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BDSM: BDSM Library Thread (Don't Post)



BDSM: Questions and Answers


feeling ashamed about what you feel/are

I don't understand any of this


Self Control Games and BDSM

Symbolic BDSM

The More I Read, the Less I Understand!

Tips for the Future

Where is the love in BDSM?


BDSM through the lifespan

Dogma in the BDSM world

Domly patience and impatient subbies

How, or do you address negative concepts of BDSM

IQ and BDSM ?

Masters are from Mars, submissive/slaves are from Venus

Moral ethics and tolerance in BDSM

Who has the Power?


Birth order and comparing yourself to family members for BDSM roles

More than a 4-letter word

Our Bodies, Our Brains - The Most Valueable Tools In Play/BDSM


Ask a Dom


Guilt and BDSM

Is this BDSM?

Taken In Hand

WT: Are BDSM folk more honest or open minded than non-BDSM folk?


BDSM can be cathartic & healing

Feminism and BDSM...

I don't understand the groveling and pain part of BDSM

That's not BDSM.


The blank check of consent

What do you consider extreme BDSM?


BDSM: A Different Perspective

How much are you willing to take or do for your PYL???

I bit it off, now I have to chew it.

Must physical pain be a part of a D/s relationship?

The All Inclusive Calendar of 2008

What's wrong with F/m in BDSM and how can we fix it?


Culture and BDSM


FemDom, Tantric Ritual and Kali

Is BDSM... Just About Sex?

M/s...why or why not?

Philosophy of BDSM

Post-feminism and BDSM

what do you like about BDSM?


Another reason why BDSM will never gain acceptance in the US

BDSM age 18-25?

BDSM and Grief

BDSM leakage

Debating a Few Philosophies of BDSM - Love, Kink, Lust, Etc

How to introduce BDSM to a "good girl"

Is BDSM intrinsecally sexual?

Love and BDSM...


Aversion to BDSM...?

Is BDSM inborn or made ?

New And Conflicting Ideas

ownership- what does it mean you?

Vanilla to D/s??

where did you first hear the terms for BDSM?


BDSM in Real Life

BDSM, obsession and drugs

BDSM vs Lovemaking

How does "Topping/Bottoming" differ from BDSM?

Is Pleasure Really What It's All About?

“Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do.”
-Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


Please, feel welcome to contact me if you require assistance in locating information in our Library.

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