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How much of a slut have you been?

What's the most sexual partners you've had in the
same weeK?
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I'd guess it's 13. I don't really have a week by week tally, though. Of course, the most I've ever had at once was 7.
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I have never been a slut. "Slut" is someone that has no autonomy, they don't say no, and they don't make their own choices.

My busiest period might have been six separate encounters between a Saturday morning and a Monday evening-- all of which were of my own picking and choosing. That was back in the good old days before the renfairs were corporate owned.

The largest group I've ever been in the middle of, was four, and that's happened more than once...
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If I can't count different fingers my number is going to be small by comparison.
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Originally Posted by Stella_Omega View Post
I have never been a slut. "Slut" is someone that has no autonomy, they don't say no, and they don't make their own choices.

Best thing I've read all day. Thank you for that.
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In real life? Not too many. But in my fantasy world? I've been a HUGE slut! LOL!! Morgana
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16. 9 if those were at a party. The other 7 were other guys I knew who called me and asked me to suck them off. I get my pleasure from pleasing the man I am with. I would never turn down a bj, but I much prefer being the giver .
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Three or four I'd guess.
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5 In one week
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I serviced six guys and a party not long ago.
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In my sluttiest outing, I took two guys in the ass in a row, sucked another and finished him off by hand, was sucked by another and was fondled by yet another.
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haven't posted in awhile....

If you search some of my old posts, you'll see that I kinda went off the deep-end when I finally decided to explore my Bi side. The following is just one of the many times that I attended an all male pool party thay a good friend hosted in Plano,Texas

He held the pool parties every other weekend and this saturday coming up was another event. I had been attending off and on, and it had been awhile since I had been. I spent the afternoon getting myself smooth with Nair and razors, so that I was totally hairless from the neck down. I'm 5'9" and carry a little extra weight at my belly, but still considered proportinate. I have a 6" cock and a nice bubble butt that I'm pretty proud of! I lotioned up and was feeling smooth and sexy. I used my enema bottle to get clean on the inside as well. I had some sexy Andrew Christian thong undies that I slipped into, loving the feel of the material tight against my hole. I dressed in blue jeans and a t-shirt and headed out.

I stopped at the beer store on the way to pick up some refreshments to help my nerves relax. I really enjoy having fun with guys, but I still get nervous too.

I arrived at the house, grabbed my drinks, towel, and headed for the door. It was after 8:00pm, so it was already dark, and there were a few cars in the driveway. I rang the bell and my host's roommate opened the door. He was a hispanic guy, stocky built, nice chest and since he was nude, I noticed his very nice cock.

I passed through the house to the indoor patio where a few guys were sitting watching porn and slowly stroking. I undressed and relished in the fact they were watching me and seeing my smooth body. I bent over as I pulled my thong down letting them see it pull from my cheeks. I grabbed my drinks and towel and headed out to the hot tub.

I had met "Will" at the first party I had ever gone too and we just kinda clicked. We just kissed and I blew him that night, but had since hooked up at his house a few times. He was a stocky built, a little chubby black guy with a think 8" cock. He was around 5'11" and I suspect a former ball player.

As I walked out, I saw Will in the hot tub, so I grabbed a drink and slipped in next to him. We immediately began kissing and I grabben his hard cock under the water with my free hand. I felt him slip his fingers between my cheeks and began rubbing my rosebud. We had a few sips and a quick conversation, but I could tell he wanted me. I asked him to follow me inside.

We went into the main bedroom where there were several guys in various states of sex. I bent over the bed as Will slipped on a condom and lubed me up. His cock felt so good as he slipped inside, and I always love the way a guy's hands feel on my hips. He fucked me for quite a while, but I had learned he had the stamina of the rocky mountains!

