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Smile Autocircumcision - foreskin fun! Practice of retracting it permanently

I didnt even know there was a word for it, but apparently there is. Autocircumcision is the practice of keeping the foreskin retracted permanently / for as long as possible.
I understand many would argue that if you hate the foreskin so much or wish to keep it retracted all the time, why dont you just get circumcised. But I guess that is the best part of this fetish. One can have the best of both worlds..
Since I have been unknowingly practicing it since I was a kid, my foreskin never had problems retracting and even staying behind the glans. There are techniques shared on the internet.. youtube videos.. wordpress blogs.. dedicated to this.
The downside of this fetish is losing sensitivity on the glans.. since overexposure can dry up the skin and make it less sensitive.. It is best to try and strike a balance to make the best of both worlds..
Like I keep my foreskin retracted for a week or 10 days.. then I take a break for about 2-3 days.. I let it rest in its natural position.. Then I can go back to retracting it.

If any other guys share the same fetishes / practice this.. share your experiences here..

Girls.. what do you think of this? would you enjoy being with an uncut man who keeps his foreskin retracted?

Thoughts.. Ideas.. Experiences..
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I wouldn't really call this a fetish, just a preference. In my case as a boy, the head was way too sensitive, almost painful when played with exposed, and it was a way of lessening the sensitivity to enjoyable levels. I have been permanently retracted now for years, such that the short foreskin I originally had has atrophied to the point that it won't cover the head any more, and the short cover just returns immediately behind my head, even if I try to stretch it. It's really just what feels most comfortable. My own doctor describes me as circumcised for the purpose of physical exams, and the women I've been with have never known the difference either. So, in the end, is there really any difference?
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My first full retraction caused s small split that produced consternation on the part of me and my partner as she knew she was not a virgin. That was a LONG time ago.
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Ever since I was young I have been able to retract my foreskin for cleanliness and because all of the other boys were circumcised and I didn't want to look different. When I wasn't naked I would allow my foreskin to cover the glans. As a result today I have the best of both worlds; covered to preserve a degree of sensitivity; uncovered for appearance and for sex. It's like a convertible: top down or top up, depending on the circumstances. My wife likes it both ways.
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Contrary to what many people think, the cock doesn't lose sensitivity when circumcised. Yea, it doesn't feel like anything when it's rubbing against the fabric of your underwear, but any sexual touch still feels as good as before to me.

p.s. I'm actually circumcised via surgery.
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