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R.I.P P.D. James

Just saw this today about PD James.

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Aw crap....I thought this said E.L. James.

A strong willed woman who had an amazing career and was true pioneer back in a time when women were still supposed to be in the kitchen....you know like republicans think they should be still....
Something "real men" should know.

The queen is the most powerful piece in the game of chess and frequently has to protect the rather weak king.

Just like in real life.
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Oh dear; no more Adam Dalgleish
Thanks for the stories, PDJ.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

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"Incident at Cemetery Junction"
"Pest Control"
"Mavis's Car Trip"
"Norman-the-dragon "
"Stacy & the Angel "
" Earth Tremor on Stage ? "
" Charlie's Story "
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Yuck. One of my favorite authors, but she was as old as the hills. Saw it coming. I wasn't thrilled with her Jane Austin rip off (because I wanted to hear James, not Austin), but she's one of the few authors I kept track of to buy the paperback version as soon as it was available.
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Bummer. I was hoping for more Dalgliesh books. The last is six years old.

But she was always focused on quality rather than quantity, so in a way it is totally in character for her to not rush things. I was consistently amazed with how much detail she put into her novels... almost to the point where the crime became secondary to the characters and scenery.

She will be missed...

My stories on Literotica.
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