Another one of the regulars to the pool parties entered the room, this guy an older gent with a nice 7" root. Will pulled out and he slipped right in! He pumped me good for a few minutes, then pulled out, removed his rubber, and shot his load on my ass. He bent down and licked it up and thanked me for letting him fuck me. lol

I then laid down on the bed with Will and we started making out again. He was a great kisser and I got so turned on my kissing him. I felt a hand stroke my cock as I lay on my back, so I spread my legs without pulling away from Will's expert lips. The stranger slipped inside me as he stroked my cock and I devoured Will's tongue.

We broke for air and I saw my newest lover was a small Asian guy with a super nice body. He held my legs up as he worked deep inside me. I went back to making out with Will as I felt my Asian friend shudder and I knew he was cumming. He then pulled out but immediately, i felt another cock pushing inside.

I had seen "Jake" at the parties before, but never really met or talked. His 6" cock rubbed me in just the right spot that I was leaking all over the place!
Jake was a younger white guy, late 20's, a little chubby, but damn did he feel good inside me! I tightened up around him and he didn't last too long after that!

I needed a break, so Will and Jake and I returned to the hot tub. I drank another drink while alternating kissing both of "my" studs. Will was fingering me, while Jake stroked me. I loved the attention and was in heaven.

Will got up to go to the bathroom, so Jake asked if he could fuck me again. We went over to some outdoor couches that were set up and I got on my knees and offered Jake my ass again. I loved being fucked outside where everyone could watch. He rode me for a few minutes and them same inside his rubber in my ass.

Another guy from the party came over and asked if he could fuck me. Seeing as I was already bent over, I just pointed my ass at him and he got the message. He slipped a condom on his average cock and pushed inside me. As he fucked me, Will came back and set on the couch beside where I was getting laid. I leaned over and began to swallow up his hardening cock. He was just too big to fit in my mouth, but I loved giving him sloppy wet blowjobs!

My friend in my ass finished, and as soon as he pulled out, Jake was back in again! I sucked Will as Jake fucked me, loving the feeling of being outside and being watched by the other guys at the party.

Jake finished again, and we returned to the hot tub. Jake had to go, so we said goodbye, as I sat there beside Will....
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Atfer all the drink I had, I needed to go the the bathroom. I headed inside to relieve myself. As I came out, i saw Will headed into the bedroom with another, so I went into the patio area and sat down to watch a little porn with the other guys.

"Jeff" had been to the party before, but I had never played with him. He had a killer body, was in his late 40's I think. I was attracted to him immediately! He leaned over and we kissed as his hand moved down to my stiffening cock. he moved down my chest and took me into his mouth. He felt so good, my cock just grew harder and harder. After a few minutes, he asked if I wanted to go into the bedroom.

There were two playrooms, so we took the one that was empty. I told him to lay down as I climbed on top of him. We kissed as I guided his cock to my "pussy". I worked him inside and leaned back as I rode him, my hard cock slapping against him. I rode him for awhile like that, and then he put me on my belly as he slid himself inside. He held me close as he made love to me, finally filling his condom deep inside me.

It was getting late at that point, and the party was winding down. I made my way through the rooms, saying goodbye to Will, as he was balls deep in a cute young thing.

I rinsed off in the shower and had gone into the room by the fireplace to get dressed. As I was putting my boots on, Jeff came in and pulled out his hard cock and fed it to me. I sucked and licked him, wanting his cum in my mouth. He grabbed me by the hand and pulled me back to the bedroom again. He pulled down my jeans, pushed me onto the bed, and quickly lubed me up and put another condom on. He pounded me hard for a few minutes, then pulled out, put me on my knees as he removed the rubber and shoved himself past my hungry lips. I swallowed evrything he gave me and kept him in my mouth till he started to soften. As he pulled out, the Host's hispanic roommate, stepped up and put his hard cock inside my mouth where I had just finished Jeff. He didn't last long and soon was filling my mouth too.

