingerie really wonderful and exciting. So to see Emma looking *so* sexy was incredible for me. At this point, we heard a noise outside. It was Dad coming home unexpectedly for lunch. Emma quickly jumped up,pushed down her skirt and hurriedly began buttoning up her blouse.

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I've never really quite gotten the appeal of lingerie. Sure, some of it is pretty, but I guess I'm weird.

I do however get excited though shopping for it though, thinking about what his reaction might be when he sees it. Which is stupid because been never notice it. Spend $100 on a set and doesn't phase him for a second. >.>
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What items do you like to wear?
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I just updated my first story with a few new details.

I hope others who love lingerie like it.
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