I hadn't cum all night, and after this, my cock was aching! I began to stroke myself at the tought of being there with my pants around my ankles, thoroughly fucked,and just swallowed two loads. I was getting close but my hispanic friend had other ideas. He put me face down on the bed, suprisingly still hard, pulled on a condom and pushed inside me. my ankles were bound by the jeans around them and his knees were holding them down to the bed. He pounded my ass while Jeff sat in a chair and watched. he wore me out for a good 10 minutes until he finally came again.

he left the room as I pulled up my jeans. jeff and I exchanged numbers as I walked out of the room. Will saw me and said he tought I had left. i told him what had happenened and he called me a slut! lol

We walked outside together. The yard was dark and it was after midnight. we began kissing goodbye. It got really hot, so I undid my pants and pulled out my poor throbbing cock. It didn't take much until I shout several huge ropes of cum all over the lawn.

Will and I set up a date and I headed to my car. I still tasted the cum on my lips and felt the lube on my ass....I was a slut!!

So, there ya go. A true account of one of the times I played at the pool party...I hope you all enjoyed this, I haven't typed this much since college!!
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One guy in the morning and a different guy later that night. Is that slutty...or just active lol?
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I have never been a slut. Not even a teeny bit. Never. Problem is, I want to be one. I want to have the nerve to act out lots of things for my husband when we go out somewhere. I would love to see his reaction. I am getting better than I was perhaps but have a long way to go. Now in the literal sense of the word, I will pass.
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First of all I hate that word. Just reeks of disrespect and sexism. Anyway I'd give myself a non-existant rating. Not that way at all. Having said that I find the question interesting. My number then in that context? Maybe one or two special people.
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me... 2

my wife... this week it is three (one lover on Friday night, her other guy she is on the way home from spending the night.. and me last Tuesday and HOPEFULLY today!)
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Slut is an awesome word. Don't be ashamed of it, embrace it. Like feminists and cunt.

But ... a lot? I'm not saying this to be arrogant, but it can be so many that it just all blurs together.
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I would say maybe 2 in a week never more than one at a time though it would have been if the other guy had stopped watching and joined in. I consider it a missed chance should have ripped his pants off and shown him what a real bj feels like. Spit roast anyone?
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Originally Posted by Nikita_on_heels View Post

Only one or two for me
Check out my NEW erotica: With A Tryst!

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Originally Posted by Fatwa_Morgana View Post
In real life? Not too many. But in my fantasy world? I've been a HUGE slut! LOL!! Morgana
Add me for 4-5 times in fantasy with you
This is completely true, only the facts are made up.

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That's counting other girls, of course.
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Not much to date

But I may be part of a 4-some and the recipient of 3 cocks deep in me. I'm looking forward to it!
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Originally Posted by Stella_Omega View Post
I have never been a slut. "Slut" is someone that has no autonomy, they don't say no, and they don't make their own choices.
Originally Posted by southern_gal View Post
I have never been a slut. Not even a teeny bit. Never. Problem is, I want to be one. I want to have the nerve to act out lots of things for my husband when we go out somewhere. I would love to see his reaction. I am getting better than I was perhaps but have a long way to go. Now in the literal sense of the word, I will pass.
Almost comical how a word such as 'Slut' is perceived. Stella on one hand hates the word, it's meaning being derogatory. I suppose most men adopt Stella's meaning when they call a woman a slut as do some women. It being my opinion very few women who are called sluts fit Stella's meaning.

If a woman happens to be sexually liberated, choosing to have sex with whomever and with as many partners as she wants, saying no to those who don't interest her, she'll still be called a slut. I think this is exactly what southern_gal, if I'm wrong I'm sorry, means by saying she wants to be a slut. She's only expressing her desire to be liberated from the restraints of our judgmental prudish society. In so liberating herself she'll also please the man in her life which I find adorable.

I use the word slut to at times refer to myself, I had my slutty period, but I was always in control, I always made my own choices. I have no regrets, I would not change my past even if I could.

As regards to the question how many sexual partners, 7, eight of us rented a house on Sanibel Island for a week, no we didn't have an eight person orgy, but during that week, and other times in my life, I was surely with more than one girl.

Really does it matter, if I have to choose between a week of many sex partners and one week with the love of my life, I'll choose the latter.
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